Rolling Stones / Seattle 1994 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Seattle 1994 / 2CD / Non Label
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Live at Kingdome, Seattle, Washington, USA 15th December 1994


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In the 1994 tour that took over the album “VOODOO LOUNGE”, there is a classic image and sound source in the classic called the live broadcast from Miami in November, and our shop also has giants stadiums and new orcs released in the past, There is sound board recording in. Especially for Miami it can be said that it is a representative of 1994, and I gained the same solid position as Hampton and Atlantic City.
However, the live show in December was when the Miami relay was overlooked by maniacs all over the world because it was held in November. On the contrary, there may be one who thinks that “VOODOO LOUNGE” tour ended in Miami. There is no doubt that it is a light time of impression. In the situation where the December period in the 1994 tour was overlooked so much, it seems that there was also the case that the sound source blessed with sound quality did not exist at all, and the number of items was small. The most famous one may be Syracuse ‘s performance on December 8.
That situation has been going on for a long time and there is no doubt that December’s live act will take a long time due to the new sound source released by our shop this time. It was the December 15 Seattle King Dome performance that was selected as the item to be released by limited press CD. Speaking of the Kingdom, it seems to be a familiar tournament to the ZEP fans, but Stones also produced a masterpiece at the same venue in 1981 (extra pro shot video and soundboard recording also flowed out), followed by the Kingdom · The show was held in 1994. It seems that there are also many mania who do not even know that, and it will be a remarkable release in that regard too!
In the case of
Audience recording used in this release, but it was circulating among traders before. In addition to a sound image with a reasonable distance feeling, the echo of the venue like the Kingdom seems to blend moderately this mild texture. However, depending on the song, there was also a place where this state escalated to the ringing of the venue where the outline of the performance is blurred.
Regarding this problem, our staff adds a thorough equalization process, and we are reborn into a state of good prospects as if the contours of the performance were completely covered. Improvement of its clearness is obvious, and it will be surprised that listening to this release without prior knowledge “When I heard that sound source was asleep as much as this …”. Anyway, outstanding clearness stands out compared with the original sound source.
But that is not the only problem. Pitch is very unstable throughout the sound source (for the recording of 1994), which can be a serious stress on listening. Regarding this point, this time it is thoroughly adjusted. It is a finish suitable for releasing to a definite press CD.
Another noise in the middle of “Honky Tonk Women” as if the microphone had come off the recorder. This is a truly trouble that the adjustment can not be done. And “Jumping Jack Flash” intro in Angkor Intro of the bass from a slight cut. From these problems, I think that you can understand what was not released so far. That’s why, thanks to the equalization we made this time, I realized the sound source with a sense of stability and clearness that is not comparable with the original sound source, CD in the state that should be called just the upper version!

Surely it may be a sound source for mania. However, the performance of this day is also wonderful. If it is thought that it is not only the late final tour of 1994, it also accomplished the big work of live coverage of Miami in November. And this day was the last live in 1994 in mainland USA as Mick told even MC. If that is a big city like Seattle and it becomes a meeting place like the Kingdom, there is no reason that the Stones will not be overwhelmed.
Among them, Mick is fierce for the best performance, and he is tempted to call it “the cookie” exactly. As long as it is sung at the magnificent powerful even familiar songs like early Joe ‘s “Tumbling Dice”, you will know how much you are cheered. Mick’s singing at “Rocks Off” where the resurgence on this tour became a topic at the time in 1994 was also brilliant.
On the other hand, “Far Away Eyes” which was playing a revival as a live repertoire from November has been played this day is a rare point. When I played this song in 1978, it is said that the bad reaction of the audience became anxious about Mick, but the audience will become a scene here as well. To tell the truth, thanks to the fact that this song gave me a lot of excitement, after that, the surrounding conversation will calm down and it will be easier to hear at a stretch (laugh). And in the latter part of the live, the whole emotional excitement appeared, among them a series of “YA E FOO” at the “Brown Sugar” ending and the realistic sensation captured with stunning clearness is exhilarating!
Thoroughly adjust the problems listed above, the rare performance and sound source which was only known among maniacs will finally be revealed by this release. Above all, the surprising upper is to admire maniacs all over the world. And, above all, the Stones’ performances that let you listen to the whole atmosphere are wonderful. Clearly speaking, it is a masterpiece!
アルバム「VOODOO LOUNGE」を引っ提げた1994年のツアーというと11月のマイアミからの生中継という定番中の定番映像かつ音源があり、さらに当店も過去にリリースしたジャイアンツ・スタジアムやニューオリンズなど、要所要所にサウンドボード録音が存在しています。特にマイアミに関しては1994年を代表する存在だと言ってよく、ハンプトンやアトランティック・シティと同じような確固たる地位を獲得しました。
ところがマイアミの中継が11月に行われたせいで世界中のマニアから見過ごされてしまった感のある時期が12月のライブ・ショー。それどころか「VOODOO LOUNGE」ツアーはマイアミで終わってしまったと思っている方がいらっしゃるかもしれません。それほど印象の薄い時期であることは間違いありません。1994年ツアーにおける12月の時期がそれほどまでに見過ごされてしまった状況には、音質に恵まれた音源が思いのほか存在せず、アイテムも数が少なかったということもあったかと思われます。一番有名なのは12月8日のシラキュース公演かもしれません。

他にも「Honky Tonk Women」の途中において、まるでマイクがレコーダーから外れかかったかのような音からのノイズ。これはさすがにアジャストのしようがないトラブル。それとアンコールにおける「Jumping Jack Flash」イントロ若干のカットからの低音の胴鳴り。これらの問題から、これまでリリースされなかったことが理解できるかと思います。それだけに今回当店が施したイコライズによって、元音源とは比べ物にならないほどの安定感とクリアネスを持った音源、まさにアッパー版と呼ぶべき状態でのCD化を実現してみせました!

中でもミックは絶好調ぶりが凄まじく、正に「ザ・気合」と呼びたくなる激しさ。それがジョー序盤「Tumbling Dice」のような慣れ切った歌までもが見事な力強さで歌われているとなれば、どれほどの気合がみなぎっているかが解るはず。94年当時はこのツアーでの復活が話題となった「Rocks Off」におけるミックの熱唱も見事。
一方で11月からライブ・レパートリーとしての復活を果たしていた「Far Away Eyes」がこの日も演奏されている点がレアなポイントかと。78年にこの曲を演奏した際には観客の反応の悪さがミックには気になってしまったとのことですが、ここでも観客はシーンとなってしまいます。実をいうと、この曲で盛り下がってくれたおかげで、以降は周囲の会話が沈静化して一気に聴きやすくなるという(笑)。そしてライブ後半は感情全体の盛り上がりがアツく、中でも「Brown Sugar」エンディングでの「イエーイエーフーッ」の連発と、見事なクリアネスで捉えた臨場感が爽快!
Disc 1 (65:21)
1. Introduction 2. Not Fade Away 3. Tumbling Dice 4. You Got Me Rocking 5. Shattered
6. Rocks Off 7. Sparks Will Fly 8. Satisfaction 9. Beast Of Burden 10. Far Away Eyes
11. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo 12. Love Is Strong 13. It’s All Over Now 14. I Go Wild

Disc 2 (65:09)
1. Miss You 2. Band Introductions 3. Honky Tonk Women 4. Before They Make Me Run
5. The Worst 6. Sympathy For The Devil 7. Monkey Man 8. Street Fighting Man
9. Start Me Up 10. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 11. Brown Sugar 12. Jumping Jack Flash


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