Rolling Stones / Some Girls UK Original LP / 1CDR

Rolling Stones / Some Girls UK Original LP / 1 CDR / Non Label

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Rolling Stones Records/EMI CUN 39108: Original UK Pressing CUN 39108 A 3 U STERLING / CUN 39108 B 3 U STERLING


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officially joined however (Ron Wood officially 78 years It is this work to have been released as a successor of Mick Taylor!) such as Virgin moved at the time. Tune of more than half’s shown off live from this work even today everyone is as you know. However, it seems there is a tendency reputation from Stones fan of Japan’s poor is not good enough this work. Deisuko boom in the United States punk movement, is earning processing in own country the United Kingdom era. Harp of Sugar Blue and discotic is opening number is too cool too as if responding sensitive Stones always, in this era to era “Miss You” is a big hit there. But, the sound is Would the crash repulsion bulls lock our big brother of our country, there is no poor reputation very much. Last to close the curtain in New York City punk flavor in “Shattered”. First of the array of songs and respond to age which can be called the hallmark of this Stones reasons rebound of our big brother? Maybe that? ? ?  Do is, however seems to give the evaluation as album of the answer to the very popular punk, from the Stones generally to all of classic rock fans young is the sound as the first work after transferring. I am a great success of the number one in the U.S. chart further. Tour a great success. Large classic “Beast of Burden” has also been recorded, and became the Ohaco number of Keith “Before Tax Make Me Run” also fit into this work. It should not be missed honorable mention Country number also “Farah way Eyes”. As a consequence has been certified to the classic Stones revival this work (laughs).  Now, We are pleased to introduce is the original UK board of course. Matrix is 3 U of both sides handwriting.There seems to be combined with 1U/4U, but view 3 U of both sides to be the first edition seems to be the majority. That the jacket has become a changed to double-gaited then because the claim is entered from celebrities that have been adopted in the photo of the inner, single sleeve of “Beast of Burden” was recovered because of the unethical The famous episode. Further, when there is a number pattern an array of blue, pink, green, and yellow is the color of the jacket seems to stimulate the heart collector. It was used this time even more (it does not matter any sound quality unfortunately) is the best quality of the jacket, which are arranged in the color of the street of the purchased at the time of release. It is better sound quality to the point, but the U.S. board promo also seems to be quite a high rating, but we concluded tactics is to rise to the UK board from mellow bass.



さて、今回ご紹介するのはもちろんのオリジナルUK盤です。マトリックスは両面手書きの3 Uです。1U/4Uとの組み合わせもあるようですが、両面3 Uが初版であるとの見解が多数を占めているようです。インナーの写真に採用された有名人からクレームが入ったためその後ジャケットが変チクリンなものに変更となってしまった事、『ビースト・オブ・バーデン』のシングルスリーブが反倫理的との理由で回収されたのは有名なエピソードです。またジャケットのカラーである青・桃色・緑色・黄色の配列が数パターンあるところがコレクター心を刺激しているようです。更に今回使用したのは発売当時購入した前記の通りの色で配列されたジャケットの極上品です(残念ながら音質には何ら関係ありません)。肝心の音質のほうですが、米盤プロモ盤もなかなかの高評価のようですが、低音のまろやかさから英国盤に軍配が上がるとの判断いたしました。つきましては極上のコンディションのUKオリジナル盤の音でお楽しみいただきたく、ご用意させていただいたものが今回のプレゼントアイテムです。発売から35年を迎えた『Some Girls』を、英オリジナル原盤で是非ともご堪能ください!

1. Miss You 2. When the Whip Comes Down 3. Imagination 4. Some Girls 5. Lies
6. Far Away Eyes 7. Respectable 8. Before They Make Me Run 9. Beast Of Burden 10. Shattered

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