Rolling Stones / Steel Wheels Japan Tour 1990 / 2DVDR

Rolling Stones / Steel Wheels Japan Tour 1990 / 2DVDR / Non Label
Translated text:
Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 26th February 1990 PRO-SHOT(Best & Longest Version with 2 Audio Sources)

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The period of the resurrection Stones from 1989 to 1990 is not a time to call it classic as far as looking back from the live history of the group as a whole. Again, it is true that the excessive sounds supported by synthsized do not dilute loose and wildness with guitar sounds indispensable for Stones. Under such circumstances, the sound source of the final day of the Japanese performance that quickly became SOLD OUT was the translation which conveyed the core more sound of the band, but only the Japanese performance, including that point, became an exceptional position It is. This is not only the arrival of the Stones’ achievement finally arrived, but also because it was a different Western music event that occurred in the end of the bubble, that glorious period. The venue is set at the Tokyo Dome and the number of performances is set higher, but the tickets are literally platinum paper. If that alone, it is still a fact that the phenomenon unique to the bubble caused controversy that the celebrity and the stars gathered to see the “legend” of Stones, not the “music fan” in the arena seat is now also a nostalgic memories (I was up to the actress who decided to divorce and chose the last date for Stones’ live).
It is a visit to Stones, which was excited by the tremendous fever, but from the series of performances further performance was promoted to the eternal record since the performance on February 26, 1990 was broadcast on television. That first performance in Japan, and also for broadcasting, images and sound sources are released abundantly even in real time. And now both have become established in the form of “Uncut complete version”. However, in terms of images, there is no CM cut content, but the quality is in fact inferior to the actual broadcast version at present.
Therefore, this time I am building the best version based on the highest image quality master of the broadcast version at that time. First of all, as for the video, two songs “2000 Light Years From Home” and “Sympathy For The Devil” are cut as it was called a topic at the time. Therefore, these two songs apply the short version version video of local broadcasting (this is also the highest picture quality), realizing the recording of all songs with the quality at the time of broadcasting. Although it is the direction of voice, the regional broadcast version was monaural broadcasting. So, these two songs are synchronized with the familiar full version stereo sound board sound source in “STEEL WHEELS TOKYO 1990”. In this way, we realized “full version of the broadcast version and complete stereo sound”. Also, the image quality is the point that the compression is kept to the minimum and the recording of two sets is kept. (This is also added because “Band Introductions” in front of It’s Only Rock’n Roll is also recorded only in the local version.)

Even this may be sufficient, but this year the release of the Stones Archive just recently has been realized. Therefore, the archive version of the sound is recorded so that the sound can be selected by letting the sound and the image synchronize (the interval between the songs is connected with the television sound uncomfortably). There should be many people who wanted to see the image with the sound of the last year’s archive version that called the topic. This release will make this wish come true. It is truly a victory for the power of Keith ‘s guitar as a victory for the archive version, and as a member of Stones, the granularity of Bill · Weiman’ s base which this time has only come to Japan has also stood out.
The performance of this day was definitely wonderful because it was high reputation from that time! Looking at the amazing enthusiasm such as “Midnight Rambler” and “You Can not Always Get What You Want”, not only the “Strong in Recording” but also the “Mick to be Covered in Recording” catchphrase comes to mind . Moreover, the excitement unique to Japan at the Keith Corner which was the most popular for himself as well as hesitant to get himself, and Kei’s “Enka Choreography” which was the peak at that time and that is also the reason for this being transmitted to that extent. And “Mr. Satisfaction” where Mick mistook the timing was perfect for other than that. A masterpiece of the “STEEL WHEELS” tour, which is quite incomparable compared to the 1989 Atlantic City etc, yet a new standard of that memorial Tokyo Dome live image is released!

★ 2 sheets set released sold out a few years ago and resold sold will be revived with gift title in DVDR specification. Official was also released, but there are places where the camera angle and processing are different from the broadcast version, so it is still a must-have mania.


1989年から1990年にかけての復活ストーンズの時期はグループ全体のライブ史から振り返ると決してクラシックと呼べるような時期ではありません。やはり良くも悪くもシンセサイズドでサポート過多なサウンドがストーンズに不可欠なギター・サウンドとルーズさやワイルドさを薄めていたのは事実。そんな中であっという間にSOLD OUTとなった日本公演最終日の音源などはバンドのよりコアなサウンドを伝えてくれていた訳ですが、その点も含め、日本公演だけは別格な位置となっています。それはようやく実現したストーンズの来日公演というだけでなく、バブル末期、あの輝かしい時期の中で起きた別格の洋楽イベントだったからでしょう。会場は東京ドームで公演数も多めに設定されながらもチケットは文字通りのプラチナ・ペーパー。それだけならまだしも、アリーナ席には「音楽ファン」ではなくストーンズという「伝説」見たさにセレブやスターが群がるという、これまたバブルならではの現象が物議を醸したことも今となっては懐かしい思い出(離婚を決意して最後のデートをストーンズのライブに選んだ女優までいました)です。
そこで今回は当時の放送版の最高画質マスターを元としたベスト・バージョンを構築しています。まず映像の方は当時話題を呼んだように「2000 Light Years From Home」と「Sympathy For The Devil」の二曲がカットされています。そこでこれら二曲は地方放送のショート・バージョン映像を当てがい(こちらも最高画質)、放送時のクオリティで全曲収録を実現。ところが音声の方なのですが、地方放送版はモノラル放送だったのです。そこでこれら二曲の音声には「STEEL WHEELS TOKYO 1990」でおなじみの完全版ステレオ・サウンドボード音源をシンクロ。こうして「放送版の全曲収録かつ完全ステレオ音声」を実現しました。それに画質は圧縮を最低限にとどめて二枚組の収録という点もポイントです。(It’s Only Rock’n Roll 前の「Band Introductions」も地方版のみ収録のため、これも追加してあります。)

それに何と言っても当時から定評高かったこの日の演奏は本当に素晴らしい!「Midnight Rambler」や「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」などでの凄まじい熱唱ぶりを見ていると「収録に強いストーンズ」というだけでなく「収録で張り切るミック」というキャッチフレーズが浮かんでくるほど。しかも本人がはにかむほどの人気ぶりだったキース・コーナーにおける日本ならではの盛り上がり、それに輪をかけて当時ピークだったキースの「演歌唱法」からも気合がこれでもかというほどに伝わってきます。そしてミックがタイミングを間違えてしまった「Satisfaction」もそこ以外は完璧な演奏。89年のアトランティック・シティなどと比べてもまったく引けを取らない「STEEL WHEELS」ツアーの名演、それでいてあのメモリアルな東京ドーム・ライブ映像の新たなスタンダードがリリース決定です!


Disc 1 (1:09:39)
1. Continental Drift 2. Start Me Up 3. Bitch 4. Sad Sad Sad 5. Harlem Shuffle 6. Tumbling Dice
7. Miss You 8. Ruby Tuesday 9. Almost Hear You Sigh 10. Rock And A Hard Place 11. Mixed Emotions
12. Honky Tonk Women 13. Midnight Rambler 14. You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Disc 2 (1:03:29)
1. Can’t Be Seen 2. Happy 3. Paint It Black 4. 2000 Light Years From Home 5. Sympathy For The Devil
6. Gimme Shelter 7. Band Introductions 8. It’s Only Rock’n Roll 9. Brown Sugar 10. Satisfaction
11. Jumping Jack Flash


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