Paul McCartney / Tokyo Dome 1990 / 4CD+1DVD

Paul McCartney / Tokyo Dome 1990 / 4CD+1DVD / Non Label

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Tokyo Dome, Tokyo,3rd & 5th March 1990.



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 Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, p 3rd & 5th March 1990 TRULY AMAZING / PERFECT SOUND (from Original Masters)  Of the 1990 year-to-date day Tokyo Dome performance of Paul, our store has released “2ND NIGHT AT THE DOME” has built a solid position as the definitive edition For March 5.I tied that boasted a sound image and on Kurianesu unprecedented and to its reputation as an Audience recording that captures the live at Tokyo Dome of this era. But this title is SOLD OUT last year. Will not think of coming to Japan Paul also be realized again No way at that time. It was that sold out name van also being missed.But I’m supposed to get as many things Paul visit to Japan this time is that since the decision, “that name board do not fit in the other hand” to query the “2ND NIGHT ~”. It was enough to be introduced to be “hard-to-find now” in the magazine even, but in the pole Japan tour that began at last rise, will be released the recurrence version our store fully prepared.  However, this time will be with the release of as an upgrade package for the best rather than just a recurrence. Coupling performances March 3 items by pressing the CD did not exist until now first. Became the original sound source is the same CD-R that Masterport label was released in over a decade as “IT’S GREAT TO BE BACK”. Version that was remastered a few years ago has emerged as a gift item this, but dared remastered again further this time, I finished it to the New version of the assent even heard by the standards of the present. Also, while still on a sound surprisingly, the charm of this recording texture U~omi in analog tick. It has transformed into worthy version to the press release CD for the first time in eliminating and remastered that I made ​​use of it, the subtle muffled due to the deterioration of the tape.  It is assumed that either stir up a sensation to fans around the world just because the first day of the Japan Tour 1990 items of press CD does not exist or why is release, playing on the first day the item to be able to call version decision for a long time did not exist will also epoch-making in that captures the splendor of. It is a Japan tour that was finally realized after a period of ten years just from arrest in 1980 of the nightmare, since you’ve caught a cold in the interval of the tour had continued until then, performance schedule changes at the last minute There was a happening that.Diligent performance of the stage the first time the band and Paul was finally realized from such via, this would be a totally different atmosphere from the other live in concert in Japan. You still have no way be set in the stage of Japan to be since 1966 is fun, live vigorous and cheerful anyway was what flavor is completely different from the other day as Paul.  I fix the sound again also “2ND NIGHT ~” did on coupling it, and it was with recording in the state that is allowed to reduce the portion of the edge of the sound dome peculiar sounds, was further enhanced Kurianesu. There was a force and roughness in the sound of the 3rd March, but this is the name of recording you can not help but fall in love listening to the sound quality straight out in smarter. Playing those paying much calm by finishing the first day in it. Is often derided live Paul and less difference of each day’s always better all the time, but it is also really fun for that coupling of the two-day atmosphere of the performance is different and clearly about this. I was set in the sound quality of the strongest in the Tokyo Dome at the time the second day imposing the first and a deep hot.  And with plenty, And I are summarized in this press board also the television image of Japan in the DVD. Content nostalgic Both also only Leah was extremely well received it is still fresh in our memory, but one it gift items DVD-R from our store as “MATCHBOX AT MZA ARIAKE” and “THE HAPPIEST DAY IN MY LIFE” super luxurious contents are summarized in one, it is a single release as a software alone is this? It was a video collection of fulfilling enough I think.Image quality Ultra clear you have not faded at all even look at the current eye, press conference footage in MZA that is included on the first apt time slip and really play from six o’clock evening in the same way as two decades before it about! . Various programs cover a story about a concert in Japan first day is followed after that, seen on another camera of MZA the “Matchbox” scene, or seen in the interview camera and sound board record the performance scenes such as “Figure Of Eight” in which are. And, above all, there is something really nostalgic appearance of the person who shows and captured the Japanese Bubbly of 1990 drifting in whole book. News and video Paul party visited the tree-planting ceremony in the elementary school, to interview footage of the day that was washed away completely, “Put It There” is a song from the live of March 9 also included this time further.Image quality of these is good enough, and not just a recurrence of “2ND NIGHT ~”, which asserts that it is a gorgeous Memorial set summarized in mainly two performances first half from Japan tour that Kagayakashiki 1990 anymore. 

ポールの1990年初来日東京ドーム公演の内、3月5日に関しては当店がリリースした「2ND NIGHT AT THE DOME」が決定版として揺るぎない位置を築いています。この時代の東京ドームでのライブを捉えたオーディエンス録音としては破格のクリアネスとオンな音像を誇ったことがその定評へと結びついたのです。ところが本タイトルは昨年SOLD OUT。その時点ではまさかポールの来日が再び実現するとも思えず。名盤が惜しまれつつも完売したということでした。ところが今回のポール来日が決定してからというもの、「2ND NIGHT~」に対する「あの名盤はもう手に入らないのか」問い合わせを多数いただくようになっています。さらには専門誌でも「現在は入手困難」と紹介されるほどでしたが、遂に始まったポール来日公演が盛り上がる中、当店が満を持して再発バージョンをリリースいたします。

しかしながら、今回はただの再発どころか最高のアップグレード・パッケージとしてのリリースとなります。まず現在に至るまでプレスCDによるアイテムが存在していなかった3月3日の公演をカップリング。その元になったのはMasterportレーベルが十年以上前にリリースしていたCD-R「IT’S GREAT TO BE BACK」と同じ音源です。これは数年前にリマスターされたバージョンがギフト・アイテムとして登場しましたが、今回さらに改めてのリマスターを敢行、現在の基準で聴いても納得のニュー・バージョンへと仕上げました。この録音の魅力は驚くほどオンな音像でありつつも、アナログチックでウォーミーな質感。それを生かしたリマスターと、テープの劣化による微妙なこもりを解消することで初のプレスCDリリースにふさわしバージョンに生まれ変わっています。
それをカップリングした上で「2ND NIGHT~」も改めて音を整え、ドーム特有な音のエッジが鳴る部分を緩和させ、クリアネスをさらに際立たせた状態での収録となりました。3月3日の音源には荒さと迫力がありましたが、こちらはさらにスマートで優等生的な音質を聴き惚れずにはいられない名録音です。それに演奏は初日を終えたことでずっと落ち着きを払ったもの。ポールのライブは何かと無難で日ごとの違いが少ないと揶揄されがちですが、これほどはっきりと演奏の雰囲気が違う二日間のカップリングというのがまた実に楽しいものです。激アツな初日と堂々たる二日目を当時の東京ドームにおける最強クオリティの音源でセットしました。
そしてDVDには来日のテレビ映像をたっぷりと、しかもこれまたプレス盤にまとめています。当店からのギフト・アイテムDVD-R『MATCHBOX AT MZA ARIAKE』と『THE HAPPIEST DAY IN MY LIFE』はどちらもレアでしかも懐かしい内容が大好評を博したのは記憶に新しいところですが、それを一つにまとめた超豪華な内容、それはこれだけでもソフトとして単体リリース可能では?と思うほどに充実した映像集となりました。最初に収録されているMZAでの記者会見映像は現在の目で見てもまったく色褪せていないウルトラクリアーな画質、それを二十年前と同じように夕方六時から再生すると本当にタイムスリップしそうなほど!。その後は来日公演初日を報じる各種番組が続きますが、そこでは「Figure Of Eight」などの演奏シーンを取材カメラ&サウンドボード録音で見られたり、あるいはMZAの「Matchbox」シーンを別カメラで見られます。そして何よりも、全編に漂う1990年当時のバブリーな日本を捉えた番組や人物たちの姿は本当に懐かしいものがあります。
さらに今回は小学校の植樹祭にポール一行が訪れたニュース映像や、3月9日のライブから「Put It There」一曲が完全に流された当日のインタビュー映像までも収録。これらの画質も十分に良好ですし、もはやこれは「2ND NIGHT~」の単なる再発ではなく、あの輝かしき1990年来日公演から前半二公演を中心にまとめた豪華メモリアル・セットであると断言します。どうぞ今回のリリースこそお見逃しなく!

Disc 1 (73:31)
1. Figure Of Eight 2. Jet 3. Got To Get You Into My Life 4. Rough Ride 5. Band On The Run
6. We Got Married 7. Let ‘Em In 8. The Long And Winding Road 9. The Fool On The Hill
10. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 11. Good Day Sunshine 12. Can’t Buy Me Love
13. Put It There 14. Things We Said Today 15. Eleanor Rigby 16. This One

Disc 2 (53:28)
1. My Brave Face 2. Back In The U.S.S.R. 3. I Saw Her Standing There 4. Coming Up
5. Let It Be 6. Ain’t That A Shame 7. Live And Let Die 8. Hey Jude 9. Yesterday
10. Get Back 11. Golden Slumbers 12. Carry That Weight 13. The End

Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 5th March 1990

Disc 3 (73:29)
1. Figure Of Eight 2. Jet 3. Got To Get You Into My Life 4. Rough Ride 5. Band On The Run
6. We Got Married 7. Let ‘Em In 8. The Long And Winding Road 9. The Fool On The Hill
10. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 11. Good Day Sunshine 12. Can’t Buy Me Love
13. Put It There 14. Things We Said Today 15. Eleanor Rigby 16. This One

Disc 4 (57:04)
1. My Brave Face 2. Back In The U.S.S.R. 3. I Saw Her Standing There 4. Coming Up
5. Let It Be 6. Ain’t That A Shame 7. Live And Let Die 8. The Hustle 9. Hey Jude
10. Yesterday 11. Get Back 12. Golden Slumbers 13. Carry That Weight 14. The End

TV Broadcast Collection: 1st to 9th March 1990


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