Rainbow / Heavy Rock Spectacular / 2CDR

Rainbow / Heavy Rock Spectacular / 2CDR / Non Label

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Live At Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 15th May 1980.



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(Including activities with Deguy White) of RAINBOW band in history, it was over in a short period of time, especially Graham Bonnet enrolled at the time. From the start of the tour the United States in September 1979, Donington “Monsters of Rock” starring August 16, 1980 until is just one year. But this time calling the “RAINBOW strongest” is also high, has gained from the fan lose to Ronnie James Dio era, a strong support.
Graham era that is only once one album tour, why is popular so far? The big reason, that there is a name value to many of the members, the presence of a collector’s item excellent will be mentioned and many, of impressive live. In Japan tour that was realized in May 1980, inter alia, items matching all of the reasons described above is at full strength, we have to appeal the appeal of Graham era.

This work is Gift this release is “HEAVY ROCK SPECTACULAR”, was released as a sound source RAINBOW series first series of Langley label, it is nostalgic single mania. In RAINBOW Japan tour of 1980, which was made all six performances, 15 days, Osaka Festival Hall concert last day May it became the last day. Quality was recorded music media into direct than the original cassette master the pattern is, those that surpass any existing departure board at the time. I was suddenly resound the name of Langley label between mania.

Take the RAINBOW that Cozy Powell is enrolled, Osaka last day this ’80, is also a live final in Japan. The band had a live four consecutive days from the Tokyo show, but the condition and motivation is also a fairly good, and is known as one of the best performance in ’80.
Is often also its outstanding panel to only large classic live, but at the highest freshness of master-quality unique, this work has been wiped out already issued them. The mastering was full of entertainment in a more dynamic, sound, is it not? Of the best “in Japan concert (RAINBOW to maximize the appeal and power of Graham RAINBOW, it lets enjoy the live rich spectacle of as the title ? it is a sound that seems as “).
Opening and “Eyes Of The World”, from “Love’s No Friend”, sound is punching power is profound, does not occur without knockout also listen to what hand. Performance of incandescent not only play Richie, vocals Graham has plenty of both each other clash is the word of “great!” This day. Sent out in the goodness of the overwhelming laver “Man On The Silver Mountain”, color cosmopolitan has been hammered out in the Dandy Graham also “Catch The Rainbow”, dressed in different shades and Ronnie era, the sound original amused. Attract listeners for about 30 minutes, “Lost In Hollywood”, play highlight this day. Following the “Lazy” (is a moment just although) beginning riff of “Smoke On The Water” is to run an impact to the venue of “All Night Long” is the name the scene you want to listen to absolutely if hard rock fans!

This sound has been pressed on CD 6-Disc title Become a 2004, was the complete performance in Osaka ’80 in “THE HIDDEN FORTRESS”. And recorded in the non-equalized from the original master cassette that case, it was to please the fans as “amazing in the original sound.” But also those of this work was full of color and colorful flashy, I am full of one-of-a-kind charm. Go in the land “lock entertainment” and Osaka last day ’80 to revive in the impact of ultra-de-grade. Name board of Langely label was sold out out of print over a long is reborn in new guise also, it is a limited revival release determined as happy gift title!

 アルバム1枚・ツアー1回に過ぎないグラハム時代が、なぜここまで人気があるのか? その大きな理由は、メンバーの多くにネームバリューがある点、印象深いライヴの数々、そして優れたコレクターズ・アイテムの存在が挙げられるでしょう。とりわけ1980年5月に実現した来日公演では、上記した理由の全てに合致するアイテムが勢ぞろいしており、グラハム時代の魅力をアピールしています。

 今回ギフト・リリースされる本作「HEAVY ROCK SPECTACULAR」は、LangleyレーベルのRAINBOW音源シリーズ第一弾としてリリースされた、マニアには懐かしい一本です。全6公演が行われた1980年のRAINBOW来日公演において、その最終日となった5月15日・大阪フェスティバルホール公演最終日。その模様をオリジナル・カセット・マスターよりダイレクトに音盤化したクオリティは、当時のいかなる既発盤をも凌ぐもの。マニアの間でLangleyレーベルの名を一躍轟かせました。

 オープニングの「Eyes Of The World」,そして「Love’s No Friend」から、重厚でパンチ力ある音色は、どんな聴き手をもノックアウトせずにはおきません。この日はリッチーのプレイだけでなく、グラハムのヴォーカルも充実していて、両者がせめぎ合う白熱のパフォーマンスは「凄い!」の一言です。圧倒的なノリの良さで繰り出される「Man On The Silver Mountain」、グラハムのダンディで都会的なカラーが打ち出された「Catch The Rainbow」も、ロニー時代と異なる色合いを身にまとい、オリジナルなサウンドを楽しませます。約30分間にわたり聴き手を魅了する「Lost In Hollywood」は、この日も圧巻のプレイ。「Lazy」に続いて(ほんの一瞬ではあるものの)「Smoke On The Water」のリフが会場に衝撃を走らせる「All Night Long」の冒頭は、ハードロック・ファンなら絶対に聴きたい名場面です!

 この音源は2004年になって、’80年大阪公演をコンプリートした6枚組タイトル「THE HIDDEN FORTRESS」でプレスCD化されました。その際はオリジナル・マスター・カセットよりノン・イコライズで収録し、「原音でも凄い」とファンを喜ばせました。しかしド派手でカラフルな色彩に満ちた本作の方もまた、オンリーワンの魅力に満ちています。「ロックはエンターテイメント」を地で行く、超ド級のインパクトで蘇る’80年大阪最終日。長きに渡って完売・廃盤だったLangelyレーベルの名盤が、装いも新たに生まれ変わり、嬉しいギフト・タイトルとして限定復活リリース決定です!

Disc 1(44:31)
1. Hey Joe/Land Of Hope And Glory/Over The Rainbow 2. Eyes Of The World 3. Love’s No Friend 
4. Since You Been Gone 5. Man On The Silver Mountain 6. Catch The Rainbow 

Disc 2(63:19)
1. Keyboard Intro. 2. Lost In Hollywood 3. A Light In The Black/Guitar Solo/
Beethoven 9th 4. Don Airey Keyboard Solo 5. Drums Solo feat. 1812 Overture
6. Guitar Solo incl. Lazy 7. All Night Long 8. Blues 
9. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow 10. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll 11. Kill The King
12. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Graham Bonnet – Vocal Roger Glover – Bass
Don Airey – Keyboard Cozy Powell – Drums


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