Paul McCartney & Wings / Wings Promo Edits Collection / 2CD

Paul McCartney & Wings / Wings Promo Edits Collection / 2CD / Misterclaudel

Original Master Recordings 1970-1979. Digitally Remastered

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Than mania must-have M Claudel label, title was recorded edit / mix, which has been recorded in only promo Wings of time will be released. That as the promotion of new music, 70s Wings had activities are on-air on the radio had been important. There were also many phenomena important or get to broadcast to pick up their songs to how each DJ, song of the new bands that hit on fire from the local radio station actually. If you want someone to air in a limited of airtime of radio, there are time constraints To shed 6 minutes 5 minutes through all that to make it easier on the air more, has been distributed as a promo to , those of the form that you have to edit the original, condensed the essence of the song I was made ​​many. This work will be a collection of versions that have been recorded only in the promo.

Mean that promo edit of radio broadcast, and only version that feel fresh ears that I was used to listen to the original version. Most notably is “Jet”, ending up from the intro, what are summarized in very compact it is a surprise. Also I think also, such as “whisper of Heart” and “girl of wine color”, since it is slightly different with the release version, it’s try to compare the sound also whether Ikkyo. Press record firmly permanent preservation of the beautiful picture disc specification.



01. Another Day promo mono
02. Oh Woman Oh Why promo mono
03. Country Dreamer promo mono
04. Jet promo edit mono
05. Band On The Run promo edit mono
06. Band On The Run promo edit stereo
07. Junior’s Farm promo edit mono
08. Sally G promo mono
09. Walking In The Park With Eloise promo mono
10. Letting Go promo mono
11. Letting Go promo stereo
12. Venus And Mars single edit stereo
13. Silly Love Songs promo edit stereo
14. Let ‘Em In promo edit mono
15. Let ‘Em In promo edit stereo

01. Maybe I’m Amazed promo mono
02. Maybe I’m Amazed promo edit mono
03. Maybe I’m Amazed promo edit stereo
04. Seaside Woman german mix stereo
05. Mull Of Kintyre promo edit stereo
06. Girl’s School promo edit stereo
07. With A Little Luck promo edit mono
08. With A Little Luck promo edit stereo
09. I’ve Had Enough promo mono
10. London Town promo edit mono
11. London Town promo edit stereo
12. Goodnight Tonight extended stereo
13. Goodnight Tonight single edit stereo
14. Goodnight Tonight promo mono
15. Getting Closer promo mono




Misterclaudel. MCCD-326/327

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