Rolling Stones / Havana 2016 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Havana 2016 / 2CD / non label

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Ciudad Deportiva De La Habana, Havana, Cuba 25th March 2016


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“AMERICA LATINA OLE” tour of the Rolling Stones, but has closed the curtain in Cuba performances of March 25, this concert is not only say that first Stones show in where she, the audience of as many as 50 million people welcomed also the called the big topic as a free concert that was done is still fresh in memory. By that such a special live, also it has been reported that this day is the photographer that assumes the release has been carried out. Even Stones side, on the first time he stepped on the land of Cuba, from the fact that performing a stage in front of a large crowd, you can easily guess that wanted the recording. But release is necessarily also obvious that it is still ahead, will remain in the history of this Stones, want to hear quickly the Mammoth-free concert … should anyone think if the fan.
Very travel sound quality of audience recording of Cuba performances gave me appeared in such timing! Mexico performances of just shop has released Speaking of high-quality audience recording of this tour (and quickly Sold Out) was a place that called topic. Again Will good quality sound source floodgates have been opened in that appeared once, this time of the recording is also very nice. Surprising recording state, which boasts the on-sound image. If even 50 thousands of free concert crowd flocked, let alone it is if those in the land of Cuba, should not be surprised as had been recorded in the rough sound quality. As there is no way even as was the sound quality, such as push through from among the crowd of people. But surprised to clearness was turned on degree and refreshing of the sound image of this time of the sound source. There is no discomfort in any way even though undeniably in the last year of the “ZIP CODE” tour. On the contrary speaking it’s good recording state in more than Mexico, would that it get to understand how much of the stuff.

Certainly, it would have been released a video if you wait for a while. But in the future of the official will not be able to feel absolutely, also a big attraction of this time of tremendous upsurge of the people of Cuba have been caught in this also superb balance. Of course, is not a state with stress, such as in the way of performance. The balance of the sense of reality has also been caught in the perfect balance to surpass Mexico, if you listen with headphones, it what would the illusion as if he is watching a live in the special seat of the Cuban venue …. After all I had to show the intense excitement to witness the long-awaited Stones and from the opening, “Out Of Control” clapping of the storm as soon as the base of the intro began led to, humming the part that follows it There large chorus. The same as a large chorus is winding happen like even “Angie” of the ballad is also really impressive!
What since has been pressed into these intense climax, Mick in the previous “Out Of ~” has had misjudged the timing to enter the song. That is, cut of this scene is determined, or the measure of unreleased songs that occurs in release in the future, say that mandatory, the whole live in it can be said that the face of the audience recording that will vacuum pack vivid without tricks award. However worthy in this song is referred to as the first day of great performance, since there is tremendous excitement than anything else, it might be released on that also subjected to the treatment, such as in the former case.

And speaking of live of the Stones, but there was a famous jinx “From the fighting spirit enters and enter”, it is alive and well here. Ahead of “Out Of ~” previously not seen at all mistakes to. “AMERICA LATINA OLE” tour, as our shop had been proven to items that have been released so far, mistakes in the live opening has been seen here and there. It is from the point that none here, Stones truly is to be aware of the recording. Or rather was too conscious, you live the first half is about until the “All Down The Line” around there is no momentum to unexpectedly playing, is felt even in as rather hard. Perhaps it was intense excitement from the intro to loosen me How did it in the “Out Of ~”.
But for us Stones also to hear! “Midnight Rambler” would be the best performance this day definitely. But the moment to show Ronnie play the same song inspiration There were many in the originally “AMERICA LATINA OLE” tour, amazing is Mick of this day to it more. Climax became the venue and integral with the “yaw yo-yo” in reggae style call-and-response goose bumps mono. Even Stones that had left the hardness in the early stages of live, here it was Mise in the mercy of a large crowd of as many as 50 million people. Because he followed was “Miss You” it was unusually passionate performance, it seems as if the chemistry of the Stones and the audience of this day have exceeded the level to be aware of the recording anymore.
And later in such freshness runs through all, it is indeed reliable scene where Sasha Allen of the new support members to take the lead in “Gimme Shelter”! And the finale, “Satisfaction” in the fierce large chorus that cropped up in accordance with the performance! Balance that does not drown out the music and song yet. Latest live in exactly call it excitement of the scene is worthy … of the current Stones, yet press CD limited to demonstrate the fact that to have a historic Cuba performances in stunning sound image and sense of realism will be released. Not taste even in the video release that will appear later, the enthusiasm from the Stones’s first Cuba performances and real excitement is here!


ローリング・ストーンズの「AMERICA LATINA OLE」ツアーは3月25日のキューバ公演にて幕を閉じましたが、このコンサートは同地で初のストーンズ・ショウと言うだけでなく、50万人もの観客を迎えて行われた無料コンサートとしても大きな話題を呼んだのは記憶に新しいところ。そのようなスペシャルなライブということで、この日はリリースを前提とした撮影が行われたことも報じられています。ストーンズ側としても、初めてキューバの地を踏んだ上で、大観衆を前にしたステージを行うということから、収録を望んだことが容易に推測できます。しかしリリースがまだ先であることも明白な訳で、このストーンズの歴史に残るであろう、マンモス・フリー・コンサートをいち早く聴きたい…ファンならば誰もが思うはず。
そんなタイミングでキューバ公演の非常に旅行な音質のオーディエンス録音が登場してくれました!今回のツアーの上質なオーディエンス録音と言えば当店がリリースしたばかり(そしてあっという間にSold Out)のメキシコ公演が話題を呼んだところでした。やはり質の良い音源が一度登場したことで水門が開かれたのでしょう、今回の録音も非常に素晴らしいもの。驚くべきはオンな音像を誇る録音状態。50万人もの観客が押し掛けたフリー・コンサートともなれば、ましてやそれがキューバという地でのものとなれば、荒っぽい音質で録音されてしまったとしても驚かされないはず。人垣の中からかき分ける様な音質だったとしても仕方がないほど。ところが今回の音源の音像のオンな度合いやスッキリとしたクリアネスにはびっくり。昨年の「ZIP CODE」ツアーの中に紛れたとしても何ら違和感がありません。それどころかメキシコ以上に良好な録音状態だと言えば、それがどれほどのものか理解してもらえることでしょう。

確かに、しばらく待っていれば映像がリリースされてしまう。それでも将来のオフィシャルでは絶対に体感できないであろう、キューバの人たちの物凄い盛り上がりがこれまた見事なバランスでキャッチされているのも今回の大きな魅力。もちろん演奏の邪魔をするようなストレスのある状態ではないのです。その臨場感のバランスもメキシコを凌ぐ絶妙なバランスでキャッチされており、ヘッドフォンで聴けば、それこそ自分がキューバの会場の特等席でライブを観ているかのように錯覚してしまう…。何しろオープニングからして待ちに待ったストーンズを目の当たりにして強烈な盛り上がりを見せていたのですが、「Out Of Control」に至ってはイントロのベースが始まった途端に手拍子の嵐、それに続くハミングのパートが大合唱。バラードの「Angie」でも同じような大合唱が巻き起こる様がまた実に感動的!
これらの強烈な盛り上がりに押されたからでしょうか、先の「Out Of~」ではミックが歌に入るタイミングを見誤ってしまった。ということは、この場面のカットが決定、あるいはこの曲の未収録という措置が今後にリリースで起きることは必須と言え、小細工なしにライブ全体を真空パックしてくれるオーディエンス録音の面目躍如と言えるでしょう。しかしこの曲はこの日最初の名演と呼ぶに相応しく、何よりも盛り上がりが凄まじいことから、やはり前者のような処置を施した上でリリースされるかもしれません。

そしてストーンズのライブと言えば「収録が入ると気合が入る」という有名なジンクスがありましたが、それはここでも健在。先の「Out Of~」以前にはまったくミスが見受けられません。「AMERICA LATINA OLE」ツアーは当店がここまでリリースしてきたアイテムが証明していたように、ライブ序盤におけるミスが散見されました。それがここでは皆無という点からして、さすがは収録を意識するストーンズ。むしろ意識しすぎたのか、ライブ前半は「All Down The Line」辺りまでは思いのほか演奏に勢いがなく、むしろ硬いようにすら感じられるくらいです。それをほぐしてくれたきっかけが「Out Of~」におけるイントロからの強烈な盛り上がりだったのかもしれません。
しかしストーンズも聴かせてくれます!「Midnight Rambler」は間違いなくこの日最高の演奏でしょう。元々「AMERICA LATINA OLE」ツアーでは同曲でロニーのプレイが閃きを見せる瞬間が多々ありましたが、それ以上に凄いのがこの日のミック。「ヨーヨーヨー」とレゲエ風なコール・アンド・レスポンスで会場と一体になった盛り上がりは鳥肌モノ。ライブの序盤では硬さが残っていたストーンズも、ここでは50万人もの大観衆を意のままにしてみせたのです。それに続いた「Miss You」がいつになくアツい演奏だったのだから、この日のストーンズと観客のケミストリーがもはや収録を意識するレベルを超えてしまったかのように思えます。
以降は一気に駆け抜ける様な爽快さで、新サポート・メンバーのサーシャ・アレンが「Gimme Shelter」でリードを取る場面が実に頼もしい!そしてフィナーレとなる「Satisfaction」では演奏に合わせて巻き起こった大合唱が壮絶!それでいて演奏や歌をかき消さないバランス。正に感動の場面と呼ぶのが相応しい…現在のストーンズにおける最新のライブ、しかも歴史的なキューバ公演を見事な音像と臨場感でもって再現してみせる限定のプレスCDがリリースされます。後に現れるであろう映像リリースでも味わえない、ストーンズ初のキューバ公演から本物の興奮と熱狂がここにある!

Disc 1 (58:58)
1. Intro. 2. Jumping Jack Flash 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. Tumbling Dice
5. Out Of Control 6. All Down The Line 7. Angie 8. Paint It Black 9. Honky Tonk Women
10. Band Introductions 11. You Got The Silver 12. Before They Make Me Run

Disc 2 (78:02)
1. Midnight Rambler 2. Miss You 3. Gimme Shelter 4. Start Me Up 5. Sympathy For The Devil
6. Brown Sugar 7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with Coro Entrevoces)
8. Satisfaction

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