Radiohead / Moon Shaped Fest 2016 / 2DVDR

Radiohead / Moon Shaped Fest 2016 / 2DVDR / Johanna

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A Moon Shaped pool Promoting Festival Tour 2016. Pro-shot Webcast


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Also visited Japan in the Summer Sonic in accordance with the 2016 album “A Moon Shaped Pool” was released, showing off too great stage for two days. Among which was also carried out around the festival war painted the interval of the tour before the visit to Japan, the two major festivals both performances live of official quality, coupling recording in professional shot video.
First disc: 1 is one of the July 29 annual America’s largest festival, the pattern at the time of appearance on Lollapalooza, which was held in Chicago, in full HD video from WEB cast on-air source, recorded over a period of 126 minutes.
And a set that conforms to this tour while the event live, this day is also the opening number of the same album, and start from “Burn The Witch” of the first single, from then be preceded published was “Daydreaming” 3 until the music is, has been showing off the album in the song order as expected, in particular “Ful Stop” is a number that has already been played in the 2012 tour, the ensemble is in a fiercely dramatic, reminiscent, for example, “Jigsaw Falling into Place” There is also a number. However, the difference is and later past tour, has been showing off the past of representative music abundantly, “Nude” from “Paranoid Android”, especially in the end, “. Bodysnatchers” connect with and “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” , that last is tighten “Karma Police”, a set of goose bumps stuff.
Furthermore disc: The second, the pattern of the time appeared on July 8 festival, which was held in Portugal, “NOS ALIVE FESTIVAL”, here also by WEB cast on-air, master-quality, in the pro-shot video, over a period of 125 minutes Complete recording.
In the same set of almost constitutive, or a hard piano riffs, sensual undulation of the drum, at times, such as Johnny and Ed spark scattered guitar session, the band sound is emphasized more than ever but in the big points, while playing more than half the album all 11 songs, including the made “Creep” and since 2009, in the end, such as “Paranoid Android” Ya “Nude” and “Karma Police”, a representative number of the past It must-see’s also sprinkled in.

2016年アルバム『A Moon Shaped Pool』リリースに伴いサマソニでも来日し、2日間にわたりあまりに素晴らしいステージを披露。その来日前にツアーの合間をぬって各地フェス参戦も行なっていた中、2大フェス公演のライブをいずれもオフィシャル・クオリティー、プロショット映像にてカップリング収録。
そしてイベント・ライブながら今回のツアーに準じたセットで、この日も同アルバムのオープニング・ナンバーであり、ファースト・シングルの“Burn The Witch”からスタートし、その後先行公開されていた“Daydreaming”から3曲目までは、アルバムを曲順どおりに披露しており、特に“Ful Stop”は2012年ツアーで既にプレイされていたナンバーで、アンサンブルが猛烈にドラマティックで、たとえば“Jigsaw Falling Into Place”を彷彿させるナンバーでもあり。 ただし、それ以降はこれまでのツアーと違い、過去の代表曲をふんだんに披露しており、特に終盤では”Paranoid Android”から” Nude”、”.Bodysnatchers”そして”Street Spirit (Fade Out)”とつなぎ、ラストは”Karma Police”で締めるという、鳥肌もののセット。
さらにdisc:2には、7月8日ポルトガルで開催されたフェス「NOS ALIVE FESTIVAL」に出演時の模様を、こちらもWEBキャスト・オンエアーによる、マスター・クオリティー、プロショット映像にて、125分にわたりコンプリート収録。
ほぼ構成的には同様のセットの中、硬質なピアノ・リフや、肉感的なうねりのドラム、時にはジョニーとエドの火花散るギター・セッションなど、今まで以上にバンド・サウンドが強調されているのが大きなポイントで、アルバム全11曲中半分以上をプレイしつつ、2009年以来となる”Creep”をはじめ、終盤では”Paranoid Android”や”Nude”そして”Karma Police”など、これまでの代表ナンバーも交えているのは必見。

Disc 1 : 1. Burn the Witch/2. Daydreaming/3. Ful Stop/4. 2 + 2 = 5/5. Myxomatosis/6. My Iron Lung/7. Climbing Up the Walls/8. No Surprises/9. Pyramid Song/10. Bloom/11. Identikit/12. The Numbers/13. The Gloaming/14. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi/15. Everything in Its Right Place/16. Idioteque/17 .There There/18. Let Down/19. Present Tense/20. Paranoid Android/21. Nude/22. Bodysnatchers/23. Street Spirit (Fade Out)/24. Karma Police
[Lollapalooza 2016 : at Samsung Stage, Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois, USA July 29th 2016 : NTSC HD 16:9 Linear PCM Stereo time approx. 126min]

Disc 2 : 01.Burn The Witch/02.Daydreaming/03.Decks Dark/04.Desert Island Disk/05.Ful Stop/06.My Iron Lung/07.Talk Show Host/08.Lotus Flower/09.The Gloaming/10.Exit Music (For A Film)/11.The Numbers/12.Identikit/13.Reckoner/14.Everything In It’s Right Place/15.Idioteque/16.Bodysnatchers/17.Street Spirit (Fade Out)/18.Bloom/19.Paranoid Android/20.Nude/21.2 + 2 = 5/22.There There/23.Creep/24.Karma Police
[NOS Alive Festival : at Passeio Maritimo de Alges, Oeiras, Portugal July 8th 2016 : NTSC HD 16:9 Linear PCM Stereo time approx. 125min] Johanna. JPD-V1-113

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