U2 / Osaka 1989 2nd Night / 2CD+2CDR

U2 / Osaka 1989 2nd Night / 2CD+2CDR / Wardour

Live At Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan 29Th November 1989 Plus Ltd Bonus 2CDR “FIRST NIGHT AT DOME”


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era U2 in 1989, who climbed up to the darling of Osaka and returned to Japan for the first time in 6 years. An original master who conveys that glorious performance in Japan has been newly discovered. Of course, it is decided to make a permanent storage press 2CD.
The performance of “November 29, 1989: Osaka Castle Hall” is imbued with this work. Speaking of U2 in 1989, “THE JOSHUA TREE” and “RATTLE AND HUM” achieved the first place in the United States and the United Kingdom in two consecutive works, and it is a super big game that is neither pushed nor pushed. It is an excellent audience recording that recorded one act of “LOVETOWN TOUR” that went around the world with BB King. Since the tour to Japan was a big event that remains in the Western music scene, we have archived many masterpiece live albums in our shop. First of all, let’s look back on the schedule at that time in order to organize the collection.

・ November 23: Yokohama Arena “WHEN LOVE COMES TO JAPAN”
・ November 25: Tokyo Dome “TOKYO DOME 1989 1st Night: MASTER”
・ November 26: Tokyo Dome “LOVE RESCUE ME”
・ November 28 : Osaka Castle Hall
・ November 29: Osaka Castle Hall ← ★ This work ★
・ December 1: Osaka Castle Hall “OSAKA 1989 Final Night”
* Note: Only representative press titles on each day.

Above, all 6 performances. In the past, it was mainly in the Kanto area, but in recent years, a press masterpiece for Osaka performances has also appeared. With this work, we have reached the point where we are one step closer to the complete permanent preservation of the original recording. This work, which recorded such a show, is a truly exquisite audience recording. As a matter of fact, it was a legendary master who made this work a thing. He has left a large number of live-in-Japan super masterpieces that remain in the history of recording, mainly in the 1980s, and is actually the same recorder as “OSAKA 1989 Final Night (Wardour-245)”. It is a legendary taper that is rumored to exceed even that Kinney, and we have archived a large amount of its treasured original master, but this work is the latest excavation.
In fact, the sound is really neat and beautiful. Although it is an audience recording that honestly sucked in the cheers of the popular climax, the air feeling is transparent and glittering, and the core that penetrates the center is vivid like a laser beam. Especially in the case of U2 in the 1980s, the sound output itself emphasizes the sound and lingering sound, but the sound and the hall sound are in harmony so naturally that they cannot be separated. Although it is not the type that is touted as “zero distance, undelivered, like a sound board”, the subtleties of the performance are clearly transmitted, and on top of that, the reality and immersive feeling of standing in the middle of the venue is wonderful. It is the world of beautiful sound because it is an audience recording.
What is drawn with such a beautiful sound is a full show that delivered the glory that won the world to Japan. U2 is also a band that changes the set every day, and even when I came to Japan in 1989, there were songs that changed every day. This is a good opportunity, so let’s organize the fixed songs and the daily songs separately.

● Fixed songs (9 songs)
・ The Unforgettable: Pride (In The Name Of Love)
・ The Joshua Tree: Where The Streets Have No Name / I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
・ Rattle and Hum: Desire / All Along The Watchtower / All I Want Is You / Angel Of Harlem / When Love Comes To Town (★) / Love Rescue Me (★)
● Daily songs (7 songs)
・ Boy: I Will Follow
・ WAR (fight): New Year’s Day
・ Flame: MLK / The Unforgettable Fire
-Joshua Tree: Bullet The Blue Sky / With Or Without You
-Soul Cry: Van Diemen’s Land
* Note: “★” mark is a co-star with BB King.

… And it looks like this. A little less than half of the set changed daily, but it can be divided into semi-standard songs and rare songs played at most shows. The rare song of the day was “The Unforgettable Fire”, which was the number that was shown only on the first day in Tokyo and the second day in Osaka. In terms of their entire career, Bob Dylan’s cover “All Along The Watchtower”, “Love Rescue Me” featuring BB King, and “Van Diemen’s Land” featuring edge guitars are the repertoire unique to those days. You can experience many such precious songs in the field with the best sound.
It is a live album that not only allows you to experience the great “LOVETOWN TOUR” on-site, but at the same time, you can fully absorb the scent of the “Western music boom of the 1980s”. The clapping of hands, the cheering that was careful not to interfere with the performance, and the sea of ​​chorus that spreads out of control. A unique mood in which the feeling of breathing unique to such a Japanese performance feeds back to the stage and expels the heat. An original master who can experience the sensation of being in the middle of it. Please get drunk to your heart’s content with the permanent sto

「1989年11月29日大阪城ホール」の公演が盛り込まれている。 1989年のU2といえば、「THE JOSHUA TREE」と「RATTLE AND HUM」が2回連続でアメリカとイギリスで1位を獲得し、プッシュもプッシュもされない超ビッグゲームです。 BBキングと世界中を巡った「LOVETOWN TOUR」の一幕を収録した秀逸なオーディエンス録音です。日本へのツアーは西洋の音楽シーンに残る大きなイベントだったので、当店では数々の名作ライブアルバムをアーカイブしてきました。まず、コレクションを整理するために、当時のスケジュールを振り返ってみましょう。

・11月23日:横浜アリーナ「WHEN LOVE COMES TO JAPAN」
・11月25日:東京ドーム「TOKYO DOME 1989 1st Night:MASTER」
・11月26日:東京ドーム「LOVE RESCUE ME」
・12月1日:大阪城ホール「OSAKA 1989 Final Night」

以上、全6公演。かつては関東圏を中心としていましたが、近年では大阪公演のプレス傑作も登場しています。この作品により、オリジナルのレコーディングの完全な永久保存に一歩近づくことができるようになりました。そんな番組を収録したこの作品は、まさに絶妙なオーディエンス録音です。実のところ、この作品を生み出したのは伝説の巨匠でした。彼は1980年代を中心にレコーディングの歴史に残る日本在住の超名作を数多く残しており、実は「OSAKA 1989 Final Night(Wardour-245)」と同じレコーダーです。あのキニーをも超えると噂されている伝説のテーパーで、その秘蔵オリジナルマスターを大量にアーカイブしておりますが、今回の作品は最新発掘です。
実際、音は本当に清楚で美しいです。人気クライマックスの歓声を正直に吸い込んだオーディエンス録音ですが、空気感は透明でキラキラしていて、中心を貫く芯はレーザー光のように鮮やかです。特に1980年代のU2の場合、音の出力自体は音と余韻を強調していますが、音とホール音は自然に調和しているため分離できません。 「響板のように未発表、未発表」と謳われるタイプではありませんが、演奏の繊細さがくっきりと伝わっており、しかも会場の真ん中に立つという臨場感と臨場感素晴らしいです。オーディエンス録音なので美しい音の世界です。
そんな美しい音で描かれるのは、世界に勝った栄光を日本に届けたフルショーです。 U2も毎日セットを変えるバンドで、1989年に日本に来ても毎日変わる曲がありました。いい機会なので、定番と日替わりの曲を分けて整理しましょう。

・炎:MLK /忘れられない火

現場で「LOVETOWN TOUR」を体感できるだけでなく、「1980年代の洋楽ブーム」の香りを存分に堪能できるライブアルバムです。拍手、演奏を邪魔しないように細心の注意を払った歓声、そして手に負えないほど広がるコーラスの海。そんな日本人特有の呼吸感が舞台にフィードバックされ、熱気を放出する独特のムード。途中にいるような感覚を味わえるオリジナルマスター。パーマネントストで心ゆくまで酔ってください

Disc 1 (39:05)
1. Intro
2. Where the Streets Have No Name
3. I Will Follow
4. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (with “Exodus”)
5. MLK
6. The Unforgettable Fire
7. Bullet the Blue Sky (with “Whole Lotta Love”)
8. Desire (with “1969” snippet)
9. All Along the Watchtower (with “Like a Hurricane”)

Disc 2 (45:45)
1. All I Want Is You
2. Van Diemen’s Land (The Edge Solo)
3. New Year’s Day
4. Pride (In the Name of Love)
5. Angel of Harlem
6. When Love Comes to Town
7. Love Rescue Me
8. With or Without You (with or Without You) “Shine Like Stars”)




U2 – First Night At Dome / 2CDR)
Live At Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 25Th November 1989 TRULY PERFECT SOUND (From Original Masters)

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main press 2CD is new to the Osaka performances of major heyday can best experience Excavation original master. It is a new masterpiece that will reign over the big classic “Osaka in 1989 is this”. As mentioned in the commentary, we have introduced many of the finest original masters in other performances. Therefore, to celebrate the birth of the new masterpiece, the masterpiece audience recording of “November 25, 1989: Tokyo Dome Performance” will be included as a special bonus.
First of all, the position before the contents that are worrisome. As with the main press 2CD, let’s check from the schedule at that time.

・ November 23: Yokohama Arena “WHEN LOVE COMES TO JAPAN”
・ November 25: Tokyo Dome ← ★ This work ★
・ November 26: Tokyo Dome “LOVE RESCUE ME”
・ November 28: Osaka Castle Hall
・ November 29: Osaka Castle Hall ← * Main press 2CD
・ December 1: Osaka Castle Hall “OSAKA 1989 FINAL NIGHT ]

Above, 3 performances in Kanto + 3 performances in Osaka, all 6 performances. This work was just opened at Tokyo Dome … No, it was the premiere of “Big Egg”. This show is familiar from the recently released super masterpiece “TOKYO DOME 1989 1ST NIGHT: MASTER (Wardour-385)”, but this work is a completely separate recording. It’s not a bonus sound because it’s not pressed. In fact, it is also a master who recorded this work. Actually, it is the masterpiece press CD “LOVE RESCUE ME (Wardour-085)” on the second day of Tokyo Dome and “the first day by the same recorder”.
In fact, this work is also a famous recording away from the dome. Compared to the popular Wardour press board “TOKYO DOME 1989 1ST NIGHT: MASTER”, the sound is thicker, but that is because the main part has a clear outline. The performance sound of this work also has the power to reach through the atmosphere, the vocals can be heard with each word of the lyrics, and the bass that tends to be spoiled in dome recording is firmly separated. You can enjoy the sharp attack sound and the vibe that creates the groove.
That alone seems to be “I wish I had a Wardour board”, but this work has some points that surpass that super masterpiece. It’s a spectacle. The sea of ​​great cheers spreading far and far is insanely vast, and the swells wriggle in response to Bono’s every move. If you don’t get me wrong, this work is not a recording (at all!) That is covered with great cheers and hard to hear. Bold playing sounds and powerful Bono’s singing voice dominate everything. However, the enthusiasm of the crowd that roasts such stage sounds from below can also be clearly felt. In “Where The Streets Have No Name”, when Bono shouts “Oshinin, Tokyo!”
What is drawn with such a sound is a night in Tokyo that is a bit different from the Osaka performance. Here, let’s organize the set while comparing it with the main press 2CD.

・ Boy: I Will Follow
・ WAR (Fight): 40 (★)
・ Flame: MLK / Pride (In The Name Of Love)
・ Joshua Tree: Where The Streets Have No Name / I Still Haven’t Found What I’ m Looking For / With Or Without You / Bullet The Blue Sky / Running To Stand Still (★)
・ Rattle and Hum: God Part II (★) / Desire / All Along The Watchtower / All I Want Is You / Van Diemen’s Land / Angel Of Harlem / When Love Comes To Town / Love Rescue Me
・ Others: People Get Ready (★)
* Note: The “★” mark is a song that cannot be heard on the main press 2CD “OSAKA 1989 2nd Night”.

… And it looks like this. “Running To Stand Still” and THE IMPRESSIONS cover “People Get Ready”, which were only on this day in Kanto, are delicious, but the performance itself is also a spectacle. Speaking of U2, it is characterized by its unique refreshing and vast sound creation, but it fills the space of the dome and approaches even more huge. You can feel the effect in the whole story, for example, “With Or Without You”. As the synth spins a beautiful world, the clear bass advances the song, and Bono’s screaming vocals are entwined. The breadth of the world raises the melody’s uplifting feeling and wraps the whole body. Then, the melody made a big cheer that made me excited and rushed to the stage … Audience recordings are sometimes thought of as a substitute for listening to live performances without a soundboard, but that’s not the case. The finest audience recording conveys the three-dimensional feeling and scale of the scene that can never be experienced with officials and sound boards, and even the music itself is scaled up. This work is a sample. It’s a proof of sound that proves that U2’s music itself suits audience recordings.
Approximately 30 years after coming to Japan in 1989, Japan, which was Showa at that time, changed to the era of Reiwa through Heisei. It is a gorgeous set of storyteller original recordings that conveys the brilliance of the heyday until such modern times. This weekend’s chance, everyone, don’t miss it!

★ It’s a really great recording. Please take this opportunity to listen to it. I’m sure you will like it,


・11月23日:横浜アリーナ「WHEN LOVE COMES TO JAPAN」
・11月26日:東京ドーム「LOVE RESCUE ME」
・12月1日:大阪城ホール「OSAKA 1989 FINAL NIGHT」

以上、関東3公演+大阪3公演、全6公演。この作品は東京ドームにオープンしたばかりです…いや、「ビッグエッグ」の初演でした。このショーは、最近リリースされた超傑作「TOKYO DOME 1989 1ST NIGHT:MASTER(Wardour-385)」からおなじみですが、この作品は完全に別の録音です。押されていないのでボーナス音ではありません。実はこの作品を収録したのもマスターです。実は、東京ドーム2日目と「同じレコーダーでの初日」の名作プレスCD「LOVE RESCUE ME(Wardour-085)」です。
事実、この作品はドームから離れた有名なレコーディングでもあります。人気のワルダープレス盤「TOKYO DOME 1989 1ST NIGHT:MASTER」と比べると、音は太くなりますが、それは本体の輪郭がはっきりしているからです。また、この作品の演奏音は、空気を通す力があり、歌詞の各単語でボーカルを聞くことができ、ドーム録音で損なわれがちな低音がしっかりと分離されています。シャープなアタックサウンドとグルーヴを生み出すバイブをお楽しみいただけます。
それだけでも「ワルドゥアボードがあったらいいのに」と思われるかもしれませんが、本作はあの超傑作を超えるポイントがいくつかあります。それは光景です。遠くに広がる歓声の海はめちゃくちゃ広大で、ボノの動きに応じてうねりが波打つ。誤解しない限り、この作品は(まったく!)録音ではありません。それは大きな歓声と難聴に覆われています。大胆な演奏サウンドと強力なボノの歌声がすべてを支配しています。しかし、そのようなステージ音を下から焼き上げる群衆の熱気もはっきりと感じられます。 「街の名前のないところ」でボノが「東京忍忍!」と叫ぶ。

・Flame:MLK / Pride(In The Name Of Love)
・ジョシュアツリー:通りに名前がない/探しているものがまだ見つからない/あなたのいるなしに関わらず/ Bullet the Blue Sky /走り続ける(★)
・ガラガラとハム:神パートII(★)/欲望/望楼沿いのすべて/ I I want Is You / You / Van Diemen’s Land / Angel of Harlem / When Love Comes To Love / Love Rescue Me
※注:「★」マークは本編2CD「OSAKA 1989 2nd Night」では聴けない曲です。

…そしてこんな感じです。この日は関東でしかなかった 『走るじっと立つ』とTHE IMPRESSIONSがカバーする 『ピープル・ゲット・レディ』は美味しいだけでなく、パフォーマンス自体も壮観。 U2と言えば、その独特のさわやかで広大なサウンドの作成が特徴ですが、ドームのスペースを埋め、さらに巨大に近づきます。ストーリー全体でその効果を感じることができます。シンセが美しい世界を紡ぐと、クリアなベースが曲を進め、ボノの絶叫ボーカルが絡み合います。世界の広がりがメロディーの躍動感を高め、全身を包み込みます。すると、メロディーが大きな歓声を上げ、私は興奮してステージに駆けつけました…オーディエンスの録音は、サウンドボードなしでライブパフォーマンスを聴く代わりになると考えられることがありますが、そうではありません。最高級のオーディエンス録音は、オフィシャルやサウンドボードでは味わえないシーンの立体感とスケールを伝え、音楽自体もスケールアップしています。この作品はサンプルです。これは、U2の音楽自体がオーディエンスの録音に適していることを証明する音の証拠です。


Disc 1 (61:07)
1. Opening
2. Where The Streets Have No Name
3. I Will Follow
4. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
5. MLK
6. With Or Without You
7. God Part II
8. Desire
9. All Along The Watchtower
10. All I Want Is You
11. Van Diemen’s Land
12. The Star Spangled Banner / Bullet The Blue Sky
13. Running To Stand Still
14. People Get Ready

Disc 2 (31:03)
1. Angel Of Harlem
2. When Love Comes To Town with BB King
3. Love Rescue Me with BB King
4. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
5. 40

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