Pride & Glory / Tokyo 1994 / 1DVD+1Bonus DVDR

Pride & Glory / Tokyo 1994 / 1DVD+1Bonus DVDR / ZODIAC

Live at Koseinenkin Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan 10th November 1994 plus Ltd Bonus DVDR “OSAKA 1994”. Stereo / Pro-shot



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Taken from the original Hi8 video master (FUJI E6-120)
Soundboard audio is taken from the original DAT Master (SONY DT-120)

Zack Wild who became independent with the retirement of Ozzy. A new excavation of the footage of the people involved in the performance of his first band “PRIDE & GLORY” in Japan. Introducing the Emergency Permanent Preservation Press DVD.
The performance of “November 10, 1994: Tokyo Kosei Nenkin Kaikan” is engraved in this work. It is a transcendental image by the related person Pro Shot + stereo sound board directly connected to the table. At our shop, we once introduced the masterpiece sound board “MACHINE GUN OSAKA” of the Langley label, but of course this work is a separate performance. To get an idea of ​​the situation, let’s first check the position of the show according to the schedule at that time.

・ November 4: Tokyo Kosei Nenkin Kaikan
・ November 5: Nagoya Club Quattro
・ November 7: Amashin Archaic Hall ← * MACHINE GUN OSAKA
・ November 10: Tokyo Kosei Nenkin Kaikan ← ★ This work ★

[Transcendental shot of the outflow of related parties + sound board directly connected to the table] All 4 performances. It was a schedule that sandwiched Osaka and Nagoya between the two performances in Tokyo, but this work was filmed at the concert on the final day. And that quality is what makes me wonder. It is an original master brought by an original route, but the origin is the person concerned at that time. Since “1994 11 9” is displayed on the screen, you may think “Another show?” For a moment, but as mentioned above, there is no show on “November 9”. Perhaps the staff in Japan did not fix the clock on the camera and left it at overseas time, but it is super-realistic to that extent.
The story suddenly derailed, but the shock is the quality. It’s not just the dimension that Gene is certain, but the first thing that scares you is the superb view with “super”. At first glance I think it’s a stage shop or an audience shot to the right (in front of Zack), but the perspective is too high for that. I look directly at the stage over the head of the passenger in front of me, and I can clearly see from the tip of Zack’s head to the soles of my feet on the monitor. Moreover, at the maximum zoom, each guitar string is clear, and the individual zooms of Brian Tichy and John Disalvo are perfect. The camera work that scrolls smoothly does not feel jarring, while the vivid sense of stability makes me think that I am using a tripod. Anyway, it is a superb view that “the standing position is in the audience seat, but it can not be called an audience shot”.
Sound is even more extreme. The Omoto Master also recorded the microphone sound of the camera, but from this person concerned, a superb stereo sound board directly connected to the mix table of the same show also leaked. In this work, the two related masters are synchronized. What’s more, this is also the superb quality of the official live album class, and it gives a more official feeling to the professional shot class video (note that the original camera sound can be enjoyed on the bonus track “Digest”. This Bonus track is a compilation of the highlights of the show in about 2 minutes by the people involved in the shooting).

[Organic and intense wild rock that is different from BLS] “Stakeholder shot + sound board directly connected to the table” … This can be called “one turtle pro shot”. The transcendental quality depicts a delicious full show where young Zack is aggressively rampaging and not as heavy as BLACK LABEL SOCIETY. First, let’s organize from the set.

● PRIDE & GLORY (11 songs)
・ Toe’n The Line / Horse Called War / Harvester Of Pain / The Chosen One / Losin’Your Mind / Troubled Wine / Machine Gun Man / Sweet Jesus / Fadin’Away / Lovin’ Woman / Shine On
● Other covers (3 songs)
・ BLACK SABBATH: Fairies Wear Boots / War Pigs
・ MOUNTAIN: Mississippi Queen (Stevie Wonder guest performance)

… And it looks like this. From the first leader album “PRIDE & GLORY”, all songs except “Cry Me a River” and “Found a Friend” are shown, and three fun covers are sprinkled on them. The SABBATH number is familiar … I think “Fairies Wear Boots” has never been played on BLS, and it is a valuable number that has finally been revived on ZAKK SABBATH in recent years.
And the performance of spinning such a set is amazing! The trio with Disalvo, who is a partner in BLS unlike the album, is extremely hot, not to mention Zack, who vigorously plays choking and harmonics that can not be mistaken for anyone else. An ensemble that seems to be played by three people is more like a “jam made from a song” rather than “playing a song”. If you think that it was gathered on the iron wall in an instant, the next moment it will be disassembled freely, and phrases and riffs that will be thrown at each other will be organically entwined. It’s not the 80’s, which was shown up with a focus on music, and it’s not as heavy as BLS. Clearly, the 70’s Arcee sensation is drawn with a dramatically improved technique and extra-thick sound … It really embodies the ideal image of 90’s hard rock.

[Final performance with luxurious guests] And the biggest feature is the MOUNTAIN cover “Mississippi Queen” of the first encore song. Here, Stevie Wonder, who had previously performed in Japan, will participate as a guest, and you can see the feast of the guitar hero of the time. The feeling of hot jam is great enough, but it’s rare to see Sarrus playing the “grilled crown” Les Paul, and the backpack that turns to Sarrus and gets excited by the audience is also exciting. You can experience the precious co-starring that was not seen in Osaka with one turtle pro shot (By the way, Saras’s performance in Japan was at the end of October. After that, he was in Japan for 10 days).
PRIDE & GLORY wasn’t too heavy, while the rugged Zack always played the leading role. It is a marvelous new excavation video that you can enjoy a full show that makes you feel “continuation of NO MORE TEARS” while being the prototype of BLS with the best one-camera pro shot. Zack only in 1994, please enjoy it with a permanent preservation press DVD!

★ First appearance video of the outflow of related parties! !! (And ultra-high-quality stereo sound board)

オリジナルのHi8ビデオマスター(FUJI E6-120)からの抜粋
サウンドボードのオーディオは、元のDATマスター(SONY DT-120)から取得されます。





・Toe’n The Line / Horse Called War / Harvester Of Pain / The Chosen One / Losin’Your Mind / Troubled Wine / Machine Gun Man / Sweet Jesus / Fadin’Away / Lovin ‘Woman / Shine On
・BLACK SABBATH:Fairies Wear Boots / War Pigs

…そしてそれはこのように見えます。ファーストリーダーアルバム「PRIDE&GLORY」より、「Cry MeaRiver」と「FoundaFriend」を除く全曲を収録し、3枚の楽しいカバーを散りばめた。 SABBATHナンバーはおなじみです…「FairiesWearBoots」は、BLSでは一度もプレイされたことがないと思いますが、近年ZAKKSABBATHでようやく復活した貴重なナンバーです。
そして、そのようなセットを回転させるパフォーマンスは素晴らしいです!アルバムとは異なりBLSのパートナーであるDisalvoとのトリオは、他の誰とも間違えられない窒息とハーモニクスを精力的に演奏するZackは言うまでもなく、非常に熱いです。 3人で演奏しているように見えるアンサンブルは、「曲を演奏する」というよりは「曲から作られたジャム」のようなものです。一瞬で鉄壁に集まったと思ったら、次の瞬間は自由に分解され、投げ合うフレーズやリフが有機的に絡み合います。音楽を中心に登場した80年代ではなく、BLSほど重くない。明らかに、70年代のアーシーの感覚はdです

1. Toe’n The Line
2. Horse Called War
3. Harvester Of Pain
4. The Chosen One
5. Losin’Your Mind
6. Troubled Wine
7. Machine Gun Man
8. Sweet Jesus
9. Fadin’Away
10. Lovin’ Woman
11. Fairies Wear Boots
12. War Pigs
13. Mississippi Queen with Stevie Salas
14. Shine On

Bonus Track
15. Digest (with Original Video Mike Sound) * This is the only camera microphone sound ( In a sense valuable)

Zakk Wylde – Guitar, Vocal
Brian Tichy – Drums
John “JD” DeServio – Bass


. COLOUR NTSC Approx.115Min



Pride & Glory / Osaka 1994 /1DVDR
Live at Archaic Hall, Osaka, Japan 7th November 1994 STEREO SBD (from Original Masters)

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Taken from the original Hi8 video master (FUJI E6-120)
Soundboard audio is taken from the original DAT Master (SONY DT-120) The

main press DVD is a “one turtle pro shot” with a transcendental shot by the people concerned and a sound board directly connected to the table. This is the definitive board of PRIDE & GLORY where you can experience the best full show that is different from BLS. However, it wasn’t just Tokyo that the people involved were shooting, but the video of the Osaka edition and the sound board master directly connected to the table arrived at the same time. Therefore, it is decided to attach a special bonus by finishing it as a synchronized decision board like the main press DVD.
The performance recorded in this work is “November 7, 1994: Amashin Archaic Hall”. As you can see in the main story, it was a concert three days before the last day of Tokyo. This show has been known for the Langley label’s famous sound board “MACHINE GUN OSAKA”, but this work is one that should be called the video version.
It will be the Osaka edition with exactly the same concept as the main press DVD, but there is also a reason why this is content with the bonus DVDR. That is the shooting method. Although the main press DVD is a one-shot, the photographer chased the highlights, and not only the superb view but also the camera work of the master was finished as a wonderful “video work”. On the other hand, although this work is also taken by the people involved, there is no photographer there. I installed the camera in a superb view spot (probably on the mix table) and kept shooting at a still angle. And, if you keep recording without looking through the viewfinder, it is strictly forbidden to zoom out of the frame. In other words, we continue to capture the stage with a panoramic view of the pull.
To be honest, unlike the Tokyo performance, I can’t expect facial expressions or hands, but I’m still attracted because the voice is transcendent. That’s right, the feeling of “a masterpiece MACHINE GUN OSAKA to see with the eyes” is wonderful. If you remember “MACHINE GUN OSAKA”, which was a completely official class, you can imagine the real thrill of moving that super-famous board. The feeling of peeping into the scene with Zack’s action and light show synchronized with the performance is irresistible (the audience voice is also left because it will be completely silent while waiting for the encore).
And the distant view is not so bad. Of course, the appearance of each member is not very clear, but the fixed angle gives a strong sense of behind the scenes. In other words, it can be said that “the staff is looking at the show in the console room”. A very thick sound directly connected to the table that does not give the audience a sense of realism is poured into the brain, and the monitor is watched as if watching the progress of the show. The gap between the awakened feeling and the enthusiastic performance creates a unique experience that cannot be experienced anywhere else (I highly recommend watching with headphones to get a clearer sense of staff).

This is the Osaka edition with “Soundboards directly connected to the people involved” that you can’t taste anywhere else. Since the sound board master was very similar to “MACHINE GUN OSAKA”, it was not released on CD, but conversely, this work is even one that evolved from that super-famous sound board to “with video”. There is. In a different sense from the Tokyo performance of the main press DVD, this is a video masterpiece with an interesting perspective unique to those involved. Please enjoy it together.

オリジナルのHi8ビデオマスター(FUJI E6-120)からの抜粋
サウンドボードのオーディオは、元のDATマスター(SONY DT-120)から取得されます。

この作品に収録されている公演は「1994年11月7日あましんアルカイックホール」。本編にあるように、東京最終日の3日前のコンサートでした。このショーは、ラングレーレーベルの有名なサウンドボード「MACHINE GUN OSAKA」で知られていますが、この作品はビデオバージョンと呼ばれるべきものです。


1. Pre-Show ★ Stage scenery before the start Valuable
2. Toe’n The Line
3. Horse Called War
4. Harvester Of Pain
5. The Chosen One
6. Losin’Your Mind
7. Troubled Wine
8 . Member Introduction
9. Machine Gun Man
10. Sweet Jesus
11. Fadin’Away
12. Lovin’ Woman
13. Fairies Wear Boots
14. War Pigs
15. Shine On

Bonus Track
16. Digest (with Original Video Mike Sound) * This is the only camera microphone sound (precious in a sense)



COLOUR NTSC Approx.119min.

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