Rolling Stones / Supergroups Rolling Stones 81 / 2CDR

Rolling Stones / Supergroups Rolling Stones 81 / 2CDR / Non Label

Taken From The Original Radio Show 3 LPs ( Supergroups: Rolling Stones 81)

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In the midst of the 1981 North American tour, the Supergroups: Rolling Stones ’81 “broadcast on the 2 hour time frame on October 31, when the whole country was wrapped in Stones’ single color, is recorded directly from the valuable radio master plate 3 LP LP record . Original and interview of each member (Mick, Keith, Bill, Ronnie) recorded in September just before the tour started to be inserted in various places, and fans composed of new songs recorded with “Tattoo You” and live takes of each age Contents of hearing. Surprisingly, it is not the first time that this special number is full and CD is converted. The interviewer is Lisa Robinson and is taking place in Massachusetts State in September. The tickets are sold out in a short time in various places, and the hot atmosphere just before the tour is transmitted from the words of Keith and Mick. In contrast to Mick which is exciting with a variety of lip service, the word of the building which talks “It is not good at talking in front of a TV camera, because it is to the shadow of the band,” Disc 2 Trk 12) etc. is also interesting I will. Ron says, “What can you play from the songs of the new album?” Ron says “I can play with all songs, but Slave can not do, because that is a song for recording” (Disc 2 trk 10) etc. It is a fun interaction that seems to be the time to respond. Mick and Keith’s comments on “About the same session take as Emotional Rescue” that you can hear on trk 20 of Disc 1 are also listening (Mick says “Tattoo You” is a better album than “Emotional Rescue” As to what I am talking about, the interviewer says, “I like” Emotional Rescue “quite a bit, but which side is betta this time?”, I listen quite straight, so Mick is in doubt Where to go is quite interesting, as opposed to an argumentative Mick, Keith responded to the same question much more than usual, “Start Me Up was chosen as the first single, Keith says “Well, Hang Fire and Neiboughrs are good, but everyone thinks that songs like this are like Stones,” asked which songs are good? I am relaxing.
On trK 26 – 29 of Disk 1, the interviewer says “New song Neiboughers is almost the same song as Send It To Me of” Emotional Rescue “, is not it? What does this mean? “Mick asked straight to Mick and Mick was puzzled (& slightly irritated)” Musically it’s completely different, Neiboughrs is 12 bar blues and Send It To Me is a different chord progression … ” Although it responds with a bad feeling, the interviewer continues to fall “I hear exactly the same to myself” there. Interviewer also makes the same question to Keith, but Keith conversely said “On the contrary, it seems pretty similar to making it.” After admitting it easily, “Hang Fire only speeds up Some Girls I’m talking about myself from extra things (laugh). Interviewer says, “But Mick is denying absolutely,” Keith said with laughing “Well that’s not true, you know, he is not quite sure what he is,” and this is also a great thing to say . (I can not imagine such an interview now, and it is a good time to have a radio show etc.)

Both interviews are crisp and well recorded, so even those who are not good at listening to English can enjoy themselves enough in the atmosphere. Since it is a ripping project from the record masterpiece, as mentioned above, rather than from the net, I think that it can be said that it can be said to be a 2-pack set that is highly appreciated by overseas maniacs. The condition of the board is very good, and it is possible to hear scratch noise occasionally, but on the contrary, this needle patch gives off a different atmosphere from the radio show CD and you can listen with good feeling. As the sound is good, it can be enjoyed like a radio program as its name, so it is optimal for contents and also for car BGM. A fan-listening 2-disc set featuring no era feeling like a section cut in September 1981. This is recommended.

Although it is unrelated to music, in the radio / commercial of “Old English 800 Malt Liquor” (Disc 1 Trk 12 / Disc 2 Trk 17), a sound like a ringtone of Garaka that appears in the future will come out, “Is that what? There are also people who misunderstand for a moment.

1981年北米ツアー真っ最中、全米がストーンズ一色に包まれていた時期の10月31日、2時間枠で放送された「Supergroups: Rolling Stones ’81」を貴重なラジオ原盤 3枚組LPレコードよりダイレクト収録。ツアー開始直前の9月に収録された、各メンバー(ミック、キース、ビル、ロニー)のオリジナル・インタビューを各所にインサートし、「Tattoo You」収録の新曲と各年代のライヴテイクで構成されたファン必聴の内容。意外にも、この特番がフルでCD化されるのは初ではないでしょうか。インタビューアーはリサ・ロビンソンで、9月にマサチューセッツ州で行われています。チケットは各所で短時間でソールドアウトとなっており、ツアー直前のホットな雰囲気がキース、ミックの言葉から伝わってきます。多彩なリップサービスで盛り上げるミックとは対照的に「バンドの影に徹してるのさ。テレビカメラの前で喋るのも得意じゃないんで」(Disc 2 Trk12)等と語るビルの言葉も面白かったりします。「ニューアルバムの曲からは何を演奏しますか?」という問いにロンは「全曲ライヴで演奏できるけど、Slaveは無理だろうね。あれはレコーディング用の曲だから」(Disc 2 trk10)等と応えるのも当時らしくて楽しいやり取りです。Disc 1の trk20で聴ける「Emotional Rescueと同じセッションテイクが使われていることに関して」のミックとキースのコメントも聴きどころのひとつ(ミックが「Tattoo You」は「Emotional Rescue」より良いアルバムだ、と言ってることに対し、インタビューアーが「私は「Emotional Rescue」が結構好きなんだけど、今回のはどの辺がベターってこと?」と、結構ストレートに聴くので、ミックが回答に窮してたりするところも非常に面白いです。理屈っぽいミックと対照的に、同じ質問にもキースはいつもの調子で大らかに対応しており、「Start Me Upが最初のシングルに選ばれてるけど、他にどの曲が良いか、皆で話し合ったりした?」との質問にキースが「まぁHang FireやNeiboughrsでも良いんだけど、皆はこんな感じの曲がストーンズっぽくて好きだと思う」とのんびり応えたりしています。
ディスク1のtrK26-29では、インタビューアーが「新曲 Neiboughersは「Emotional Rescue」の Send It To Meとそっくりというか殆ど同じ曲ですよね。これはどういうこと?」とミックにストレートに質問し、ミックは戸惑いながら(&多少いらいらした感じで)「音楽的には全然違うよ。Neiboughrsは12バー・ブルースでSend It To Meは違うコード進行だし・・・」と歯切れ悪い感じで応えてますが、インタビューアーはそこでも「自分には全く同じに聴こえる」と食い下がります。インタビューアーはキースにも同じ質問をしますが、キースは逆に「うーん、そうかな。造ってると結構似ちゃうんだよ」とあっさり認めた上で「Hang FireはSome Girlsをスピードアップしただけだ」とか余計なことを自分から喋っています(笑)。インタビューアーは「でもミックは絶対違うと否定してました」と言うとキースは笑いながら「そりゃそういうだろ。そもそも、あいつは結構わかってなかったりするし」とか、これまた凄いことを言ってます。(こんなインタビューも今では考えられないですね。しかもラジオショウで放送するとか、大らかな良き時代です。)


音楽とは無関係ですが、「Old English 800 Malt Liquor」(Disc 1 Trk12/ Disc 2 Trk17)のラジオ・コマーシャルでは、将来登場するガラケーの着信音みたいな音が出てきて、「あれ?着信?」と一瞬勘違いしてしまう方もいらっしゃるかもしれません。

D.I.R. / ABC Radio Networks Presents
Supergroups: Rolling Stones ’81
Pre-FM Triple Vinyl LP 1981

Interviewer: Lisa Robinson

Disc 1 (58:27)
1. Tony Pigg Radio Intro
2. Commercial Block – Jensen Car Audio
3. Tony Pigg Segment Intro
4. Mick Jagger, Keith Richards Interview
5. Brown Sugar (Live)
6. Mick Jagger, Ron Wood Interview
7. Honky Tonk Women (Live)
8. Mick Jagger Interview
9. Jumping Jack Flash (Live)
10. Mick Jagger Interview
11. Tony Pigg Segment Break
12. Commercial Block – Nestles Candy / Old English 800 Malt Liquor
13. Mick Jagger Interview
14. Beast Of Burden (Live)
15. Bill Wyman Interview
16. Shattered (Live)
17. Tony Pigg Segment Break
18. Commercial Block – Jensen Car Audio / Nestles Candy
19. Tony Pigg Segment Intro
20. Mick Jagger, Keith Richards Interview
21. Start Me Up (Studio Version)
22. Bill Wyman Interview
23. Hang Fire (Studio Version)
24. Ron Wood Interview
25. Black Limousine (Studio Version)
26. Mick Jagger Interview
27. Neighbours (Studio Version)
28. Keith Richards Interview
29. Send It To Me (Studio Version)
30. Tony Pigg Segment Break
31. Commercial Block – Nestles Candy / Old English 800 Malt Liquor

Disc 2 (56:12)
1. Tony Pigg Segment Intro
2. Keith Richards Interview
3. Worried About You (Studio Version)
4. Mick Jagger Interview / Heaven (Studio Version)
5. Ron Wood Interview / Waiting On A Friend (Studio Version)
6. Mick Jagger Interview
7. Slave – Studio Version
8. Tony Pigg Segment Break
9. Commercial Block – Jensen Car Audio / Keepsake
10. Ron Wood Interview
11. Let It Bleed (Studio Version)
12. Bill Wyman, Ron Wood Interview
13. Tumbling Dice (Live)
14. Mick Jagger Interview Segment
15. All Down The Line (Live)
16. Tony Pigg Segment Break
17. Commercial Block – Nestles Candy / Old English 800 Malt Liquor
18. Mick Jagger Interview Segment
19. Time Is On My Side (Live)
20. Bill Wyman, Keith Richards Interview
21. Miss You (Live)
22. Bill Wyman Interview
23. Lisa Robinson Conclusion
24. Tony Pigg Segment Break
25. Commercial Block – Nestles Candy / Jensen Car Audio
26. End Credits

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