Santana / Budokan 2003 2nd Night / 2CD

Santana / Budokan 2003 2nd Night / 2CD / Zion
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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 11th November 2003.


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★ ★ This week, a masterpiece “BUDOKAN 2000 (Zion-107)” which recorded the feast of miracles by Santana & Eric Clapton appeared, it is a super-superb live album to say that sister version. This is also amazing!

SANTANA sent “SUPERNATURAL” “SHAMAN” series in the first place in the US, early 2000s when he was enjoying a great heyday. In this work, the world first public audience album containing that live in Japan has appeared. It is included in this work “November 11, 2003: Nippon Budokan” performance. It is the twelfth visit to Japan which the album “SHAMAN” realized in a big hit. First of all, let’s organize the schedule of the time.

· November 6: Osaka Festival Hall
· November 7: Nagoya Century Hall
· November 8th: Osaka Namba Hatch
· November 10: Nippon Budokan
· November 11: Nippon Budokan 【this work】

Over all five performances. In the “SUPERNATURAL” era of 2000, it was one time at the Nippon Budokan, but this time the majestic Nippon Budokan for 2 consecutive shows. This work is the last day of it.
Such a biggest point of this work is the sound which explores the best. This week’s simultaneous released SANTANA & Eric Clapton feast masterpiece “BUDOKAN 2000” was also a terrible super-high sound quality, but this work is definitely amazing as well. Thick and thick musical sounds are overtone to one sound and go “on a sound board” at the ground. On that basis, the venue sounds dressed together with a small amount of sound seems to be an invisible aura that emanates from the “musical core” to the last, while feeling the octagonal space, it never hides the details of the performance. Indeed, it is a fierce clearance that I can not think of Nippon Budokan, but that should be that. This work is a work of the same recordingist as “BUDOKAN 2000”. He is a master who has kept a name recording for many years mainly in the 1980s. In our shop there are also a lot of works, and in recent releases David Bowie’s “OUTSIDE OF BUDOKAN 1996 (Wardour-196)” and “BUDOKAN 1978 (Wardour-177)”, page of “TOKYO 1996 FINAL NIGHT : ORIGINAL DAT MASTER (Uxbridge 644) “etc is his Budokan work. If you’ve heard even one of these, I think you can realize how this master knows about Nippon Budokan. “BUDOKAN 2000” released this week, this work is also a masterpiece that reigns at the top of its best collection.
The show drawn with such a sound is also not a huge but amazing. “BUDOKAN 2000” was a long-awaited enthusiasm for “SUPERNATURAL” which became a historic big hit, but its momentum continues even in this work. Similarly, the new song of “SHAMAN” which recorded the first place in the US also played plenty of a wide range of representative songs never sticking to new songs while showing off 4 songs “Aye Aye Aye” “Victory Is Won” “Foo Foo” “Novus” It will be. Moreover, the band playing it is formed by adding ten men who became the core in “SHAMAN” plus mealon · dove. Although it is close to the member of the year 2000 in Japan, it also joins the master drummer: Dennis Chambers who is also on top of the bigger household. The mood of the great heyday, which is a huge success all over the world, and skill of masterpieces are compatible, and the dynamically but organically intertwined performance is outstanding. Speaking broadly of the rock world, I can not think of a little ensemble to this point.

This work of the royal road against “BUDOKAN 2000” which can hear miraculous feast with Eric · Clapton. Although there are differences, it is a sister work full of plenty of moods of the same magnificent common to the same Nippon Budokan / the same recordingist · same last day, the series “SUPERNATURAL” “SHAMAN”. A masterpiece of the live album that SANTANA’s visiting Japan’s full history also comes with a special class of sounds and performances overflowing. Please, enjoy with forever preserved press 2CD forever.

★★ 今週はサンタナ&エリック・クラプトンによる奇跡の饗宴を記録した大傑作『BUDOKAN 2000(Zion-107)』が登場しますが、その姉妹編とも言うべき超・極上ライヴアルバムです。これも凄い!


・11月11日:日本武道館 【本作】

そんな本作最大のポイントは、極上を究めるサウンド。今週同時リリースのSANTANA&エリック・クラプトン饗宴の大傑作『BUDOKAN 2000』も凄まじい超・高音質でしたが、本作も負けず劣らず凄い。骨太で肉厚な楽音は1音1音まで克明で「まるでサウンドボード」を地で行く。その上で、ほんのりとまとった会場音響が八角形の空間を感じさせつつ、あくまでも“楽音の芯”から発散される見えないオーラのようであり、演奏のディテールを決して隠さないのです。まったくもって、日本武道館とは思えないほどの激しいクリアさなのですが、それもそのはず。本作は、『BUDOKAN 2000』と同じ録音家の作品なのです。この方は80年代を中心に長年にわたって名録音を生み続けてきた名手。当店でも数多くの作品を手がけており、最近のリリースですとデヴィッド・ボウイの『OUTSIDE OF BUDOKAN 1996(Wardour-196)』や『BUDOKAN 1978(Wardour-177)』、ペイジ&プラントの『TOKYO 1996 FINAL NIGHT: ORIGINAL DAT MASTER(Uxbridge 644)』等が彼の武道館作品。これら1本でも耳にされた方なら、この名手がいかに日本武道館を知り尽くしているかを実感していただけると思います。今週リリースの『BUDOKAN 2000』と本作は、その名手コレクションでも頂点に君臨する大傑作なのです。
そんなサウンドで描かれるショウがまた、ハンパじゃなく凄い。『BUDOKAN 2000』では歴史的大ヒットとなった『SUPERNATURAL』の勢いに乗る熱演でしたが、その勢いは本作でも継続。同じく全米1位を記録した『SHAMAN』の新曲も4曲「Aye Aye Aye」「Victory Is Won」「Foo Foo」「Novus」披露しつつ、決して新曲だけにこだわらない幅広い代表曲もたっぷりと演奏してくれます。しかも、それを奏でるバンドは『SHAMAN』で核となった10人にミーロン・ダヴを加えた編成。これは2000年の来日メンバーと近いものの、さらに大所帯の上に名手中の名手ドラマー:デニス・チェンバースまで加わっている。全世界で大成功を収めている大全盛期のムードと名手たちの技巧が相まっており、そのビッグでダイナミックながら有機的に絡みあう演奏は絶品。ロック界広しと言えど、ここまでのアンサンブルはちょっと思いつきません。

エリック・クラプトンとの奇跡的な饗宴が聴ける『BUDOKAN 2000』に対し、王道の本作。その違いこそあるものの、同じ日本武道館・同じ録音家・同じ最終日、なにより連作『SUPERNATURAL』『SHAMAN』に共通する大全盛のムードがたっぷりと詰まった姉妹作です。SANTANAの来日全史でも、特級のサウンドと演奏が溢れ出すライヴアルバムの大傑作。どうぞ、永久保存のプレス2CDでいつまでもお楽しみください。

Disc 1 (67:22)
1. Intro. 2. Jin-go-lo-ba 3. Africa Bamba 4. Put Your Lights On 5. Aye Aye Aye
6. Victory Is Won 7. Concierto de Aranjuez / Maria Maria 8. Foo Foo 9. Wishing It Was
10. Peace on Earth 11. Boogie Woman

Disc 2 (66:46)
1. Make Somebody Happy 2. Right On Be Free / Get It in Your Soul 3. Apache
4. Smooth 5. Dame tu amor 6. Black Magic Woman 7. Gypsy Queen 8. Oye como va
9. Ah Sweet Dancer 10. Novus 11. Member Introduction

Carlos Santana – guitar, percussion, vocal Chester Thompson – keyboards, vocal
Myron Dove – rhythm guitar Benny Rietveld – bass Dennis Chambers – drums
Karl Perazzo – percussion, vocal Raul Rekow – percussion, vocal Jeff Cressman – trombone
William Ortiz – trumpet Tony Lindsay – vocal Andy Vargas – vocal


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