TOTO / Budokan 2016 The Video / 1DVDR

TOTO / Budokan 2016 The Video / 1DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 7th March 2016 AMAZING SHOT


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To be honest, it was lost or very to this work in the bonus. Although decided lost to lost, whether it was really right, you do not have confidence even now. Such hesitation of bonus item is the audience shot of the same, “March 7, Budokan concert” and main press 2CD.
What so much stray for. It is because the quality of this work was too superb. Looking down shots from the second floor of the jumped out to play the passed from the photographer himself master, stage right side (David Paich side). Shadow is not glare at all, such as the front row of the head and arms, stage panoramic view spreads to monitor full. Beautiful thing of the image quality! Beautiful enough to extreme up-to-date of the video using the digital equipment, it will portray the stage of the latest TOTO tones and blue professional shot just like. On top of that, a sense of stability is also preeminent. Highlight the freely (and quickly!) While zoom, Midzura of camera shake is zero. After all, I ultra-high image quality of the more readable to the character of the English-language newspaper to hand while singing is Paich. Because it was so much of a voice for the ultra-high image quality is now one step, it was precisely to synchronize the best sound of the main press 2CD. As a result, it in picture quality and sound quality of both was the best shot of 2016 TOTO.
Before this “just a superb a top quality that goes beyond”, hesitation was born. It has not separately considered “or trying to sell good from those alone.” This work is also in addition to the main and “should be in three sets of press 2CD + DVD”, it was lost in delusion. In fact, it might have seemed to do so, because this work was not to do so was not a complete recording. 1/3 to become seven songs of the show is “Burn,” “I Will not Hold You Back,” “Georgy Porgy”, “Afraid Of Love,” “Great Expectations,” “Holy War”, “On the Run / Goodbye Elenore” was unreleased were you. While there is much big omission, could you please imagine the quality of transcendence of this work from …… that point continued to lost or trying to permanent press.
However, dramatic curtain scene lights and curtain weave, followed by “Running Out Of Time” and “Bend” new song group, such as “Orphan”, made me surprised, “I’ll Supply The Love” and “Stranger In Town,” “Without Your Love “, and even more Orijineita: such as percussion solo Lenny Kyasutoro is exploding” Africa “and so on, the attractions are housed entirely. Ah …… after all …… it is should have been press.

But it is a place to write a “masterpiece video inflating the image of the main press 2CD” if usually, super-quality gem of that transcends the dimension to much. Maybe, one that might give me even catharsis of more main press 2CD of superb quality. If you miss this opportunity, the ultra-masterpiece image that may not be reunited again, by all means.

何をそんなに迷ったのか。それは、本作のクオリティがあまりにも極上だったからです。撮影者本人から渡されたマスターを再生して飛び出したのは、ステージ右寄り(デヴィッド・ペイチ側)の2階席からの見下ろしショット。前列の頭や腕などの影が一切映り込まず、ステージ全景がモニターいっぱいに広がる。その画質の美しいこと! 最新のデジタル機材を用いた映像は極端なほどに美しく、ブルーを基調とした最新TOTOのステージをプロショットさながらに描き出していく。その上で、安定感もバツグン。見どころを自在に(しかも素早く!)ズームしながらも、手ぶれの見づらさがゼロ。なにしろ、ペイチが歌いながら手にする英字新聞の文字まで読めるほどの超・高画質なのです。それほどの超・高画質に対して音声は今一歩でしたので、本編プレス2CDの極上サウンドを精緻にシンクロさせました。結果として、画質・音質共に2016年TOTOのベスト・ショットとなったのです。
この“ただの極上を超えた頂上クオリティ”を前に、迷いが生まれました。別に「良いものから単独で売ろうか」と考えたわけではありません。本作も本編に加えて「プレス2CD+DVDの3枚組にすべきか」と、迷いに迷ったのです。実際、そうすべきだったのかもしれませんが、そうしなかったのは本作が完全収録ではなかったから。ショウの1/3となる7曲「Burn」「I Won’t Hold You Back」「Georgy Porgy」「Afraid Of Love」「Great Expectations」「Holy War」「On the Run / Goodbye Elenore」が未収録だったのです。それだけ大きな抜けがありながらも、永久保存プレスしようか迷い続けた……その点からも本作の超絶なクオリティをご想像いただけるでしょうか。
しかし、ライトとカーテンが織りなすドラマティックな開演シーン、続く「Running Out Of Time」や「Bend」「Orphan」といった新曲群、驚かせてくれた「I’ll Supply The Love」や「Stranger In Town」「Without Your Love」、さらにはオリジネイター:レニー・キャストロのパーカッション・ソロが炸裂する「Africa」等々など、見どころはことごとく収められている。あぁ……やっぱりプレスすべきだったかも……。


1. Introduction 2. Running Out Of Time 3. I’ll Supply The Love 4. Stranger In Town
5. Hold The Line 6. Bend 7. Pamela 8. David Paich Piano Solo 9. Without Your Love
10. Bridge of Sighs / Steve Lukather Solo 11. The Road Goes On 12. Orphan
13. Rossana 14. Africa

COLOUR NTSC Approx.77min.

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