Blind Faith / Madison Square Garden 1969 / 1CD

Blind Faith / Madison Square Garden 1969 / 1CD / Beano

Translated text:
Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, USA 12th July 1969

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We will not lose the sound source of JEMS last week, our shop will also release a good quality sound source of the blind face from the original master! On the second day of the US tour that they went from July to August 1969, July 12, New York recorded the Madison Square Garden performance with a monaural audience recording. This master was released at CDR as a title MASTERPORT – 190 of our shop ‘s side labels in 2003, sold out in an instant from that preciousness. Because the recording person of this tape was Mr. Ichiro Fukuda who was already a cheer of the heavyweight as a Japanese music critic of those days. He went to the United States to cover the American locking situation, loaded Sony’s C-90 tape on a portable cassette recorder he brought in, and recorded it on only one side. It was not a distinguished quality because it was a popular type consumer aircraft of a monaural microphone, but because it was recorded with a reasonable sound, it called popularity of maniacs. In this press release, our professional engineer has improved the following points by remastering, and we upgraded to quality suitable for release on press press. Make the texture of vocals natural and reduce the excessive echo feeling on the guitar. This makes the touch of arpeggio / solo etc clearer. The distortion feeling was also alleviated. In terms of sound, the bass was outstanding, but it was solved because other musical instruments were put on the front. On the contrary, the base became clearer with an appropriate mix. It is a vintage level where the original sound source is a vintage level that makes the era feel like anything, so it is a difference of muddy in recent years, but if you are a mania with a pre-launch board you will notice this difference and you will be pleased.
Let’s see the history of Super Group and Eric Clapton’s activities once disappeared in just one year.

· March 18th, 1969, 19th: Appeared in a jazz & rock crossover session “Super Show” recorded at the suburb of London Staines. In case
· February – May 1969: Recording the debut album of blind faces in London
· June 7, 1969: A debut · concert of a blind face will be held at Hyde Park, London.
· June 12 – 1969: Scandinavian tour
· July 11 – August 24, 1969: National Tour ← ★ Coco ★
«During this time, August 1, 1969: Release of the album” BLIND FAITH “»
· September 13, 1969: Appear as a member of “Plastic Ono band” formed by John Lennon at the “Rock and roll revival festival” held at the Va city stadium in Toronto.
· November 20th-29th 1969: German tour as a member of Delaney & Bonnie & Friends
· December 1 – 15, 1969: UK tour as a member of Delaney & Bonnie & Friends

It was the second day of the tour this day and it was the day when they first appeared in New York City, the largest city in the United States. This day is still legendary even today, because after the concert the audience who got angered by the police force who had been guarding caused a riot and collided with the police force. A large group of policemen lined up in front of the stage in preparation for the excitement of the audience as being a performance of a supernounced supergroup, and it was always intimidating (it was measures against marijuana or even a police dog). When I went out before the stage, I was beaten by a police officer and beaten by a police officer. Under such conditions there is no reason to enjoy concerts. And the blind face you wanted finished the stage in less than an hour. It is unreasonable for the dissatisfaction of the audience to explode. Mr. Fukuda sitting at the staff involved (probably the second floor stand) and watching it, probably recorded with a recorder placed on the floor. It is recorded for 46 minutes, there is no sound skipping and trouble, each instrument / vocal is not dumpling state, it also understands MC, too. In front of Sleeping In The Ground and Sleeping In The Ground you can hear a Japanese conversation with stakeholders accompanying Mr. Fukuda. Ginger Baker’s drum solo songs have been cut out in about 4 minutes, but they are stored until the point of the riot (in Encore the traffic number Means to an End was played). It is precious just by saying that this is the sound source of the day, but more valuable is that Wynwood collides with the police officer at the beginning of Sea of ​​Joy and is singing a warning to the audience reaching the polarity of excitement. Also you can listen to Rick Gretsch’s electric violin solo on this song. Even at the live stage, I understood that I played the violin as studio version, it is very precious. Since this song was not organized in a set in “MIDWEST ROCK FESTIVAL 1969” released last week, I can enjoy it even by listening to this song. This release that became easier to listen with the upgraded version. It will not be an exaggeration to say that it contains historic value, but this board will be newly launched as one of valuable sources of blind faces. Following “MIDWEST ROCK FESTIVAL 1969” last week, an upgraded version of the sound source 48 years ago looks at the sunset. It will be released on limited press CD, so please order as soon as possible.

★ Letter Ichiro Fukuda’s recording tape (SONY C-90) Remaster the sound source

★ This time, the following has been improved by equalizing.
* Vocal texture became natural.
* The echo feeling of the guitar was reduced, and the touch of arpeggio / solo etc became clear.
* Distortion feeling has been alleviated.
* Base was standing out, but standpoint was solved because others were on the front.
Conversely surprising that the base is recorded vividly so far.

・1969年7月11日~8月24日:全米ツアー ←★ココ★
≪この間、1969年8月1日:アルバム「BLIND FAITH」リリース≫

この日はツアーの2日目に当たっており、アメリカ最大の都市ニューヨークに初めて彼らが実体を現わした日でした。この日が今日でも伝説になっているのは、コンサート終了後に、警備していた警察隊に腹を立てたオーディエンスが暴動を起こし、警察隊と衝突したからでした。鳴り物入りのスーパーグループの公演ということで、オーディエンスの興奮に備えて大勢の警官がステージ前列に並び、常に威圧していました(マリファナ対策なのか、警察犬さえ導入されていました)。ステージ前に出て行くと、警官から警棒で殴られて排除されました。こんな状態ではコンサートなど楽しめるわけがありません。そしてお目当てのブラインド・フェイスは僅か1時間足らずでステージを終えました。オーディエンスの不満が爆発したのも無理からぬことです。それを福田氏は、関係者招待席(恐らく2階スタンド)で座って観ながら、恐らく床の上に置いたレコーダーで録音していたわけです。46分に渡って収録されており、音飛びやトラブルもなく、各楽器・ボーカルも団子状態ではなく聴き取れ、MCも判ります。冒頭やSleeping In The Ground手前では福田氏に同行していた関係者との日本語の会話が聞こえます。ジンジャー・ベイカーのドラムソロ曲は4分くらいでカットアウトして終わっていますが、暴動が起こる前の時点まで収められています(アンコールではトラフィックのナンバーMeans to an Endが演奏されました)。この日の音源というだけで貴重なのですが、さらに貴重なのはSea of Joyの出だしでウィンウッドが、警官と衝突し、興奮の極地に達しているオーディエンスへの警告を歌い込んでいることです。またこの曲ではリック・グレッチのエレクトリック・バイオリンソロが聴けます。ライブステージでもスタジオバージョンどおりにバイオリンを弾いていたことが判り、非常に貴重です。先週リリースの「MIDWEST ROCK FESTIVAL 1969」ではこの曲がセットに組まれていませんでしたので、この曲が聴けるだけでも楽しめます。グレードアップ・バージョンで聴きやすくなった今回のリリース。歴史的価値を含むと言っても過言ではない本盤はブラインド・フェイスの貴重音源の一つとして新たにラインナップされることでしょう。先週の「MIDWEST ROCK FESTIVAL 1969」に続き、48年前の音源のアップグレード版が日の目を見ます。限定プレスCDでのリリースとなりますので、お早めのオーダーをお願い致します。

★故福田一郎氏の録音テープ(SONY C-90)音源をリマスター


1. Intro. 2. Had To Cry Today 3. Can’t Find My Way Home 4. Sleeping In The Ground
5. Well All Right 6. Presence Of The Lord 7. Sea Of Joy 8. Do What You Like

Eric Clapton – Guitar, Vocals Steve Winwood – Keyboards, Vocals
Rick Grech – Bass, Electric Violin Ginger Baker – Drums


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