YES / Denver 2014 / 1DVDR

YES / Denver 2014 / 1DVDR / Non Label

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Live at Paramount Theater, Denver, Colorado, USA 9th August 2014


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2014 than “HEAVEN AND EARTH SUMMER TOUR”, tour August 9th of time to say do you Sashikakaro in the second half, was almost completely recorded in excellent audience shot video the Denver performances from the second floor, you are a fan must-see video . “Young Persons Guide …” at the beginning does not have almost taken, but the stage to start from the bottom line of the Siberian Khatru has been taken in really great video that can assert that tour best. Also including accurate up, we have recorded without leaving the whole picture of the awards in camera work that Tenare. There are many You Tube video of chopped of each performance, because it is none of that title, taken taken with excellent audience-shot video of one performance, it can become one happy in the “waiting had!” Is for the fans would. Since the image quality, sound quality is also sufficiently talented, beautiful and realistic image, you can enjoy the latest stage of Jesus with plenty. Although I almost perfectly close content, and seemed ready to automatically set the pause would enter the video every Unfortunately 30 minutes, the middle of Close To The Edge, Roundabout beginning (1 minute), Mood For A I have at work is regrettable they’ve entered cut in the middle of the Day. However, the efforts of photographers that fully take in the precise camera work and up the video for a long period of time stage, everyone is no doubt that remember the feeling of gratitude while watching. Shaw “Close To The Edge” songs, new “Heaven And Earth” from Believe Again and The Game, “Fragile” songs, the main set of the last in the I’ve Seen All Good People, encore that Owner Of A Lonely Heart content (second floor also seemed made their feet in the “Lonely Heart”, beginning camera shake). Of November Japan tour also, so perhaps it should be done with the contents along to this, it means that the optimal one as well as preparation. The number of masterpieces that can be played by tricks skillful members, still further to enjoy it without mistake by with a video. Many Five Per Cent For attractions including Nothing had been the band for the first time ever stage performance in this tour. The Owner Of A Lonely Heart Howe spree playing to Positive in the red of Stratford, it is a must to have played in the Effects & tone of Trevor Rabin-style in the middle of the guitar solo (the second half of the solo is amazing how ish!). This is how you are to listen to the stunning performance, but ridiculous trouble in the Mood For A Day of this day! The way you are playing a pleasant acoustic guitar, in the middle of a break you decide Bishitto, becomes in Cans And Brahms large volume suddenly of sampling from suddenly keyboard, how Howe look towards the stage right in stunned & disgruntled face is I have reflected. A bemused Howe not know what may be played from anywhere, restart somehow you can not resume playing immediately. (This is the moment at 50 seconds eyes become but also sampling, while Howe play, and look again glanced at right). But is above the 1:30 cut sorry, Mood For A Day second half Howe perfectly demodulates, you will be able to watch a performance of truly. Although the trouble, to this kind of rare scene is still fan must-see, stunning performance in the second half will be impressed. Yes only have dared only this long tour, compared to the beginning of the tour, playing is pretty organized, is Gotae listening throughout the full marks. The highest stage of the tour without great success mistake After me came to Japan in the quality of this performance can be enjoyed in the best video. Large must-see video title with original menu!

★ Currently, the full-length concert version of the 2014 live by the audience shot of the one and only single camera. Japan is one perfect in front of the preparation.


2014年「HEAVEN AND EARTH SUMMER TOUR」より、ツアーも後半に差し掛かろうかと言う時期の8月9日、デンバー公演を2階席から優秀なオーディエンス・ショット映像でほぼ完全収録した、ファン必見映像です。冒頭の「Young Persons Guide…」は殆ど撮れていませんが、肝心のSiberian Khatruよりスタートするステージは、ツアーベストと断言できる実に素晴らしい映像で撮影されています。的確なアップも含め、手慣れたカメラワークでショウの全貌を余すことなく収録しています。各公演の細切れのYou Tube映像は多数ありますが、一公演を優秀なオーディエンス・ショット映像で撮りきったタイトルというのは皆無なので、ファンにとっては「待ってました!」の嬉しい1枚になることでしょう。画質・音質も十分に優秀なので、綺麗でリアルな映像で、最新イエスのステージをたっぷりと楽しむことができます。殆ど完璧に近い内容なのですが、残念なことに30分ごとに自動的に映像にポーズが入ってしまう設定になっていたらしく、Close To The Edgeの途中、Roundabout冒頭(1分)、Mood For A Dayの途中でカットが入ってしまってるのが惜しい作品であります。しかしながら長時間のステージを的確なカメラワークとアップ映像で撮りきったカメラマンの努力に、誰しもが観ながら感謝の気持ちを覚えること間違いありません。ショウは「Close To The Edge」全曲、新作「Heaven And Earth」からBelieve AgainとThe Game、「Fragile」全曲、メインセットのラストはI’ve Seen All Good Peopleで、アンコールがOwner Of A Lonely Heartという内容(「ロンリーハート」で2階席も総立ちなったらしく、冒頭カメラが揺れます)。11月の日本公演も、おそらくこれに沿った内容で行われるはずですので、予習としても最適な1枚ということになります。芸達者なメンバーによって奏でられる名曲の数々は、やはり映像を伴うことで更に楽しめること間違いなし。本ツアーでバンド史上初めてステージ演奏されたFive Per Cent For Nothingをはじめ見所は多数。ハウが赤のストラトでポジティヴに弾きまくるOwner Of A Lonely Heartでは、中間のギターソロでトレヴァー・ラビン風のエフェクト&音色で弾いているのは必見です(後半のソロはハウらしく素晴らしい!)。見事な演奏を聴かせるハウですが、この日のMood For A Dayでとんでもないトラブルが!気持ち良くアコギを奏でている途中、ビシっと決めたブレイクの途中で、いきなりキーボードからサンプリングのCans And Brahmsがいきなり大音量で鳴ってしまい、ハウが唖然&むっとした顔でステージ右の方を見る様子が映っています。困惑したハウは何処から弾いて良いかわからず、すぐに演奏を再開できませんが何とかリスタート。(50秒目で一瞬ですがまたサンプリングが鳴ってしまい、ハウは弾きながら、再びちらっと右側を見ます)。前述の1:30のカットが残念ですが、Mood For A Day後半はハウは完璧に復調し、流石の演奏を観ることができます。トラブルとはいえ、こういったレアなシーンはやはりファン必見ですし、後半の見事な演奏は感動させられます。これだけ長いツアーを敢行しているだけあり、ツアー初頭に比べ、演奏はかなりまとまっており、全体を通して聴きごたえは満点。この演奏のクオリティで日本にやってきてくれたらツアー大成功間違いなしの最高のステージを極上映像で楽しめます。オリジナル・メニュー付きの大必見映像タイトル!


1. The Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra 2. Siberian Khatru 3. And You And I 
4. Close To The Edge 5. Believe Again 6. The Game 7. Roundabout 8. Cans And Brahms 
9. We Have Heaven 10. South Side Of The Sky 11. Five Per Cent For Nothing 
12. Long Distance Runaround 13. The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus) 14. Mood For A Day 
15. Heart Of The Sunrise 16. I’ve Seen All Good People 17. Owner Of A Lonely Heart 

Steve Howe – Guitars, Vocal Chris Squire – Bass, Vocal Alan White – Drums 
Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards, Vocal Jon Davison – Lead Vocal

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 121min.

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