Ringo Starr & His All Starr / Tokyo Dome City Hall 2019 Final Night Original In-Ear Monitor Recording / 3CD

Ringo Starr & His All Starr / Tokyo Dome City Hall 2019 Final Night Original In-Ear Monitor Recording / 3CD / Non Label

Live at Tokyo Dome City Hall, Tokyo, Japan 7th April 2019 STEREO IEM

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Sorry to keep you waiting! The best earmoni matrix sound source of the Tokyo Dome City Hall performance last day of the apple star & his all star band appeared on the press CD!

It was a wonderful time that the Beatles members would visit Japan and hold a concert for half a year. For last year’s Paul McCartney’s performance in Japan, special recording items by Iamoni’s masters were swept away, and “RYOGOKU KOKUGIKAN 2018: ORIGINAL IN-EAR MONITOR RECORDING” was promoted to a rare name board among others, but it is a new place in memory .
On that point, is this the best title for the 2019 audience album already for the current performance of Apple in Japan? The high-end “TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2019 1ST NIGHT” called mania in the world, but, of course, the master of the earmoni is not silent. While the previous title recorded the first day of the Tokyo Dome City Hall on the first day with superb quality, the master of the earmons made a recording on the third day of the same venue. The amazing recording quality has been proven in last year’s Paul’s tour in Japan and the sound source of the British tour, but it is a master, and he provided a wonderful live album this time.

The amazing real stereo sound has evolved further since the time of the pole, and of course the speakers, but the clarity and stereo image that you would only hear as a normal live album when listening to headphones would make words Perfection to lose. The back chorus that is unfolded in each person’s song is separated into stereos for each member, and the harmony work that jumps out from the left and right is enjoyable to a great extent. As it is a high band of craftsman musician index as it is, each vocal is excellent, and the chorus harmony is really well organized. You’ll lose a word to hear it in a very clear stereo.
With regard to the performance, you will be able to feel realistically when you hear in this sound source the sense of unity of the wonderful band in each song. After all, Hemish Stuart joined the group and played the songs of the Average White Band era, so the weight of the instrument numbers increased. There’s also Greg Laurent’s Santana number, which will have a clearer stereo sound. In that respect, the audience “TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2019 1ST NIGHT” had a pretty good line, but the clearness unique to the earmoni sound source is also exceptional.
In addition, AWB’s “Pick Up the Pieces” is an exchange of musical instruments realized by Steve Lukather playing bass, but this band is the only way to realize the musical instrument he played. It is natural, but he is really good at playing the bass. Listen carefully to Lukaser’s bass based on the funkyness that is essential to AWB numbers. Even then, the state of being put together in a balanced stereo sound that never saturates the balance of the performance makes it even more enjoyable.
Speaking of apple singing voice, on the other hand, it is a recent trend that there is a day when the badness of the miracle is anxious depending on the performance from the reality of the age of 78 years, and it is reproduced to such an extent that it is overshadowed by the earmony sound source There was also a possibility of However, the apple of this day is in great condition from the opening. In addition, the state of gokigen apple is caught by the circle, and the interaction with the audience heard everywhere is really fun. It is a scene unique to the apple and all stars that always use the hall class venue, but it is surprising that the sense of homelike presence unique to the hall will be transmitted well even if you listen in this earmoni sound source.

And, of course, it is a job unique to the great monk of the earmoni that it catches even the appearance of the sound check performed before that stage production. There is a bit of noise floating in the early stages, but we will ensure stable clearness immediately and document the pattern of valuable sound checks in a wonderful stereo sound. Unlike Paul who followed a perfect back band, in the case of Apple & All Stars, they are a collection of proven star players. It is a valuable place of this sound source to tell that it is Lukasa to lead it.
The first set of performances is a number that is almost similar to an ad lib, where the word “Rising Sun” is repeated by the apple, but it is clearly a word that has popped out with Japan in mind. It is also interesting that each person is singing in turn. Overall, the regular repertoire and blues were lightly played like a sound check, but after Lukasser finished “Africa” ​​smoothly, the bands would play together if they started playing “I Don’t Live Today” by Jimigen. It is really interesting to match.
Starting with “Purple Haze” on that occasion, the performance is so glowing that it is possible to play with a full chorus already. Furthermore, Lukather is playing the phrases of “Manic Depression” and “Voodoo Chile” to show Jimihen freak first time, but it is corrected from the apple to the practice of “Boys” probably because it was too much in the side of sound check The scene is pleasant. However, it is really fun that Lukesar who does not fit Jimihen’s fever starts playing “Castles Made Of Sand” just badly and enjoys valuable scenes that would otherwise not be able to get a glimpse at the same quality as production. A long time ago, a master of the earmony did it! Please enjoy the ultimate earmoni matrix sound source!


ビートルズのメンバーが半年の間で二人とも来日してコンサートを開いてくれるとは、何とも恵まれた時代になったものです。昨年のポール・マッカートニー来日公演に関してはイヤモニの巨匠による別格の録音アイテムが席巻し、中でも「RYOGOKU KOKUGIKAN 2018: ORIGINAL IN-EAR MONITOR RECORDING」が稀代の名盤にまで昇格したのは記憶に新しいところ。
その点リンゴの今回の来日公演に関しては2019年度オーディエンス・アルバムにおける早くもベストタイトルでは?との呼び声高い「TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2019 1ST NIGHT」が世界中のマニアをアッと言わせましたが、もちろんイヤモニの巨匠も黙っていません。先のタイトルが東京ドーム・シティホール初日を極上クオリティにて収録していたのに対し、イヤモニ巨匠は同会場三日目での録音を敢行。その驚異的な録音クオリティに関しては昨年のポール来日公演やイギリス・ツアーの音源で証明済みですが、さすがは巨匠、今回も素晴らしいライブアルバムを提供してくれました。

演奏に関しても各曲での見事なバンドの一体感がこの音源で聞くとリアルに実感できるでしょう。何と言っても今回のオールスターズはヘイミッシュ・スチュアートが加入してアヴェレージ・ホワイト・バンド時代の曲を演奏したことでインストナンバーの比重が上がりました。そこに加えてグレッグ・ローリーのサンタナ・ナンバーもあり、これらがまたクリアーなステレオ・サウンドが映えまくる。その点に関してはオーディエンスの「TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2019 1ST NIGHT」でもかなりいい線をいっていましたが、イヤモニ音源ならではのクリアネスはあまりにも格別。
おまけにAWBの「Pick Up the Pieces」ではスティーブ・ルカサーがベースを弾くという、このバンドだからこそ実現した演奏楽器の交換ですが、彼が弾くベースがはっきりと聞き取れるのもイヤモニ音源の面目躍如。当たり前ではありますが、彼はベースを弾いても本当に上手。AWBナンバーに不可欠なファンキーさを踏まえたルカサーのベースをじっくりと聞き込めます。それでいて演奏のバランスを飽和させてしまうようなことのないバランスのステレオ・サウンドにまとめられた状態がさらに楽しませてくれるというもの。

最初のまとまった演奏はリンゴによって「Rising Sun」という単語が繰り返される、ほとんどアドリブに近いナンバーですが、それは明らかに日本を意識して飛び出した単語なのでしょう。これを各人が交代で歌っているのも面白い。全体的にはサウンドチェックらしくレギュラーレパートリーやブルースが軽く演奏されていましたが、ルカサーが「Africa」をサラッと終えた後でジミヘンの「I Don’t Live Today」を弾き始めたらバンドが一斉に合わせるのが本当に面白い。
それを機に「Purple Haze」を始めると、これはもうフルコーラスで演奏できそうなほど演奏が白熱。さらにルカサーは「Manic Depression」や「Voodoo Chile」のフレーズを弾いてジミヘン・フリークぶりを見せつけていますが、サウンドチェックわき道にそれすぎたからか、リンゴから「Boys」の練習へと軌道修正されている場面が愉快。それでもジミヘン熱の収まらないルカサーが「Castles Made Of Sand」を悪あがきとばかりに弾き始めるのも実に楽しく、本来なら垣間見られないであろう貴重な場面が本番と同様の極上クオリティで楽しめるとは。久々にイヤモニの巨匠がやってくれました!究極のイヤモニ・マトリクス音源をぜひご堪能ください!



Disc 1 (50:39)
1. Intro 2. Matchbox 3. It Don’t Come Easy 4. What Goes On 5. Evil Ways 6. Rosanna
7. Pick Up the Pieces 8. Down Under 9. Boys 10. Don’t Pass Me By 11. Yellow Submarine

Disc 2 (78:09)
1. MC 2. Cut the Cake 3. Black Magic Woman 4. Gypsy Queen 5. You’re Sixteen 6. Anthem
7. Overkill 8. Africa 9. Work to Do 10. Oye como va 11. I Wanna Be Your Man
12. Who Can It Be Now? 13. Hold the Line 14. Photograph 15. Act Naturally
16. With a Little Help From My Friends

Disc 3(36:02)


1. Warm Up 2. Rising Sun 3. Matchbox 4. It Don’t Come Easy 5. Blues 6. Africa
7. Jimi Hendrix Medley (I Don’t Live Today / Purple Haze / Manic Depression / Voodoo Chile)
8. Boys 9. Castles Made Of Sand 10. Pick Up the Pieces 11. Improvised Jam

Ringo Starr – drums, percussion, vocals
Steve Lukather – guitar, vocals Gregg Rolie – keyboards, vocals
Colin Hay – guitar, vocals Hamish Stuart – bass, guitar, vocals
Warren Ham – saxophone, Percussion Gregg Bissonette – drums, percussion

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