Whitesnake / British Empire / 2CD+1DVD

Whitesnake / British Empire / 2CD+1DVD / Shades

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Live at Wembley Arena, London, UK 30th & 31st  December 1987.

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WHITESNAKE is Hissage a great success work “SERPENS ALBUS”, 1987 to 1988 United Kingdom tour that played a majestic triumphal to the home country. As a highlight, three days than done the London “Wembley Arena” performances in a row, is the video of December 30 of the sound source and the 31 days, finally packaged in a press CD and press DVD! Contain a great performance to remain in the band ever at the highest quality, it is a 3-Disc unavoidable if WHITESNAKE fans!

Taking to David Coverdale led by WHITESNAKE, will really the time for the “best moment”? It will include a mania if ’80 years of “Classic Snake” era “Reading Festival” of the old school, in terms of the terrible players, Cozy Powell and John Sykes, further Jon Lord was co-starring ’84 also it will have a fan in pushing the early year April.
Of course, those of the era is also musical, impressive thing that does not live up to epithet of “best”, but Kavaderu itself to realize success, had been clenching a sense of fulfillment would be ’87 definitely. Sales 800 million copies in the United States, building to achieve a board chart second place “SERPENS ALBUS”, the fame of the commercial plane and the band, not to mention, no doubt to say that was the apex Kavaderu of performance, even in the playability of the band. Furthermore speaking completely molt from “Kavaderu of the original DEEP PURPLE”, that the UK tour of the “their domination of the world by force” 1987 decorated with brocade home what was the apex of that sense of fulfillment will you. In particular, three consecutive performances that filled the large venue “Wembley Arena” of tradition, for the British Kavaderu, it was a symbol of ultimate success not difficult to imagine.
Wembley box office became such “ultimate stage”. Third day to become New Year’s Eve December 31 performances Among them is released as import title “RULE THE WEMBLEY”, has become a hot topic as the “best ever live video,” “official class of audience (!?)”.
In addition, super-strong audience sound source of Wembley second day abroad (December 30, 2009) has been excavated recently. Splendor that does not lose to super image of the quality barrel and December 31, 2008. So, in response to the emergence of 30 days sound source suitable to press on CD, 31, the video also realized a press DVD of the fan earnest desire on the elaborate remastered! In superlative sound and video as the audience recording of 25 years ago, “the ultimate stage” Wembley performances is is, I finally became a permanent preservation version!

Disk 1 and the December 30 performance of the second day Wembley to 2, recorded from the newly discovered high-order master abroad. Langley but is “WEMBLEY WHITEOUT!” And the audience and the source of the same strain of the label, sound outlook and of, spread vividly hauntingly air feeling of the sound, better resolution is certainly a master quality. Compared with its outstanding long to also feature also Duration including the intro. Furthermore natural listening ease the equalizing is not noticeable, it will keep you again notice the musical tone and the splendor of the live band.
Opening the intro reminiscent of a storm is led to the violent “Bad Boys” is immediately must listen. Kavaderu of vocals is just golden glow that comes out comfortably high in the powerful. The intense is not a one Kavaderu, will captivate the fans responded to listen to Vivian Campbell and Adrian van den Berg of the twin-lead is also great. In the “SLIDE IT IN”, “Slow An ‘Easy” of songs and “Guilty Of Love,” “Love Is not No Stranger”, they are free to run a backing and solo, the glitz and the melody seems the latter half of the’ 80s surging become a torrent. Venue of the fan to high tension playing also as their feet of the floats in the eye, will devoted to live to forget us just by listening. “Bad Boys” and wild of the “Slide It In”, a romantic “Is This Love”, and Positive a Kyokuso of “Here I Go Again” is, anything and everything WHITESNAKE likeness fully open at the time. Dramatic and “Crying In The Rain,” “Still Of The Night” is the highest of performance unbearable even metallic texture, “This is the WHITESNAKE who won the National!” Likely to have hear the cry that terrific of Kavaderu!
On the other hand, trying to how changes in the gorgeous of “Is not No Love In The Heart Of The City” continued to pick up, the evidence that Kavaderu has not forgotten his roots. Fans of stadium in thunderous applause and praise the WHITESNAKE “Treasures of the British Empire”!
Live’s conclude closing in “Give Me All Your Love”, “Tits” is fun climax. Outro, which is wrapped in not stop ringing applause flows “We Wish You Well” will enjoy a wonderful impression.

DVD as a disk 3, New Year’s Eve concert of December 31, which became the Wembley final day. It is brushed up version of the length masterpiece the video that was even referred to as the “official class of audience.” “Audience” Yet it is the oxymoron is the “official-class”, realistic color, image quality that looks to detail, visibility is not all of the obstacles in the sense of stability preeminent, zoom well as such an angle that pulls also not remove the highlights, at all have and do not have a thing of the dimension that is the image from the words of the “audience shot”.
Because the image that contains the stage panoramic view slightly diagonally from the right side on the stage, but the stage left hand of Vivian felt a little far away, imposing camera work seems even the “what staff have taken for the material?” enough to. Although the existing departure was seen and tracking noise in part, eliminate as much as possible they are in this remastered. Even voice that further increased the response to listen as the clearing is in the compelling, the fans will be glued from the opening on the screen!
The day before of the sound source is great of a word, the video is still convincing is different. Kavaderu overwhelmed the audience with “climax of the moment” seems to pomp and circumstance of the performance. Microphone stand handling charm in “Guilty Of Love” is numbness to watch! Adrian is an action that was taking advantage of the tall, such as jumping on stage barrage (a scene that goes up depending on the photographer’s side also attract the eye). Furthermore staging and that was the run around rock star deer Rudy above the stage, such as a strong force drum solo of Tommy Aldridge, none of the members outstanding presence. Performance to become their “image”, such as sparkle Biyaka of the dazzling lighting produce, all of which reflect the gorgeous band at the time.
Such as the guitarist of the finger handling of the members of the facial expressions and each song to emerge with a clear outline, this video can be firmly confirmed until the details of live. Not only the “Here I Go Again,” “Is This Love” that keenly Kikikoma, great cheer and a sense of unity of the unique London is to produce a special excitement, “Is not No Love In The Heart Of The City” is It is impressive. After the performance the end, members flows in the back to “We Wish You Well” is thunderous applause in the scene where we left the stage represents the feeling of gratitude to the fans of the venue, and further brings out the afterglow of the live!

Wembley 2Days that revives in the press CD · DVD of a long-cherished wish of the fan. Superb sound and exceptional video, both for us to knock out the fan in the terrible master quality unique. Conquered the United States as a British rock band, heyday WHITESNAKE was trampled in the world as a darling of the era. Whether they were how amazing at the time, have been recorded without leaving its all hands.
Is a Japan tour of the next ’88 years there will be the best of the sound board sound source “THE NIGHT SERPENT” is also in the same era, this historic document is still what records from the audience is appropriate. In the taste of the finest audience material, also please to come experience the “band best moments”! I want you to collection in all of WHITESNAKE fans of the world, it is the best package item!


WHITESNAKEが大成功作「SERPENS ALBUS」を引っさげ、母国へ堂々の凱旋を果たした1987年~1988年イギリスツアー。そのハイライト、3日間連続で行われたロンドン”ウェンブリー・アリーナ”公演より、12月30日の音源と31日の映像が、プレスCDとプレスDVDでついにパッケージ化! バンド史上に残る名演を最高のクオリティで封じ込めた、WHITESNAKEファンならば避けて通れない3枚組です!

デイヴィッド・カヴァデール率いるWHITESNAKEにとって、「最良の瞬間」とは果たして何時なのでしょう? 昔気質のマニアなら”Classic Snake”時代の’80年”レディング・フェスティバル”を挙げるでしょうし、プレイヤーの凄みで言えば、コージー・パウエルとジョン・サイクス、さらにジョン・ロードが共演していた’84年4月頃を推すファンもいるでしょう。
もちろん、それらの時代も音楽的・印象的には”最良”の形容に恥じないものですが、カヴァデール自身が成功を実感し、充実感を噛みしめていたのは間違いなく’87年でしょう。全米で800万枚を売り上げ、ビルボードチャート2位を達成した「SERPENS ALBUS」は、商業面とバンドの名声は言うまでもなく、カヴァデールのパフォーマンス、バンドのプレイアビリティでも頂点だったと言って間違いない。さらに言えば“元DEEP PURPLEのカヴァデール”から完全に脱皮し、“自分の力で世界を制覇”して母国に錦を飾った’87年の英国ツアーこそ、その充実感の頂点であったことでしょう。特に伝統の大会場“ウェンブリー・アリーナ”を埋め尽くした3連続公演は、英国人カヴァデールにとって、究極の成功のシンボルだったことは想像に難くありません。
そんな“究極の舞台”となったウェンブリー興行。その中でも3日目となる大晦日12月31日公演は、輸入タイトル「RULE THE WEMBLEY」としてリリースされ、「史上最高のライヴ映像」「オフィシャル級のオーディエンス(!?)」と話題となりました。
さらに、最近になって海外でウェンブリー2日目(12月30日)の超強力オーディエンス音源が発掘されました。そのクオリティたるや12月31日のスーパー映像にも負けない素晴らしさ。そこで、プレスCD化にふさわしい30日音源の登場を受け、31日映像も入念なリマスターの上でファン悲願のプレスDVD化を実現! 25年前の客席収録としては最上級の音と映像で、“究極の舞台”であるウェンブリー公演が、とうとう永久保存版となったのです!

ディスク1と2へはウェンブリー2日目の12月30日公演を、海外で新たに発見された上位マスターより収録。Langleyレーベルの「WEMBLEY WHITEOUT!」と同系統のオーディエンス・ソースですが、音の見通しや、音の広がり生々しく湛えた空気感、より優れた解像度は確かなマスター・クオリティ。既発と比べてイントロを始めとして収録時間も長いのも特徴です。さらにイコライジングが目立たないナチュラルな聴きやすさは、改めてバンドの楽音とライヴの素晴らしさを気付かせてくれるでしょう。
嵐を思わせるイントロが荒々しい「Bad Boys」に導かれるオープニングはさっそく必聴。パワフルに気持ちよくハイが抜けるカヴァデールのヴォーカルはまさに黄金の輝き。強烈なのはカヴァデール1人ではなく、ヴィヴィアン・キャンベルとエイドリアン・ヴァンデンバーグのツイン・リードも素晴らしい聴き応えでファンを魅了します。「SLIDE IT IN」収録曲の「Slow An’ Easy」や「Guilty Of Love」・「Love Ain’t No Stranger」では、彼らが自由にバッキングやソロを走らせ、’80年代後半らしい派手さとメロディが奔流となって押し寄せる。ハイテンションな演奏に会場のファンも総立ちなのが目に浮かぶようで、聴いているだけで我を忘れてライヴにのめり込んでしまいます。「Bad Boys」や「Slide It In」のワイルドさ、ロマンティックな「Is This Love」、そして「Here I Go Again」のポジティヴな曲想は、何から何まで当時のWHITESNAKEらしさ全開。ドラマティックな「Crying In The Rain」と「Still Of The Night」はメタリックな質感も堪らない最高の演奏で、カヴァデールの「これが全米を制したWHITESNAKEだ!」という叫びが聴こえてきそうな凄まじさ!
その一方、いかにゴージャスに変化しようと「Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City」を取り上げ続けたのは、カヴァデールが自分のルーツを忘れていない証拠。場内のファンも万雷の拍手で「大英帝国の至宝」WHITESNAKEを讃えます!
ライヴの締めくくりは「Give Me All Your Love」・「Tits」が楽しい盛り上がりの中でクロージング。鳴り止まない拍手に包まれて「We Wish You Well」が流れるアウトロは素晴らしい感動を味わえるでしょう。

前日の音源も素晴らしいの一言ですが、映像はやはり説得力が違う。カヴァデールは「絶頂の瞬間」らしい威風堂々のパフォーマンスで観客を圧倒。「Guilty Of Love」で魅せるマイクスタンド捌きは見ていて痺れます! エイドリアンはステージでジャンプするなど長身を活かしたアクションを連発(撮影者側に寄ってアップになる場面も目を惹きます)。さらに舞台上を駆け回るルディのロック・スター然としたステージングや、トミー・アルドリッジのド迫力ドラムソロなど、メンバーはいずれも存在感抜群。彼らの“画”になるパフォーマンス、まばゆい照明が生み出す煌びやかさなど、すべてが当時のゴージャスなバンドを反映しています。
明確な輪郭で浮かび上がるメンバーの表情や各曲におけるギタリストの指捌きなど、本映像はライヴの細部までしっかりと確認できます。しみじみと聴き込ませる「Here I Go Again」・「Is This Love」だけでなく、ロンドンならではの大歓声と一体感が特別な盛り上がりを演出する「Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City」は感動的です。演奏終了後、メンバーが会場のファンに感謝の気持ちを表してステージを去っていく場面では「We Wish You Well」が万雷の拍手をバックに流れ、ライヴの余韻をいっそう引き立てます!

翌’88年の来日公演では同時代でも最高のサウンドボード音源「THE NIGHT SERPENT」が存在しますが、この歴史的ドキュメントはやはりオーディエンスからの記録こそがふさわしい。最高級客席素材の旨みで、皆さんも「バンド最高の瞬間」をぜひ体験してください! 世のすべてのWHITESNAKEファンにコレクションして欲しい、最高のパッケージ・アイテムです!

Live at Wembley Arena, London, UK 30th December 1987

Disc 1 (41:03)
1. Intro. 2. Bad Boys 3. Children Of The Night 4. Bad Boys (reprise) 5. Slide It In
6. Slow An’ Easy 7. Here I Go Again 8. Guilty Of Love 9. Is This Love
10. Love Ain’t No Stranger

Disc 2(46:26)
1. Adrian Vandenberg & Vivian Campbell Guitar Solos 2. Crying In The Rain
3. Tommy Aldridge Drum Solo 4. Crying In The Rain (reprise) 5. Band Introduction
6. Still Of The Night 7. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City 8. Give Me All Your Love
9. Tits 10. We Wish You Well

Live at Wembley Arena, London, UK 31st December 1987

1. Intro. 2. Bad Boys 3. Children Of The Night 4. Slide It In 5. Slow An’ Easy 6. Here I Go Again
7. Guilty Of Love 8. Is This Love 9. Love Ain’t No Stranger 10. Adrian Vandenberg & Vivian Campbell Guitar Solos 11. Crying In The Rain
12. Tommy Aldridge Drum Solo 13. Crying In The Rain (Reprise) 14. Still Of The Night
15. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City 16. Give Me All Your Love 17. Tits 18. We Wish You Well

David Coverdale – Vocals Adrian Vandenberg – Guitar Vivian Campbell – Guitar
Rudy Sarzo – Bass Tommy Aldridge – Drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 104min.

David Coverdale – Vocals Adrian Vandenberg – Guitar Vivian Campbell – Guitar
Rudy Sarzo – Bass Tommy Aldridge – Drums

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