Rolling Stones / Lucca Summer Festival 2017 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Lucca Summer Festival 2017 / 2CD / Non Label

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Live at Ex Campo Balilla, Mura di Lucca, Lucca, Italy 23rd September 2017

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Official release of the 1960s BBC radio sound source which was hoped was also decided, and still “NO FILTER” European tour is still in progress Autumn of 2017 when the switch of Stones is on. Although it seems to be understandable also at the latest tour release so far, this tour has taken time to become a stones band as well, before the reality of the aging is finally reached It is a fact. In those circumstances it was the last week’s “ZURICH 2017” that caught the band’s full engine opening. This time I released the appearance of Summerfest appearance in Italy’s Lucca which took place following Zurich’s performance (September 20). After September 23th, after a successful performance Zurich (September 23), I will let you hear the performance that took over the momentum there … I can not help embracing such expectation against Stones unintentionally.

However, it is. The stage of lucca is a rush development that mistakes occur frequently in the first half of the live. The first half is the usual “NO FILTER” pattern, it feels like they will be playing two blues cover. The request song picked up on the stage this day is “Let’s Spend The Night Together”. Although it was the first time to appear on this tour, it is a repertory that Stones was accustomed to in recent years, the performance itself was a good feeling. However, there is something reminiscent of the Ed Sullivan show of the past year, as Keith is misunderstanding the back chorus exceptionally. This neighborhood is still a laughable mistake, so in a sense it may be said as a trailer after this.
Today is a special development that sings “As Tears Go By” in “Con le mie lacrime” version because it is live in Italy. Besides, “Let’s Spend ~” following the 60’s repertoire is also good. However, as Keith began playing the intro, he stopped immediately and tried again. In this way, the problem is the latter half of the performance where the lyrics are sung back to the original songs. Before humming towards the end of the song, Mick misunderstood as ending and repeats the line of “I sit and watch As tears go by” twice.
As a result of this, Mick and the band are not engaged at all, and he will sing to somehow converge the situation, but the trembling of the pitch as to whether the upset has appeared or not is done. The Italian special repertoire was a disappointing result.
Keith also tried the intro in “Honky Tonk Women”, but rather than the one more than that it is more problematic that the “Slipping Away” himself singing has been played with a notoriously tune that seems to be stopped even now It seems. Because it is originally quiet and slow tempo, it seems that he is going to be hyakiya as he is listening to it. It will not be influenced by the performance which this song was led to, and it will be the performance which the next “Miss You” (the performance position changed from this day) was strangely seduced. Just because the song shows great performance in Zurich, I am particularly worried about the slow tempo here.

What shall I do, the show on this day will go to the end with the tempto lacking such mistakes and sharpness … I went through such anxiety, but fortunately I picked up at once with the next “Midnight Rambler” I will. A quite wonderful performance was also heard in Zurich, but it is even wonderful here. Here is a pleasure that let you eliminate mistakes and tucks up to then. Keith also plays full of spirit, including Ronnie, and Mick also seems to get back to the stigma of the first half of the show, just like being outstanding, such as holding a passage for Robert Johnson ‘Come On In My Kitchen’ for the first time in a while.
More noteworthy is “Street Fighting Man”. It was reflected as a repertory which revealed the oldest reality in this “NO FILTER” tour, even Zurich was still not able to complete the complete resurgence of the song. However, finally a wonderful performance was performed here. This is also surprising given the unstable performance in the first half of the show. Even in the latter half of the show, the mistake that Keith makes a mistake by mistaking the composition of the song comes from the interlude of “Brown Sugar”, but this is the result of the momentum of Keith who caught up It seems.
In this way, the performance of the Stones in the first half and the second half of the show was completely different, and not only Keith but also Mick scored a big mistake in the first half. Besides, rather than going up gradually from there, it is interesting that “Midnight Rambler” gets inspired all at once.

And the audience recording that captured the stage at Lucca this time is proud of the finest quality and it is also interesting that you can clearly hear the strange change of Stones’ performance at the show of the evening. For the sound source of this day, two types of audience recording conveniently appeared on the net, among which adopted the tapered Andrea 82 sound source which boasted overwhelming high sound quality when limiting press release CD. If you think that the different quality is comparable to Hamburg on the first day, you should be able to understand how high the quality is.
Still, there were no problems in recording at the Hamburg sound source, even though it was weak, and the honors raw sound source, which is recommended to all the people at all, has appeared. Among them, clearness with a different charm from Hamburg is really wonderful. In releasing, the original is high sound quality, but equalizing to eliminate the feeling of floating by moving the center of gravity to eliminate the impression floating with the thick middle range and low range low. This has also led to further improvements in clearness, so that the original excellent sound quality has finally come to be heard with impeccable finish. Here is a superb sound source suitable for being released with a definite press CD!

★ Sound quality, the present time, the main board is the best tour.

渇望されていた1960年代BBCラジオ音源の公式リリースも決まり、現在も「NO FILTER」ヨーロッパ・ツアーは進行中というストーンズのスイッチがオンな2017年の秋。ここまでの最新ツアー・リリースでもお解りになるかと思われますが、今回のツアーはいよいよ高齢に差し掛かった現実を前に、ストーンズのバンドとしてのスイッチもオンになるのに時間を要してしまったことは事実。そうした状況の中で遂にバンドがエンジン全開になった様子を捉えたのが先週の「ZURICH 2017」でした。今回はそのチューリッヒ公演(9月20日)の次に行われたイタリアのルッカでのサマフェス出演の様子をリリース。快演となったチューリッヒの後(9月23日)だけに、そこでの勢いを引き継いだ演奏を聞かせてくれる…思わずそんな期待をストーンズに対して抱かずにはいられない。

ところが、です。ルッカのステージはライブ前半においてミスが連発というまさかの展開。前半はいつもの「NO FILTER」パターンであり、ブルース・カバー二曲を演奏して彼らが乗ってくるという感じ。それらに次いでこの日のステージで取り上げられたリクエスト曲は「Let’s Spend The Night Together」。今回のツアーでこそ初登場となりましたが、近年ストーンズがやり慣れたレパートリーです、演奏自体はいい感じでした。ただしキースがバックコーラスを思いっきり間違えており、往年のエド・サリバン・ショーを彷彿させるものがあります。この辺りはまだ笑えるミスなので、ある意味ではこの後の予告編と言えるかもしれません。
本日はイタリアでのライブということから「As Tears Go By」を「Con le mie lacrime」バージョンにて歌うというスペシャルな展開。おまけに「Let’s Spend~」に続いての60年代レパートリーというつながりもいい。ところがイントロをキースが弾き始めてすぐに止めてやり直してしまいます。これなどマシな方で、問題は歌詞が原曲に戻って歌われる演奏の後半。曲が終わりに向かうハミングが始まる前、ミックがエンディングと勘違いして「I sit and watch As tears go by」のラインを二回繰り返してしまうのです。
キースは「Honky Tonk Women」でもイントロをやり直していましたが、それよりむしろ自身が歌う「Slipping Away」が今にも止まってしまいそうなほどノロノロな調子で演奏されてしまったことの方が問題なように思えます。元々が静かでテンポの遅い曲ですので、さすがに聞いていてヒヤヒヤしそうになるほど。この曲のもたついた演奏に影響された訳でもないだろうに、次の「Miss You」(この日から演奏位置が入れ替わりました)までもが妙にもたついた演奏になる始末。同曲がチューリッヒで素晴らしい出来栄えを示してだけに、なおさらここでの遅めなテンポが気になります。

どうしよう、この日のショーはそんなミスやメリハリを欠いたテンポのままで最後まで行ってしまうのだろうか…そんな不安もよぎってしまいましたが、幸いにも次の「Midnight Rambler」で一気に持ち直します。チューリッヒにおいてもかなり素晴らしい演奏が聞かれたものですが、ここではさらに素晴らしい。それまでのミスやもたつきを一気に払拭させてくれた快演がここにある。ロニーを始めとしてキースも気合たっぷりに演奏しており、ミックも久々にロバート・ジョンソン「Come On In My Kitchen」の一節を口ずさむなど、まさに絶好調でショー前半の汚名を挽回させるかのよう。
さらに特筆すべきは「Street Fighting Man」。今回の「NO FILTER」ツアーにおいてもっとも高齢と言う現実が現れてしまったレパートリーのように映っていたものであり、チューリッヒですら、まだ曲の完全復活には及ばないものでした。ところが遂にここで素晴らしい演奏が披露されました。これもまたショー前半の不安定な演奏ぶりから考えれば驚くべきものでしょう。唯一、ショー後半においても「Brown Sugar」の間奏から明けたところでキースが曲の構成を間違えてあわやというミス場面が訪れるのですが、これは調子をつかんだキースの勢いあまってしまった結果だと思われます。
このようにショーの前半と後半でストーンズの演奏がまるで違い、しかもキースだけでなくミックが前半で大きなミスを犯してしまうというほどヒヤヒヤする場面まで見られました。しかも、そこから徐々に調子を上げて行くのではなく「Midnight Rambler」から一気に覇気が出るというのが面白い。



Disc 1 (68:32)
1. Intro 2. Sympathy for the Devil 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. Tumbling Dice
5. Just Your Fool 6. Ride ‘Em on Down 7. Let’s Spend the Night Together
8. Con le mie lacrime (As Tears Go By) 9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
10. Paint It Black 11. Honky Tonk Women 12. Band Introductions 13. Happy 14. Slipping Away

Disc 2 (63:14)
1. Miss You 2. Midnight Rambler 3. Street Fighting Man 4. Start Me Up 5. Brown Sugar
6. Satisfaction 7. Gimme Shelter 8. Jumping Jack Flash

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