Deep Purple / Definitive Philadelphia 1991 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Deep Purple / Definitive Philadelphia 1991 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Darker Than Blue

Live at Tower Theater, Upper Darby Township, PA, USA 20th April 1991 Plus Bonus DVDR ” Hartford 1991″ . Stereo SBD

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Translated Text:

Joe Lynn Turner era that was also abandoned from official archives. Its up-to-date stereo sound board is upgraded. It is permanent preservation decision with fullness.
It is contained in such a work is “Tower · Theater Performance April 20, 1991 (It is noteworthy as” the venue of Philadelphia worldwide “worldwide, but the strict location is the upper Darby side adjacent to the city border) “. It’s that superb sound board recording. Even in a long history, Joe era is inequitable during treatment. Speaking of DEEP PURPLE, it is an official archive progressive band, and the big standard of the boot leg is also formulated considerably as well as the new excavation. However, “SLAVES AND MASTERS WORLD TOUR 1991” is an exception in the exception. It is ignored as if denying the existence itself, and I can not even feel the sign of the archive.
It can not be helped if there is no story itself, but it is not. There are many excellent professional shots and sound boards left behind. At our shop, we have archived a number of such masterpiece records. First let’s organize the collection.

● Pro Shot
· February 4: Ostrava “WICKED NIGHT”
· February 5: Budapest “MASTER OF HUNGARY”
· February 6: Zagreb ‘MASTER OF HUNGARY’

● Sound board
· March 15: London “SLAVES AND MASTER TAPES”
· April 20: Philadelphia ← 【this work】
· August 20: Sao Paulo “SLAVES AND MASTER TAPES”
· August 21: Sao Paulo “SLAVES AND MASTER TAPES”
· September 28: Tel Aviv “ISRAEL FIRE”

More than 8 shows. Especially, the sound board has the finest quality, press CD such as “SLAVES AND MASTER TAPES” “ISRAEL FIRE” is very popular. Among them, Philadelphia was the only one that had not been permanently preserved. In other words, this work is the last one piece to make the sound board collection of “SLAVES AND MASTERS TOUR” perfect.
※ Note: Pro shot “WICKED NIGHT” is a bonus DVDR of “ISRAEL FIRE”, “MASTER OF HUNGARY” can be purchased with gift DVDR.

【Supreme peak sound board of the SLAVES AND MASTERS era】
To say that it was the last time I thought that the quality was reasonable … or rather it was the opposite. Actually, this sound board has been known for a long time since super high sound quality, and “BURNING PURPLE” other titles have become large standard. Especially overwhelming is a mix that makes you feel elegant. As a matter of fact, “SLAVES AND MASTER TAPES” is a sound board with a spill that seems to be South America, and “ISRAEL FIRE” was a strong sound of Israel’s broadcasting habit. On the contrary, this work in authentic American recording is all beautifully arranged, and you can feel up to the “work feeling” which is different dimension from sound board rolling out. Moreover, this work is its highest peak. Although the basic criterion is high, the master freshness has difficulty and it is noisy, or the pitch is greatly mad. Even though I could agree with that, there was not a “study” board. In contrast, this work has no such shortcomings. The beginning of “Burn” (only a few bars of Intro · riff is missing) is the same as the preexisting group, but the exact pitch and glittering sound is iron walls.
The highest peak so far was our gift board “THE TOWER OF BABEL”, but this work is even more amazing. The difference is clear by listening compare. The freshness of one sound is completely different, its vivid contour makes even the “skimmer” feel, and the ensemble is drawn in three dimensions. Even if we say “official grade” to one person, it is actually quite inconspicuous, but this work is also a “masterpiece grade” sound rather than “excavation class” in official standards. It is the very vertex of “SLAVES AND MASTERS TOUR” and it is the one most suitable for “official live album substitution”.

【Theatrical release live album transcending collection value】
And the show drawn at its top quality is also wonderful. In Eastern Europe earlier in the tour, Joe’s strange play came over (it got renowned as a pro shot), but here it is enough to step through the venue nearly 40 plays. It also freely responds to flexible show which is different from RAINBOW, and improvisation fake phrase is also moist and perfectly decided. And above all, enthusiasm. American joe is well-informed of her home country show. The confidence and motivation that came back as a “singer of DEEP PURPLE” overflows.
To tell the truth, Ritchie and John are not freaky with a free in-pro, but it is not like I do not feel motivated either. Riffs and phrases have chippiness and the ensemble is very tight. Strong “Perfect Strangers” “Knockin ‘At Your Back Door” is also good, but I’d especially like to hear “The Cut Runs Deep” by all means. As the explosion explodes, the intro explodes and John ‘s glittery Kana phrase dances in the dance. And Joe ‘s rocky roar barking with a beat that tightly pushes the beat is a natural vocalization. How cool it is …. Although it is in the Joe era where the image is not good due to the subsequent remarks, full power was poured on the scene and it was shining without doubt. It can be enjoyed plenty with the super best sound board.

It is the final one piece of the collection and the best super best stereo sound board in “SLAVES AND MASTERS TOUR”. It is the highest peak board. It is absolutely a collection, but it is a masterpiece of a live album once again noticing the unique taste of the Joe era that is often overlooked. One page of DEEP PURPLE history whose officials are missing. By all means, please fully enjoy with the permanent preservation press 2CD.

そんな本作に収められているのは「1991年4月20日タワー・シアター公演(世界的に“フィラデルフィアの名会場”として著名ですが、厳密な所在地は市境に隣接したアッパーダービー側)」。その極上サウンドボード録音です。長い歴史でも、ジョー時代は不遇中の不遇。DEEP PURPLEと言えば、公式アーカイヴの進んだバンドであり、新発掘はもちろんブートレッグの大定番もかなり公式化されています。しかし、そんな中で“SLAVES AND MASTERS WORLD TOUR 1991”は例外中の例外。まるで存在そのものを否定するかのように無視され、アーカイヴの気配さえ感じられません。

・2月4日:オストラヴァ『WICKED NIGHT』
・2月5日:ブダペスト『MASTER OF HUNGARY』
・2月6日:ザグレブ 『MASTER OF HUNGARY』

・4月20日:フィラデルフィア ←【本作】
・9月28日:テルアビブ『ISRAEL FIRE』

以上、8公演分。特にサウンドボードは極上クオリティが揃っており、『SLAVES AND MASTER TAPES』『ISRAEL FIRE』といったプレスCDが大好評となっています。その中で唯一、永久保存となっていなかったのがフィラデルフィア公演。つまり、本作は“SLAVES AND MASTERS TOUR”のサウンドボード・コレクションを完璧にする最後の1ピースなのです。

【SLAVES AND MASTERS時代の最高峰サウンドボード】
最後に回ったということはクオリティもそれなり……かと思いきや、むしろ逆。実はこのサウンドボードは古くから超高音質で知られ、『BURNING PURPLE』他のタイトルが大定番となってきたもの。特に圧倒的なのは、気品まで感じさせるミックス。実のところ、『SLAVES AND MASTER TAPES』は南米らしい流出感のサウンドボードですし、『ISRAEL FIRE』もイスラエル放送のクセの強いサウンドでした。それに対し、本場アメリカ収録の本作はすべてが美しく整い、サウンドボード丸出しとは次元の違う「作品感」まで感じられるのです。しかも、本作はその最高峰。既発群は基本の基準こそ高いものの、マスター鮮度に難があってノイジーだったり、ピッチが大幅に狂っていたり。それなりに納得できても、“究める”盤はありませんでした。それに対し、本作はそうした欠点がまるでない。「Burn」の冒頭(イントロ・リフの数小節分だけです)が欠けているのは既発群と同じですが、正確なピッチも艶やかな鳴りも鉄壁なのです。
このれまでの最高峰は当店のギフト盤『THE TOWER OF BABEL』だったわけですが、本作はさらに凄い。聴き比べていただければ差は歴然。1音1音の鮮度がまるで違い、その鮮やかな輪郭は“スキマ”さえも感じさせ、アンサンブルを立体的に描き出す。ひと口に「オフィシャル級」と言っても実はピンキリだったりしますが、本作はオフィシャル基準でも「発掘級」ではなく「名盤級」のサウンド。まさしく“SLAVES AND MASTERS TOUR”の頂点であり、「公式ライヴアルバム代わり」にもっとも適した1本なのです。

そして、その頂点クオリティで描かれるショウがまた素晴らしい。ツアー序盤の東欧ではジョーが挟む妙な遊びがスベったり(それがプロショットで有名になってしまったり)もしましたが、ここでは40公演近く場数を踏んだだけに問題なし。RAINBOWとは違うフレキシブルなショウにも自在に応え、即興のフェイクフレーズもムードぴったりでビシッと決まっている。そして何より、熱気。アメリカ人のジョーは母国のショウに気合いも十分。“DEEP PURPLEのシンガー”として戻ってきた自信と意欲が溢れ出すのです。
実のところ、リッチーやジョンは自在なインプロで大暴れという感じでもないのですが、それもやる気がないのとは違う。リフやフレーズにはキレがあり、アンサンブルが非常にタイト。重厚な「Perfect Strangers」「Knockin’ At Your Back Door」も良いですが、特に「The Cut Runs Deep」はぜひお聴き頂きたい。爆発するようにイントロが炸裂し、ジョンの煌びやかなフレーズが舞いに舞う。そして、タイトに疾駆するビートを背負って吠えるジョーのロック野郎然としたヴォーカリゼイション。なんて格好いい……。その後の発言によってイメージの良くないジョー時代ではありますが、その現場では全力が注がれ、間違いなく輝いていた。それを超極上サウンドボードでたっぷりと楽しめるのです。

コレクションの最後の1ピースにして、“SLAVES AND MASTERS TOUR”でもベストな超極上ステレオ・サウンドボード。その最高峰盤です。コレクションとしても絶対ですが、それ以上に見逃されがちなジョー時代ならではの旨みに改めて気づくライヴアルバムの大傑作です。公式が見逃し続けているDEEP PURPLE史の1ページ。ぜひ、永久保存プレス2CDで存分にご堪能ください。


Disc 1 (48:31)
1. Burn 2. Black Night incl. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll 3. Child In Time/Black Night (reprise)
4. Truth Hurt 5. The Cut Runs Deep incl. Hush 6. Perfect Strangers 7. Fire In The Basement

Disc 2 (43:15)
1. Love Conquers All 2. Difficult To Cure 3. Keyboard Solo 4. Knockin’ At Your Back Door
5. Lazy 6. Highway Star 7. Smoke On The Water 8. Drum Solo incl. Hall Of The Mountain King
9. Woman From Tokyo/Smoke On The Water (reprise)

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Joe Lynn Turner – Vocal Roger Glover – Bass
Jon Lord – Keyboards Ian Paice – Drums


Darker Than Blue 266/267


Deep Purple / Hartford 1991 / 1Single DVDR / Non label
Live at Civic Centre, Hartford, CT. USA 18th April 1991

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Translated text:

In addition to perfecting the sound board collection, the main press 2CD is a famous masterpiece that is the highest peak in the Joe Lynn Turner era. But the wonderful live album is wonderful, the sight that spreads over that “other side” is also anxious. So I prepared a masterpiece image of the same North American leg as the main press press 2CD specially.
Such a work is contained in “Hartford Performance on April 18, 1991”. It is a superb audience shot taken two days before the main press 2CD. Let’s check the position of the show from the whole picture of “SLAVES AND MASTERS WORLD TOUR 1991” here because we omitted it in the explanation of this volume.

· February 2 – March 17: Europe # 1 (30 performances)
· April 10 – May 15: North America (9 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· June 24 – July 3: Asia (6 shows)
· August 16 – 24: South America (7 shows)
· September 14 – 29: Europe # 2 + Israel (7 performances)

This is the world tour of DEEP PURPLE during Joe era. Joe ‘s home country in the U.S. has only nine performances, Philadelphia performance of the main press 2CD was its seventh performances, Hartford performance of this work was a concert which was the fifth show.
It is two days later and it can be said that it is the video version of the main press press 2 CD, but the quality of this work is so strong that it even blows it off. First of all, image quality is abnormal. It is supposed to be a video shoot of an era pattern analog, but it is not so much image beauty in recent digital shooting. This tour was a dazzling laser beam that was coloring the illusion, but the brightness of each one, the outline is dazzling. It is an Audience shot of a one camera, but if it is just picture quality, it is an official grade.
Of course, no matter how good the picture quality is, there is no point in shaking hands, but this work transcends both angle and camera work. The angle is amazing. I’m shooting from the second floor in front of the stage, but the audience is not reflected on the screen whether it was in the front row. Besides the arms and heads of the front row, even the audience of the first floor appears only momentarily, only the stage and DEEP PURPLE jump into the field of vision is the finest angle.
And camera work. When pulling it, I can hold down the stage comfortably, but I will put a zooming attack zoom from there. It’s wonderful that way, go up to the target member, highlight with great speed. Although it is difficult to see at a stroke if you shake it as it is, this photographer does not do such a thing. Sometime you go to Joe, return quickly to the full view, quickly to Richie’s solo, and back to the whole view again this time to lightshow … … and zoom in / out accurately. By doing this, keeping the stability feeling while keeping the highlighted place, and letting the whole picture of the show grasp. Besides, it seems familiar with the song and the directing of the show, the camera “will not be late”. I will not stop hurriedly after being a sightseeing spot, next time here, next time will be … and so on, as if I was doing image training beforehand. It is a splendid technique that we have to call as “single person multi camera”.
Even further, the sound is amazing. It is an audience / sound that hot enthusiasm is blowing out, but it clearly clears up like a scene of zero obstruction. Because Joe came back to my home country America, it is the best condition of Joe, but its well-extended voice is wonderful and beautiful. Soulful tune-ups, vibrato with a bluesy emotion are also brilliant. Was it inspired by Jolie of such a nori, Richie’s action is intense, it plays it pleasantly. Of course, John ‘s majestic organ and drumming’ s drumming are clear up to a single shot, and you can taste plenty of great shows.
In addition, the dreadfulness of Todome is the excitement of the venue. Although there is an image that is popular when it is called Joe era, the enthusiasm of this work is like a great heyday. It is a great success in thinking that “DEEP PURPLE whole history has been exciting so far”, it is a bass solo or a jam, it will be a new song but a big cheers and a clapping flying. This time, the performance should also be Age Bean. I wish I had a wonderful show of Japanese performance so far ….

When saying “SLAVES AND MASTERS WORLD TOUR 1991”, even professional shots were now many of the image quality, but this work is completely exceptional. It is a masterpiece image in which violent enthusiasm and superb performance with such quality, singing voice can be enjoyed with tapri. “Actually Joe Lynn Turner era was amazing !?” … … I do not know if that is the truth or illusion, but hard rock packed in this work is definitely amazing. One that would represent a short era. Please enjoy it carefully with the super best sound board board “DEFINITIVE PHILADELPHIA 1991”.

★ In Richie related images, it is one of the best in recent years. Astounding quality.
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そんな本作に収められているのは「1991年4月18日ハートフォード公演」。本編プレス2CDの2日前に撮影された極上オーディエンス・ショットです。本編の解説では省略しましたので、ここで“SLAVES AND MASTERS WORLD TOUR 1991”の全体像からショウのポジションを確認してみましょう。

・4月10日-5月15日:北米(9公演) ←★ココ★

これがジョー時代DEEP PURPLEのワールドツアー。ジョーの母国アメリカでのショウはわずか9公演だけであり、本編プレス2CDのフィラデルフィア公演はその7公演目、本作のハートフォード公演は5公演目にあたるコンサートでした。
もちろん、いかに画質が優れていても手ブレばりばりでは意味がありませんが、本作はアングルもカメラワークも超絶。まずアングルが凄い。ステージ正面の2階から撮影しているのですが、最前列だったのか画面に観客が映り込まない。前列の腕や頭ばかりか、1階席の観客すら瞬間的にしか映らず、ただただひたすらステージとDEEP PURPLEだけが視界に飛び込む極上アングルなのです。
さらにトドメの凄味は、会場の盛り上がり。ジョー時代というと人気が今ひとつなイメージがありますが、本作の熱気はまるで大全盛期。「DEEP PURPLE全史でも、ここまで盛り上がったことがある?」と思うほどの大盛況でして、ベースソロだろうがジャムだろうが新曲だろうが大喝采と手拍子が飛ぶ飛ぶ。こりゃあ、演奏もアゲアゲになるはずです。日本公演もここまで素晴らしかったら良かったのに……。

“SLAVES AND MASTERS WORLD TOUR 1991”と言うと、プロショットでさえ今イチな画質のものが多かったのですが、本作はまったくの別格。そんなクオリティで猛烈な熱狂と絶好調の演奏、歌声がタップリと堪能できる大傑作映像です。「実はジョー・リン・ターナー時代って凄かった!?」……それが真実か錯覚かは分かりませんが、本作に詰まっているハードロックは間違いなく凄い。短かった一時代を代表することになるであろう1本。超極上サウンドボード盤『DEFINITIVE PHILADELPHIA 1991』と共に、じっくりとお楽しみください。


1. Intro. 2. Burn 3. Black Night 4. Truth Hurts 5. The Cut Runs Deep 6. Perfect Strangers
7. Fire In The Basement 8. Love Conquers All 9. Blues 10. Difficult To Cure 11. Jon Lord Solo
12. Knocking At Your Back Door 13. Lazy 14. Highway Star 15. Smoke On The Water

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Joe Lynn Turner – Vocal Roger Glover – Bass
Jon Lord – Keyboards Ian Paice – Drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx.92min.

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