Pink Floyd / Wish You Were Here / Animals Japanese First Pressing / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Wish You Were Here / Animals Japanese First Pressing / 2CD / Non Label

Translated Text:
1982 First Japanese CD Pressing (35DP 4) & 1985 First Japanese CD Pressing (32DP-360 11)

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The highest peak sound board that the world admits is appearing in press CD. Lord of the sound, familiar famous record “WISH YOU WERE HERE” and “ANIMALS”. A set of Japanese press 1st press CD (Matrix “35DP 4” “2DP-360 11”) which was each world’s first CD set. It was once popular as a gift board, but it finally appeared in permanent preservation 2 set.
Music that attracts people ‘s mind is something that requires its vertices. The more songs are, the more the performance glows, the more they want to feel the light with the most beautiful possible. I want to experience the beauty of the limit … …. This is a human instinct that feels “beauty” to the vibration of air. Of course, it can not be an exception to lock. A mania from all over the world has asked for “the best sound experience” and gathered a great board put on every media of every country, and we have explored the vertex. This work is an “answer” that the journey of exploration that has been done with “WISH YOU WERE HERE” and “ANIMALS” has arrived.

As a result of the quest trip, there were two “answers” found out. One is British Harvest Board Original Edition LP (the most stateful one). Another is the first CD manufactured by Japanese CBS Sony in the 1980s. This is not what our shop decided. The consensus that the top mania of the world derived. For example, a well-known engineer: Steve Hoffman’s bulletin board has sound experts and strong maniacs gathered together, but this is the result of repeated discussions at those places.
Of course, it is reasonable that British original original LP produced from Omoto master itself is wonderful. What is sent to other countries is the copy master, and the original is different before cutting (in fact, the Japanese version LP “ANIMALS” etc could not be the top).
But why then did Japanese version of the CD came to the top? Although mysteries are still left, the main factor is in the time (it is said). For example, when speaking on “WISH YOU WERE HERE”, it was the first time in the world that Japan made the CD first. That was on 1st October 1982. As the world’s first CD player was released by major Japanese manufacturers, the world’s first music CD was released on the same day. There were about dozens of titles, mainly rock, pop, classical, one of which was “WISH YOU WERE HERE”. Although this 1st press CD featured the “blue cap band” and the gold board, the production period was short, and in 1985 the mastering changed to a 2nd press (“32DP 359” in the red cap band). The 1st press CD of the “blue cap belt” became a phantom item that rarely appears in the second hand market, and now it became a very rare item to be traded at a high price of tens of thousands of yen in the auction.
Although the talk diverged, the 1st press CD was digitally transferred independently in Japan, but the one used at that time was the youngest generation, or the original master tape itself. Moreover, without applying compression, a CD in a flat transfer state that closely resembled the process of making an analog record was manufactured. That is, it is the only CD that you can listen to the pure sound of the master tape itself as raw.
Even if I try to do the same thing in modern times, I can not do it again. “WISH YOU WERE HERE” is the first CD in 1982, “ANIMALS” in 1985. Only 7 – 8 years since the original release have been done, and the Omoto master has not been exposed to time trials. As it was digitized at that time, as of over 40 years passed now, “sound” and “beauty” that had disappeared from the Omoto master also remained.

The sound of such Japanese press 1st press CD is certainly supreme. It is distinctive compared to the current remaster CD. To tell the truth, the first thing I notice is the conservative volume, but this is also evidence that compressor and limiter sound pressure processing is not applied at all. And the natural sound is superb above anything else. Although the current remaster CD is also excellent, the act is felt in the stereoscopic feeling. This may be easier to understand for modest performances than for parts that flashy to and from stereo. For example, “Dogs” intro. A small synth rings behind the acoustic cutting, but this sounds sepa- rately separated. Each of synths and guitars has irregularities as if the peaks were pulled up with tweezers separately, which has a three-dimensional feeling. On the other hand, the Japanese press 1st press CD, synchronized with Akogi and synth creates a large three dimensional feeling of swell. I think that the current CD is well made to the detail, but look at the trees and do not see the forest. I tried to make it “dynamic,” too much, I painted one tree strongly, and it became an unnatural picture as a forest. The Japanese version 1st Press CD is a beautiful “whole picture” that one tree is drawn to detail, but it woven together as a whole. The scene that Floyd tried to create was transmitted to Nature first.
Of course, these differences are felt in every scene. The Japanese version 1st press CD has modest sounds remaining modestly in a modest manner, and the current CD is transparent in the intention of “let us hear the sounds I did not notice”. Japanese version 1st press CD is beautifully kept up to the moment the guitar’s long sound disappears but the current remastered CD sounds like pulling up the guitar sound of the mashed master and shaping it. “Sound” and “Beauty” as natural as Floyd himself drew, “WISH YOU WERE HERE” of “Blue Cap Belt”, “11” added to the catalog number “2DP-360” “ANIMALS It is only left in “.
The greatest “WISH YOU WERE HERE” and “ANIMALS” that the world’s maniacs have sought and found. A two-sheet set engraved with the “answer” recognized by the world. It is a cultural heritage that can also be called the Holy Grail of Rock. By all means, please experience.

世界が認める最高峰サウンド盤がプレスCDで登場です。そのサウンドの主とは、言わずと知れた名盤『WISH YOU WERE HERE』と『ANIMALS』。それぞれの世界初CD化であった日本盤1stプレスCD(マトリクス「35DP 4」「2DP-360 11」)をセット。かつてギフト盤としても大好評を博しましたが、遂に永久保存2枚組で登場です。
人の心を惹きつける音楽というのは、その頂点を求められるもの。曲が素晴らしいほど、演奏が輝くほど、その光を可能な限りの美しさで感じ取りたい。限界の美を体験したい……。これは空気の振動に“美”を感じてしまう人間の本能と言えるものです。もちろん、ロックとて例外ではあり得ない。世界中のマニアが“最高峰の音体験”を求め、あらゆる国のあらゆるメディアに乗せられた名盤をかき集め、その頂点を探ってきました。本作は、『WISH YOU WERE HERE』と『ANIMALS』で行われてきた探求の旅が行き着いた“ひとつの回答”なのです。

しかし、それではなぜCDでは日本盤が頂点になったのか。未だ謎も残されていますが、主な要因は時期にある(と言われています)。例えば、『WISH YOU WERE HERE』でお話ししますと、世界に先駆けて初めてCD化したのが日本でした。それは1982年10月1日のこと。日本の大手メーカーより世界初のCDプレーヤーが発売されるのに合わせ、世界初となる音楽CDも同日発売されました。ロック、ポップス、クラシックを中心に約数十タイトルがありましたが、その1つが『WISH YOU WERE HERE』だったのです。この1stプレスCDは「青キャップ帯」とゴールド盤が特徴だったものの、生産期間が短く1985年にはマスタリングも異なる2ndプレス(赤キャップ帯の「32DP 359」)に切り替わってしまいました。「青キャップ帯」の1stプレスCDは中古市場にも滅多に現れない幻のアイテムとなり、今ではオークションで数万円の高値で取引されるほどの激レア品となったのです。
しかも、現代で同じ事をしようと思っても二度とできない。『WISH YOU WERE HERE』の初CD化は1982年で、『ANIMALS』は1985年。オリジナル・リリースから7年-8年の歳月しか経っておらず、大元マスターも時間の試練に晒されていない。その時点でデジタル化されたため、40年以上が経ってしまった現在では、大元マスターからも消えてしまったであろう“音”と“美”が残されたのです。

もちろん、こうした差異はあらゆるシーンで感じられる。日本盤1stプレスCDはささやかな音はささやかなまま美しく残っており、現行CDでは「気付かなかった音も聴かせよう」の意図が透ける。日本盤1stプレスCDはギターの長音は消える瞬間まで綺麗にヴァイヴが残されていますが、現行リマスターCDは薄れてしまったマスターのギター音を引っ張り上げて形を整えようとして聞こえる。この自然な、フロイド自身が描いた通りの“音”と“美”は、「青キャップ帯」の『WISH YOU WERE HERE』、カタログ番号「2DP-360」に「11」が加えられた『ANIMALS』にしか残っていないのです。
世界のマニアが探し求め、そして見つけ出した至高の『WISH YOU WERE HERE』と『ANIMALS』。世界が認めた“回答”を刻印した2枚組。まさにロックの聖杯とも言うべき文化遺産。ぜひ、ご体験ください。


1982 First Japanese CD Pressing (35DP 4)

1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5) 2. Welcome To The Machine 3. Have A Cigar
4. Wish You Were Here 5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6-9)

ANIMALS (41:50)
1985 First Japanese CD Pressing (32DP-360 11)

1. Pigs On The Wing (Part I) 2. Dogs 3. Pigs (Three Different Ones)
4. Sheep 5. Pigs On The Wing (Part II)

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