Rainbow / Newcastle 1977 / 2CDR

Rainbow / Newcastle 1977 / 2 CDR/Non Label

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Live At Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England 1st November 1977.

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RAINBOW is higher than 1977 of the UK tour, which was carried out after “ON STAGE” was released, one of the startle of matches in the best audience source Newcastle performance hit on the second day tour is the rainy day gift-release!

1977 European tour of RAINBOW, which started from the Stockholm concert September 25th, France – October 27, which was recorded in the “GUILLOTINE” has gained great popularity of the fan from immediately after the recent release (Rising Arrow) welcomed separated by a Paris concert, the UK tour will take place over about a month from October 31, 2008. The beginning and Newcastle “City Hall” concert became takes place in two consecutive days of October 31 and November 1, it was to show off playing with a new lineup of the band to the British fans. In this work we record the show on November 1, which was its second day.
Recording a sense of stability and prospects of the goodness of, terrific of Ronnie of vocals like penetrate from the center of the localization, while a level not inferior to the above-mentioned “GUILLOTINE”, the sound taper is approaching to a more stage the press CD title is full of powerful surpass also! But was marked “best take past in the 1977 live” in the commentary at the time of “GUILLOTINE” has been recently released, surely there is no other that surprised at all … are trying to Koyo out suddenly sound source that is comparable to it. But rather in the impression that this work is in vivid and strong listening meet seems to live is progressing one step, it touches on the fun of realism and live tape seems like texture full of, of many people of the fan to increase the tactics here is not it? It is about I think even with.

From the play of the break-hand to hear Richie and members before the curtain is audience is not willing to cheers and applause, bursting likely expectations have filled. Live the first half, such as the performance of the fan of hot air and the band is to spark all at once in the “Over The Rainbow” and “Kill The King” is really the best. Does not include the extra audience noise Compared with the “RISING FALLS”, etc., but you might think that the “hard to concentrate on playing”, for those who think the floor of the hot air is also that it is taste of live tape, This is what There will be intuition that it is a sound source, “a live relive”. “Mistreated” the band sound is reproduced with great profoundness can be enjoyed at the excellent tone and shine even Richie guitar Kosi. In addition to the drum of the Cozy, middle of Rongusoro unfolds placed on a hand-clapping, not disturbed Isshi of the audience, sigh and listening will likely out!
This day is the audience is enjoying the truly live, they will liven up live in and sensitive to the MC of Ronnie even “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll”, listener’s mind to exhilarating such a bright mood. This area is British fans “wall of words” is not in between the band will be envious.
Heat up the band and the audience has created a live in the highest sense of unity even “Man On The Silver Mountain”. Ritchie also seems to feel the response to be live, the guitar is more and more going to become the Wild, Nori and momentum of “Still I’m Sad”, such as the angry waves is no longer attached also hand.
Warren just of “Rainbow !!” call in the encore break, become a band that has been pulled out in the call that raged with nature “Rainbow! Cha-cha!” Finally unprecedented, also explodes guitar crash “Do You Close Your Eyes also it will be knocked out any listening hands “!
The sound source is housed in a wonderful sense of realism and sound to “Over The Rainbow” after the show, listeners will enjoy between the highest of 105 minutes!

This sound source of the 1977 UK tour of RAINBOW up is limited to the type, although was not blessed with as much as in recent years of the Japan tour in sound quality, the sound source is driving a wedge in such a situation It will be a presence! It will be who is such a great sound source is thought to want to collection in the press CD, if the original it is there in the title of the “norm”.

This work will be made in the gift to be handed down in between sound quality and quality surface of the fan. Amazing is not only press CD title! This gift is one of the all of the RAINBOW fan must listen a must definitely!

RAINBOWが「ON STAGE」リリース後に行った1977年のイギリスツアーより、ツアー2日目に当たるニューキャッスル公演を極上オーディエンス・ソースで収めた驚愕の一本が、まさかのギフト・リリースです!

9月25日のストックホルム公演からスタートしたRAINBOWの1977年ヨーロッパツアーは、先日リリースされた直後からファンの大好評を得ている「GUILLOTINE」(Rising Arrow)に収録された10月27日のフランス・パリ公演で区切りを迎え、10月31日からは約1ヶ月にわたるイギリスツアーが行われます。その皮切りとなったニューキャッスル”シティ・ホール”公演は10月31日と11月1日の2日間連続で行われ、イギリスのファンにバンドの新たなラインナップと演奏を披露しました。本作ではその2日目となった11月1日のショウを収録しています。

開演前にリッチーやメンバーが聞かせる手慣らしのプレイからオーディエンスは歓声や拍手を惜しまず、はちきれそうな期待感が充満しています。ファンの熱気とバンドの演奏が「Over The Rainbow」そして「Kill The King」で一斉にスパークするようなライヴ前半は本当に最高です。余計なオーディエンス・ノイズを含まない「RISING FALLS」等と較べると、「演奏に集中しにくい」と思われるかも知れませんが、フロアの熱気もライヴテープの旨みだと考える人にとっては、これこそが「ライヴを追体験する」音源だと直感されるでしょう。バンドサウンドが素晴らしい重厚さで再現される「Mistreated」は、リッチーのギターもコシのある絶品のトーンとツヤで楽しめます。コージーのドラムに加えて、観客の一糸乱れぬ手拍子に乗せて繰り広げられる中盤のロングソロは、聴いていてため息が出そうになります!
この日はオーディエンスが心からライヴを楽しんでいて、彼らは「Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll」でもロニーのMCに敏感に反応し、聴き手の心まで浮き立つような明るいムードでライヴを盛り上げます。このあたりはバンドとの間に「言葉の壁」が無いイギリスのファンが羨ましくなります。
ヒートアップしたバンドと客席は「Man On The Silver Mountain」でも最高の一体感でライヴを作り出しています。リッチーもライヴの出来に手応えを感じているようで、ギターはどんどんワイルドになって行き、怒涛のような「Still I’m Sad」のノリと勢いは手も付けられなくなっています。
アンコールブレイクでの割れんばかりの”Rainbow!!”コール、自然と湧き上がる「Rainbow! チャチャチャ!」というコールで引っ張り出されたバンドはいよいよ破天荒になり、ギタークラッシュも炸裂する「Do You Close Your Eyes」にはどんな聴き手もノックアウトされてしまいます!
本音源は終演後の「Over The Rainbow」まで素晴らしい臨場感とサウンドで収められており、聴き手は最高の105分間を味わえるでしょう!

これまでRAINBOWの’77年イギリスツアーの音源は種類的に限られており、音質的にも近年の来日公演ほどには恵まれていませんでしたが、本音源はそのような状況に楔を打ち込む存在となるでしょう! このような素晴らしい音源は誰もがプレスCDでコレクションしたいと思われるでしょうし、本来ならばそれが「当たり前」のタイトルではあります。


Disc 1
1. Intro. 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Kill The King 4. Mistreated 5. Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
6. Catch The Rainbow 7. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll

Disc 2
1. MC. 2. Lazy Intro. 3. Man On The Silver Mountain 4. Guitar Solo 5. Starstruck / Night People
6. Man On The Silver Mountain (reprise) 7. Keyboard Solo 8. Still I’m Sad 9. Beethoven 9th
10. Keyboard Solo 11. Cozy Powell Solo feat. 1812 Overture 12. Still I’m Sad (reprise)
13. Do You Close Your Eyes incl. Guitar Crash 14. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Ronnie James Dio – Vocal Cozy Powell – Drums
Bob Daisley – Bass David Stone – Keyboards

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