Queen / The Miracle 30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition / 3CD+1DVD

Queen / The Miracle 30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition / 3CD+1DVD / Wardour

The Ultimate Collection feat. Demos & Rough Mixes, Non-Album Tracks, Alternate Versions, etc

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Official work “THE MIRACLE” which reached the 30th anniversary in May 2019. The ultimate compilation of the rare takes is now available.
“THE MIRACLE” is an official work that no longer requires explanation, but it is also known as the album with the most related studio takes in QUEEN history, apart from its contents and the situation at the time. Songs not included in the album, different versions, mix differences, demos, editing, etc. … There are a large number of various types of studio takes, whether formal or informal. This work has been thoroughly reviewed and supervised by a core mania from overseas for the studio take that appeared in 30 years, and it has been one net exhaustion with the highest peak quality. The title of the concept similar in the past existed, but the volume, the quality and the degree of perfection are the ultimate edition unrivaled by others.
Such a work is a huge work called CD 3-disc set + DVD. Let’s introduce each one individually.

【Disc 1: Rough mix & album not included song collection】
Rough mix collection (11 takes)
19 tracks from the first disk 1 volume. The contents are divided into two parts, and it is the rough mix for all songs + 1 song of “THE MIRACLE” to decorate the beginning. Rough mix and I think excavated bootleg or not, actually the official take. At that time, it was the one released by the US CAPTOL RECORDS as a promo cassette (there is no number because it was not included in the catalog). Everything is an initial version different from the final version, and of course the quality is completely official.
Moreover, not only all the songs in the album, but also “Too Much Love Will Kill You” which was not adopted while being recorded in the “THE MIRACLE” session. Generally considered to be a song by Brian May’s “BACK TO THE LIGHT”, this is the original QUEEN version that first appeared in the world.
● Album not recorded songs collection (8 takes)
The second half is an official take that has not been recorded on the album. It is an eight-take that includes all the takes that were scattered among the bonus tracks and singles of the CD. “My Life Has Been Saved” was also included in “MADE IN HEAVEN”, but this work is the original version of 1989.
Also, the song title “Dog With A Bone” (also known as “Goodtimes”) may not seem familiar, but this is also the official outtake of the THE MIRACLE session. A song that was recorded on April 8, 1988 and released at the same year’s Fan Club Convention (OIFFCC: Official International Queen Fan Club Convention). It is a jam number where Freddy and Roger sing hotly in the blues rock style. Includes the full version of the studio’s conversations and the two versions that were actually streamed by convention. The last “The Invisible Queen” is also a public version.

【Disc 2: Demo Tracks Collection】
● TEASER TAPE demo (13 takes)
The next CD 2 is a disc that has assembled demo takes. There are also two major ones, and the first to appear is known as “THE TEASER TAPE”. This was also originated from the official promo cassette “TEASER 1” released by the UK PARLOPHONE. The biggest feature is bold editing. Although all the songs of the album are recorded, every song is putting together the listening place in one and a half minutes to two minutes, and all ten songs are only 16 minutes and a half. It is just an album concentrated version for promotion.
Also, after the 10 songs of “THE MIRACLE”, TASER version of “Too Much Love Will Kill You”, “All God’s People” and “Hang On In There” are also recorded. These three songs are also “THE MIRACLE” sessions, and they are also recorded from the official promotion “HINTS OF INNUENDO” and “MADE IN HEAVEN TEASER”.
-Other demo track collection (15 takes)
The TEASER take is a so-called “snack-worn track”, but the second half demo of the disc 2 is a more commonly taken take. 12 tracks and 15 takes are included, as well as the album song demo, “A New Life Is Born” “I Guess We’re Falling Out” “Fiddly Jam (Hang On In There)” “Stealin ‘ A demo version of songs not included in the album such as “Hijack My Heart”, “Face It Alone” and “Rivers Of Words” are also included. Among the variety is “Face It Alone”. Other than the long version of about 5 minutes, the one only for the guitar, the convention public version, another mix and 4 takes are recorded.
The demonstrations at different stages are different, and the things that can be enjoyed as music works and the conversations in the studio vary to realistic ones, but the sound quality is all the best in the past. Unlike TEASER, there are many long ones (more than 11 minutes for “Stealin ‘” demo), it’s just an interesting take in listening carefully.

[Disc 3: another version & instrument mix collection] -Another version collection (11 takes)
Disc 3 is a complete collection of different versions. The first half is 11 takes of 6 songs “Khashoggi’s Ship” “The Miracle” “I Want It All” “The Invisible Man” “Breakthru” “Scandal”. The official quality is a take that has been released in various singles, promo boards, fan conventions, etc. There is also an edited version that has been edited briefly, but the three songs “The Invisible Man”, “Breakthru” and “Scandal” are also recorded in a longer version than the album. In particular, “Scandal” has “6: 37” which is about 2 minutes longer than the original “4: 42”.
● Ins ・ mix collection (10 takes)
The second half of the disc 3, which will be the last of the sound source, is an instrument version collection. There is also a take of “GREATEST KARAOKE HITS”, but most are remix versions of “THE eYe”. “THE eYe” is a computer game of QUEEN released in 1998. The original instrument remix was used for BGM. Six songs of “I Want It All”, “Party”, “Khashiggi’s Ship”, “Breakthru”, “Was It All Worth It (2 types)” and “Hang On In There” are adopted from “THE MIRACLE”, and this work Is assembled to such a niche valuable version.

【Disc 4: Pro shot video collection】
It was a sound source so far, but the last is a professional shot image collection. There was no live for “THE MIRACLE” because there was no tour, but video clips and various promotional videos were produced. It is assembled over 16 kinds and about 2 hours and 12 minutes.
The first thing to appear is a video clip. At that time, “THE MIRACLE VIDEO EP” released as video software and four songs were also reprinted in full, but “The Miracle” that was not recorded there is also included. It also covers 5 other versions, such as “I Want It All” made for “QUEEN ROCKS”, “The Invisible Man” with silhouette only, and “The Miracle” with child role only.
Promo video after video clip. The film clip of “The Miracle” “I Want It All” The back of the video clip production, the production documentary of the album / cover lined with a face, the award ceremony of “TOP BAND OF THE 80’s AWARD”, the interview accompanying them is the best possible It is covered by quality.

QUEEN who played a revival in that “LIVE AID” asked the world “THE MIRACLE”. The promotion was forced to rely on singles and videos, etc., as the tour was not possible. That’s why it’s a huge blockbuster that covers as much as possible the rare takes and videos left behind in large quantities. The ultimate four-disc set assembled with the highest peak master that has appeared in the world for 30 years. Please enjoy yourself.

2019年5月に30周年を迎えたオフィシャル作品『THE MIRACLE』。そのレア・テイクを集成した究極のコンピレーションが登場です。
『THE MIRACLE』はもはや説明不要の公式作品ですが、その内容や当時の状況とは別にQUEEN史上もっとも関連スタジオ・テイクの多いアルバムとしても知られています。アルバム未収録曲や別バージョン、ミックス違い、デモ、エディット等々など……公式/非公式を問わず、さまざまな種類のスタジオ・テイクが大量に出回ってきました。本作は、30年間で登場したスタジオ・テイクを海外のコア・マニアが徹底的に検証・監修し、最高峰クオリティで一網打尽にしたもの。過去にも似たコンセプトのタイトルは存在しましたが、ボリュームもクオリティも完成度も他の追随を許さぬ究極版なのです。

最初のディスク1からして19トラックのボリューム。その中身は大きく2つに分けられ、冒頭を飾るのは『THE MIRACLE』全曲+1曲分のラフ・ミックスです。ラフ・ミックスというと発掘ブートレッグかと思いきや、実はオフィシャル・テイク。当時、米国CAPTOL RECORDSがプロモ・カセットとしてリリースしたものなのです(カタログには載らなかったので番号はありません)。すべて最終版とは異なる初期バージョンであり、もちろんクオリティは完全オフィシャル級なのです。
しかもアルバム全曲だけでなく『THE MIRACLE』セッションで録音されながら最終的に採用されなかった「Too Much Love Will Kill You」も収録。一般的にブライアン・メイの『BACK TO THE LIGHT』の曲と思われていますが、本作こそが最初に世に出たオリジナルのQUEENバージョンです。
後半はアルバムに未収録となった公式テイク。CDのボーナス・トラックやシングル等に散っていたテイクを総ざらいした8テイクです。「My Life Has Been Saved」は『MADE IN HEAVEN』にも収録されましたが、本作は1989年のオリジナル・バージョンです。
また、「Dog With A Bone」という曲名(別名「Goodtimes」とも呼ばれています)はあまり見覚えがないかも知れませんが、これも『THE MIRACLE』セッションの公式アウトテイク。1988年4月8日に録音され、同年のファンクラブ・コンヴェンション(OIQFCC:Official International Queen Fan Club Convention)で公開された曲。ブルースロック・スタイルで、フレディとロジャーが熱く歌い合うジャム・ナンバーです。スタジオ内の会話まで収録された完全版と、実際にコンヴェンションで流された2バージョンを収録。最後の「The Invisible Queen」もコンヴェンション公開バージョンです。

●TEASER TAPEデモ(13テイク)
続くCD2は、デモ・テイクを集成したディスク。これも大きく2つあり、最初に登場するのは通称“THE TEASER TAPE”として知られるもの。これも当時の英国PARLOPHONEがリリースした公式プロモ・カセット“TEASER 1”から起こされたもの。最大の特徴は大胆な編集。アルバムの全曲を収録しているものの、各曲とも聴きどころを1分半から2分でまとめ上げており、10曲全部でも16分半にしかなりません。まさにプロモ用のアルバム濃縮バージョンです。
また『THE MIRACLE』の10曲の後には「Too Much Love Will Kill You」「All God’s People」「Hang On In There」のTEASERバージョンも収録。この3曲も『THE MIRACLE』セッションであり、やはり公式プロモの『HINTS OF INNUENDO』『MADE IN HEAVEN TEASER』から収録しています。
TEASERテイクはいわゆる“つまみ食いトラック”ですが、ディスク2の後半のデモはより一般的にイメージされるテイク。12曲分・15テイクが収録されており、アルバム曲デモだけでなく、「A New Life Is Born」「I Guess We’re Falling Out」「Fiddly Jam(Hang On In Thereの元)」「Stealin’」「Hijack My Heart」「Face It Alone」「Rivers Of Words」といったアルバム未収録曲のデモ・バージョンも収録しています。中でも多彩なのは「Face It Alone」。5分ほどの長尺版の他、ギターだけのもの、コンヴェンション公開バージョン、別ミックスと4テイクが収録されています。

ディスク3は完成度の高い別バージョン集。前半は6曲「Khashoggi’s Ship」「The Miracle」「I Want It All」「The Invisible Man」「Breakthru」「Scandal」の11テイク。各種シングルやプロモ盤、ファンコンヴェンションなどで公開されてきたテイクで、どれも公式クオリティ。短く編集されたエディット・バージョンもありますが、「The Invisible Man」「Breakthru」「Scandal」の3曲は逆に、アルバムよりも長尺なバージョンも収録。特に「Scandal」はオリジナルの“4:42”に対し、約2分も長い“6:37”もあります。
音源編の最後となるディスク3の後半は、インスト・バージョン集。『GREATEST KARAOKE HITS』のテイクもありますが、大半は『THE eYe』のリミックス・バージョン。『THE eYe』とは、1998年にリリースされたQUEENのコンピュータゲームで、BGMにはオリジナルのインスト・リミックスが使用されました。『THE MIRACLE』からは「I Want It All」「Party」「Khashoggi’s Ship」「Breakthru」「Was It All Worth It(2種)」「Hang On In There」の6曲が採用されており、本作はそんなニッチな貴重バージョンまで集成しているのです。

ここまでは音源でしたが、最後はプロショット映像集。『THE MIRACLE』ではツアーが行われなかったためにライヴはありませんが、ビデオ・クリップやさまざまなプロモーション用映像が製作されました。それを16種・約2時間12分に渡って集成しています。
まず登場するのは、ビデオ・クリップ。当時、映像ソフトとしてリリースされた『THE MIRACLE VIDEO EP』も4曲もフルで復刻されていますが、そこに収録されなかった「The Miracle」も収録。さらに『QUEEN ROCKS』のために製作された「I Want It All」やシルエットだけの「The Invisible Man」や子役だけの「The Miracle」等の別バージョン5種も網羅しています。
ビデオ・クリップの後はプロモ映像。「The Miracle」「I Want It All」のビデオ・クリップ製作の裏側や顔が並ぶアルバム・カヴァーの製作ドキュメンタリー、“TOP BAND OF THE 80’s AWARD”の授賞式、それらに伴うインタビューも可能な限り最高のクオリティで網羅されています。

あの“LIVE AID”で復活を果たしたQUEENが世に問うた『THE MIRACLE』。ツアーが不可能なためにプロモーションはシングルやビデオ等に頼らざるを得なかった。だからこそ大量に残されたレア・テイク&映像を可能な限り網羅した一大超大作です。30年間に世に出た最高峰マスターで集成した究極の4枚組。どうぞ、たっぷりとご堪能ください。


Disc 1 (77:37)

ROUGH MIXES The Capitol Records Tape

1. Party
2. Khashoggis Ship
3. The Miracle
4. I Want It All
5. Too Much Love Will Kill You
6. The Invisible Man
7. Breakthru
8. Rain Must Fall
9. Scandal
10. My Baby Does Me
11. Was It All Worth It


12. Hang On In There
13. Chinese Torture
14. Stealin’
15. Hijack My Heart
16. My Life Has Been Saved (Original 1989 Version)
17. Dog With A Bone (Complete Studio Version)
18. Dog With A Bone (OIQFCC message 1988)
19. The Invisible Queen (OIQFCC Message 1989)

– The ‘Capitol Records’ tape contains not only preliminary mixes of the album tracks, but also “Too Much Love Will Kill You” song which was excluded from the final release.

Disc 2 (79:16)


1. Breakthru
2. My Baby Does Me
3. The Miracle
4. I Want It All
5. Was It All Worth It
6. The Invisible Man
7. Rain Must Fall
8. Party
9. Khashoggi’s Ship
10. Scandal
11. Too Much Love Will Kill You
12. All God’s People
13. Hang On In There

14. A New Life Is Born (Demo)
15. My Baby Loves Me (Demo)
16. I Guess We’re Falling Out (Demo)
17. Fiddly Jam (‘Hang On In There’ Demo)
18. I Want It All & Chinese Torture (Instrumental Demo)
19. Stealin’ (Demo)
20. Hijack My Heart (Demo)
21. Face It Alone (Full Studio Demo)
22. Face It Alone (Instrumental Guitar Demo)
23. Face It Alone (Demo, Convention version)
24. Face It Alone (Demo, Alternate Session)
25. Rivers Of Words (Demo, Convention recording)
26. Khashoggi’s Ship (Demo, Convention recording)
27. Rain Must Fall (Demo, Convention recording)
28. The Invisible Man (Early Version)

‘The Miracle Promo Demo Teaser Tape’ features not only some alternate early versions of the album tracks, but also “All God’s People” early demo – a song which was later included on “Innuendo” album.

Disc 3 (78:11)

1. Khashoggi’s Ship (Stand-alone Version)
2. The Miracle (US 1992 edit)
3. The Miracle (Cohen-Jiya Mix)
4. I Want It All (Single Version)
5. I Want It All (‘The Eye’ Semi-instrumental Remix)
6. The Invisible Man (Video Version)
7. The Invisible Man (Extended Version)
8. Breakthru (The Now Edit)
9. Breakthru (The Almost Now Edit)
10. Breakthru (Extended Version)
11. Scandal (Extended Version)

12. Party (‘The Eye’ Instrumental Remix)
13. Khashoggi’s Ship (‘The Eye’ Instrumental Remix)
14. The Miracle (Karaoke Instrumental)
15. I Want It All (Karaoke Instrumental)
16. The Invisible Man (Karaoke Instrumental)
17. Breakthru (Karaoke Instrumental)
18. Breakthru (‘The Eye’ Instrumental Remix)
19. Was It All Worth It (‘The Eye’ Instrumental Remix #1)
20. Was It All Worth It (‘The Eye’ Instrumental Remix #2)
21. Hang On In There (‘The Eye’ Remix)

The Miracle Promo & Related Video Collection

The Miracle Video EP
Original 4:3 promo video

01. I Want It All
02. Breakthru
03. The Invisible Man
04. Scandal

Additional Videos

05. The Miracle (original 4:3 promo video)
06. I Want It All (‘Rocks’ version)
07. Breakthru (alternate 16:9 Version)
08. The Invisible Man (silhouettes only version)
09. The Miracle (alternate Version)
10. The Miracle (kids only version)
11. The Making Of ‘The Miracle’ / Top Band Of The 80’s Award
12. The Making Of ‘The Miracle’ Album Cover
13. The Making Of ‘I Want It All’ Video
14. The Miracle Express Documentary
15. The Miracle Express – Uncut Interviews
16. 1989 Interview with Brian & Roger (‘Good Morning Britain’)



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