Whitesnake / Nagoya 2015 / 2CD

Whitesnake / Nagoya 2015 / 2CD / Zodiac

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Live At Nagoya-Shi Kokaido, Nagoya, Japan 22nd October 2015.


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Finally I came to Japan “THE PURPLE TOUR 2015”. From Sapporo to Hiroshima, but was held in all six performances of the archipelago longitudinal, that in at even “special” of “October 22, 2015 Nagoya City Public Hall” is the emergence performances in the press album!
Nagoya Why do “special” of the? In fact, became the site Nagoya City Auditorium, venue David Kavu~aderu has performed live even 4th DEEP PURPLE 40 years ago. At that time Osaka, Fukuoka, but there was to live in Tokyo, this time, the same venue was the bear could only Nagoya. Moreover, Nagoya performances 40 years ago is also a tour the first day, it’s a site where Kavu~aderu stood for the first time the Japanese stage.
Of course, then it Katazuki a mere coincidence if you just say the same venue, should it not related to the content of the show. However, Kavu~aderu I was remember firmly forty years ago. In MC “in 1975 even DEEP PURPLE, where I’m did show. Is the with Tommy Bolin. I’m very very special memories ……” and keenly to speak, and begin to sing as bitten and tightened “You Keep On Moving “. Deep voice …… sing while doubling the audience and 40 years ago the scene in front of the eye.
This time, Although it is Kavu~aderu you let me listen to the best condition the first time in many places, the heyday about without necessarily leaving the high voice, (in recent years and said that to see the rare strong) of voice Some not the same as the former beautiful voice. However, the soul that has been put in the voice, just “that Kavu~aderu” that person. His song of special, not only the beautiful voice, and there is no other to from singing from the soul. 3 songs of “You Keep On Moving” In addition, it was sung in this venue 40 years ago, “Burn,” “Soldier Of Fortune”, “Stormbringer”. In these songs, “the soul of sound” is I deliberately echoes the emotional.
Nagoya City Public Hall of memories is not the only DEEP PURPLE. 1981, it has carried out live in this venue in WHITESNAKE2 time of Japan Tour, has also been playing this time sang at that time, “Is not No Love In The Heart Of The City”, “Mistreated”. That before the “Is not No Love In The Heart Of The City”, even a little happening. Where was “the first time recorded the song that do it …… in WHITESNAKE,” said MC, impatient is Reb Beach “Cho, a little next’m! Not a Mistreated” It is coming interrupts with. This, of course, “Is not No Love In The Heart Of The City” and “Mistreated” the Rev Kang difference of the I but were swapped, Kavu~aderu and water cooler on the spot. Laughing described in Lev, also listen pleasing scene to say “sorry” to the audience.
For too memorial, I have delayed my name something important. It is such had recorded a “special” night is, Mr. Kano “West strongest taper”. Its outstanding recording technology, but I think that familiar things in a number of name record-name recording, great sound this time also unexpected leak as an example. No, Nagoya City Public Hall is also in his garden, perfect and in what time than ever impregnable. On you familiar with the music of the venue echo band, this time clientele also into account, it is “close of silence” and is both the “cheers of far”. Although the site is so PA balance was unsatisfactory, in front of “Locle in the field or more of sound” of his miraculous technology, it even also no problem, it felt exactly like upset PA from this work not. Do not think hardly the audience recording of the one-shot deal, we are realizing a “sound like official”.

And “THE PURPLE JAPAN TOUR 2015” just finished all schedule to last night (November 2). Summary of the whole tour is done now, the other venue recording also will come arrived. However, even it Koyo out is how a good name recording and Meien, history of 40 years, memories of singing in front Kavu~aderu of the first time a Japanese, I have only to this Nagoya City Auditorium.
Such a “special” overnight, stunning the Memorial album master craftsman in the master craftsman was fully captured. The spirit of the revived masterpieces of DEEP PURPLE to modern “THE PURPLE ALBUM” is, so much rich and beautifully jammed live album does not have two. 2015 WHITESNAKE, absolute recommended board. ’40 Before the DEEP PURPLE of memories, left went was WHITESNAKE memories of. The one that deeply deeply Shimiwataru to chest, to you.

ついに日本にやって来た“THE PURPLE TOUR 2015”。札幌から広島まで、列島縦断の全6公演で行われましたが、その中でも“特別”な「2015年10月22日名古屋市公会堂」公演がプレス・アルバムで登場です!
名古屋がなぜに“特別”なのか? 実は、現場となった名古屋市公会堂は、40年前にデヴィッド・カヴァデールが第4期DEEP PURPLEでもライヴを行った会場。当時は大阪、福岡、東京でもライヴはありましたが、今回、同じ会場が組まれたのは名古屋だけでした。しかも、40年前の名古屋公演はツアー初日でもあり、カヴァデールが初めて日本のステージに立った現場なのです。
もちろん、同じ会場というだけなら単なる偶然で片付きますし、ショウの内容には関係ないはず。ところが、カヴァデールはしっかりと40年前を覚えていたのです。MCで「1975年にDEEP PURPLEでも、ここでショウをやったよね。トミー・ボーリンと一緒にさ。とてもとてもスペシャルな想い出なんだ……」としみじみ語り、噛みしめるように歌い出す「You Keep On Moving」。目の前の観客と40年前の光景をダブらせながら歌う深い声……。
今回、各地で絶好調ぶりを聴かせてくれたカヴァデールですが、全盛期ほど高い声が出るわけでもなく、(近年希に見る好調とは言え)声の荒れもかつての美声と同じではありません。ただ、その声に込められた魂は、まさしく“あのカヴァデール”その人。彼の歌が特別なのは、その美声だけでなく、魂から歌うからに他ありません。「You Keep On Moving」のほか、40年前にもこの会場で歌ったのは「Burn」「Soldier Of Fortune」「Stormbringer」の3曲。こうした曲では、“魂の響き”がことさら感動的に響くのです。
名古屋市公会堂の想い出は、DEEP PURPLEだけではありません。1981年、WHITESNAKE2度目のジャパンツアーでもこの会場でライヴを行っており、今回はそのとき歌った「Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City」「Mistreated」も演奏されています。その「Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City」の前には、ちょっとしたハプニングも。「WHITESNAKEで初めて録音した曲なんだ……」とMCしたところで、レブ・ビーチが焦って「ちょ、ちょっと次はMistreatedじゃないよ!」と割り込んでくるのです。もちろん、これは「Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City」と「Mistreated」を取り違えたレブのカン違いなのですが、その場でカヴァデールと井戸端会議。笑いながらレブに説明し、観客に「すみません」と言う微笑ましいシーンも聴けます。

昨夜(11月2日)に全日程を終えたばかりの“THE PURPLE JAPAN TOUR 2015”。これからツアー全体の総括が行われ、他会場の録音も届いてくるでしょう。しかし、どれほど優れた名録音・名演が出てこようとも、40年間の歴史、カヴァデールが初めて日本人の前で歌った想い出は、この名古屋市公会堂にしかないのです。
そんな“特別”な一夜を、名匠中の名匠が捉えきった見事なメモリアル・アルバム。DEEP PURPLEの名曲を現代に蘇らせた「THE PURPLE ALBUM」の精神が、これほど濃厚かつ美しくつまったライヴ盤は2つとありません。2015年WHITESNAKE、絶対のお薦め盤。40年前のDEEP PURPLEの想い出、去っていったWHITESNAKEの想い出。胸に深く深く染み渡る1本を、あなたに。

Disc 1 (67:04)
1. Pre Show Music 2. Intro. 3. Burn 4. Fool For Your Loving 5. Love Ain’t No Stranger
6. The Gypsy 7. Give Me All Your Love 8. You Keep On Moving
9. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City 10. Guitar Solo 11. Mistreated

Disc 2 (48:17)
1. Blues Harp Session feat. Michael Devin 2. You Fool No One 3. Drum Solo
4. You Fool No One (Reprise) 5. Band Introduction 6. Soldier Of Fortune
7. Is This Love 8. Stormbringer 9. Here I Go Again 10. Still Of The Night 11. We Wish You Well

David Coverdale – Vocal Joel Hoekstra – Guitar Reb Beach – Guitar Michael Devin – Bass
Tommy Aldridge – Drums Michele Luppi – Keyboards

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