Prince / Parade Tour Rotterdam 1986 / 2CD

Prince / Parade Tour Rotterdam 1986 / 2CD / Shakuntala

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The Sportpaleis Ahoy Rotterdam The Netherlands, August 18, 1986. Digitally Remastered



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■ complete recording of the parade Rotterdam performances August 18, 1986 from tour
■ sound board sound source and the inferiority is not an ultra-high-quality audience recording
■ rare concert that was playing “MANIC MONDAY”
■ recorded co-star stage of the demo and bracelets of the same songs in the bonus track.

In 1986, Prince will announce the album “Parade”. This is what has been released as the soundtrack of the movie, who served as his own starring and supervision “Under the Cherry Moon”. Masterpiece is the last work of the Revolution, which has been the object, are born US number one hit called “KISS” is from the album. Unfortunately, the movie is the end to the box office failure, and therefore whether the Prince himself, but does not seem to this album so much evaluation, in between the fan many people listed as one of the representative works of the 1980s, is where the evaluation is divided. And due to this “parade”, Parade tour has been made.

While Parade tour is only just 30 performances, Europe from North America, and Osaka, such as Japan tour also takes place in Yokohama, for the Japanese fans would be there is a special think tour. Also it was intended to remain in the first memory as a full-fledged done the tour also for Europe of the fan. But become an aside, it would be noteworthy that Sheila E has served as the opening act.

Aka Parade tour, or Under The Cherry Tour and have been called to the official, in North America, which became the tour start are also referred to under the name “HIT n RUN TOUR”. Such as during the tour or Moi band members do not think kindly trouble, or the participation of dancers that do not play a musical instrument among the members, it seems was not a tour of a very good environment. In addition the United Kingdom in the performances are or cover the “MISS YOU” of the Stones together with Ronnie Wood and Sting.

This work, the second leg of this parade tour, from the European tour, has been recorded Rotterdam performances August 18, 1986. Of this work is special compared to other performances is that you’re playing the “MANIC MONDAY” to the set list. Although this song is a song that was written for a group that Prince that originally Apollonia 6 is produced, bangles are recording through the twists and turns, not only became her our first hit song, and representative songs of Bangles today going on. That because are playing “MANIC MONDAY” the Prince of the stage can be said to be the biggest feature of this work.

Sound quality while audience recording, have been recorded in ultra-high quality of much seemingly sound board sound source, which is one of the highest class of as audience recording. Also in almost none title was complete recording in the Parade tour, this film is noted a point that is complete recording of the concert. In the bonus tracks, demos of “MANIC MONDAY” which was recorded with the Apollonia 6 that has been recently excavated, and Prince on stage bracelets that have been made in the 1986 October 20, Hollywood is impromptu, the “MANIC MONDAY” play together It is recorded together.

From Parade tour, complete recording of an ultra-high-quality audience recordings to thin the Rotterdam performances August 18, 1986 to the sound board sound source. Is a rare concert you’re playing the “MANIC MONDAY”, is a bonus track the live sound source you play together on stage to the stage of the same song demo, further bangles. Permanent preservation firmly press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification.


■「MANIC MONDAY」を演奏したレアなコンサート



通称パレード・ツアー、またはアンダー・ザ・チェリー・ツアーと正式に呼ばれているが、ツアー開始となった北米では「HIT n RUN TOUR」という名称でも呼ばれている。ツアー中にはメンバー間のトラブル、あるいは楽器を演奏しないダンサーたちの参加を快く思わないバンド・メンバーもいたりするなど、あまり良い環境でのツアーではなかったようである。また英国公演ではロンウッドとスティングと共にストーンズの「MISS YOU」をカバーしたりしている。

本作は、このパレード・ツアーのセカンド・レグ、ヨーロッパ・ツアーより、1986年8月18日ロッテルダム公演を収録している。本作が他の公演に比べて特別なのは、セットリストに「MANIC MONDAY」を演奏している点にある。この曲は当初アポロニア6というプリンスがプロデュースしたグループのために書かれた曲であるが、紆余曲折を経てバングルスがレコーディング、彼女たちの最初のヒット曲となったばかりか、現在でもバングルスの代表曲となっている。その「MANIC MONDAY」をプリンスのステージで演奏しているというのが本作の最大の特長といえる。

音質はオーディエンス録音ながら、サウンドボード音源とも思えるくらいの超高音質で収録されており、オーディエンス録音としては最高の部類のひとつである。またパレード・ツアーにおいては完全収録したタイトルがほとんど皆無な中で、本作はコンサートを完全収録している点が特筆される。ボーナストラックでは、近年発掘されたアポロニア6と共にレコーディングした「MANIC MONDAY」のデモ音源、そして1986年10月20日ハリウッドで行なわれたバングルスのステージにプリンスが飛び入り、一緒に演奏した「MANIC MONDAY」を合わせて収録している。

パレード・ツアーより、1986年8月18日ロッテルダム公演をサウンドボード音源に肉薄する超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。「MANIC MONDAY」を演奏しているレアなコンサートであり、ボーナストラックでは同曲のデモ音源、さらにバングルスのステージに登壇して一緒に演奏したライヴ音源を収録。美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。


01. Introduction
02. Around The World In A Day
03. Christopher Tracy’s Parade
04. New Position
05. Manic Monday
06. Raspberry Beret
07. Delirious
08. Controversy
09. A Love Bizarre
10. Do Me, Baby
11. How Much Is That Doggy In The Window – Lady Cab Driver – Automatic
12. D.M.S.R.
13. When Doves Cry
14. Little Red Corvette
15. Under The Cherry Moon
16. Anotherloverholenyohead
17. 17 Days
18. Head

01. Pop Life
02. Girls And Boys
03. Life Can Be So Nice
04. 1999
05. America
06. Kiss
07. Purple Rain


08. Monic Monday

The Palace Hollywood October 20, 1986

09. Manic Monday


Shakuntala. STCD-082/083

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