Rolling Stones / Philadelphia 1981 Day 1 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Rolling Stones / Philadelphia 1981 Day 1 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Non Label

Live at John F. Kennedy Stadium, Philadelphia, PA, USA 25th September 1981 Plus Ltd Bonus DVDR “Lets Spend The Night Together Japanese Broadcast”

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reconstructed version of the Philadelphia performance on the first day of the 1981 tour with a low generation sound board and monaural audience recording (also low generation). The original release was January 2015 (the title was “PHILADELPHIA 1991 1ST SHOW”). Needless to say, at that time, the haste reservation was sold out, and the best SBD version on the first day of the 1981 tour, which has been requested for re-release for 5 years since then, will be re-appeared. Of course, as with the previous work, the pitch that was rough with the original sound source and the processing of the connection with the AUD sound source have been restored almost perfectly, so please be assured.

As you know, the live of this day is the full opening of Stones on the first day of the loose and wild tour. “It should be the first day with full satisfaction, but the performance is like a public rehearsal” is written in the “Encyclopedia”, but when I listen to it with this line sound source, the live performance of this day is the whole story However, it is not a meta-meta performance, and it seems that the song that was played on the 1978 American tour, that is, the song from “SOME GIRLS”, is already a highly complete performance even though it is the first day. It comes from the SBD sound source. However, the Stones collapsed as soon as it became a tour repertoire in 1981 (laughs). First of all, Keith makes a terrible mistake as soon as “Let’s Spend The Night Together” starts. It’s as if the ghost of Knebworth in 1976 appeared in Philadelphia in 1981.

It’s also clear that the song order hasn’t been elaborated yet, and it seems that the positions of “She’s So Cold” and “Let Me Go” have been swapped compared to the later live performances. However, they are still the beginning, and even when Mick started “Let It Bleed” which came to be played live from this tour, the base of the building could not be kept at all. After all, it will be redone, but in this case, it is certainly a public rehearsal area. Moreover, although it is remarkable before and after the song, Ronnie often speaks on this day. Isn’t it unusual for a member other than Mick to talk so far in the Stones live? Even in the member introduction, I broke into Mick and said, “Hey, Mick, I think it’s okay. It seems that I accidentally dropped my ring into the audience. It’s a very good gold ring, but I lost it. I don’t want to return it. Then, I can’t help it, but I’m really in trouble without it. “(” Hey Mick, Mick. I’ve just thrown my ring out in the audience. It’s a very nice gold ring –it went over there. . If you don’t want to return it, (it) don’t matter, but, it, I’m going to get in terrible trouble “.) Suddenly talking into the microphone There is a burst of talk that seems to rob you of your stock. (The cool return like Mick’s “What are you saying?” after that is also interesting!

“Tops” can be called the biggest feature of the first day of such fluttering. Originally it was a new song that picked up the outtakes when Mick Taylor was enrolled and completed it with “TATTOO YOU”, but the wild and vigorous performance here is quite good. In the studio version, the song that Mick was singing in the back voice all the time was weakly reflected, but it has evolved into a number with a rough and nice looseness like Stones. However, after this, the performance schedule was canceled during the live performance at the Rockford performance of “PARTY DOWN” released by our shop, and again it was the last time it was performed at the boulder performance of “PAVE BOULDER ’81” released by our shop. It was a sad song that disappeared.

And at the end of the live, it is also magnificent that the song order is as if you would call it “Climax repertoire selection”, but the closing intro of “Satisfaction” is confused with “Jumping Jack Flash”. Keith’s stray scenes have been famous since the days of audience recording, but please listen to them with this SBD sound source. You will lose your words for the first time in a terrible mistake. However, it is also true that it is a wonderful sound source that you can enjoy a wild and dynamic performance completely different from Hampton, combined with Mick’s wild song at this point. Philadelphia on the first day of the tour, which is the opposite of the eternal classic Hampton, is recorded in the longest and stable state and press CD, the loose stones are the best!

★ After all, I want you to have such a famous sound source always in the store. The best edition of the Philadelphia performance on the first day of the 81st tour, where you can enjoy many stunning and outstanding performances with line recordings, is back!

1981年のツアーの初日にフィラデルフィアのパフォーマンスを再構築したバージョンで、低世代のサウンドボードとモノラルオーディエンスレコーディング(低世代)を使用しています。オリジナルのリリースは2015年1月でした(タイトルは「PHILADELPHIA 1991 1ST SHOW」でした)。言うまでもなく当時は急遽予約が完売し、その後5年ぶりに再公開を依頼された1981年ツアー初日のベストSBD版が再登場する。もちろん、前作同様、原音源で荒れていたピッチやAUD音源との接続処理はほぼ完全に再現されていますのでご安心ください。

ご存知のように、この日のライブは、ルーズでワイルドなツアーの初日のストーンズの完全なオープニングです。 『百科事典』には、「満足のいく初日となるはずですが、公演はリハーサルのようです」と書いてありますが、この線音源で聴くと、この日の生演奏が全てですただ、メタメタではなく、1978年のアメリカンツアーで演奏された曲、つまり「SOME GIRLS」の曲は初日なのにもう完成度の高い演奏のようです。 SBD音源から来ています。ただ、1981年にツアーレパートリーになるとストーンズは崩壊しました(笑)。まず、「Let’s Spend The Night Together」が始まると、キースはひどい間違いを犯します。 1976年のネブワースの幽霊が1981年にフィラデルフィアに現れたかのようです。

また、曲順がまだ精緻化されていないことも明らかで、「She’s So Cold」と「Let Me Go」の位置が後のライブと比べて入れ替わっているようだ。しかし、それはまだ始まったばかりで、このツアーからライブで演奏されるようになったミックが「レット・イット・ブリード」を始めたときでも、建物の土台はまったく守れなかった。結局、やり直されることになりますが、今回の場合は確かに公開リハーサルエリアです。また、歌の前後で注目に値しますが、この日はロニーがよく話します。ミック以外のメンバーがストーンズのライブでこれまで話をするのは珍しいことではありませんか?メンバー紹介でもミックに割り込んで「ね,、ミック、大丈夫だと思った。誤って観客に指輪を落としたようです。とてもいいゴールドリングですが、無くしてしまいました。それを返したくはありません。それではどうしようもないのですが、それなしでは本当に困っています。 ring-それはあそこに行きました。。返さない場合は、それは問題ではありませんが、私はひどいトラブルに巻き込まれます。)突然、マイクに向かって話しかけますあなたの株を奪うように見える話のバースト。 (その後のミックの「何を言っているの?」のようなクールな復帰も面白い!

「トップス」はそんな羽ばたき初日の最大の特徴とも言えます。もともとはミック・テイラー在籍時のアウトテイクをピックアップして「TATTOO YOU」で完成させた新曲だったが、ワイルドで元気いっぱいの演奏がなかなか良い。スタジオバージョンでは、ミックがいつも裏声で歌っていた曲が弱く反映されていましたが、ストーンズのようにラフでラフなルーズな曲に進化しています。ところが、その後、当店よりリリースされた「PARTY DOWN」のロックフォード公演でのライブ公演は、公演スケジュールがキャンセルとなり、再び「PAVE BOULDER ’81」のボルダー公演での公演となりました。当店にて。消えた悲しい歌でした。

そして、ライブの最後には、まるで「クライマックスレパートリーセレクション」と呼ぶかのように曲順が素晴らしいのですが、「Satisfaction」の最後のイントロは「Jumping Jack Flash」と混同されています。キースの迷走シーンはオーディエンス録音当時から有名ですが、是非このSBD音源でお聴きください。あなたはひどい間違いで初めてあなたの言葉を失うでしょう。ただ、この時点でハンプトンとは全く違うワイルドでダイナミックな演奏とミックのワイルドな曲を組み合わせて楽しめる素晴らしい音源であることも事実です。ツアー初日のフィラデルフィアは、永遠のクラシックハンプトンとは逆に、最も長く安定した状態で録音されたCDで記録され、ルーズストーンが最高です。


Disc 1 (60:03)
1. Under My Thumb
2. When The Whip Comes Down
3. Neighbors
4. Just My Imagination
5. Shattered
6. Let’s Spend The Night Together
7. Black Limousine
8. She’s So Cold
9. Time Is On My Side
10. Beast Of Burden
11. Waiting On A Friend
12. Let It Bleed

Disc 2 (78:41)
1. Band Introductions
2. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
3. Tops
4. Tumbling Dice
5. Hang Fire
6. Let Me Go
7. Little T & A
8. Start Me Up
9. Miss You
10. Honky Tonk Women
11. All Down The Line
12. Brown Sugar
13. Jumping Jack Flash
14. Street Fighting Man
15. Satisfaction
16. Last Announcement



Rolling Stones / Lets Spend The Night Together : Japanese Broadcast /1DVDR

Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, NJ, USA 5th & 6th November 1981.Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe, AZ, USA 13th December 1981.Broadcast Date : 8th September 2006


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“LET’S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER”, a masterpiece of the concert movie that symbolizes “AMERICAN TOUR 1981”. The unique version of Japan is released as a bonus disc.
Speaking of “LET’S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER”, it is a big standard that does not require explanation for those who pay attention to this article. It is a multi-camera pro shot taken at “November 5th + 6th 1981 East Rutherford performance” and “December 13th Tempe performance”, and it is a masterpiece among the masterpieces familiar on the official DVD. Of course, this work is not a copy of such an official product. This is the Japanese broadcast version that was broadcast as a special program of a certain satellite broadcasting station in 2006.
There are two points in these broadcast versions. Quality and unique color. First of all, regarding quality, this is already an iron wall. Our store archives music programs with the finest masters by domestic core record makers, and this work is one of them. Moreover, the original was digital broadcasting in 2006, and it is made into a DVD with zero deterioration. That is the superb quality that is as good as the official one.

If there is no problem with the quality, the most important thing is the unique color of the program. In the case of this work, it is Japanese subtitles! You might think, “What do you do wrong? It’s exaggerated…”, but the subtitles of this work are really amazing. The dimensions are different from those of Japanese programs in Japan. There are standard subtitles such as on-site announcements and MC, but more than that is the Japanese translation of the lyrics. Moreover, it is attached to all songs and songs. In the era of the Western music boom, such as the 1980s, there were programs with Japanese translations of lyrics, but even so, one or two popular single numbers were at best. However, this “LET’S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER” has 25 songs. All the songs and lyrics are translated into Japanese.
It’s completely imaginable, but I think this big subtitle specification is probably due to the content of the movie. As you know, the editing of “LET’S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER” emphasizes the performance to the extreme, and boldly cuts between the songs. Except for a few places, the show progressed with almost no MC. So it doesn’t change whether or not it’s normal subtitles. Of course, I don’t think the audience rating will change as it is, but whether it’s the staff’s intention or the feelings for Stones, I turned to all lyrics subtitles.
Furthermore, the content of the subtitles is unique and completely different from the translation of the CD, and the degree of perfection is also a masterpiece, so it is amazing. In the first place, subtitle translation is different from normal translation, and there are many restrictions. The sentences that can be displayed on the screen are extremely short, and switching is quick to match the voice. In movies, the explanation can be omitted because the specific situation is visible, but the lyrics are not so easy. However, although this work is short, it is as expressive as a CD translation. For example, “Miss You”. Let’s see the call from a friend.

● Bilingual translation of the CD
・ I’ve been waiting for you in the hall of the entrance for a long time Every time the phone rings, I
‘m excited by you ・ But I always hear the voice of my friend
・ “Hey, what’s wrong? I’ll take you the women of Peltorico who want to meet you to death. I’ll bring you a box of wine. ”
● Subtitle translation of this work
・ The phone rings when I wait for your contact was
, “I go from now with a sake” Anta’m not friends voice
, “Kuze take even you into a woman’s party tonight”

The difference in the number of characters is apparent at first glance. Despite this, it is transmitted with a chitin, and even if it is displayed on Mick’s voice or beat, it does not spoil the feeling of the song. That is the sophistication of tanka and haiku.
What is even more overwhelming is the feeling of the scene unique to live performances. As a matter of course, Mick is not the type that sings along with the original in the written form, but it is natural that No. 1 and No. 2 are reversed, words are added or omitted by the place on the spot. The subtitles of this work respond to such changes one by one, and the total degree of perfection is also high. For example, “Start Me Up”. The place where you repeat “You make a grown man cry” in English is…

● CD translation
・You make a big man cry
● You make a big man cry ●This subtitle parallel translation
・You shout to a big man The woman who makes me scream unintentionally

… Since it is a song about sex and continues, “Fire my engine,” the “screaming” of this work is more appropriate than the “crying” of the CD. However, there are reasons for this. In the latter half of the original, the same melody was sung as “Don’t make a grown man cry,” and the CD translation said, “It wouldn’t make a big man cry so much.” On the other hand, Mick of this work goes through “You make a grown man cry” in the whole story, and I do not say “Stop”, so the meaning does not mean “crying” but “screaming”.
These subtle differences and considerations are distributed throughout all songs, but what is even more bold is “Honky Tonk Women”. It’s a show for the Tempe performance (in the Phoenix metropolitan area), so it’s called “Memphis→Phoenix”, but in the latter half it’s far from that. Let’s write it down.

● CD translation
・ Playing in the Blue Bird in Paris ・ I
feel like I’m naked when I die
・ The sailor in Paris is a man in a man
・ No matter how drunk you are, you ‘re serious
● Subtitle translation of this work
・I slept in New York with a woman who broke up with my husband
・ I wanted to cause trouble
・ She covered me with roses
・ But I didn’t really try to steal my heart

… It’s completely different. The place and the characters are completely different. To be honest, I’m not confident that the lyrics that are out of breath are accurate, but you can understand that the translation of this work is backed by a strange and polite “serious”. After the end of the whole story, a unique slide show corner will be set up and member introductions will appear. After that, the curtain ends with the credit of the translator who worked on this work (By the way, it is a translator of a certain company famous for distributing overseas dramas and a professional professional who is also a translation instructor at a vocational school).

The quality of the complete official class is wonderful, and the unique corner is also valuable, but the complete perfection is still full of enthusiasm. This will be exhausted. It is “LET’S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER” where you can vividly convey the meaning of the lyrics in all songs and all the songs, and you can experience the playfulness of the songs in real time because they are live. A chance to experience a masterpiece movie again with a completely different feeling. Please enjoy it to your

「AMERICAN TOUR 1981」を象徴するコンサート映画の代表作「LET’S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER」。日本のユニークなバージョンがボーナスディスクとしてリリースされます。
「LET’S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER」といえば、この記事に注目する人には説明のいらない大きな基準です。 「1981年11月5日+ 6日イーストラザフォード公演」「12月13日テンペ公演」で撮影されたマルチカメラプロショットで、公式DVDでおなじみの名作の中でも最高傑作です。もちろん、この作品はそのような公式製品のコピーではありません。 2006年にある衛星放送局の特番として放送された日本の放送版です。

品質に問題がない場合、最も重要なのはプログラムのユニークな色です。この作品の場合、日本語字幕です! 「どうしたの?誇張して…」と思われるかもしれませんが、この作品の字幕は本当にすごいです。寸法は日本の日本のプログラムとは異なります。オンサイトアナウンスやMCなどの標準字幕がありますが、それ以上に歌詞の日本語訳です。また、全曲・全曲に付きます。 1980年代などの西洋音楽ブームの時代には、日本語の歌詞を翻訳したプログラムがありましたが、それでも人気の高いシングル番号は1つか2つでした。ただし、この「LET’S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER」は25曲収録。すべての曲と歌詞は日本語に翻訳されています。
それは完全に想像できますが、この大きな字幕仕様はおそらく映画の内容によるものだと思います。ご存知のように、「LET’S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER」の編集は、パフォーマンスを極端に強調し、曲間を大胆にカットします。いくつかの場所を除いて、ショーはほとんどMCなしで進行しました。したがって、通常の字幕であるかどうかは変わりません。もちろん、そのまま視聴率は変わらないと思いますが、スタッフの意図でもストーンズへの想いでも、歌詞は全て字幕にしてみました。
さらに、字幕の内容はユニークでCDの翻訳とは全く異なり、完成度も圧巻で驚異的です。そもそも、字幕翻訳は通常の翻訳とは異なり、多くの制限があります。画面に表示できる文章は非常に短く、音声に合わせて素早く切り替えられます。映画では特定の状況が見えるので説明は省略できますが、歌詞はそれほど簡単ではありません。しかし、この作品は短いですが、CDの翻訳と同じくらい表現力があります。たとえば、「Miss You」です。友達からの電話を見てみましょう。


さらに圧倒されるのは、ライブならではのシーン感。当然のことながら、ミックは原文と一緒に書面で歌うタイプではありませんが、1番と2番を逆にしたり、その場で言葉を付けたり省略したりするのは当然です。この作品の字幕はそのような変化にひとつひとつ対応しており、全体としての完成度も高い。たとえば、「Start Me Up」です。 「大人になった男を泣かせて」を英語で繰り返すところは…


・・・セックスについての曲で「ファイアーマイエンジン」が続くので、本作の「叫び」はCDの「叫び」よりも適切です。ただし、これには理由があります。原作後半には「大人の男を泣かせない」と同じメロディーが歌われ、CDの訳では「大男はそんなに泣かせない」とのこと。一方、Mick of t

1. Take The’A ‘ Train
2. Under My Thumb
3. Let’s Spend The Night Together
4. Shattered
5. Neighbours
6. Black Limousine
7. Just My Imagination
8. Twenty Flight Rock
9. Let Me Go
10. Time Is On My Side
11. Beast Of Burden
12. Waiting On A Friend
13. Going To A Go-Go
14. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
15. Band Introductions
16. Little T & A
17. Tumbling Dice
18. She’s So Cold
19. All Down The Line
20. Hang Fire
21. Miss You
22. Let It Bleed
23. Start Me Up
24. Honky Tonk Women
25. Brown Sugar
26. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
27. Satisfaction
28. The Star-Spangled Banner
29. Black Limousine (Outro)

Original Slide Show PRO-SHOT COLOUR NTSC Approx.92min.

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