Paul McCartney & Wings / Seattle Kingdom 1976 / 1DVD

Paul McCartney & Wings / Seattle Kingdom 1976 / 1DVD / Non Label
The Kingdome, Seattle, Washington, USA 10th June 1976 PRO-SHOT(UPGRADE)

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The now dead Seattle dome. The stadium, which opened in March 1976, is a large venue boasting state-of-the-art equipment, and alongside Pontiac’s Silver Dome, the supergroups of the time were holding concerts. Led Zeppelin is the most prominent example of this, and it is a new memory that the definitive soundboard album “SEATTLE 1977” was released based on live images from 1977. As you can see from the professional shot video that was the source of their sound source, King Dome can mobilize more than 60,000 spectators at the time of the concert, so the latest video system that shows the concert pattern on the screen in the venue Was equipped with. Wings was the first rock group to benefit from King Dome for its state-of-the-art equipment and the ability to mobilize a large audience.
Actually, Kingdom’s first rock concert (June 10th) is Wings, and by starting from them, the image of a big venue used when big guys hold a concert in Seattle is completed. Furthermore, the movie “ROCK SHOW” from the 1976 Over America Tour is reminiscent of Kingdom and Wings.
The movie that was recorded at King Dome because the opening was exactly the performance of “Venus And Mars / Rock Show” at King Dome, and because it was said that it was recorded at the same venue for a while after the release. I thought it was just that. However, what has happened is that the research done by enthusiasts over the last two decades revealed that the kingdom had only four takes, most of which were recorded at the LA Forum on Tour Senshu. It was. However, Kingdom has a different image from the Wings stage “ROCKSHOW” for the above reasons. That was the video for this day’s screen.

This video leaked out in the 1990s, but at that time there was an image of “ROCKSHOW” equal, kingdom, so it was taken as a short-circuit like an outtake of “ROCKSHOW” video. It was However, while “ROCKSHOW” was actually recorded on film for movies, the screen images were recorded on video tape. Therefore, the shooting route and image quality are totally different. And above all, it included a great value that the real kingdom performances that were few in “ROCKSHOW” could be seen abundantly.
Unlike “ROCKSHOW”, it is not a video that is supposed to be released, but it is just a screen image recorded for recording. That’s why Jimmy McCulloch’s “Medicine Jar” had a big cut when he started playing guitar solo, and unfortunately the whole “Yesterday” was not recorded at the timing when he changed the videotape. Will be missed. And it is not recorded in the latter half of the live. Since it was misunderstood that most of the recordings were recorded as “ROCKSHOW” at the beginning, it was a very valuable image, but it did not attract much attention.

The value of this video is high as a document that not only records the stage of the genuine king dome, but also the relaxing state between the songs that were almost cut in “ROCKSHOW”. For example, the figure of Paul, who can be funny after finishing “Lady Madonna”. Or Paul, who finished “Yesterday,” laughs and laughs with Denny Lane (behind that, Trevor Jones is setting the microphone). And sitting and relaxing between the songs of the acoustic set. Most of the relaxing scenes from such live performances were mostly cut off in the film.
In addition, “ROCKSHOW”, which was filmed, had the impression that it was dark overall, but the place where you can feel the brightness of the actual stage is unique to the video. Regarding sound, it is a sound board of video feed like ZEP’s king dome, but it is a famous story that “ROCKSHOW” replaced Linda and Denny’s back chorus all over, and overdubbed even cheers. Therefore, this is also valuable in that it conveys the liveliness of the actual live performance without replacement.

It was familiar from the video era that it was a professional shot video, but as the distribution branched off, it would result in flooding of lightly colored copies. Rather, it seems that this situation is more common now. However, this time, I got the exclusive copy of the vivid copy of the color tones, which I didn’t dubb very often, and made it to DVD. As I said earlier, the original is not a video that is supposed to be released, and the roughness of the 1970s video image can be seen not a little, but still the image quality is definitely higher than the version that was on the market in the past. Is improving.
Also, with this release, rather than simply recording the screen image, the appearance before the opening of the King Dome that was seen in the tour document “WINGS OVER THE WORLD” was added at the beginning to make the concert more realistic. Furthermore, as a video adjust that makes the maniac growl, an additional recording of the performance scene of the king dome broadcast on the American news program “GOOD NIGHT AMERICA” is added. Especially, “Yesterday” should be noted. Unfortunately, the performance scene of the song, which was not recorded in the video, is completely included here. This is a film shoot, but the angle is completely different from “ROCKSHOW”, and the live scene of the Beatles “A HARD DAY’S NIGHT” is slightly overlapped.
The two songs at the end of the live were also played during “GOOD NIGHT AMERICA”, but this is a fragmentary one that seems to be a news program. However, with such careful editing, the longest version of the kingdom image was realized. Not to mention the upper feeling of the screen image itself, it is a video item that conveys the true excitement of the kingdom show more than “ROCKSHOW”. In the first place, there are many maniacs who do not know that news images existed in Kingdom. Therefore, the longest and best version will finally satisfy even the enthusiasts who have become accustomed to the video era!

・A leaked professional shot with a different camera angle from the movie “Rockshow”
・Upgrade source with brighter colors than the existing ones
・Missing “Yesterday”, “Silly Love Songs”, and “Band On The Run” from the Monday Night Special broadcast source
・From “Wings Over The World”, supplement the video before the start

今は亡きシアトルのキングドーム。同スタジアムも1976年3月にオープンした登場は最新鋭の設備を誇った大会場であり、ポンティアックのシルバードームと並んで当時のスーパーグループがこぞってコンサートを開いていたものです。レッド・ツェッペリンなどはその最たる例で、77年のライブ映像を元にしたサウンドボード・アルバムの決定版「SEATTLE 1977」がリリースされたのは記憶に新しいところ。彼らの音源の元になったプロショット映像からも解るように、キングドームはコンサート時に6万人以上の観客を動員できるということから、会場内のスクリーンにコンサートの模様を映し出す最新のビデオ・システムを備えていたのです。こうした最新鋭の設備と大量の観客動員が可能というキングドームの恩恵を最初に受けたロックグループがウイングスでした。
オープニングが正にキングドームでの「Venus And Mars / Rock Show」の演奏を採用していたこと、さらに公開後しばらくは同会場での収録と喧伝されていたせいでキングドームにて収録された映画だとばかり思われていたものです。ところがどうでしょう、ここ20年の間にマニアが行った調査によって、実のところキングドームのテイクはたった4曲で、大半はツアー千秋楽のLAフォーラムで収録されたものだったということが判明してしまいました。しかしキングドームは先の理由からウイングスのステージが「ROCKSHOW」とは別の映像が存在する。それがこの日のスクリーン用映像だったのです。

もっとも「ROCKSHOW」と違って公開を前提とした映像ではなく、あくまでスクリーン映像を記録用に録画したに過ぎない。そのせいでジミー・マカロックの「Medicine Jar」では彼がギターソロを弾き始めたところで大きなカットが入ってしまったり、さらには運悪くビデオテープの交換に当たってしまったタイミングで「Yesterday」が丸ごと未収録という点が惜しまれます。そしてライブ後半も未収録。こうした録画状態、さらに当初は大半が「ROCKSHOW」とダブるのではと誤解されていたことから、非常に貴重な映像であった割に注目を浴びませんでした。

この映像の貴重さは純正キングドームのステージを収録しているというだけでなく、「ROCKSHOW」だとほとんどカットされてしまった曲間のくつろいだ様子なども見られるドキュメントとしての価値の高さ。例えば「Lady Madonna」を終えた後でおどけるポールの姿。あるいは「Yesterday」を終えたポールがデニー・レインと二人で何やらゲラゲラ笑う(その後ろではあのトレバー・ジョーンズがマイクをセッティング中)。そしてアコースティック・セットの曲間における座ってくつろいだ様子など。こうしたライブならではのくつろいだ場面のほとんどが映画ではほとんどカットされていたという。

また今回のリリースに当たっては単にスクリーン用映像を収録するのではなく、ツアードキュメント「WINGS OVER THE WORLD」で見られたキングドーム開演前の様子を最初に付け加えてコンサートの臨場感を演出。さらにマニアを唸らせる映像アジャストとして、アメリカのニュース番組「GOODNIGHT AMERICA」にて放送されたキングドームの演奏シーンを追加収録。中でも注目すべきは「Yesterday」。不幸にもビデオには録画されなかった同曲の演奏シーンがここでは完全に収められているのです。こちらはフィルム撮影ですが「ROCKSHOW」とはまったくアングルが異なっており、しかもビートルズ「A HARD DAY’S NIGHT」のライブシーンがうっすらオーバーラップされるという粋な演出。
ライブ終盤の二曲もこれまた「GOODNIGHT AMERICA」の間で流されたものですが、こちらはニュース番組らしく断片的なもの。しかし、こうした念入りな編集によってキングドーム映像の最長版が実現したのです。言うなればスクリーン映像本体のアッパー感はもとより、「ROCKSHOW」以上に本当のキングドーム・ショウの熱狂を伝えてくれる映像アイテム。そもそもキングドームにニュース映像が存在していたことを知らないマニアも少なくないかと。よってビデオ時代から見慣れてきたマニアにも絶対に満足していただける、最長&ベスト・バージョンが遂に!

・欠落している「Yesterday」「Silly Love Songs」「Band On The Run」はMonday Night Specialの放送ソースより補填
・「Wings Over The World」より、開演前の映像補填


1. Introduction
2. Venus And Mars
3. Rock Show
4. Jet
5. Let Me Roll It
6. Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
7. Medicine Jar
8. Maybe I’m Amazed
9. Call Me Back Again
10. Lady Madonna
11. The Long And Winding Road
12. Live And Let Die
13. Picasso’s Last Words (Drink To Me)
14. Richard Cory
15. Bluebird
16. I’ve Just Seen A Face
17. Blackbird
18. Yesterday
19. You Gave Me The Answer
20. My Love
21. Listen To What The Man Said
22. Let ‘Em In
23. Silly Love Songs
24. Band On The Run


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