Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow / Killing Floor /2CDR+1DVDR

Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow / Killing Floor /2CDR+1DVDR /Shades

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Live At Yokohama Bunkataiikukan, Kanagawa, Japan 22nd November 1995.

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In 1995, late than “Stranger In Us All”, complete recording of the Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium performances of November 22 in the best audience recording. Fans must listen board using the original master cassette to direct. Ahead of 95-year Japanese tour the first day in which the same taper and recorded “Fly By Night” in high-quality sound is recorded, it has recorded over one hour 54 minutes the whole picture of the show in the excellent stability of the great sound . But is a mild sound image to feel the air feeling of the hall, the separation of the sound is excellent, vocal, of course, also can be divided hear firmly fine play of each instrument. The day without playing the Spotlight Kid in unusual opening, but will start from suddenly Too Late For Tears, it is possible to re-recognize the unexpectedly that this song is an imposing number appropriate to the start of the show. In addition to Smoke On The Water to play in a normal show end, to play in real fourth song, how to surprise the audience it has also been recorded in the realistic. Deguy also sang all the songs in the voice through well does not feel the fatigue of a long tour. Richie of play to listen to maturity powerful guitar play back the members to listen to the performance of is dull also very this evening, solo is also included listening stations packed. Play Burn, the Stone Cold in the encore. (Will virtually encore of the first song Maybe Next Time Richie In is started playing with a funny timing, have been also recorded accident that the back will not put.) Impressive in Street Of Dreams, which was arranged last of this day Greensleeves to intro it produces a such ending. Last it is recording until the show announcement.

DVD The recording across the ultra-high-quality audience-shot video of the day in 1 hour and 50 minutes. As the age of the audience the video intended highest peak in both the angle sound, you can enjoy the show of the day in the ultra-high-quality video that seems to have been copied from a place equivalent close or master. This day Richie is played in unusual black T-shirt, you can enjoy a wonderful play along with the lively action in the trenches. The camera work is stable surprisingly, among the great video item is often 95 years Japan tour, you can enjoy the show of nostalgia in the quality of the highest peak. Was recorded re-master version, fan must-see title with the original menu screen.

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.103 (February 2009). In case you’re wondering.

1995, from the Japan tour of RITCHIE BLACKMORE’S RAINBOW was reunited, the day before the final day, November 22 – were recorded in the sound and video of the stage in Yokohama CD-R & DVD-R. To CD-R sound source of good sound quality of the audience recording master cassette to have been recorded in direct, good image quality audience, of which has been taken from almost the front of the second floor toward the stage to DVD-R I have recorded a shot the video.
On this day, to cut the “Spotlight Kid,” which has been played in the opening through the tour, at the opening that started with “Too Late For Tears”, was often be played at the end of the “Smoke On The Water” 4 track deployment with a surprise to play in. Do Richie guitar sound and tuning of this day is a concern, from beginning to end, continue to play remains restless. Still, us to attract fans in a solo using the slide bar that is reminiscent of the 1970s in the “Man On The Silver Mountain” is happy. In the “Hall Of The Mountain King” of the last, in a performance that Richie rubbing the guitar to a set of writing, it is expected to do heh guitar crash. Encore concludes with masterpieces of RAINBOW in the 1980s from “Burn” of DEEP PURPLE. Tour also becomes the end, to set-list seemingly whether Richie of diversion can enjoy, in the video, Richie of stage costumes in T-shirt form from the opening, which also will be very fresh. We want you to enjoy the stage of the Japan tour, which became the first in the last at the moment of reunion RAINBOW a set of sound and video.


1995年、「Stranger In Us All」より終盤、11月22日の横浜文化体育館公演を極上オーディエンス録音で完全収録。オリジナル・マスター・カセットをダイレクトに使用したファン必聴盤。先の95年日本ツアー初日を高音質で録音した「Fly By Night」と同一のテーパーが録音したもので、安定感抜群の素晴らしいサウンドでショウの全貌を1時間54分に渡って収録しています。場内の空気感を感じさせるマイルドな音像ですが、音の分離感は優れており、ボーカルは勿論、各楽器の細かいプレイもしっかりと聴き分けることができます。この日は珍しくオープニングにSpotlight Kid を演奏せず、いきなりToo Late For Tearsからスタートしますが、意外にこの曲がショウの開始に相応しい堂々たるナンバーであることを再認識することができます。また通常ショウエンドでプレイするSmoke On The Waterを、実質4曲目でプレイし、観客を驚かせる様子もリアルに収録されています。ドゥギーも長いツアーの疲れを感じさせない良く通る声で全ての曲を歌い上げます。円熟の演奏を聴かせるメンバーをバックに迫力あるギタープレイを聴かせるリッチーのプレイはこの夜も非常に冴えており、ソロも含め聴き所満載です。アンコールではBurn, Stone Coldをプレイ。(実質アンコール一曲目のMaybe Next Time ではリッチーが変なタイミングで弾き始めてしまい、バックが入れなくなるというアクシデントも記録されています。)この日のラストはGreensleevesをイントロに配したStreet Of Dreamsで感動的なエンディングを演出しています。ラストは終演アナウンスまで収録。


★beatleg誌 vol.103(2009年2月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

1995年、再結成したRITCHIE BLACKMORE’S RAINBOWの日本公演から、最終日の前日となる、11月22日-横浜でのステージを音と映像で収録したCD-R&DVD-R。CD-Rには良好な音質のオーディエンス録音のマスター・カセットの音源がダイレクトに収録されているし、DVD-Rにはステージ向かってほぼ正面の2階席から撮影された良好な画質のオーディエンス・ショット映像を収録している。
この日は、ツアーを通じてオープニングにプレイしていた「Spotlight Kid」をカットして、「Too Late For Tears」からスタートするというオープニングで、終盤でプレイされることの多かった「Smoke On The Water」を4曲目にプレイする意表をついた展開。この日のリッチーはギターの音とチューニングが気になるのか、終始、落ち着かないままプレイを続ける。それでも、「Man On The Silver Mountain」では70年代を彷彿とさせるスライド・バーを使ったソロでファンを魅了してくれるのが嬉しい。ラストの「Hall Of The Mountain King」では、リッチーがライティングのセットにギターをこすりつけるパフォーマンスで、あわやギター・クラッシュかと期待させる。アンコールはDEEP PURPLEの「Burn」から80年代のRAINBOWの名曲で締め括る。ツアーも終盤となり、リッチーの気分転換かとも思えるセット・リストが楽しめるし、映像では、リッチーのステージ衣装がオープニングからTシャツ姿で、これもまた非常に新鮮だろう。音と映像のセットで再結成RAINBOWの現時点では最初で最後となった日本公演のステージを堪能して欲しい。

Disc 1
1. The Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Too Late For Tears 4. Long Live Rock’n’Roll
5. Hunting Humans 6. Smoke On The Water 7. Wolf To The Moon 8. Difficult To Cure
9. Keyboard Solo 10. Still I’m Sad 11. Drum Solo 12. Man On The Silver Mountain
13. Temple Of The King

Disc 2
1. Black Masquerade 2. Ariel 3. Since You Been Gone 4. Perfect Strangers
5. Hall Of The Mountain King 6. Maybe Next Time 7. Burn 8. Stone Cold 9. Traditional Song
10. Greensleeves 11. Street Of Dreams 12. Over The Rainbow

Disc 3 DVD
1. The Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Too Late For Tears 4. Long Live Rock’n’Roll
5. Hunting Humans 6. Smoke On The Water 7. Wolf To The Moon 8. Difficult To Cure 9. Keyboard Solo
10. Still I’m Sad 11. Drum Solo 12. Man On The Silver Mountain 13. Temple Of The King
14. Black Masquerade 15. Ariel 16. Since You Been Gone 17. Perfect Strangers
18. Hall Of The Mountain King 19. Maybe Next Time 20. Burn 21. Stone Cold 22. Traditional Song
23. Greensleeves 24. Street Of Dreams 25. Over The Rainbow

COLOUR NTSC Approx.111min.

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Doogie White – Vocal Greg Smith – Bass Paul Morris – Keyboards
Chuck Burgi – Drums

Shades 011

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