Olivia Newton John / Ogden 1982 Japanese Broadcast / 1DVDR

Olivia Newton John / Ogden 1982 Japanese Broadcast / 1DVDR / Non Label

Weber State University Ogden Utah USA 12th & 13th October 1982. PRO-SHOT

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Olivia Newton-John of 1982, who was at the height of consecutive hits with unprecedented “PHYSICAL” and “OLIVIA’S GREATEST HITS VOL.2”. The official video depicting the moment is the gift release decision.
The official video is “OLIVIA IN CONCERT”, which was released at the time. Although it is an official professional shot of the heyday, it is now out of print, and it is a phantom masterpiece in which Korean-made half official boards are in great detail. However, this work is not the digitization of such an official product. This is a Japanese broadcast version that was aired on the Samurai Broadcasting Corporation’s famous program “Golden Western Music Live” in 2009.
The quality is overwhelming. The half-official version mentioned above was an unfortunate specification that the subtitles were Korean, with the image quality that originated from VHS, but this work is completely different. Even though it is a broadcast version, it is extremely beautiful only for digital broadcasting in 2009, and the master quality held by the Broadcasting Association is revered with zero degradation. Of course, it is the original Japanese that is attached to Olivia’s profile and MC. Also, the content itself is slightly different from the official board. This program has a commentary corner where celebrities who are familiar with the content appear as “guides” each time. Olivia’s times loved wine so much that the late actress will introduce it with plenty of thought.
The show starts with a dazzling young Olivia that shines with the wind of great success. This is a multi-camera pro-shot edited from “October 12-13, 1982: Ogden Performance”, which is the end of “PHYSICAL TOUR 1982”. The set is a dazzling hit song rush. Let’s organize the contents here.

・ If You Love Me, Let Me Know / I Honestly Love You
● GREASE (2 songs)
・ Hopelessly Devoted To You / You’re The One That I Want
● TOTALLY HOT (2 songs)
・ Deeper Than The Night / A Little More Love
● XANADU (3 songs)
・ Xanadu / Magic / Suddenly
● PHYSICAL (4 songs)
・ Silvery Rain / Falling / Make A Move On Me / Physical
● Other (5 songs)
・ Let Me Be There [LET ME BE THERE] / Please Mister Please [HAVE YOU NEVER BEEN MELLOW] / Jolene [COME ON OVER] / Sam [DON’T STOP BELIEVIN ’] / Heart Attack [GREATEST HITS VOL.2]

… and it looks like this. Everything except “Silvery Rain” and “Falling” in the latest work “PHYSICAL” are all single songs, and most of them are the top 10 hits. At that time, it was the month following the release of “OLIVIA’S GREATEST HITS VOL.2”, but compared to that, all the songs other than “Tied Up” were covered, and just “GREATEST HITS VOL.2” Go on the ground.
Moreover, the performance is also great. Olivia shows off a tense, youthful singing voice, and embodies the image by changing clothes several times (of course, “Physical” also shows an aerobic look like a PV). The backs of superlatives such as Tom Scott, Buzz Feyton, Michael Landau and Robert Popwell are also iron walls, and in “You’re the One That I Want”, Dennis Tufano of THE BUCKINGHAMS instead of John Travolta Appearance. Again, the movie “Grease” will charm you with the exact duet.
そ ん な Even with this main story alone, I’m full, but the program goes to the second part. Here we will feature a clip that further conveys her charm in the 80s. There are 6 songs that will be broadcast, and only “Physical” and “I Honestly Love You” will be on stage. In addition, “Landslide” “Take A Chance” “The Rumor” “Reach Out For Me” lineup. Regardless of the program scale, unfortunately, each song is not full size, but clips that symbolize Olivia in the 1980s appear one after another.

It ’s a prime shine. This is a masterpiece program where you can take a close look at Olivia Newton-John, who has fascinated the whole earth for 90 minutes. Master-quality products that cannot be expected from half officials. Please fully enjoy this opportunity.

空前の『PHYSICAL』『OLIVIA’S GREATEST HITS VOL.2』連続ヒットで絶頂を極めていた1982年のオリビア・ニュートン=ジョン。そんな刹那を描いたオフィシャル映像がギフト・リリース決定です。
その公式映像とは、当時ビデオ・リリースされた『OLIVIA IN CONCERT』。一大全盛期の公式プロショットながら現在は廃盤であり、韓国製のハーフ・オフィシャル盤が細々と出回っている幻の傑作です。ただし、本作はそんな公式品のデジタル化ではありません。2009年に某放送協会の名番組“黄金の洋楽ライブ”で放映された日本放送バージョンです。
そうして始まるショウは、大成功の風を全身に受けて輝く若きオリビアが眩しい。「1982年10月12日+13日:オグデン公演」から編集されたマルチカメラ・プロショットで、これは“PHYSICAL TOUR 1982”の終盤にあたる。そのセットは目眩くヒット曲のラッシュ。ここで、その内容を整理してみましょう。

・If You Love Me, Let Me Know/I Honestly Love You
・Hopelessly Devoted To You/You’re The One That I Want
・Deeper Than The Night/A Little More Love
・Silvery Rain/Falling/Make A Move On Me/Physical

……と、このようになっています。最新作『PHYSICAL』の「Silvery Rain」「Falling」以外はすべてシングル曲であり、しかもそのほとんどがトップ10ヒットという豪華ぶり。当時は『OLIVIA’S GREATEST HITS VOL.2』のリリース翌月でもあったのですが、それと比較しても「Tied Up」以外の全曲が網羅されており、まさしく「目で観るGREATEST HITS VOL.2」を地で行くのです。
しかも、演奏も全盛。オリビアは張りのある若々しい歌声を惜しげもなく披露し、幾度となく着替えてはイメージを体現(もちろん「Physical」ではPVさながらのエアロビも披露してくれます)。トム・スコットやバズ・フェイトン、マイケル・ランドウ、ロバート・ポップウェルといった超一流が勢揃いしたバックも鉄壁で、「You’re the One That I Want」ではジョン・トラヴォルタの代わりにTHE BUCKINGHAMSのデニス・テュファノが登場。ここでも映画『グリース』のイメージそのままなデュエットで魅せてくれます。
そんな本編だけでもお腹いっぱいですが、番組はさらに第二部へ。ここでは、80年代の彼女の魅力をさらに伝えるクリップが特集されます。放送されるのは6曲で、本編のステージと被るのは「Physical」と「I Honestly Love You」だけ。他には「Landslide」「Take A Chance」「The Rumour」「Reach Out For Me」をラインナップ。番組尺の関係か、残念ながら1曲1曲はフルサイズではないものの、80年代のオリビアを象徴するようなクリップが次々と登場するのです。


1. Intro 2. MC 3. Deeper Than The Night 4. Let Me Be There 5. Please Mister Please
6. If You Love Me, Let Me Know 7. Jolene 8. Sam 9. Xanadu 10. Magic 11. Suddenly
12. A Little More Love 13. Silvery Rain 14. Falling 15. Heart Attack 16. Make A Move On Me
17. Hopelessly Devoted To You 18. You’re The One That I Want 19. Physical 20. I Honestly Love You
21. MC 22. Landslide (PV) 23. Physical (PV) 24. Take A Chance (PV) 25. The Rumour (PV)
26. Reach Out For Me (PV) 27. I Honestly Love You (PV) 28. Outro


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