Neil Young & The Lost Dogs / Nagoya 1989 / 2CD+1DVDR

Neil Young & The Lost Dogs / Nagoya 1989 / 2CD+1DVDR / ZION

Live at Nagoya-shi Kokaido, Nagoya, Japan 5th May 1989 plus Bonus DVDR “NAGOYA 1989: THE VIDEO”


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Tapere, who has captured the performances of artists such as Stones, Clapton, and Beck in Japan with unparalleled high-quality audience recordings, has delivered the best sound source of surprising artists this time. That was Neil Young’s performance in Japan in 1989. In the history of his performances in Japan, it is also a time when there are few items compared to his first visit to Japan and 2003. This time it will be released in Nagoya on May 5th, which was the Chiaki Raku. The first visit to Japan in 1976 with Crazy Horse started in Nagoya, but on the contrary, it was the final destination at this time. On
this day, the Scorpio label first based on the Gene Ochi cassette via overseas. Besides, “INN AT THE BEGNNING”, which was incompletely recorded, is left behind (laughs), but I wonder if there is a masterpiece “COLORS ON THE STREET” that was coupled with Yokohama on the first day of the tour. The set list is very attractive in Nagoya, but in addition to that, the sound quality of the audience recording used for “COLORS ON ~” was really clear.
However, the new sound source provided by the familiar taper this time (of course, it was not available among traders at all) slightly surpassed that “COLORS ON ~” (hereinafter referred to as the existing board). Amazing high level audience. Certainly, the existing board had attractive sound quality centered on the splendor of freshness, but this time the sound source is an overwhelmingly on sound image. Until now, there weren’t many sound sources that let you experience the “on sound image” for the performances in Japan in 1989, including the CD-R, but with this sound source, the power that greatly separated them. Sound image of.
The sound quality of this sound source is at a level that can be easily understood by listening to it, but the sound pressure of the electric set accompanied by Lost Dogs is really terrible. For example, “Powderfinger” and other guitar parts played by Neil and Poncho Sanpedro can be clearly distinguished. Besides, Lost Dogs was a band with a sharp hard edge that was different from Crazy Horse, but its unique sound is also vivid.

The Nagoya performance was also the final day of the band’s activities derived from the previous year’s Blue Notes, and the rhythm section of the late Joe Walsh network of Chad Cromwell and the late Rick Rosas who helped Neil’s revival by ending the stray of the 1980s. It will be a goodbye for a while. It wasn’t until the 21st century that I started working with them again.
The biggest achievement of this band is probably “Rockin’in the Free World”. The time when this song, which can be said to be the beginning of the “GODFATHER OF GRUNGE” era, was played with them was unexpectedly short, and the final stage is the performance in Japan. Of course, it was a new song before its release at that time, but history proved that this was a major work that announced the resurrection of Neil. Besides, the destructive power unique to the original band that recorded this song is also tremendous, but it also conveys it thoroughly thanks to the wonderful sound source of this sound source. On the contrary, even though it is a new song before its release, it seems that the audience in Nagoya is very enthusiastic.

On the other hand, in the acoustic set, there is a super rare song selection called “Bad Fog of Loneliness”. Now it’s time for the songs to see the light of day on later live albums, and the outtakes on “HARVEST” in 1971 are also seeing the light of day. However, it was a purely unreleased song in 1989, and it surprised enthusiasts all over the world that it was revived as a repertoire with the band on the American tour at the beginning of the year. However, it was also valuable that the performance in Nagoya was not a band but an acoustic performance with Ben Keith. Now that Ben has passed away, it has become an extra valuable live version.
In addition, in the acoustic corner of the existing board, the clapping that matches the performance was jarring due to the sense of distance of the sound image, but this time the sound source has a larger sound image of the performance than the clapping, so listen carefully. It is also an advantage that you can do it. On the contrary, this sound source boasts overwhelming quality that makes you want to call it a mass of advantage. It is also perfect in the sense that you can enjoy the rough power of the hard guitar of Lost Dogs.
In the first place, the existing board was released more than 20 years ago and is no longer available. Therefore, there will be few enthusiasts who can touch the legendary Nagoya in 1989 for the first time with this release. The hyper performance of “Rockin’in the Free World” before the release is a complete victory for this sound source. The explosive performance of “Cocaine Eyes” recorded in the EP “EL DORADO”, which was released exclusively for the tour in Australia and Japan at that time, is also unique to this time. This is the definitive edition of the performance in Japan in 1989 without any price, and such a great audience recording has been sleeping until now!

★ Unprecedented ultra-high sound quality. This is the first sound source.

この日、海外で最初にGene OchiカセットをベースにしたScorpioレーベル。しかも、未収録の「INN AT THE BEGNNING」は残されていますが(笑)、ツアー初日には横浜と相まって名作「COLORS ON THE STREET」はあるのでしょうか。名古屋ではセットリストが魅力的ですが、それに加えて「COLORS ON〜」で使用したオーディエンス録音の音質は実にクリアでした。
しかし、今回おなじみのテーパーが提供する新音源(もちろんトレーダーからは入手できなかった)は、「COLORS ON〜」(以下、既存ボードという)を若干上回った。素晴らしいハイレベルの聴衆。確かに、既存盤は鮮度の素晴らしさを軸に魅力的な音質でしたが、今回は圧倒的に音像に音源が圧倒的です。これまで、1989年の日本公演の「音像」を体感できる音源はCD-Rをはじめ多くなかったが、この音源はそれらを大きく隔てたパワーを備えていた。のサウンドイメージ。

名古屋のパフォーマンスは、昨年のブルーノートから派生したバンドの活動の最終日でもあり、1980年代の迷いを終わらせてニールの復活を助けたチャドクロムウェルの後半のジョーウォルシュネットワークと後半のリックロサスのリズムセクションでもありました。しばらくさようならです。 21世紀になって初めて彼らと一緒に仕事を始めました。
このバンドの最大の成果は、おそらく「Rockin’in the Free World」でしょう。 「GODFATHER OF GRUNGE」時代の始まりとも言えるこの曲が演奏された時期は意外と短く、終盤は日本公演。もちろん、当時のリリース前の新曲でしたが、ニールの復活を発表した大作であることが歴史上証明されています。しかも、この曲を録音したオリジナルバンドならではの破壊力も凄まじいですが、この音源の素晴らしい音源のおかげで徹底的に伝わってきます。逆に発売前の新曲なのに、名古屋の観客はとても熱狂的だと思います。

一方、アコースティックセットには「孤独感の悪い霧」と呼ばれる超レア曲セレクションがあります。さて、後のライブアルバムでその日の光が見えるようになりました。1971年の “HARVEST”のアウトテイクも日の光を見ています。しかし、1989年には未発表曲であり、年初のアメリカンツアーでバンドと共にレパートリーとして復活したことを世界中のファンに驚かせた。ただ、名古屋公演はバンドではなく、ベン・キースとのアコースティックな演奏だったのも良かったです。ベンが亡くなった今、それは特別に価値のあるライブバージョンになりました。
そもそも、既存のボードは20年以上前にリリースされ、現在は入手できません。したがって、1989年にこのリリースで初めて伝説の名古屋に触れることができる愛好家はほとんどいないでしょう。リリース前の「Rockin’in the Free World」のハイパーパフォーマンスは、この音源の完全な勝利です。当時オーストラリアと日本でのツアー専用にリリースされたEP「EL DORADO」に収録された「Cocaine Eyes」の爆発的なパフォーマンスも今回独特。これは決定的な電子です

Disc 1 (41:20)
1. Intro
2. My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)
3. Rockin’in the Free World
4. The Needle and the Damage Done
5. This Note’s for You
6. Helpless
7 . Pocahontas
8. For the Turnstiles
9. Bad Fog of Loneliness
10. Heart of Gold

Disc 2 (74:38)
1. Intro
2. Eldorado
3. Powderfinger
4. Cocaine Eyes
5. No More
6. Cinnamon Girl
7. Cortez the Killer
8. Mr. Soul
9. Rockin’in the Free World
10. Band Introductions
11. Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)

Neil Young with The Lost Dogs

Neil Young –vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, guitjo, harmonica
Frank Sampedro –guitar , keyboards, vocals
Ben Keith –pedal steel guitar, dobro, vocal
Rick Rosas –bass
Chad Cromwell –drums


Neil Young With The Lost Dogs / Nagoya 1989: The Video/ 1Bonus DVDR
Live at Nagoya-shi Kokaido, Nagoya, Japan 5th May 1989 (from Original VHS Master)


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1989, we provided a new excavated sound source for Nagoya. The taper that I received also provided the audience video of the same day. It was said that in 1989, they traded each other’s sound source and video on the condition that they would not leak to others, and it is true that this time’s sound source and video have never appeared between traders or on the net. It also confirms that it was the case.
Speaking of the video of the performance in Japan in 1989, the audience video of NHK Hall on April 28 has been on the market from the video era to the present, but it was not known that the video of the Nagoya performance existed. .. Therefore, it can be said that it is a historical excavation of enthusiasts not only in Japan but all over the world.
The reason why such a valuable image was provided at the time of this release is that 30 years have passed since the trade, and rather the VHS tape will deteriorate as it is. Therefore, at the same time as having this digitized, I would like you to make it a gift for the first delivery.

Of course, the video was taken from the audience seats using a handy video camera from 1989, so Neil’s expression is not at a level that can be seen. However, the whole stage is captured from a good angle, and the state of the performance in Japan accompanied by a limited-time band called Lost Dogs is fully conveyed.
For example, in “Cocaine Eyes”, Poncho Sanpedro got off the stage and the guitar was played in a “power trio” state with Neil alone, which can be understood only from the video. Also, the angle is unstable because the first two songs of the acoustic set are hidden shots, but the performance scenes of “Bad Fog of Loneliness” and the deadly “Heart Of Gold”, which were the biggest highlights of the day, are stable. You can enjoy it in an outstanding condition. Especially the former scene alone will surprise enthusiasts all over the world.
However, the biggest highlight is the rare happening that happened at “Cortez The Killer”. When I started playing as usual, Neil’s Les Paul wasn’t tuned. There, he was able to keep playing with his wits, and while fixing the Les Paul, Neil did not play the one chorus whole guitar, but sang empty-handed, which is a very rare scene.
Not only is it a super valuable video of the 1989 Nagoya performance that was unknown until now, but it also captures a surprising happening. Don’t miss this for the first delivery!

★ Complete first appearance video! !! Moreover, it is completely recorded for 2 hours! !! !!

1989年、名古屋に発掘音源を提供しました。私が受け取ったテーパーも同じ日の観客のビデオを提供しました。 1989年にはお互いに漏れない条件でお互いの音源と映像を交換したとのことで、今回の音源と映像が業者間やネット上に登場したことはなかったのは事実です。それが事実であることも確認します。
1989年の日本公演の映像といえば、4月28日のNHKホールのオーディエンス映像が映像時代から現在に至るまで市場に出回っていますが、名古屋公演の映像が存在することは知られていませんでした。 ..そのため、日本のみならず世界中の愛好家の歴史発掘と言えます。

ただし、最大のハイライトは、「Cortez The Killer」で起こったまれな出来事です。いつものように演奏を始めたとき、ニールのレスポールはチューニングされていませんでした。そこで、彼は機知に富んだ演奏を続けることができ、レスポールを修正している間、ニールは1つのコーラスギター全体を演奏するのではなく、手ぶらで歌っていました。これは非常にまれなシーンです。

★完全初登場動画! !!しかも2時間完全収録! !! !!

1. Intro
2. My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)
3. Rockin’In The Free World
4. The Needle And The Damage Done
5. This Note’s For You
6. Helpless
7. Pocahontas
8 . For The Turnstiles
9. Bad Fog Of Loneliness
10. Heart Of Gold
11. Intro
12. Eldorado
13. Powderfinger
14. Cocaine Eyes
15. No More
16. Cinnamon Girl
17. Cortez The Killer
18. Mr. Soul
19. Rockin’ In The Free World
20. Band Introductions
21. Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)

Neil Young –vocas, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, guitjo, harmonica
Frank Sampedro –guitar, keyboards, vocals
Ben Keith –pedal steel guitar, dobro, vocal
Rick Rosas –bass
Chad Cromwell

–drums COLOUR NTSC Approx.115min.




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