Yes / Seasons Will Pass You / 2CD

Yes / Seasons Will Pass You / 2CD /Virtuoso

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Live At Dillion Stadium, Hartford, CT. USA 25th September 1972.

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Appeared strongest of Jesus live CD this year! ! 1972 “crisis” in the accompanying US tour from September 25, nearly complete recording of the Hartford performances of the best level in the audience recording (the undercard of this day, Eagles and Edgar Winter). This of enough unusual as age, have been recorded in direct sound in anyway incredible place, you can enjoy the tour after 2 months of the show in high-quality special. At the falling sore Siberian Khatru organ riffs sound of the beginning, but I think the extraordinary non-Quality of this sound source is not in you can see, in fact, all of the instruments, including the vocal is recorded in high-quality sound of surprise and it has, in isolation preeminent realistic sound, listening to fans everyone will be stunned. Cut on the recording is located in a plurality of locations in the center between the songs, but in the song Close To The Edge will recover after you fell sound for a moment at around 15:53 ​​there is a cut in 13:34. The other, but there is also some sound is confined place in the Heart Of The Sunrise, here are also showing off a performance that was full of immediately to recover with five energy and brilliance seems this time, fierce ensemble full of tension play full marks meet to hear any song. Rick vividly in tone than when the good sense to the later of the keyboard, synth, Hammond, while making full use of such Kuravi, you can enjoy the charm of the vintage sound that can be called symphonic rock original. And it And use of bold Mellotron of 4 minutes stand of part of I has become a large part must listen at this time unique (8 minutes stand first half also unique). Close To The Edge and Roundabout the second half of the sharpness sharp organ solo is also the best. Howe Kyokuchu, of course, also in the familiar acoustic solo part to show off a stunning performance, and applause from the audience. Guitar solo from Yours Is No Disgrace8 minutes stand Howe has become the best of the listening stations in the frightful of the word. American audience that was in front of as beyond the capacity of the “Everyone tremendous band with a can of level is extraordinary technique” eye understanding, such as come while staring like that is transmitted by stunned It is a recording. Where to be flashy to pan Yours Is No stereo with 6-minute stand of the effect of the guitar solo of Disgrace of the last, because the sound is larger or smaller than expected, and this recording is considerably closer to the microphone to either the PA recorded you can see was Tsu. Large masterpiece title without a staple of mistake as a sound source to represent the 1972 “crisis” tour is the release decision at 200 sheets limitation of press CD! !

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.102 (Nos. 1, 2009). In case you’re wondering.

From the tour due to the “crisis” announcement of Jesus, 2 Disc was complete recording of the performance in Hartford, Connecticut on September 25, 1972. Something that had been released in the previous also of “Down At The Edge” title. Although records in Bill Buraffodo of “crisis” had hit the drum, since the immediately withdrawal, it is in place at this point to Alan White, speaking of “members of the golden period” and later, this John Anderson, Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman, now refers to the five Alan White. Of course, this was five members when he made a spectacular revival in the “Keys-to-ascension” in the 1990s.
Although this work is a monaural audience recording, have been recorded in the insanely dead sound image, also helped the sound pressure of the mono, can enjoy a very power full play. Since the reverb to the PA itself is not the most suffering, it has become a dynamic performance in the tight, including the vocals. It should require some fantasy of the Jesus of the music, but Jesus sound with here is the very figure of as a rock band itself. On the recording is still a three-time US tour for Jesus, live in the land that this Hartford wonder was the first thing. So-called, not the Americanized been audience of over-scrupulous person, of the initial Japanese were also similar to the audience “that is drunk the Katazu” state comes through is interesting. Already so that this tour is also approaching the second half of the season, they played wonderfully, the best performance of the youthful energetic Jesus to listen. There is also a scene where shout what the second half with John of “crisis,” “Yeah!”, “This song, such songs of groovy Qa’a?” I about here is I think. One essential name board in the family.

本年度最強のイエス・ライブCDが登場!!1972年「危機」に伴うUSツアーより9月25日、ハートフォード公演を極上レベルのオーディエンス録音でほぼ完全収録(この日の前座はイーグルスとエドガー・ウィンター)。この時代としては異例な程の、とにかく信じられない位にダイレクトなサウンドで録音されており、別格の高音質でツアー開始2ヶ月目のショウを楽しむことができます。冒頭のSiberian Khatru のオルガンリフの音の立ちっぷりで、この音源の尋常ではないクオリティがお分かりになられると思いますが、事実、ボーカルを含めた全ての楽器が驚きの高音質で収録されており、分離感抜群のリアルなサウンドに、聴いたファンは誰もが唖然とすることでしょう。録音上のカットは曲間を中心に複数個所ありますが、曲中ではClose To The Edgeは13:34にカットがあり15:53辺りで一瞬音が落ちますが後に回復します。他、Heart Of The Sunriseで若干音が篭る箇所もありますが、こちらもすぐに回復します5人ともこの時期らしいエナジーと才気に満ち溢れた演奏を披露しており、緊張感溢れる壮絶なアンサンブル・プレイはどの曲も聴き応え満点。リックのキーボードの音色が後に比べるといい意味で生々しく、シンセ、ハモンド、クラヴィなどを駆使しながら、シンフォニック・ロックの元祖とも言えるヴィンテージサウンドの魅力を楽しむことができます。And You And Iの4分台のパートの大胆なメロトロンの使用はこの時期ならではで大必聴パートになっています(8分台前半もユニーク)。Close To The EdgeやRoundabout後半の切れ味鋭いオルガンソロも最高です。ハウは曲中は勿論、お馴染みのアコースティック・ソロ・パートでも見事な演奏を披露し、観客から喝采を浴びています。ハウのYours Is No Disgrace8分台からのギターソロは凄まじいの一言で最高の聴き所になっています。理解のキャパシティを超えたような「全員が尋常ではないレベルのテクニックをもった驚異的なバンド」を目の前にしたアメリカ人観客が、呆然としながら見入っている様が伝わってくるような録音です。ラストのYours Is No Disgraceの6分台のギターソロのエフェクトでステレオで派手にパンさせるところで、音が大きくなったり小さくなったりしているので、この録音はPAのどちらにマイクをかなり接近させて録ったのがわかります。1972年「危機」ツアーを代表する音源として定番化間違いなしの大傑作タイトルが200枚限定のプレスCDにてリリース決定です!!

★beatleg誌 vol.102(2009年1月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

イエスの『危機』発表に伴うツアーから、1972年9月25日のコネチカット州ハートフォードでのパフォーマンスを完全収録した2枚組。以前にも『Down At The Edge』のタイトルでリリースされていたものだ。『危機』のレコードではビル・ブラッフォードがドラムを叩いていたが、すぐに脱退したので、この時点でアラン・ホワイトに替わっており、以降”黄金期のメンバー”といえば、このジョン・アンダーソン、クリス・スクワイア、スティーヴ・ハウ、リック・ウェイクマン、アラン・ホワイトの5人のことを指すようになった。もちろん、90年代に『キーズ・トゥ・アセンション』で見事復活を遂げた時はこの5人のメンバーだった。
Disc 1
1. Firebird Suite 2. Siberian Khatru 3. I’ve Seen All Good People 4. Close To The Edge
5. Mood For A Day 6. Clap

Disc 2
1. Heart Of The Sunrise 2. And You And I 3. Wakeman Solo 4. Roundabout 5. Yours Is No Disgrace

Jon Anderson – Vocals Steve Howe – Guitars Chris Squire – Bass Rick Wakeman – Keyboards
Alan White – Drums

Virtuoso 040/041

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