Queensryche / Live In Tokyo / 1DVD

Queensryche / Live In Tokyo / 1DVD / Non Label

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Live at Nippon Seinenkan,Tokyo, Japan 5th August 1984 PRO-SHOT


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Flawless orthodox heavy metal, revived the ultimate image is finally in the world’s highest quality! This work, a single reprint series of Japanese board laser disc, press DVD that contains the QUEENSRYCHE’s first visit to Japan performance. This is the video that was released as an official video, but it had been but was not well known, in fact, even as the laser disc release. The Japanese edition we were digitized in partnership with overseas manufacturers. This series details of the defer to the simultaneous release WASP, but it’s a reprint which is aimed at the ultimate quality by making full use of existing material.
“LIVE IN TOKYO” of QUEENSRYCHE to become its latest series. I wrote a “flawless orthodox heavy metal” at the beginning, but of course QUEENSRYCHE is not a band like fit into such a narrow frame. However, this first visit to Japan at the time, there was at hand fans only mini album “QUEENSRYCHE”. First album “THE WARNING,” but was also be completed, have not been yet released, that time QUEENSRYCHE which has been reflected in the eyes of the fans was that those “young JUDAS PRIEST of his successors.” And, performance that showed in the Japan tour also while protruding from the narrow frame, our focus is only orthodox heavy metal. Even in the squeeze-out feeling, rather than the birth of a new genre that is “Progressive Metal”, it is what was felt to the size of the mysterious band scale.
In fact, EP Live, which is composed of music of “QUEENSRYCHE” and “THE WARNING” the European taste is heavy metal itself Kaoru rich. The complex rhythm IRON MAIDEN Pulsed, the twin of sound JUDAS PRIEST is a glimpse of the face, voice to make hear the perfect control while decided to relentlessly and actions in a very metallic also …… costumes and set as DIO , it is cool the drum kit you have entangled the chain! It’s just overflowing the ideal heavy metal of coolness. Moreover, the sound, in the first time in perfect playing which is not ashamed to name of QUEENSRYCHE, all rhythm guitar also Corps also, and even song impregnable!
Subtleties of such performance is extremely vivid Nanoha, but because are not digitized that exhaustive amount of information that has been sealed in the laser disc, yet another is one effort in this work. Modern mastering also we have undergone. This live are also used in bonus track of single and remastered, the sound of this work it was finished with nuance close to their modern mastering. At the time, a heavy metal that caused even the near future feeling adrift, is not revived in the true future technology after 30 years.
In addition, the last I’ve also recorded a video clip of “Queen Of The Reich”. Although it is the video which is also officially on DVD in the compilation, there is the aspect ratio is unnatural and sound quality even severe ones. So, here we decided to leave the best version. Strangely cheesy future world, it is the video that they can not at all imagine after costume …… intellectual with progressive just like B-grade slash band, but what most DIO bare metal sense, had been directed to them in those days and it was expected to appear.

Even so, really cool even when viewed many times. Unlike JUDAS PRIEST to stand on top of the traditional, heavy metal feel the future. Of course, speaking of the best masterpiece of QUEENSRYCHE the “OPERATION: MINDCRIME” is Nanoha common sense. However! At the time, in them “progressive metal” without, those who saw the “heavy metal rising star”, or to those who were hoping it would what this work is not than such a masterpiece. Songs of the mini album “QUEENSRYCHE” which scorched the breast is scaled up in live, was finally overwhelmed by the huge sense of emerged “THE WARNING”, that stage. After all, to perhaps they and the own essence there was a shift, that’s why from the official would What is disappearing video. However, the “future of an ideal heavy metal” gave me a glimpse also Nari moment, there is no difference between the two and there is no masterpiece video in this world. If the official does not leave, it is not only at least underground is finished to ultimate quality. “Orthodox heavy metal future of”, and will deliver to you in the press DVD that really convey to the future.

そのシリーズ最新作となるのがQUEENSRYCHEの「LIVE IN TOKYO」。冒頭で“完全無欠な正統派ヘヴィメタル”と書きましたが、もちろんQUEENSRYCHEはそんな狭い枠に収まるようなバンドではありません。しかし、この初来日の当時、ファンの手元にあったのはミニアルバム「QUEENSRYCHE」だけ。ファースト・アルバム「THE WARNING」も完成してはいましたが、まだ発売はされておらず、あのときファンの目に映っていたQUEENSRYCHEは「若きJUDAS PRIESTの後継者たち」そのものでした。そして、来日公演で魅せたパフォーマンスは、狭い枠からはみ出しつつも、軸足はあくまでも正統派ヘヴィメタル。そのはみ出し感でさえ、「プログレッシヴ・メタル」なる新ジャンルの誕生というよりは、得体の知れないバンド・スケールの大きさに感じられたものです。
実際、EP「QUEENSRYCHE」と「THE WARNING」の楽曲で構成されたライヴは、欧州味が濃厚に薫るヘヴィメタルそのもの。複雑なリズムにはIRON MAIDENが脈打ち、ツインの響きにはJUDAS PRIESTが顔を覗かせ、ビシビシとアクションをキメながら完璧なコントロールを聴かせる歌声はDIOのよう……衣装やセットも非常にメタリックで、チェーンを絡ませたドラムキットの格好いいこと! まさに理想的なヘヴィメタルの格好良さに溢れかえっています。しかも、そのサウンド、演奏はQUEENSRYCHEの名に恥じぬパーフェクトぶりで、リズム隊もギター隊も、そして歌も総てが鉄壁!
さらに、ラストには「Queen Of The Reich」のビデオクリップも収録しました。コンピレーションで公式にDVD化もされている映像ですが、そちらはアスペクト比が不自然で音質も厳しもの。そこで、ここで最良ヴァージョンを残すことにしたのです。妙に安っぽい未来世界、まるでB級スラッシュバンドのような衣装……プログレッシヴで知的な後の彼らがまったく想像できない映像ですが、ほとんどDIO丸出しのメタル感こそ、あの当時に彼らに向けられていた期待の現れだったのです。

それにしても、何度見ても本当に格好いい。伝統の上に立つJUDAS PRIESTとは違い、未来を感じさせるヘヴィメタル。もちろん、QUEENSRYCHEの最高傑作と言えば「OPERATION: MINDCRIME」なのは常識です。しかし! 当時、彼らに“プログレメタル”ではなく、“ヘヴィメタルの新星”を見た方、それを願った方には、本作こそが最高傑作となのではないでしょうか。胸を焦がしたミニアルバム「QUEENSRYCHE」の全曲がライヴでスケールアップし、ついに姿を現した「THE WARNING」の巨大感に圧倒された、あのステージ。結局、彼ら自身の本質とはズレがあったのかもしれませんし、だからこそ公式からは消えゆく映像なのでしょう。しかし、“理想的なヘヴィメタルの未来”を一瞬なりとも垣間見せてくれた、この世に2つとない傑作映像には違いありません。オフィシャルが残さないのであれば、せめてアンダーグラウンドが究極クオリティに仕上げるしかありません。“正統派ヘヴィメタルの未来像”、本当に未来へ伝えるプレスDVDであなたにお届けします。

1. Intro 2. Nightrider 3. Prophecy 4. Deliverance 5. Child On Fire 6. En Force 7. Blinded
8. The Lady Wore Black 9. Warning 10. Take Hold Of The Flame 11. Queen Of The Reich
12. End Credits 13. Queen Of The Reich (Video Clip)

Geoff Tate – Lead Vocals Chris Degarmo – Lead Guitar, Vocals Michael Wilton – Guitars
Eddie Jackson – Bass Scott Rickenfield – Drums


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