Rolling Stones / Detroit 1975 1st Night ( 2CD+1Bonus DVDR ) Non Label

Rolling Stones / Detroit 1975 1st Night ( 2CD+1Bonus DVDR ) Non Label

Live at Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI, USA 27th July 1975 Plus Ltd Bonus DVDR “LA Forum 1975 Japanese Broadcast”

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Rolling Stones Speaking of Detroit in 1975, it is known that the PA out sound board recording was leaked from the LP era on July 28, but at this time there were two performances in Detroit. It was held, and the 27th of the previous day was the first stage of Detroit on the 1975 tour. The sound source of the day also exists for the time being, but it was an audience recording at a level where the sound was far away and only core enthusiasts owned it. In that case, it cannot be expected to be released as an item. However, last month, a new audience recording of the day suddenly appeared on the net.
It was a familiar team called Krw_co from JEMS who discovered it. The sound source this time is a monaural recording of a typical vintage audience. The sound image has a distance and a little dumpling-like sound quality, but the outline of the performance and Mick’s vocals can still be heard clearly enough. On the contrary, if you are a maniac, you can enjoy the sound quality with a lot of solid monaural feeling. Needless to say, it is also as easy to hear as the sound source with a distant sound image that was previously available on the market.
However, there was a problem with the sound source excavated this time, and some defects were found. The biggest part is from the middle of “You Gotta Move” to the latter half of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. Above all, intermittent cuts occur when the latter performance is over 7 minutes. Already downloaded enthusiasts may have given up listening around here.

Therefore, at the time of this limited press CD release, we made a thorough adjustment using the other sound source mentioned at the beginning for the fine cuts that occurred frequently in the latter half of “You Can’t ~”. As you can tell by listening to it, the latter half of the performance, which had been cut off by this, was completely restored. Moreover, since we edited the sound sources with different pitches and corrected them carefully, we made a detailed edit, so if you say that there is no stress that you can hear the performance completely, it does not compare with the original sound source. .. At the same time, listening to this part will give you an idea of ​​how far the conventional sound source was. This sound source is also used for the cuts that occurred in Billy Preston’s “Outta Space.”
I also added equalization to make the outline of the performance stand out. Originally, it was in a recording state with a long distance, but by inserting a female in it, it contributes greatly to improving the ease of listening. Of course, the finish was made with the ease of listening without destroying the texture of the vintage audience, and this is also a version upgrade enough to surprise the maniac who was downloading the original sound source.

And most importantly, the performance contents are unexpectedly more fulfilled than the second day of Detroit, which I have been used to hearing with leaked sound boards. Not only on that day, but at the end of the 1975 American tour, the performance was good or bad, and there are many sound sources that do not convey the wild messiness unique to this tour. On that day, the character of the Stones of 75 years shines in the whole volume, and especially if you are a maniac who has been familiar with the sound board on the second day, you may be able to feel the fulfillment of this show even more.

First of all, from “If You Can’t Rock Me / Get Off Of My Cloud”, the performance is much more vigorous than the next day, and that is the wildness that seems to be 75 years. In response to such momentum, the ending of “Gimme Shelter” ends as if the brakes were suddenly applied. Or, it’s fun to feel the 75-year-old hachamecha everywhere, such as “Tumbling Dice,” in which Keith started playing the intro at a time when other members would still be preparing. Ronnie plays a wonderful solo in the interlude of “Wild Horses”, and the construction of the phrase is wonderful. On the contrary, this scene is a scene where the degree of perfection unique to the latter half of the tour appears.
And in the latter half of the show, which was not recorded on the sound board the next day, “Midnight Rambler” was also a performance full of momentum and wildness that seems to be 1975. The performance of “Rip This Joint” at the end of the live, which I could not hear on the example sound board, is also wonderful. In this way, it is clear that the performance throughout the performance is slightly higher than the next day, and the advantage of being able to hear the entire show is great. Like “EARLS COURT 1976 1ST NIGHT”, this time it’s a title with a vintage audience, but it’s definitely a sound source that enthusiasts can enjoy, and above all, the performance is good. After all 75 years must be like this!

Rolling Stonesと言えば1975年のデトロイトといえば、PAアウトのサウンドボードレコーディングがLP時代から7月28日にリークされたことが知られていますが、現時点ではデトロイトで2つのパフォーマンスが行われていました。開催され、前日27日は1975年ツアーのデトロイト初舞台でした。当面の音源も当面は存在しますが、遠く離れたレベルのオーディエンス録音であり、コアなファンのみが所有していたものです。その場合、アイテムとしての発売は期待できません。しかし、先月、その日の新しいオーディエンス録音が突然ネットに現れました。
ただ、今回発掘した音源に問題があり、不具合が発見されました。最大の部分は、「You Gotta Move」の真ん中から「あなたがいつも欲しいものを手に入れることができない」後半までです。とりわけ、後者のパフォーマンスが7分を超えると、断続的なカットが発生します。すでにダウンロードした愛好家は、ここでの視聴をあきらめているかもしれません。

そこで、今回の限定プレスCD発売時には、「You Ca n’t〜」後半に多発したファインカットについて、冒頭で述べた他の音源を使って徹底調整を行った。聞いてわかるように、これで途切れていた後半の演奏が完全に復活しました。また、音程の異なる音源を編集して丁寧に修正したため、細かい編集を行ったため、完全に演奏が聴けるというストレスが無いと言えば、元の音源とは比べ物になりません。 ..同時に、この部分を聞くことで、従来の音源がどれほど遠くにあったかを知ることができます。この音源は、ビリー・プレストンの「アウタ・スペース」で発生したカットにも使用されています。


そして翌日サウンドボードに収録されなかったショー後半では、「ミッドナイト・ランブラー」も1975年のような勢いとワイルドさ溢れるパフォーマンスでした。サンプルのサウンドボードでは聞こえなかったライブ終了も素晴らしいです。このように、公演全体が翌日よりやや高いことがわかり、番組全体を聴けるというメリットは大きい。 『EARLS COURT 1976 1ST NIGHT』と同じく今回はヴィンテージオーディエンスのタイトルだが、間違いなくマニアが楽しめる音源であり、何よりパフォーマンスが良い。やっぱり75年はこんな感じ!

Disc 1 (59:50)
1. Honky Tonk Women
2. All Down The Line
3. If You Can’t Rock Me
4. Get Off Of My Cloud
5. Star Star
6. Gimme Shelter
7. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
8. You Gotta Move ★ 1: 29 –Compensate for another sound source until the end.
9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want ★ 0:00-7:08 / 7:28-7:51 / 7:54-7:58 Another sound source supplement.
10. Happy
11. Tumbling Dice
12. It’s Only Rock’n Roll
13. Band Introductions

Disc 2 (50:27)
1. Fingerprint File
2. Wild Horses
3. That’s Life ★ 3: 09 –Additional sound source supplement until the end.
4. Outa Space ★ 0:00 –1:31 Compensation for another sound source.
5. Brown Sugarp
6. Midnight Rambler
7. Rip This Joint
8. Street Fighting Man
9. Jumping Jack Flash


Rolling Stones, The / La Forum 1975 Japanese Broadcast / 1DVDR

Live at the Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA 11th July 1975.Broadcast Date: 29th March 2015


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It was held for the first time in support of Ron Wood. “TOUR OF THE AMERICAS ’75”. The iconic finest professional shot will be released as a bonus disc.
Included in this work is a multi-camera professional shot of “Inglewood performance on July 11, 1975.” Yes, it’s a big masterpiece “LA FORUM 1975” that made the official DVD of 2014 a lot. Not to mention much about the history of this video. A large classic that has been loved for partial images since ancient times. The release of the full DVD six years ago was a sensational dance, with more than expected quality. This work is also a full version of the pro shot, but it is a copy of the official version. .. .. .. Then there is not. As you can see, there are many similar patterns released recently, but this is a DVD version of the Japanese broadcasting version featured by a satellite broadcasting station in March 2015.
Needless to say, the quality is superb. At our shop, we are archiving a number of music programs with the finest master by a core domestic recording enthusiast, and this work is one of them. Moreover, since this broadcast is in 2015, the master after the official DVD was realized is recorded by digital broadcasting and recording without deterioration. It is a superlative version that is not inferior to the official products.
The point of this Japanese broadcast version is the original production of the program. Commentary corners and bonus videos that invited celebrities have been added, and Japanese subtitles have been added. As a matter of fact, in the case of this work, there is no commentary corner or bonus video in the light night, but MC has subtitles in the whole volume. However, Mick in the 70’s was not so talkative, and at the beginning, he just spoke a word or two, such as “Now, it’s one more time”, “Someone will do it”, “Hi”, etc. It’s only around “It’s Only Rock’n Roll” in the middle of the game that the atmosphere changes. I asked if the audience warmed up by singing nearly 10 songs,
and introduced the members with a sense of humor and introduced the members, and the atmosphere was awful, saying, “Everyone is the best. There are many cute children.”
And the momentum of the rising momentum explodes at once in Billy Preston’s corner. As you know, he took lead vocal in “That’s Life”, and continues to play a funky tournament in “Outa-Space”. Here, “I’m in Los Angeles! You’re back in the local area! Let’s have a party!” Furthermore, in the Mick’s hanging scene, Mick flies like a rocket, saying, “Mick will fly to space. I will soar. I will go!” It’s a famous scene, but if you look at it with subtitles, you’ll be struck by Preston. Of course, Mick, who got better in the second half, also exploded with “Rip This Joint”. The climax that is going to be magnificent is still a masterpiece.

Six years have passed since the full version of the shock appeared. It’s not the type of thing that is touted as “beyond the official!”, But it’s a Japanese broadcast version where you can enjoy that “LA FORUM 1975” again. Please enjoy this luxury that cannot be replaced with anything.

ロン・ウッドの支援により初めて開催されました。 「TOUR OF THE AMERICAS ’75」。象徴的な最高級のプロのショットがボーナスディスクとしてリリースされます。
この作品には、「1975年7月11日のイングルウッド公演」のマルチカメラプロフェッショナルショットが含まれています。そうです、2014年の公式DVDをたくさん作ったのは大傑作「LA FORUM 1975」。このビデオの歴史については言うまでもありません。古くから部分的なイメージで愛されてきた名作。 6年前のフルDVDのリリースは、予想以上の品質のセンセーショナルなダンスでした。この作品もプロショットのフルバージョンですが、公式版のコピーです。 .. .. ..それではありません。ご覧のように、最近リリースされた似たようなパターンがたくさんありますが、これは2015年3月に衛星放送局が紹介した日本放送版のDVD版です。
この日本語放送バージョンのポイントは、番組のオリジナル制作です。セレブを招いた解説コーナーやボーナス動画、日本語字幕を追加しました。実はこの作品の場合、夜は解説コーナーやボーナス映像はありませんが、MCは全編字幕付きです。しかし、70年代のミックはそれほどおしゃべりではなく、最初は「今、もう1回です」、「誰かがやる」、「こんにちは」などの言葉を少しだけ話しました。途中で雰囲気が変わる「It’s Only Rock’n Roll」を中心に。 10曲近く歌ってオーディエンスが温まったのかと聞いたら、
そして、上昇する勢いの勢いがビリー・プレストンのコーナーで一気に爆発。ご存知のように、彼は「That’s Life」でリードボーカルを務め、「Outa-Space」でファンキーなトーナメントを続けています。ここで「私はロサンゼルスにいます!あなたは地元に戻りました!パーティーをしましょう!」さらに、ミックの吊り下げシーンでは、「ミックは宇宙へ飛ぶ。飛んでいく。行くぞ!」とミックはロケットのように飛ぶ。有名なシーンですが、字幕で見るとプレストンに襲われます。もちろん、後半に良くなったミックも「Rip This Joint」で爆発。壮大なクライマックスは今も傑作。

ショックのフルバージョンが登場してから6年が経ちました。 「オフィシャルを超えた!」とうたわれるものではありませんが、あの「LA FORUM 1975」をもう一度お楽しみいただける日本放送版です。何にも代えがたい贅沢をお楽しみください。

1. Fanfare for the Common Man
2. Honky Tonk Women
Come on again

3. All Down the Line
Someone will do it

4. If You Can’t Rock Me / Get Off of My Cloud
Thank you! Welcome to Los Angeles Next is the song of a woman who went off the road

5. Star Star
Wait a minute

6. Gimme Shelter
How about Ain’t Too Proud to Beg ? The next song everyone should join me because I’ll teach you the tempo first

8. You Gotta Move
9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Saxophone solo is Trevor Lawrence
Keith sings a song I wrote a few years ago With this mic

10. Happy

11. Tumbling Dice
Everyone raises their voice in the next song
I want you to sing the chorus part together Do you know? I’ll give you a signal when you come to that part, isn’t it?
Are you ready for Keith?

12. It’s Only
Rock’n Roll 13. Band Intros
Yeah, I’m
going to introduce the band Let’s introduce the band members who are playing tonight
Keyboard Keyboard from Topanga Canyon Billy Preston
Guitar Pop Group Faces to Ron Wood
Percussion O’Brown
Drums Were Wounded by a Bag Sack Charles Robert Watts Bass Bill Wyman
Guitar Keith Richards Vocals, Bass and Drums…

14. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
15. Fingerprint File
Everybody’s the best There are lots of cute girls and the next song is… What?
It’s a romantic song, it’s also called a slow song

16. Angie
17. Wild Horses
How about? Are you ready?
Billy? What happened? Billy? Billy will sing next. Do
n’t say “I can’t sing well”. I only sing one song, but
what’s the first song? How about you guys

18. That’s Life (with Billy Preston)
I’m happy to be back in my hometown. I like my hometown. Do you really want to enjoy your
new album “It’s My Pleasure”
? Do you want to have fun?

19. Outa-Space (with Billy Preston) Great
Los Angeles! I’m back home! Let’s have a party!
Let’s party Let’s go Let’s feel the rhythm Let’s make a noise together!
I’ll fly Mick out louder into space Mick will soar!
Thank you Los Angeles! God bless you!
Let’s go!

20. Brown Sugar
Ready to go

21. Midnight Rambler
Want more rock and roll? Want more rock and roll?
Let’s rock and roll more! Charlie

22. Rip This Joint
23. Street Fighting Man
Will it be time to return to home?

24. Jumpin’Jack Flash
25. Sympathy for the Devil



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