Rolling Stones / Madison Square Garden 1975 5th Night / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Madison Square Garden 1975 5th Night / 2CD / Non label

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Live at Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY, USA 26th June 1975

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Just ten years ago from now Stone’s 1975 American tour “5 TH NIGHT AT MSG 1975” CD was released. Until then, there was only an item (VGP label “WELCOME BACK TO NEW YORK”) in which the sound source of the biased recording state, in which the recording is only the second half of the show but only the high sound quality is recorded, Madison Square on June 26 · It was a valuable audience recording that revealed the whole picture of the garden performance for the first time. However, it is a fact that it was never a sound quality that I could never hear, contrary to the high historical value that this sound source, the whole show was able to be heard. Among them, the distortion which increased as the show progressed was the biggest disadvantage of this sound source, and it was enlarged to a level at which the songs around Billy Preston eventually felt stress.
Interestingly, a new audience recording of MSG performance on June 26, 1975 appeared unexpectedly on the net this year, just 10 years after excavation of the sound source. It is, so to speak, the third sound source. In addition to what I disclosed to the public is familiar with the famous JAPAN and Krw_co famous tapers in the net rare music world. As with “5 TH NIGHT AT MSG 1975” (hereinafter referred to as the “already-to-be-launched”) this time it is a monaural audience recording, but the old-fashioned board is old-fashioned sound quality close to the midrange, I had a big problem of distortion touched. In addition, there was also a rise in pitch from the middle stage of the show.

The sound source of this time is quite different quality of sound at that point, the freshness and the goodness of omission are great appeal at the high range. Although it is not monotonous in terms of clearness due to a monaural sound image with a distance feeling this time, it is a point that the recording state which can be heard much more than the already-issued board suffered by at least the distortion dilemma is high point. Actually there was no point to add in the sound quality when releasing the limited press CD this time, the pitch was also accurate and it was not necessary to adjust. Since JEMS and Krw_co have released the sound source with extreme caution, especially with respect to the pitch, this is a truth.
Regarding the cut that occurred during recording, “Is not Too Proud To Beg” and two songs by Billy Preston were compensated by the pre-launch board. If you listen to those parts you will feel that the sound source of this time is overwhelmingly easy to hear. Also, “It’s Only Rock’n Roll”, or cuts that occurred in two songs in the latter half of the show, remastered from the VGP board and then compensated. Of course, there is nothing better than a full-length version of this sound source that boasts a distinctive high-quality sound, but it is still as it is after 20 years since the appearance of the VGP board, The other parts are not recorded. So, is the value of this sound source worth great?
And regarding the playing aspect, the MSG performance of 75 years is known for being uneven in the day. Considering that the consistency of the voltage level was maintained only for about three weeks after the LA Forum consecutive performance (even if it was due to cocaine, for example), it was called a gap of unevenness in performance in MSG for 75 years It is strange. In 1969 and 1972, the sound source proved that Stones in the USA, which had peaked at MSG, was at a loss in LA overwhelmingly in LA.

Regarding June 26 as well, “Sympathy For The Devil” which should be played by MSG’s encore on the occasion where “Wild Horses” was omitted was clearly stated as “omission is impossible” before the last day of MSG consecutive performance. A set list of feelings set for the day. However, when I open the lid, most of the performance is improved by voltage. First of all, Mick ‘s upper tension is clear for the first half of the show, and this neighborhood is exactly what it seems to be a 1975 tour. At the same time it is caught up to the excitement of the venue until terrible. For example, not only the other performances lacked aesthetic, such as June 22 of the famous MSG performance due to Eric Clapton jumping in, as well as the day when the excitement of the venue appeared unexpectedly in a fantastic night . If you think so, this one seems more like 75 years, and even the MSG stone ‘s like excitement is felt.
If you think or “Fingerprint File” you will be amazed as if tempo has been lost as if you had been out of breath. Compared to the performances of the LA performances which are now official and easy to hear and hear, the atmosphere is quite different. Because the momentum will be lost as the performance progresses, what has happened to this? However, Will Billy Preston ‘s two songs be relaxed? Hyper Stones of 75 years burst again with’ Midnight Rambler ‘. Among them, the upper rhythm of Charlie and Olly Brown until the performance slows down is a tremendous force, and it is a tremendous force. In the same track of MSG 75 in the year, is this the best? I think so.
The sound source of this time never goes to the high sound quality level like the VGP board sound source. However, compared with “5 TH NIGHT AT MSG 1975” it is a fact that it is a sound quality that can enjoy the fun of the performance of June 26 much more. In addition, the day when the stagnation “Fingerprint File” and the explosion “Midnight Rambler” played by the opponent lived together. And 10 years have passed since the release of “5 TH NIGHT ~”, and there are not a few maniacs that I have never heard the performance of this day. It is one day where you can enjoy the fun of 75 years different from that wild LA performance. Let’s try the new sound source of the day when particularly interesting performance was heard within the 75 year MSG where there was unevenness, please try by all means!

★ It is the first appearance new source.

今からちょうど10年前にストーンズ1975年アメリカ・ツアーから「5TH NIGHT AT MSG 1975」というCDがリリースされました。それまで高音質ながらも録音がショーの後半部分だけという偏った収録状態の音源をCD化したアイテム(VGPレーベルの「WELCOME BACK TO NEW YORK」)しか存在しなかった6月26日のマディソン・スクエア・ガーデン公演の全貌を初めて明らかにしてくれた貴重なオーディエンス録音でした。ところがこの音源、ショー全体が聞けるようになったという歴史的な価値の高さとは裏腹に、決して聞きやすいレベルの音質ではなかったのは事実。中でもショーが進むにつれて増大していった歪みはこの音源最大の欠点であり、それがビリー・プレストン辺りの曲からいよいよストレスを感じさせるレベルにまで肥大していました。
面白いことに、その音源の発掘からちょうど10年の歳月を経た今年、思いがけずも1975年6月26日MSG公演の新たなオーディエンス録音がネット上に現れたのです。いわば第三の音源。おまけに公開してくれたのはおなじみJEMSとKrw_coというネットレア音源界では有名なテーパーがタッグを組んだもの。「5TH NIGHT AT MSG 1975」(以下「既発盤」と称します)と同じように今回もモノラルのオーディエンス録音ではありますが、既発盤が中域寄りの古めかしい音質だった上、何よりも先に触れた歪みの大きな問題を抱えていたものです。さらにはショー中盤からピッチの上昇もみられました。

録音時に生じてしまったカットに関しては「Ain’t Too Proud To Beg」やビリー・プレストンの二曲に関しては既発盤にて補填。それらの部分を聞けば今回の音源の方が圧倒的に聞きやすいことが実感できるでしょう。また「It’s Only Rock’n Roll」、あるいはショー後半における二曲で生じてしまったカットに関してはVGP盤からリマスターした上で補填。もちろん別格の高音質を誇るこちらの音源の全長版が登場するに越したことはありませんが、VGP盤の登場から20年以上経った今もなおそのような気配がないことから察するに、やはりこれ以外のパートは録音されていないのでしょう。よって今回の音源の登場は大きな価値があるかと。

6月26日に関しても「Wild Horses」が省かれた挙句にMSGのアンコールで演奏されるべき「Sympathy For The Devil」までも省略という、MSG連続公演の最終日を前にして明らかに「無理しない」一日に設定された感のセットリスト。しかし、いざ蓋を開けてみれば大半の演奏はボルテージ高めなのがさすが。まずショー前半に関してはミックのアッパーなテンションが冴え渡っており、この辺りは正に1975年ツアーらしいもの。それと同時に凄まじいまでの会場の盛り上がりまで捉えられている。例えばエリック・クラプトンが飛び入りしたことで有名なMSG公演の6月22日など、それ以外の演奏が精彩を欠いていたのはもちろん、意外なほど会場の盛り上がりが淡泊に映った一日でもありました。そう思えばこちらの方がより75年らしさ、さらにはMSGでのストーンズらしい盛り上がりが感じられるのです。
かと思えば「Fingerprint File」では息切れしてしまったかのようにテンポがもたついてしまっている様に驚かされます。今やオフィシャルで簡単に見聞きができるようになったLA公演の演奏と比べるとまるで雰囲気が違う。演奏が進むにつれて勢いが失われていくのだから、これはどうしてしまったのでしょうか。ところがビリー・プレストンの二曲が息抜きにでもなったのか「Midnight Rambler」で再び75年のハイパー・ストーンズが炸裂。中でも演奏がスローダウンするまでのチャーリーやオリー・ブラウンを中心としたリズム隊のアッパー加減は凄まじい迫力であり、75年MSGの同曲ではこの日がベストでは?と思えるほど。
決して今回の音源もVGP盤音源のような高音質なレベルには及びません。しかしながら「5TH NIGHT AT MSG 1975」と比べればはるかに6月26日の演奏の面白さが味わえる音質であることは事実。おまけに停滞の「Fingerprint File」と爆発の「Midnight Rambler」という対局の演奏が同居した一日。そして「5TH NIGHT~」のリリースからも10年が経過し、この日の演奏を聞いたことがないというマニアも少なくないのでは。あのワイルドなLA公演とは違った75年の面白さが味わえる一日なのです。ましてやムラのあった75年MSGの中では特に面白い演奏が聞かれた日の新音源、是非お試しください!



Disc 1 (55:27)
1. Honky Tonk Women ★イントロは既発も欠落なので補填無。
2. All Down The Line
3. If You Can’t Rock Me – Get Off Of My Cloud
4. Star Star
5. Gimme Shelter
6. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg ★2:05 – 4:02 既発補填
7. You Gotta Move
8. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
9. Band Introduction
10. Happy

Disc 2 (68:33)
1. Tumbling Dice
2. It’s Only Rock’n Roll ★2:58 – 6:12 既発補填
3. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo
4. Fingerprint File
5. Angie ★5:13 – 最後まで既発補填
6. That’s Life ★全部既発補填
7. Outa Space ★0:00 – 3:48 既発補填
8. Brown Sugar
9. Midnight Rambler ★6:51 – 9:46 既発補填
10. Rip This Joint
11. Street Fighting Man
12. Jumping Jack Flash ★1:43 – 最後まで既発補填

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