Michael Schenker / Featuring Robin McAuley / 2DVDR

Michael Schenker / Featuring Robin McAuley / 2DVDR / Non Label

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Marquee 15, Corona, CA. USA 24th February 2012 & Austin’s Fuel Room, Libertyville, IL. USA 1st March 2012. NTSC


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Congratulation! Japan landed decision !! of MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST
Last year, but is 33 years to become Graham Bonnet and Michael Schenker who played a “reunion”, in August of this year, a whopping addition to Graham, Gary Baden, former singer three of Robin McAuley is it came to Japan in Soroibumi! This week that the shock news is crisscrossed the archipelago, we offer a gift that bulged expected to explode.
This time Baden, Graham, but – would be three people with the co-star of Macquarie, the Baden and came to Japan in 2010, official work “THE 30TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT: LIVE IN TOKYO” even familiar. Graham and co-star last year’s live album “SPIRIT ON A MISSION IN JAPAN: OSAKA & NAGOYA (ZODIAC 136)”, “same TOKYO 3 NIGHTS (ZODIAC 137)” enjoy “ROCK OF AGES FESTIVAL 2015 (ZODIAC 171)” you. Problem is, Robin McAuley. McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP on top does not remain also not worth mentioning record, even before the story 24 years. So the there is no, but it does not stand in the role to predict this year’s live. So is this work to appear. Macquarie and Michael in 2012’s the best video that was played!
McAULEY SCHENKER was formed in 1986 GROUP might did not have a good impression so much to Schenker fan of yesteryear in American pop sound due. However, genuine Irish Voice voice quality of Macquarie was full of wet texture even in husky. Schenker sound and I compatibility was also good, and there is nothing of quality that may also become a Ketteiban to you listen to at the time of the live to the regrettable thing. Only live is unplugged left in the official to (it it was great I but in) is, very little broadcasting sound source sound is now two …. However! Had put an end to such impatient situation’s the this work. Has met with co-star of 20 years, ultra-high-quality quality of crunchy by digital photography in 2012. Like beauty in the Macquarie and Michael, such as the official video (lock of!) I combination is seen plenty !!

This work is a video set of 2DVDR that contains the 2 performances of such a precious reunion tour in the audience shot of preeminent. First, the first piece is “Corona February 24, 2012” performances. Immediately to play, will be pulled out of the de liver to its quality. The foremost shooting unique, shield stage is spread in full sight opened not at all, plenty of zoom approaching Macquarie is to the front of the eye. Despite much of the super close, at an angle that was stable with no camera shake, When the band also camera and maybe …… there is no practice swing to worry about, this might be the stakeholders shooting.
Then, the sound just because foremost has also picked up the PA directly, direct feeling of the sound board just like. Ear directly, it seems Michael is a guitar and Macquarie of singing voice is poured. Although this time of the video is up a few also in Youtube, or was a roar, shaking shaking full, or was essential Macquarie is off slightly, just really disappointing. Visual beauty of this work is different at all dimensions and such a thing. So, I know so! Rock of Macquarie Schenker in this Quality wanted to hear, I wanted to watch I !!
Show that unfolds in its quality is also amazing. Michael, even in recent years, but was let me listen to the guitar work, not knowing the decline, there is no completely wane even Macquarie to be seen in this work (59 years old at this point!). 80’s and abiding an inch, stunning Vaud Cali tion. Ronnie James Dio dead now, the monster that is beyond the age in the HR / HM community but I thought that there are only Glenn Hughes, it must also be added Macquarie name …. Its power is to burst is the SCORPIONS number. I would like you anyway to listen to “Lovedrive”! TEMPLE OF ROCK, but had also been good fight Doogie White, who served as front of, but still forced to survive in a fake when it comes to SCORPIONS song (final performance of the octave …… you can not forget the devastation of the Black Out was lowered) . However, Macquarie is endless sing without any fake, and yet for a moment as the “Klaus Meine!?”, You to listen to doubt such exquisite tone the ear. Sorry to Deguy, but the actor is different and I would like to clear. Too difference.
And despite all Unlike Phil Mogg when it comes to UFO number, husky voice quality of taste explodes. It astringency …… Nante expressive power of “Love To Love” to sing in To bitten and tightened so carefully! In addition, at this time of the visit to Japan, most classic group of watch is not the MSG “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie,” “Rock My Nights Away,” “On And On”, “Attack Of The Mad Axeman” is also a large amount show off. Of course, while proud of the sense of stability of the preeminent and “just your good singer”, us completely to hear in a different dimension of poetic sentiment. I can not imagine from the 80s pop image, Germans and mellow net European sound world is spread …… Irish people unique.
So, taste of this work, it’s also in this net Europe sound world. I have chanted the “decline knowing” “not different from the 80s” – but, here at the time the 1980s, Macquarie is not to the hair style and strange reticuline dance like a nightmare. Are you in here, astringent texture in the whole body black, singing majestically, put Irish singer guests. If the future, even as McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP of professional shot of the 1980s has been unearthed, will not be more than this work.
The second piece about “March 1, 2012 Libertyville” of one week after the performance. This is Ikazu the shield zero because it is not in the front row, half a step in the sense of stability in the “February 24, corona” of super quality, one step in the Sound, a place beyond. However, here the point is the shooting of Michael side. Among the plenty of atmosphere of the club venue, or even this! And I camera work chasing Michael. McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP of pronoun “Save Yourself” But, hand Kirekkire will be watched plenty!

2012 Michael this work has been shooting, in addition to Michael Voss of Macquarie, Deivuddo van landing, and Doogie White, was played with a variety of singers. However, only about one and a half months only of Macquarie there in it, was confronted by the dignity of the “truly original buddy”. 4 years from this video, but finally he come back to Japan as a member of the MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST!
Taste from the 80s of the image that has been at the mercy of the era undervalued tend to his true of the ability, power of expression in fully, determined precious valuable video. Beyond the dimension simply referred to recent years of live video, reaffirmed the career of Michael Schenker, this one I think deepens to whether McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP had any possibility. McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP is the favorite one, of course, even those who would think, “I good only Baden and Graham”, please have a look once. This is what, singer: Robin McAuley of ability. Whether Katsumoku to the singing voice!

昨年も33年ぶりとなるグラハム・ボネットとの“再会”を果たしてくれたマイケル・シェンカーですが、今年の8月には、なんとグラハムに加え、ゲイリー・バーデン、ロビン・マッコーリーの歴代シンガー3人がそろい踏みで来日します! その衝撃ニュースが列島を駆け巡った今週は、膨らんだ期待が爆発するギフトをご用意いたしました。
今回はバーデン、グラハム、マッコーリーの3人と共演になるわけですが、バーデンとは2010年に来日しており、オフィシャル作品『THE 30TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT: LIVE IN TOKYO』でもお馴染み。グラハムとの共演は昨年のライヴアルバム『SPIRIT ON A MISSION IN JAPAN: OSAKA & NAGOYA(ZODIAC 136)』『同TOKYO 3 NIGHTS(ZODIAC 137)』『ROCK OF AGES FESTIVAL 2015(ZODIAC 171)』でお楽しみいただけます。問題は、ロビン・マッコーリー。McAULEY SCHENKER GROUPはろくな記録も残っていない上に、24年も前の話。とてもではありませんが、今年のライヴを予想する役には立ちません。そこで登場するのが本作。2012年にマッコーリーとマイケルが共演した極上映像なのです!
1986年に結成されたMcAULEY SCHENKER GROUPは、アメリカンなポップ・サウンドゆえに往年のシェンカー・ファンにはあまり良い印象がなかったかもしれません。しかし、マッコーリーの声質はハスキーな中にもウェットな質感を湛えた生粋のアイリッシュ・ヴォイス。シェンカー・サウンドとの相性も良かったのですが、惜しいことに当時のライヴを聴こうにも決定盤となり得るクオリティのものがない。オフィシャルに残されたライヴはアンプラグドだけ(それはそれで素晴らしかったのですが)ですし、ごくわずかな放送音源もサウンドが今ふたつ……。しかし! そんな歯がゆい状況に終止符を打ったのが本作なのです。20年ぶりの共演を収めており、2012年のデジタル撮影によるバリバリの超高画質クオリティ。まるでオフィシャル映像のような美しさでマッコーリーとマイケルの(ロックの!)コンビネーションがたっぷり見られるのです!!

そして、最前だからこそサウンドもPAを直接拾っており、サウンドボードさながらのダイレクト感。耳に直接、マイケルのギターとマッコーリーの歌声が流し込まれるようです。この時期の映像はYoutubeにもいくつか上がっていますが、爆音・揺れ揺れだらけだったり、肝心のマッコーリーがオフ気味だったり、本当に残念なものばかり。本作の映像美は、そんなものとはまったく次元が違います。そう、そうなんですよ! このクオリティでマッコーリー・シェンカーのロックが聴きたかった、観たかったんですよ!!
そのクオリティで繰り広げられるショウがまた凄い。近年でもマイケルは衰えを知らぬギターワークを聴かせてくれましたが、本作で観られるマッコーリーもまったく衰えがない(この時点で59歳!)。80年代と寸分変わらぬ、見事なヴォーカリゼイション。ロニー・ジェイムズ・ディオ亡き今、HR/HM界で年齢を超えられる怪物はグレン・ヒューズしかいないと思っていましたが、マッコーリーの名も加えなければなりませんね……。その威力が炸裂するのは、SCORPIONSナンバーです。とにかく「Lovedrive」を聴いていただきたい! TEMPLE OF ROCKのフロントを務めたドゥギー・ホワイトも健闘してはいましたが、それでもSCORPIONS曲となるとフェイクで乗り切らざるを得ない(最終公演のオクターヴ下げたBlack Outの惨状が忘れられない……)。ところが、マッコーリーはフェイクもなしに歌いきり、なおかつ「クラウス・マイネ!?」と一瞬、耳を疑うような絶妙トーンまで聴かせるのです。ドゥギーには申し訳ありませんが、ハッキリ申し上げて役者が違う。違いすぎます。
そしてUFOナンバーになるとフィル・モグとはまったく違いながらも、ハスキーな声質の旨みが炸裂。じっくりと噛みしめるように歌い出す「Love To Love」の渋味……なんて表現力だ! さらには、今回の来日では、ほとんど観られなかったMSGの名曲群「Let Sleeping Dogs Lie」「Rock My Nights Away」「On And On」「Attack Of The Mad Axeman」も大量に披露。もちろん、バツグンの安定感を誇りながら“単にお上手なシンガー”とは、完全に別次元の歌心で聴かせてくれるのです。80年代のポップなイメージからは想像できない、ドイツ人とアイルランド人ならではの芳醇な純ヨーロッパの音世界が広がる……。
そう、本作の旨みは、この純ヨーロッパな音世界にもあるのです。“衰え知らず”・“80年代と変わらない”と連呼してきましたが、ここには80年代当時の、悪夢のようなヘアスタイルや妙チクリンなダンスをするマッコーリーはいない。ここにいるのは、全身黒で渋くキメ、堂々と歌い、客をノセるアイリッシュ・シンガーなのです。仮に今後、80年代のMcAULEY SCHENKER GROUPのプロショットが発掘されたとしても、本作を超えることはないでしょう。
2枚目は約1週間後の「2012年3月1日リバティヴィル」公演。こちらは最前列ではないので遮蔽物ゼロとはいかず、スーパークオリティの「2月24日コロナ」には安定感で半歩、サウンドで1歩、及ばないところ。しかし、こちらのポイントはマイケル側の撮影であること。クラブ会場の雰囲気もたっぷりの中で、これでもか!とマイケルを追いかけるカメラワークなのです。McAULEY SCHENKER GROUPの代名詞「Save Yourself」でも、キレッキレの手元がたっぷりと観られます!

本作が撮影された2012年のマイケルは、マッコーリーの他にもマイケル・ヴォス、デイヴッド・ヴァン・ランディング、ドゥギー・ホワイトと、さまざまなシンガーと共演しました。しかし、その中にあってわずか約1ヶ月半だけのマッコーリーは、“さすが元相棒”の貫禄を見せつけた。この映像から4年、ついに彼がMICHAEL SCHENKER FESTの一員として日本に戻ってくるのです!
時代に翻弄された80年代のイメージから過小評価されがちな彼の真の実力・表現力を存分に味わえる、決めて貴重な貴重な映像。単に近年のライヴ映像という次元を超え、マイケル・シェンカーのキャリアを再確認し、McAULEY SCHENKER GROUPがいかなる可能性を持っていたのかまで思いが深まる1本です。McAULEY SCHENKER GROUPがお好きな方はもちろん、「バーデンとグラハムだけでイイよ」と思ってしまう方も、ぜひ一度ご覧ください。これこそ、シンガー:ロビン・マッコーリーの実力。その歌声に刮目せよ!

Disc 1
Live at Marquee 15, Corona, CA. USA 24th February 2012

1. Into The Arena 2. Armed And Ready 3. Lovedrive 4. Another Piece Of Meat 5. Lover’s Sinfony
6. Save Yourself 7. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie 8. Rock My Nights Away 9. Shoot Shoot
10. Too Hot To Handle 11. Love To Love 12. Let It Roll 13. Natural Thing 14. Lights Out
15. On And On 16. Rock Bottom 17. Attack Of The Mad Axeman 18. Doctor Doctor

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 101min.

Disc 2
Live at Austin’s Fuel Room, Libertyville, IL. USA 1st March 2012

1. Intro. 2. Into The Arena 3. Armed And Ready 4. Lovedrive 5. Another Piece Of Meat
6. Lover’s Sinfony 7. Save Yourself 8. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie 9. Rock My Nights Away
10. Shoot Shoot 11. Love To Love 12. Too Hot To Handle 13. Let It Roll 14. Natural Thing
15. Lights Out 16. On And On 17. Rock Bottom 18. Attack Of The Mad Axeman 19. Doctor Doctor

Michael Schenker – Guitar Robin McAuley – Lead Vocals Elliot Rubinson – Bass
Wayne Findlay – Keyboards, Guitar Pete Holmes – Drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 106min.

Michael Schenker – Guitar Robin McAuley – Lead Vocals Elliot Rubinson – Bass
Wayne Findlay – Keyboards, Guitar Pete Holmes – Drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 207min.(Total)


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