Thin Lizzy / Life Rehearsals / 2CDR

Thin Lizzy / Life Rehearsals / 2CDR / Lost And Found

Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK on 12th March,1983

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The long-awaited re-arrival of the best-selling rehearsals of the dissolution tour live album! The rehearsal before the London Hammersmith Odeon performance in London, December 1983, where the official live album “LIFE” was recorded, recorded by Brian Robertson, Gary Moore and Eric Bell. Most of the songs are guitarists. Although the sound source is a delicate sound quality that can be judged whether it is a sound board, it is definitely recorded in good quality that the people involved recorded it anyway. Also, from the live of this day, 5 songs with different takes have been additionally recorded from the good audience recording, which is not recorded in “LIFE”, and it is a must-have item for fans to check and enjoy the backstage of this historical performance!

disc one
01. Guitars #1
02. Black Rose #1
03. Guitars #2
04. Are You Ready
05. Still in Love with You #1
06. Still in Love with You #2
07. Black Rose #2
08. Black Rose #3
09. Black Rose #4
10. Black Rose #5

disc two
01. The Rocker #1
02. The Rocker #2
03. Whiskey in the Jar
04. Keyboards
◆Rehearsal at Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK on 12th March, 1983

05. This Is The One
06. Rosalie
07. Baby Drives Me Crazy
08. Still in Love with You
09. Whiskey in the Jar
◆Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK on 12th March,1983

Lost And Found. LAF197/198

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