David Bowie / Tampa 1974 / 2CDR

David Bowie / Tampa 1974 / 2CDR / Uxbridge

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Live At The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA April 18th November 1974.

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The live album which can also be called the back “DAVID LIVE” appears. It is contained in this work “Tampa performance on July 2, 1974”. It is a scene of “DIAMOND DOGS TOUR 1974”.
During this tour, Bowie deepened his inclination towards soul music and became a turning point. Musicality also changed in the first half of the tour / the second half. First of all, let’s check the position of the show in the whole tour image.

“May” DIAMOND DOGS “release”
· June 14 – July 20: North America # 1 (31 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
“August” YOUNG AMERICANS “production started”
· September 2 – 16: North America # 2 (12 performances)

· October 5 – December 1: North America # 3 (30 shows)

This is the whole picture of the tour. Only the last “North America # 3” has been treated as a separate frame also known as “SOUL / PHILLY DOGS TOUR”. Tampa performance of this work is the 18th performance of “North America # 1” earlier than that. The official live album “DAVID LIVE” is a concert that will be about a week before because it was produced from the Upper Darby performance “July 8 – 12”.
That quality is a really tasty vintage odds. In fact, although it is a name recording that has been representative of the tour since ancient times, this work brushes up the best master further with the latest technology. Excavation masters were all crazy (greatly and randomly) in pitch but in this work carefully adjusted. Of course, the sound itself is a treat. Many of the previous generations have been altered to strangely flamboyant sounds, but this work makes the most of the natural sounding that Omoto had, and does not impair the natural and vintage taste I realized a juicy sound.
Drawing with that sound is a legendary show known as “bad boy”. It was a concert which was forced without stage set. To tell the truth, this tour was bothered by the stage set from the beginning. The bridge dropped with the Bowie riding from the first day, and even after that every night “continuing the tour while fixing 1/4 somewhere”. However, this day was not quarterly. An accident in which a driver of a truck loaded with a set is stabbed by a bee while driving and got stuck in the groove of a highway as it is. As a result, the set itself did not reach the whole and the entertainment came.
Of course, the bowie seems to have been in a bad mood, but its anger is turned into hot and lock is interesting. The bowie that you can listen in this work is not per capita but it is strong with the show which is expelled from boiling boiled, singing voice with high concentration is filled with tension without a set. It may be different from so-called high-quality performance, but it’s a passionate passion.
Indeed, there is also an anecdotal story in this show that the standing ovation has not ended for 20 minutes after the show. Unfortunately this work has not been recorded for that 20 minutes, but the joy of the audience who nods also is recorded. Of course, it is not a screaming covered recording, but performance and singing voice are not conducive to the leading role. Nonetheless, the hot mood that pulls back Bowie’s enthusiasm backwards is wonderful, and it stands in the middle.

In this show Bowie also noticed that “a show to decorate is unnecessary” … It seems to me that the enthusiasm and enthusiasm that can be told so among maniacs approaches my mind. Trouble with no set, hot air that pushes it back, feeling of workplace just because audience recording. It is a live album of passion that is suitable for being called “back” DAVID LIVE “in another dimension from perfection degree. The highest peak record of traditional name recording. Please, enjoy this opportunity.

裏『DAVID LIVE』とも言えるライヴアルバムが登場です。本作に収められているのは「1974年7月2日タンパ公演」。“DIAMOND DOGS TOUR 1974”の一幕です。

《5月『DIAMOND DOGS』リリース》


これがツアーの全体像。最後の「北米#3」のみ、別名“THE SOUL/PHILLY DOGS TOUR”とも呼ばれた別枠扱いとなっています。本作のタンパ公演は、それよりもグッと初期にあたる「北米#1」の18公演目。公式ライヴアルバム『DAVID LIVE』は、“7月8日-12日”のアッパーダービー公演から制作されましたから、その約1週間前となるコンサートです。

このショウでボウイも「飾り立てるショウは必要ない」と気付いたのではないか………マニア間でそう語られるほどの熱演と熱狂が胸に迫る。セットがないトラブル、それを押し返す熱気、オーディエンス録音だからこその現場感。完成度とは別の次元で“裏『DAVID LIVE』”と呼ばれるに相応しい情熱のライヴアルバムです。伝統の名録音の最高峰盤。どうぞ、この機会に存分にお楽しみください。

Disc 1 (47:41)
1. Stage Intro 2. 1984 3. Rebel Rebel 4. Moonage Daydream 5. Sweet Thing 6. Changes
7. Suffragette City 8. Aladdin Sane 9. All The Young Dudes 10. Cracked Actor
11. Rock And Roll With Me 12. Watch That Man

Disc 2 (40:44)
1. Space Oddity 2. Diamond Dogs 3. Panic In Detroit 4. Big Brother 5. Time
6. Width Of A Circle 7. The Jean Genie 8. Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide

David Bowie – vocals Earl Slick – guitar Michael Kamen – oboe
Mike Garson – piano, mellotron, electric piano, synthesizers
David Sanborn – alto saxophone, flute Richard Grando – baritone saxophone, flute
Herbie Flowers – bass Tony Newman – drums Pablo Rosario – percussion
Gui Andrisano – backing vocals Warren Peace – backing vocals

Uxbridge 774

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