Sting / Budokan 2017 1st Night / 2CD

Sting / Budokan 2017 1st Night / 2CD / Wardour
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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 6th June 2017


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A concert that came to Japan in 2017 when the sound source became harvest great. The finest live album that will become its final edition appears as a permanent preservation press.
In our shop, we have released the press album “BUDOKAN 2017 2ND NIGHT (Wardour – 238)”, “3RD NIGHT (Wardour – 239)” and “OSAKA 2017 (Wardour – 241)” at one stroke until now Jun. 6, 2017: Nippon Budokan “Performance only has not appeared. This work, such as the only remaining “Budokan first day”
It is an audience album that explores the peak of First of all, let’s organize this Japan tour schedule and the previous titles.

· June 6: Nippon Budokan 【this work】
· June 7: Nippon Budokan “BUDOKAN 2017 2ND NIGHT”
· June 8: Nippon Budokan “BUDOKAN 2017 3RD NIGHT”
· June 10: Osaka City Central Gymnasium “OSAKA 2017”

Over, all four performances. With this work permanent preservation of all performances is completed. Its quality is eyewitness, a superb item that doubts the ears. It is an audience recording that appeared on the net, but how about Paul McCartney’s “ONE ON ON AT BUDOKAN” “TOKYO DOME 2017 3RD NIGHT: DEFINITIVE MASTER” and
A work of a person who worked on SANTANA’s “BUDOKAN 2017 (Uxbridge 668)”. It is frightful to go to the word “Melody lags behind the scenes” at the ground, the direct feeling of the core is also suited for calling “as if it is a sound board”, the glossy “ringing” is called “as if it is an official” There is no choice but to do. Moreover, to crystal clear
The clear sense of air is an audience recording, but while being magnificent, the three-dimensional sense of the octagon is definitely engraved for the cheerfully spreading applause. Although the highest peak sound in the past three works was “OSAKA 2017”, it is “the east masterpiece work” comparable to that super masterpiece.
It was such a splendid recording, but there was only one flaw. It is the first song that Sting and his son Joe Sumner will co-star “Heading South On the Great North Road.” It seems there was a problem with recording only this song, another recording was connected. This replacement recording also has the same super pole as the main part
It is a superior sound, but the problem became a connection process. I left the difference in nuance and was connected as it was, and I could not forbid the sense of incompatibility for a moment as “”? In this work, we reconnect and keep the difference of nuance to the minimum. Adjusted to a level that you do not know even if you say a connection point. To this superb recording
We finished it in the ultimate shape that represents the major circumstances.
The first day painted with that sound is also wonderful. Normally, it is not uncommon for the first day of the tour to Japan to become unprecedented by jet lag, and there are times when you adjust off the time difference by turning off beforehand, but then the can tend to become dull due to the vacancy. But this time Sting was different. Hong Kong performance 3 days ago
It is a real continuous tour. If there was not jet lag, it was also Japan ‘s first day in perfect way. No, it may be more. As a matter of fact, the set including the undercut is the same as the 2nd day of the Budokan, but since the beauty of the melody and the sharpness of the beat are more than just the ultimate beauty sound

In the explanation of “OSAKA 2017” I wrote “A masterpiece of a music album that I recommend to all people regardless of which performance I actually saw”. This work is also a live album of that dimension. Before this overwhelming musical beauty, which country or which day is not a problem. Just by myself, a masterpiece to spell on the best sound
Night. It happens to be left in Japan by Sting who returned to full swing to rock, the world famous Daimyo board. We will contain it in a press CD that leaves that radiance permanently, and we will deliver it to you.
当店では、これまで大傑作のプレス・アルバム『BUDOKAN 2017 2ND NIGHT(Wardour-238)』『同 3RD NIGHT(Wardour-239)』『OSAKA 2017(Wardour-241)』を一気に公開してきましたが、「2017年6月6日:日本武道館」公演だけは未登場でした。本作は、そんな唯一残っていた“武道館初日”

・6月6日:日本武道館 【本作】
・6月7日:日本武道館 『BUDOKAN 2017 2ND NIGHT』
・6月8日:日本武道館 『BUDOKAN 2017 3RD NIGHT』
・6月10日:大阪市中央体育館 『OSAKA 2017』

以上、全4公演。本作をもって全公演の永久保存が完了したのです。そのクオリティは目を見張り、耳を疑う極上品。ネットに登場したオーディエンス録音なのですが、なんとポール・マッカートニーの『ONE ON ONE AT BUDOKAN』『TOKYO DOME 2017 3RD NIGHT: DEFINITIVE MASTER』や
SANTANAの『BUDOKAN 2017(Uxbridge 668)』を手がけた人物の作品。「真打ちは遅れて登場する」の言葉を地で行く凄まじさでして、芯も極太なダイレクト感は「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ぶに相応しく、艶やかな“鳴り”は「まるでオフィシャル」と呼ばざるを得ない。しかも、クリスタル・クリアに
透き通った空気感はオーディエンス録音であることを忘れる見事さでありながら、きめ細やかに広がる喝采には八角形の3次元感覚が確かに刻まれている。これまでの3作でも最高峰サウンドは『OSAKA 2017』だったわけですが、あの超傑作にさえ匹敵する“東の代表作”なのです。
それほど見事な録音なのですが、たった1つだけ欠点がありました。それはスティングと息子ジョー・サムナーが共演する1曲目「Heading South On the Great North Road」。この曲のみ録音にトラブルがあったそうで、別録音が繋げられていたのです。この差し替え録音も本編と同じくらいの超極

『OSAKA 2017』の解説で「実際にどの公演を見たかに関係なく、万人にお勧めする音楽アルバムの大傑作」と書きました。本作もまた、その次元のライヴアルバムです。この圧倒的な音楽美の前には、どの国か、どの日かも問題じゃない。ただひたすら、極上を究めるサウンドで綴る名曲の

Disc 1 (72:15)
1. Intro. 2. Heading South On the Great North Road 3. Looking For Me Looking For You (Joe Sumner)
4. Don’t Change The Love (Joe Sumner) 5. Two Sisters (Joe Sumner) 6. Jelly Bean (Joe Sumner)
7. Maria (The Last Bandoleros) 8. River Man (The Last Bandoleros)
9. Member Introduction 10. I Don’t Want To Know (The Last Bandoleros)
11. Where Do You Go? (The Last Bandoleros) 12. Take Me To It (The Last Bandoleros)

13. Intro 14. Synchronicity II 15. Spirits in the Material World 16. Englishman in New York
17. I Can’t Stop Thinking About You 18. Member Introduction
19. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic 20. One Fine Day 21. She’s Too Good for Me

Disc 2 (73:29)
1. Mad about You 2. Fields of Gold 3. Petrol Head 4. Down, Down, Down 5. Shape of My Heart
6. Message in a Bottle 7. Ashes to Ashes 8. 50,000 9. Walking on the Moon
10. So Lonely 11. Desert Rose 12. Roxanne / Ain’t No Sunshine 13. Next to You
14. Every Breath You Take 15. Fragile


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