Pink Floyd / Nassau 1975 Day 1 / 3CD

Pink Floyd / Nassau 1975 Day 1 /3CD /Sigma

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Live At Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, Long Island, New York, USA 16th June 1975.

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1975 Second North American tour in New York that have been made in the midfield of the Long Island Nassau Coliseum first day, the press was complete recording over two hours 21 minutes in the best audience recordings comparable to the line recording a June 16 performance CD3 Disc title is the appearance. Not only sound quality than that of the already issued has been improved to the extent that not in comparison, has been recording longer than Sundehatsu to center cheers between songs, it had been divided between the On The Run and the Time in addition already Unlike Hatsuban, there is also glad advantage of the “madness” of the second part to listen in a non-cut. Raving And Drooling of the opening is there is also goodness of the recording, you can enjoy the intense performance of the four people involved in it and the aggressive mood full of rhythm iteration with the music in the best possible sound. Sharpness sharp solid force in full Raving And Drooling, frosty feel and dull mood is exquisitely blended You Gotta Be Crazy is perfect score meet to hear both. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, this time has also completed recording of the “flame”, you can enjoy high performance degree of perfection that was effective control. Gilmore ad lib play also has been decided well, good the first time of the day can ask. Only Kikiiru nothing but the strong vocal part. So that all goes well when to go well, ideal performance can listen Sachs play from static to dynamic also is the best workmanship. You can see the Gilmore is playing riding from the intro of Have A Cigar With A Hint improvisation. In tough groove also band members are creating is their own, is the feeling that comes through to have to play while feeling the elation. Synth lead in the first half of the SOYCD Pt 6-9 have also been recorded in great force. The second half is also Roger, us Let Me Hear Your emotional vocals incandescent (4:55 to 5:29). The second half of the jam part is also great can. The second “madness” of parts, here is also worthy of the name of the great performance, you listen to very good performance. Stable vocal Gilmore of Speak To Me of “madness” is reliably, Rick In On The Run takes control of extremists than always the sequencer, it excites listeners. Gilmore of this day is motivated, place never heard in the Time to to burst a noisy solo, and then show off Breathe (Reprise) in unusual moody vocals. The Great Gig In The Sky also to female chorus, this day will liven up a great deal to hear the great power of the vocal yell is earnestly enter. In the guitar solo in the second half of Gilmore of Money you can hear plenty of approach that was unusual. Following Any Colour You Like Rick in Shinsesoro, Gilmore place is very cool that appeared in tremendous sound, strong base of Roger to lead the back is also very nice. Following the entanglement of the female chorus, but will transition to four percussive jam part, including the organ, combination play full of creativity of four people hear in this part, it has become the largest listening stations among the show. Brain longer intro In Damage has been played, Roger also to hear the quirky vocal over the whole volume. Miss of 3:29 the charm of Rick. Great vocal even Eclipse will boost the whole. Echoes of Angkor is Rick and give it a creative intro. Or there is also the goodness of recording, playing is full of strange the degree of force, you can listen to the great ensemble play the band has become united throughout. 8-11 minutes stand guitar of Gilmour to increase the swell are the best. There is only short of brilliant complete a high degree of performance of the second half from the middle, in front of the part you want to rush to the last song you listen to the supreme of great performance. Again, is able to confirm the good performance the first time in Nassau first day, definitive edition 3 Disc is the appearance at 200 sheets limitation of press CD.

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.100 (11 May 2008 issue). In case you’re wondering.

From the 1975 North American tour, recording the pattern of New York performance the first day. Although the past has also been on CD many times, Highland album “Raving Crazy Diamond Moon,” a CD of the last in this performance is some time lost, was this time a long time of release.
Now, this time from Sigma board is basically the same as the sound source that has been used for already issued board is being used, the audience noise between tracks is recorded long and sound quality significantly improved in terms of there, and has a content that apart from the existing departure board. The also happy listen to “Dark Side Of The Moon” in uncut.
1975 North American tour, accounting for performances for the most part of the arena and stadium-class venue, compared with their sound until 1974, undeniable has become quite Daiaji. Rather, I think the sound has changed about not exaggeration to say that hard rock is that it is the pros and cons even among fans. This trend is particularly strong in the first part, or in consideration of the gap between their sound up to this, the album, which was announced after the tour end, “Wish You Were Here” and “Raving And Drooling”, “You Gotta be Crazy “and removed, by replacing in the” Welcome to Machine, “” Wish you were Here “, but enough are allowed to cool down.
At the same, this 1975 North American tour has poor condition of the throat of Gilmour, it must also touched on the point that showing off a terrible vocals can not endure to hear. But like a relatively strong performance in this performance, I wonder where such Well passing mark. Release in the three sets of the factory press specification. Replacement is the inevitable title.

1975年第二次北米ツアー中盤に行なわれたニューヨークはロング・アイランドのナッソー・コロシアム初日、6月16日公演をライン録音に匹敵する極上オーディエンス録音で2時間21分に渡って完全収録したプレスCD3枚組タイトルが登場です。既発に比べ音質が比較にならない程に向上しているだけではなく、曲間の歓声を中心に既発より長く収録されており、加えてOn The RunとTimeの間で分断されていた既発盤とは違い、第二部の「狂気」をノン・カットで聴けるという嬉しいアドバンテージもあります。オープニングのRaving And Droolingは録音の良さもあって、楽曲のもつアグレッシブなムードいっぱいのリズム反復とそれに絡む4人の強烈なパフォーマンスを最良のサウンドで楽しむことができます。切れ味鋭いソリッドな迫力に満ちたRaving And Drooling、冷ややかな感触とダルなムードが絶妙にブレンドするYou Gotta Be Crazyはどちらも聴き応え満点。Shine On You Crazy Diamondは、この時期は「炎」のレコーディングも完了しており、コントロールの効いた完成度の高い演奏を楽しむことができます。ギルモアのアドリブ・プレイも上手く決まっており、この日の好調ぶりが伺えます。力強いボーカルパートにはただただ聴き入るのみです。上手くいく時は全てが上手くいくように、静から動への理想的な演奏が聴けるサックス・プレイも最高の出来栄えです。アドリブを効かせたHave A Cigarのイントロからもギルモアがのって演奏しているのが分かります。バンドメンバーも自分達が作り出している強靭なグルーブに、高揚感を感じながらプレイしているのが伝わってくる感じです。SOYCD Pt 6-9の前半でのシンセリードも凄い迫力で録音されています。ロジャーも後半、白熱のエモーショナル・ボーカルをきかせてくれます(4:55-5:29)。後半のジャム・パートも素晴らしい出来です。第二部の「狂気」は、こちらも名演の名に相応しい、非常に優れた演奏を聴けます。「狂気」のSpeak To Meの安定したギルモアのボーカルは頼もしく、On The Runではリックがシーケンサーをいつも以上に過激に操り、聴き手を興奮させます。この日のギルモアはやる気満々で、Timeで聴いた事のない位にノイジーなソロを炸裂させ、Breathe(Reprise)ではめずらしくムーディなボーカルを披露します。The Great Gig In The Skyの女性コーラスまでも、この日は気合が入りまくった大迫力のボーカルを聴かせ大いに盛り上げてくれます。Moneyの後半のギルモアのギターソロでは一風変わったアプローチをたっぷりと聴く事ができます。Any Colour You Likeではリックのシンセソロに続いて、ギルモアが凄まじいサウンドで登場する所は非常にかっこよく、バックを牽引するロジャーの力強いベースも非常にいい感じです。女性コーラスとの絡みに続いて、オルガンを含む4人のパーカッシブなジャムパートに移行しますが、この部分で聴ける4人の創造性溢れるコンビネーションプレイは、ショウの中でも最大の聴き所になっています。Brain Damageでは長めのイントロがプレイされ、ロジャーも全編に渡って一風変わったボーカルを聴かせます。リックの3:29のミスはご愛嬌。Eclipseでも素晴らしいボーカルが全体を盛り上げます。アンコールのEchoesはリックが独創的なイントロを付けます。録音の良さもあってか、演奏は異様の程の迫力に満ちており、全体に渡ってバンドが一丸となった素晴らしいアンサンブル・プレイを聴く事ができます。うねりをあげる8~11分台のギルモアのギターは最高です。中盤から後半にかけての完成度の高い演奏は見事というしかなく、ラストの歌に突入する前のパートでは至高の名演を聴けます。改めて、ナッソー初日の好演ぶりを確認することのできる、決定版3枚組が200枚限定のプレスCDにて登場です。

★beatleg誌 vol.100(2008年11月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

1975年北米ツアーから、New York公演初日の模様を収録。過去に何度もCD化されているが、Highland盤『Raving Crazy Diamond Moon』を最後に本公演のCD化はしばらく途絶えており、今回久々のリリースとなった。
さて、今回のSigma盤は、基本的には既発盤に使用されていた音源と同一のものが使用されているが、曲間のオーディエンスノイズが長く収録され、また音質も大幅に向上しているという点で、既発盤とは一線を画す内容となっている。「Dark Side Of The Moon」をノーカットで聴けるのも嬉しい。
1975年北米ツアーは、アリーナやスタジアム級の会場での公演が大部分を占め、1974年までの彼らのサウンドと比較して、かなり大味になっているのは否めない。むしろ、ハードロックと言っても過言でないほど変化したサウンドはファンの間でも賛否両論だと思う。特に第1部にその傾向が強く、これまでの彼らのサウンドとのギャップを考慮してか、このツアー終了後に発表されたアルバム『Wish You Were Here』では、「Raving And Drooling」と「You Gotta Be Crazy」を外し、「Welcome To Machine」と「Wish You Were Here」に差し替えることで、クールダウンさせているほどだ。

Disc 1
1. Raving And Drooling 2. You Gotta Be Crazy 3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part 1-5
4. Have A Cigar 5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part 6-9

Disc 2
1. Speak To Me 2. Breathe 3. On The Run 4. Time 5. Breathe(Reprise)
6. The Great Gig In The Sky 7. Money 8. Us And Them 9. Any Colour You Like
10. Brain Damage 11. Eclipse

Disc 3
1. Echoes

Sigma 22

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