Paul McCartney / Nagoya Dome 2018 / 2CD

Paul McCartney / Nagoya Dome 2018 / 2CD / Non Label
Live at Nagoya Dome, Nagoya, Japan 8th November 2018

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Up until now the 2018 fresh-up · Japan tour had been released only in Tokyo performance, but this time Nagoya performance which finally became the tour ‘s Chiaki – ku was released. Although it is enough topics to attract attention from maniacs alone, the sound source is confined in the limited press CD, so the sound source acquired at the time of release is literally a superb audience recording. That should be that, following the gigs of the bilateral releases of the Kokugikan this week, Mr. Taper also accomplished the best work. Besides being a smaller venue than the Budokan, as well as “RYOGOKU KOKUGIKAN 2018” that showed amazing sounds by recording from the depths of the Matsuzaki, the recording that captured the pattern of this Nagoya Dome Awesome sound quality.
Dynamism similar to Tokyo Dome was anticipated from the characteristics of the venue, but the audience recording that Mr. Taper delivered this time is surprisingly tight texture. In other words, hall echoes peculiar to large venues are discouraged, and the sound image that is on is intense anyhow. Thanks to the Nagoya performance where the release was modest, the premonition of the definitive version as soon as possible. As it is a very different sound source, as with both countries, the tapers themselves also release sound sources on the net. Since it is contained in two discs at the time of release, the pattern before the performance is shorter than the version available there. Of course, there are not any people who feel that this is disadvantage.
Because it is such a super-high-quality sound source, although it is a sound source that can go with enough press release CD as it is, there is still equalization to refine another recording. Since the original feature is an excellent sound source, the sound quality has evolved to a solid state tightened than the result, and the difference with the version heard on the net is clear. “Got To Get You Into My Life” with horn of mania crazy performed following the 2nd day of Tokyo Dome shines this sound quality! The power of horn squad and silent performance of Paul Band pelvic sounds like this is still true.

And the performance performed to decorate the end of the year on the Japan Tour is a masterpiece without multiplication. Everyone on the stage below the pole is challenging to live with enough spirit and lots of room. For example, when he comes to an interlude of “My Valentine”, he mutters in somehow (since the sound is good, it will be transmitted to such a gesture), before continuing playing the introduction in “Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five” “Ha!” It is fun to be shouting. Unlike “Yesterday”, Nagoya resurrected “Maybe I’m Amazed” also started playing powerfully from the beginning. Even just listening to these scenes, Paul’s top condition is transmitted.
Paul’s first Nagoya performance, which together with the two countries took up the subject of this visit to Japan. Moreover, it is unusual for the first time in the tour to make a hustle. In front of “Fuh You” if you think that you could say “New songs, but!” In front of “Band On The Run” it is the first time service called “Tora highest!” More impressive is the recognition of Paul by the Nagoya version of the chorus card “NA” that began to spread among Japanese fans last year at “Hey Jude” which ends the main part, and repeatedly reached “Nananagoya!” It was a scene that he shouted.

And at the encore, in the encore, originally, as I did on the second day of Tokyo Dome, I planned to do “I Saw Her Standing There”, but I saw the fans’ request card and hurriedly changed to “Birthday” Also. It was the moment when it was the best gift for Nagoya fans before the release of the masterpiece called Deluxe Edition of White Album on the next day. While Paul’s hustle is obvious, while the previous “Fuh You” has begun singing so quickly that it has a high a cappella index that is different from the usual (the back matches Paul’s song from the middle) singing Rather it is rather fun to have a freshness of injury of age.
Anyhow it is a tremendous high-quality sound source, a marvelous record that I finally exceeded the second sound source Austin’s second day. I would definitely like to taste the powerful full-length Ultra Recording that boasts the highest quality at the present stage from novices to maniacs. Nananais is too limited press CD of the performance that Nananagoya performed wonderfully closing the Japan tour this time, no longer the best candidate no mistake!

★ Mk 4 use arena B 9 block. It is a super high sound quality sound source provided by the sound recording person. Previous taper of “One On One At Budokan”

(Remaster memo)
★ Adjusted it because it gets even higher sound quality if the separation of baseline improves while it is super high sound quality.

これまで2018年フレッシュン・アップ・ジャパン・ツアーは東京公演ばかりのリリースが続いていましたが、今回は遂にツアーの千秋楽となった名古屋公演がリリース。それだけでもマニアからの注目を集めるには十分なトピックですが、限定プレスCDに音源が封じ込まれるということで、そのリリースに際して入手した音源は文字通り極上のオーディエンス録音。それもそのはず、今週に同時リリースの両国国技館ギグに続き、またしても同じ名テーパー氏が最高の仕事をやり遂げてくれたのです。武道館よりも小さな会場だった上、桝席の奥からの録音ということで驚異的な集音を実現してみせた「RYOGOKU KOKUGIKAN 2018」もさることながら、この名古屋ドームの模様を捉えた録音がまたすさまじい音質。
そんな超高音質音源ですので、このままでも十分プレスCDリリースで行ける音源ではありますが、そこはやはり別格な録音に磨きをかけるべくイコライズを敢行。元の素性が優れた音源ですので、その結果より音質がソリッドに締まった状態へと進化し、ネット上で聞かれるバージョンとの差は明らか。東京ドーム二日目に続いて演奏されたマニア狂喜のホーン入り「Got To Get You Into My Life」がこの音質だと映えること!ギラギラと鳴り響くホーン隊とポール・バンド盤石な演奏の迫力がこれでもかと味わえる。

そしてジャパン・ツアーに有終の美を飾るべく繰り広げられた演奏は掛け値なしに名演。ポール以下ステージ上の全員が気合十分かつ余裕たっぷりな様子でライブに挑んでいる。例えば「My Valentine」の間奏になると彼が何事か呟いていますし(音が良いのでそんな仕草まで伝わってくる)、続く「Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five」ではイントロを弾き始める前に「ハッ!」と掛け声をかけているのが面白い。「Yesterday」と違って名古屋では復活した「Maybe I’m Amazed」も出だしから力強い歌いっぷり。これらの場面を聞いただけでもポールのトップ・コンディションが伝わってくるというもの。
両国と並んで今回の来日における話題を呼んだポール初の名古屋公演。しかもツアー最終日ならではのハッスルぶりが尋常じゃない。「Fuh You」の前では「新曲だがや!」と発してみせたかと思えば「Band On The Run」の前では「でら最高!」とまで言うサービスぶり。それ以上に感動的なのは、本編を締めくくる「Hey Jude」において、昨年から日本のファンの間で広まり始めた合唱のカード「NA」の名古屋バージョンをポールも認識し、何度も「ナナナゴヤ!」と叫んでくれた場面でしょう。

そして極めつけはアンコールにおいて、当初は東京ドーム二日目と同じように「I Saw Her Standing There」やるつもりでいたところ、ファンのリクエスト・カードを目にして急遽「Birthday」に変えてみせたというサプライズも。翌日にホワイト・アルバムのデラックスエディションという大傑作のリリースを控え、名古屋のファンへの最高のプレゼントとなった瞬間でした。そうしたポールのハッスルぶりが明白な一方、先の「Fuh You」では勢い余って早く歌い始めてしまい、いつもと違ったアカペラ指数の高い(そのせいでバックが途中からポールの歌に合わせている)歌い出しもかえって怪我の功名的な新鮮さがむしろ楽しい。

★Mk4 使用 アリーナB9ブロック。録音者提供の超高音質音源です。前回の「One On One At Budokan」のテーパー



Disc 1 (79:57)
1. Intro 2. A Hard Day’s Night 3. Junior’s Farm 4. Can’t Buy Me Love 5. Letting Go
6. Who Cares 7. Got To Get You Into My Life 8. Come On to Me 9. Let Me Roll It
10. I’ve Got a Feeling 11. Let ‘Em In 12. My Valentine 13. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five
14. Maybe I’m Amazed 15. I’ve Just Seen A Face 16. In Spite of All the Danger
17. From Me to You 18. Love Me Do 19. Blackbird 20. Here Today

Disc 2 (79:57)
1. Queenie Eye 2. Lady Madonna 3. Eleanor Rigby 4. Fuh You 5. Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite!
6. Something 7. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 8. Band on the Run 9. Back in the USSR 10. Let It Be
11. Live and Let Die 12. Hey Jude 13. Birthday 14. Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
15. Helter Skelter 16. Golden Slumbers 17. Carry That Weight 18. The End

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