Rolling Stones / The Incredible Art Collins Tapes Vol 2 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / The Incredible Art Collins Tapes Vol 2 / 2CD / Dog N Cat Records

11th Novembe 19th December 1982,Boulogne Billancourt Near Paris France, Pathe Marconi Studios.

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Following the very popular “VOL.1”, the second release related to “ART COLLINS TAPES”, which is reproduced with a careful restoration, is now available. This time as well, we will continue to release the “UNDERCOVER” session at Putty Marconi in France in 1982 from a high-quality stereo sound board sound source. DISC-1 is 79 minutes 04 seconds, DISC-2 is 72 minutes 02 seconds, all 29 tracks, which is a nice long recording. The contents are mastered by 4 tapes of “ART COLLINS TAPES” tape numbers No.4, No.15, No.16 and No.18.

DISC-1 starts with “Wanna Hold You”, where Keith’s intro cutting explodes. “Pretty Beat Up” includes the backing take of the release take. There is no overdubbing of the guitar and harp that was in “THINK YOU LIKE IT” (DAC-109). “Feel On Baby” is the short take of the two takes excavated this time. “Unknown instrumental” is the same take as “The Dog” of “VOL.1” (DAC-200) released last time. “Keep It Cool” is the same take as Take 1 recorded in DAC-200. “Can’t Find Love”, “Heart Beat”, and “Eliza” are songs excavated by “TOO MUCH BLOOD” (DAC-182), but this one has a little less hiss and is easier to listen to. Takes 2 and 3 of “Heart Beat” are takes that could only be heard on the OBR CD, but for the first time, takes 1 to 3 are recorded according to the original tape, and the blanks between songs are recorded as they are. The rest of DISC-1’s tracks such as “Cooking Up”, “Something I Want”, “Chris’Song”, “Part Of The Night”, “Pink Pick”, and “Pull Over” have also been recorded on OBR CDs. I could only listen to it on the CD, but here it is recorded with a more natural sound quality than those OBR discs than the master tape.

DISC-2’s 7 songs “The Golden Mile”, “In Your Hand”, “Run And Take”, “Dance Mr. K”, “Christine”, “Identification”, “Flirty” are “ALL ABOUT YOU” ( DAC-187) was made into a CD from the leaked sound source, but this time the sound quality is better than those. The instrumental jam “The Dog” will reappear after “The Golden Mile”, but please forgive me for saying that this is “as recorded on the original tape”. “Hideaway” is an upgraded version of the number recorded in the last of “CHAIN ​​SAW MASSACRE” (DAC-110). “Show Me A Woman”, which is recorded in 2 takes, is an early version of “Tie You Up-The Pain Of Love”, which was also recorded only on the OBR board. The first take is a pseudonym of “Slinky” and is the same take as the one recorded on the DAC-200. “Munich Hilton” is a familiar number in “LONELY AT THE TOP” (DAC-096), but the one recorded here is a valuable take that has not been announced so far. “Melobar” featuring Ronnie’s slides was also released only on OBR’s “BIRD’S VAULT VOL.3”.

Many of this release was recorded in the OBR release, but it has been remastered independently from the original tape, and it will be the original content delivered in a restore that is differentiated from the existing one. I am. “VOL.1” is a method of recording newly written songs in a studio with five people, instead of relying on past stock songs as in the production of the previous work “TATTOO YOU” which was Mick’s concept. You can feel it more directly by listening through “VOL.2”. Mick seems to be playing the guitar everywhere, as heard in “Show Me A Woman” (guitar panned in the center). Overall, it seems that the atmosphere of the studio is more relaxed in this “VOL.2” than in “VOL.1”. Even enthusiasts who say, “I have a lot of undercover stuff,” I think there are many discoveries that make me grin as I listen to them. If you are satisfied with the contents of “VOL.1”, we highly recommend it. Please buy “VOL.1” and “VOL.2” and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this 1982 French Patty Marconi Studio.

大変ご好評をいただいております「VOL.1」に続きまして、丁寧なレストアで再現される「ART COLLINS TAPES」関連リリースの第2弾が登場です。今回も引き続き’82年の仏パテ・マルコニでの「UNDERCOVER」セッションを良質なステレオ・サウンドボード音源よりリリースいたします。DISC-1が79分04秒、DISC-2が72分02秒、全29トラックという嬉しい長時間収録です。収録内容は「ART COLLINS TAPES」テープ・ナンバーのNo.4、No.15、No.16、No.18の4本のテープがマスターとなっております。

DISC-1はキースのイントロのカッティングが炸裂する「Wanna Hold You」でスタートします。「Pretty Beat Up」はリリース・テイクのバッキング・テイクを収録。「THINK YOU LIKE IT」(DAC-109)にあったギターとハープのオーバーダブのないものです。「Feel On Baby」は今回2テイク発掘された内のショート・テイクの方になります。「Unknown instrumental」は前回リリースの「VOL.1」(DAC-200)の「The Dog」と同じテイク。「Keep It Cool」はDAC-200収録のテイク1の方と同じテイク。「Can’t Find Love」、「Heart Beat」、「Eliza」は「TOO MUCH BLOOD」(DAC-182)で発掘された曲ですが、今回のものの方がややヒスが少なく聴きやすい印象です。「Heart Beat」のテイク2と3はOBR盤CDでしか聴けなかったテイクですが、ここで初めてテイク1から3までをオリジナル・テープ通りに続けて曲間ブランクもそのままに収録。DISC-1の残りの収録曲「Cooking Up」、「Something I Want」、「Chris’ Song」、「Part Of The Night」、「Pink Pick」、「Pull Over」等のトラックもこれまでOBR盤CDでしか聴けなかったものですが、ここではマスター・テープよりそれらのOBR盤よりナチュラルな音質で収められています。

DISC-2の「The Golden Mile」、「In Your Hand」、「Run And Take」、「Dance Mr. K」、「Christine」、「Identification」、「Flirty」の7曲は「ALL ABOUT YOU」(DAC-187)でリーク音源よりCD化されていましたが、今回のものはそれらより音質が良いです。「The Golden Mile」の後にインストゥルメンタル・ジャムの「The Dog」が再度登場しますが、これは「オリジナル・テープの収録内容通り」ということでどうぞご容赦下さい。「Hideaway」は「CHAIN SAW MASSACRE」(DAC-110)のラストに収録のナンバーのアップグレード版。2テイク収録されている「Show Me A Woman」は「Tie You Up-The Pain Of Love」のアーリー・バージョンで、やはりOBR盤にのみに収録されていたものです。第1テイク目は「Slinky」の変名でDAC-200に収録のものと同一テイクとなります。「Munich Hilton」は「LONELY AT THE TOP」(DAC-096)でお馴染みのナンバーですが、ここに収録のものはこれまで未発表だった貴重なテイクとなっています。ロニーのスライドをフィーチャーした「Melobar」もOBRの「BIRD’S VAULT VOL.3」のみでリリースされていたものです。

今回のリリースはOBRのリリースに収録されたものが多いですが、オリジナル・テープより独自にリマスタリングし直されて、既発とは差別化されたレストアでお届けするオリジナルな内容のものとなっています。ミックのコンセプトだった前作「TATTOO YOU」制作時のように過去のストック曲に頼らず、書きおろしの曲をスタジオで5人そろった形式で録音するという手法が「VOL.1」、そして今回の「VOL.2」を通して聴くことによってよりダイレクトに感じ取れるでしょう。「Show Me A Woman」(センターにパンされたギター)で聴かれるように、ミックも随所でギターをプレイしているようです。全体的に「VOL.1」よりも今回の「VOL.2」ではよりリラックスしたスタジオの雰囲気が顕著になっているようです。「アンダカバーもの、いろいろ持ってるよ」というマニアの方も、聴き進めて行くにしたがって、思わずニヤッとされてしまうような発見も多々あることかと思います。「VOL.1」の内容に満足いただけた方にはぜひともおすすめの内容です。「VOL.1」、「VOL.2」とぜひ買い揃えて、この’82年の仏パテ・マルコニ・スタジオの雰囲気に浸ってみて下さい。

1 Wanna Hold You (released on Bird’s Vault 3 only)
2 Pretty Beat Up (released on Bird’s Vault 3 only)
3 Feel On Baby (diff. than DAC-182)
4 Unknown instrumental (The Dog)
5 Keep It Cool (diff. than DAC-181)
6 Can’t Find Love (same as DAC-182)
7 Heart Beat take #1 (same as DAC-182)
8 Heart Beat take #2 (Bird’s Vault 1 only)
9 Heart Beat take #3 (Bird’s Vault 1 only)
10 Cooking Up a.k.a. What I Am Sayin’ Is True (Bird’s Vault 3 only)
11 Something I Want (Bird’s Vault 1 only)
12 Eliza (same as DAC-182)
13 Chris’ Song (Bird’s Vault 3 only)
14 Part Of The Night a.k.a. Golden Caddy (Bird’s Vault 3 only)
15 Pink Pick (Bird’s Vault 3 only)
16 Pull Over (Bird’s Vault 1 only)

1 The Golden Mile (better than DAC-187)
2 The Dog (same as Disc-1, Tk-4)
3 Show Me A Woman (Bird’s Vault 1 only) (diff. than DAC-182)
4 Show Me A Woman (Bird’s Vault 2 only) (diff. than DAC-182)
5 Melobar (Bird’s Vault 3 only)
6 Mick’s Idea (In Your Hand) (better than DAC-187)
7 Hideaway (better than DAC-110)
8 Run And Take (better than DAC-187)
9 Dance Mr. K (Still In Love) (better than DAC-187)
10 Munich Hilton (never released)
11 Christine (better than DAC-187)
12 Identification (better than DAC-187)
13 Flirty (better than DAC-187)

Recorded 11th November – 19th December 1982,
Boulogne Billancourt (near Paris) France, Pathé-Marconi Studios

Dog N Cat Records.DAC-201

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