Robert Plant / Live At The Tube / 2CDR

Robert Plant / Live At The Tube / 2CDR / Breakdown

Translated Text:

Live At The TUBE, Tyne Tees TV Studio, Newcastle, U.K. June 22nd 1983. Audience

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Robert Plant, who began acting as a solo after the dissolution of the Led Zeppelin Valuable TV studio / live performance of 83 years appeared completely from the high-quality audience recording masters in 2 pairs!

It was recorded at the TV studio in Newcastle, England on June 22, 1983 and is a valuable studio live entering the store without being broadcasted at that time while recording for the popular music program “TUBE” in the UK.
“Aza Arms” “In the Mood” “Big Log” is a highly recommended title that can be called a valuable solo live record that did not lead to TV broadcast while Take 2 was also played respectively! !



01. Little Sister/02. Treat Me Right/03. Sea Of Love/04. Pledge Pin/05. Other Arms/06. In The Mood/07. Big Log

01. Like I’ve Never Been Gone/02. Worse Than Detroit/03. Tune In / Other Arms (take 2)/04. In The Mood (take 2)/05. Big Log (take 2)/06. Fat Lip /07. Burning Down One Side

Live At The TUBE, Tyne Tees TV Studio, Newcastle, U.K. June 22nd 1983


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