Queen & Adam Lambert / London 2015 2nd Night / 2CD

Queen & Adam Lambert / London 2015 2nd Night / 2CD / Wardour

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Live At The 02 Arena, London UK 18th January 2015.


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Great, arrived too great live album! The in this work have been paid, the Queen + Adam Lambert of the latest “London O2 Arena concert”. QUEEN of even hometown London was brilliantly vacuum pack the figure that landed the largest arena of, it is the UK resident taper of us to always provide a number of name recording. Also is famous in the Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones, towards the QUEEN fans Speaking of “that” STILL ROCK IN HAMMERSMITH “taper (2012 7/14 London)”, be able to experience the world-class technology and may not (not yet listened of person an immediate check!). Although it is taper that will deliver always great sound, this work is the moment you have listened to the master that was outstanding sound. arrival among the collection, not “this press I did not need to not think they do? “to do in. Queen + is renowned as Adam Lambert early decisive masterpiece, it’s the 2015 version of that live album!
Kano name board is I’ve narrowing collapsed snow from “Flash Intro.” To “Seven Seas Of Rhye”, pole position of this work is “One Vision”. This is the start to remind the 1986 Magic tour that became the Freddie last moment of the tour. Abuzz become venue in that SE intro reminiscent of “Live At Wembley” is, at once boils at thunderous guitar riff! Those in which the present work was to hand, I think than you are able to realize the terrible of recording at this point. While plenty sealed a vast space of “London’s largest arena”, also clear of the lush musical sound balance. And to the Bubbly enthusiasm is transmitted to take in hand, because I clear pole ball musical tone is not disturbed at all. And to not feel the distance between the band, … Why can record also spacious airy way.
When that openness is also encounter the music of QUEEN, it is to sublimation spectacle sense, to elation. Spectacular sound, chorus is spread while wearing a transparent feeling, and drenched the audience. And, welcomed the music that falls from the top from the bottom enthusiastic spectators, it is just feeling going fused gently around the eyes. To great alone this stereoscopic effect, it can be seen to have spread far far away (but repeat, sense of distance of the band is close!). For example, is “Do not Stop Me Now”. And sing Adam with examining the piano, melts a large chorus. While finely controlled the splendor of Adam’s voice is felt to direct, and I loving to uncontrollable QUEEN goes intermingled become a large chorus. Just magic. Korezo is “audience recording Magic”!
In the subsequent “Somebody To Love”, I can taste with plenty of the actor first time of Adam. While changing the tone of voice to ever-changing, how much relaxed voice echoing in the O2 Arena last! The Adam you, but you have caused a shock and pros and cons to all over the world, while sincerely love the world of QUEEN, or will not he only stomach even a Hiroshi world who sing up here. Further follow before you can play the “Love of My Life”, you talk about the joy that came back to his hometown and around the world, but welcomed it, hometown of audience to respond in a warm chorus. Downright is moments to approach the chest.
“Bass Solo” is a sequence of disk 2 is also impressed that start from. In particular, you will lose the words to beauty to continuing from “Save Me” which was debuted at this UK tour to “Who Wants To Live Forever”. “Save Me” include, but are Adam still felt slightly even hardness, “Who Wants To Live Forever” In still proudly about Nik, and as possible sing perfectly.
After the guitar solo sandwiching the “Last Horizon” is, “All Your Love / Vocal Jam” great fun with the audience in, and to climax to pay out the familiar super-classic from the next to the next! QUEEN that boil to boil a large crowd of 20,000 people. As with “ROCK BIG BEN LIVE”, but this day also has Misu~tsu the guitar solo of “Bohemian Rhapsody” (why hundreds of times also I know the play?), I will greatly climax without also it even ones. So, hometown of fans have been waiting a QUEEN. And I was really lonely. That feeling is I seen in skin. I travel painfully. And from this it is, audience recording, I unstoppable!

As I wrote in this paper as the “pros and cons”, to stop the other call them so. Two years ago, Queen + Adam Lambert was played in front of an audience of about 5,000 people in Hammersmith. Now they have been packed every night a large venue of 20,000 people in the home. Certainly, will never disappear even complex feelings now. It already helped. However, it is to be brought a masterpiece us to large venue at the same time, they only have. Moreover, do not end only in the mere topic, because the hometown of the audience to listen in this work are you singing happily.
Modern happy that revived, magnificent spectacle of large venue unique. Masterpieces of audience recordings made possible in 2015 of technology, is entrusted to the press 2CD shine that does not fade, and will deliver to you.


本作に納められているのは、クイーン+アダム・ランバートの最新「ロンドンO2アリーナ公演」。QUEENの故郷ロンドンでも最大のアリーナに降り立った姿を見事に真空パックしたのは、いつも名録音の数々を提供してくれる英国在住のテーパーです。ポール・マッカートニーやローリング・ストーンズでも有名ですが、QUEENファンの方には“あの「STILL ROCK IN HAMMERSMITH」(2012 7/14 London)のテーパー”と言えば、その卓越した技術を実感していただけるかもしれません(未聴の方は即チェックを!)。いつも素晴らしいサウンドを届けてくれるテーパーですが、本作はそのコレクションの中でも抜群のサウンド。到着したマスターを聴いた瞬間、「これをプレスしないでどうするんだ?」と思わずにいられませんでした。クイーン+アダム・ランバート初期の決定的名作として名高い、あのライヴ盤の2015年バージョンなのです!
かの名盤は「Flash Intro.」から「Seven Seas Of Rhye」へ雪崩れ込みましたが、本作のポールポジションは「One Vision」。フレディ最期のツアーとなった1986年マジックツアーを思い起こさせるスタートです。あの「Live At Wembley」を思わせるSEイントロに騒然となる会場は、轟くギターリフで一気に沸騰! 本作を手にした方は、この時点で録音の凄みを実感していただけるのではないでしょうか。“ロンドン最大のアリーナ”の広大な空間をたっぷりと封印しながら、瑞々しい楽音のクリアさも両立。沸き立つ熱狂が手に取るように伝わるのに、クリア極まりない楽音が一切邪魔されないのですから。バンドとの距離が感じられないのに、なぜこうも広々とした開放感を録音できるのか……。
その開放感がまたQUEENの音楽に出会うと、スペクタクル感、高揚感に昇華するのです。壮大なサウンド、コーラスが透明感をまといながら広がり、客席に降り注ぐ。そして、上から降る音楽を観客の熱狂が下から迎え入れ、ちょうど目線の辺りで優しく融合していく感覚です。この立体感だけでも素晴らしいのに、それが遠く遠くまで広がっているのがわかる(繰り返しますが、バンドとの距離感は近い!)。例えば、「Don’t Stop Me Now」です。ピアノの調べとともにアダムが歌いだすと、大合唱が溶けていく。細やかにコントロールされたアダムの声の素晴らしさがダイレクトに感じられながら、抑えきれないQUEENへのあふれる愛情が大合唱となって交じり合っていくのです。まさに魔法。これぞ“客席録音マジック”です!
続く「Somebody To Love」では、アダムの役者ぶりがたっぷりと味わえる。千変万化に声色を変えながら、ラストでO2アリーナに響き渡る伸びやかな声といったら! 世界中に衝撃と賛否両論を巻き起こしたアダムですが、QUEENの世界を心から愛しながら、ここまで歌える人は世界広しと言えども彼しかいないのではないでしょうか。さらに続く「Love of My Life」を演奏する前には、世界中を回って故郷に帰ってきた喜びを語りますが、それを暖かく迎え、暖かな合唱で応える故郷のオーディエンス。なんとも胸に迫るひと時です。
「Bass Solo」から始まるディスク2も感動の連続です。特に、このUKツアーで初披露された「Save Me」から「Who Wants To Live Forever」へ連なる美しさには言葉を失います。「Save Me」には、まだわずかに硬さも感じられるアダムですが、「Who Wants To Live Forever」ではやはりニクいほど堂々と、完璧に歌いきる。
「Last Horizon」を挟んだギターソロの後は、「All Your Love / Vocal Jam」で観客と大いに楽しみ、お馴染みの超名曲を次から次へ繰り出すクライマックスへ! 2万人の大観衆を沸かしに沸かすQUEEN。「ROCK BIG BEN LIVE」と同じく、この日も「Bohemian Rhapsody」のギターソロをミスっていますが(何百回もプレイしてるはずなのにナゼ?)、それさえものともせずに大いに盛り上がります。そう、故郷のファンもQUEENを待ち望んでいた。本当は寂しかったのです。その気持ちが肌で分かる。痛いほど伝わる。これだから、オーディエンス録音は止められないのです!


Disc 1 (60:44)
1. Intro 2. One Vision 3. Stone Cold Crazy 4. Another One Bites The Dust 5. Fat Bottom Girls
6. In The Lap Of The Gods 7. Seven Seas Of Rhye 8. Killer Queen 9. I Want To Break Free
10. Don’t Stop Me Now 11. Somebody To Love 12. Love Of My Life 13. Brian May Introduction
14. ’39 15. These Are The Days Of Our Lives

Disc 2 (72:21)
1. Bass Solo 2. Drum Battle 3. Under Pressure 4. Save Me 5. Who Wants To Live Forever
6. Guitar Solo 7. Last Horizon 8. Guitar Solo (Reprise) 9. Tie Your Mother Down
10. All Your Love / Vocal Jam 11. I Want It All 12. Radio Ga Ga 13. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
14. Bohemian Rhapsody 15. We Will Rock You 16. We Are The Champions 17. God Save The Queen


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