Rolling Stones / One Night At Budokan / 2CD

Rolling Stones / One Night At Budokan / 2CD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 10th March 2003


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New sound source audience recording of 2003 Budokan concert that attracted attention and appeared this year we released in the form of a gift item called “BUDOKAN 2003 NET REMASTER” our shop, but items of press CD is some quality because of its exceptional it was enough to be released. But constantly, calls for the release of the press CD version from our shop was Ainari to release the realization of this finally also “NET REMASTER” later.
That sometimes its outstanding item exists, shop stuck in this release, it is a granular freshness and clearness of the sound source with the original again. It is not an exaggeration to say that mastering was placed unnecessary equalize feeling is sought there. This recording, it was adjusted to suppress the hall sound often is a recording of the venue, such as the Budokan, in order to eliminate the evil of the separation of bass there occurs, as much as possible bass drum and bass line becomes clear. Treble adjustment this state tend to mix the cymbals and guitar, vocals and also to separate further. And I finish to a state that can feel the clearness of vocals and each instrument and the spread of the range is not so far in that it has appointed on the basis of the balance of each drum kit finally.
Different again Recording and sat stiffness in dynamic, such as was our shop is released around the same time this sound source to that appearance, it has become a Sold Out in an instant to “BUDOKAN 2003”, this it ensures that for me to fully tasted the charm of the clearness of the sound source unique.
Well, we have become a staple item which also is to recorded up to the sound of the buzzer and BGM Cayenne before Speaking of 2003 Budokan. But from the sound source of this time lacks there, what is needed to compensate another sound source as we know already. Seemingly there shop, I was connected to the previous “BUDOKAN 2003” sound source to this point. Has become recording of buzzer sound and BGM Cayenne before is also essential in Stones Japan tour of Presidents is only Budokan performances, and says it was either live special this day remains in the Stones Japan tour history from there you. Growing breast Cayenne before that day comes revived by simply listening to the BGM, it’ll be everyone feel if a person who was able to witness live this day.
Cut in the middle of the “Rock Off” will be cited as another problem in the sound of this. It is that the editing process there, our shop is poured a nerve in this release also that to compensate naturally as possible there. Moreover, taking advantage of our experience in the past that had been released multiple sound sources Budokan performances, I’ve used a sound source that is separate from the “BUDOKAN 2003” here. It’s a sound source of OUT OF CONTROL label has released is our first time in 2003 “LICKS JAPAN TOUR 2003 COMPLETE BOX” of nostalgia. You know, if I listen really, but that it was taking out the Budokan another audio source also said this ambush, it was solved in a wonderful degree is the biggest drawback in the sound of this.
No doubt that this day was the day special We not only that there was to the audience, but also for Stones was supposed to go up to the stage of the Budokan in 1973 if the original, I do not think Japan tour the first day of 2003 it is a series of wonderful performances loving powerful enough. This is of course it is I think rather than the exception for the “Rocks Off”, and you want to listen through in a natural way also cut part if that happens. And I was edited in the form of re-appeared the “BUDOKAN 2003” again after the show. Definitive edition will finally appeared new sound source of Budokan performances put together in the editing and mastering of attention, in the limited release of the CD in the press because of late!

今年登場して話題を呼んだ2003年武道館公演の新音源オーディエンス録音は当店も「BUDOKAN 2003 NET REMASTER」というギフトアイテムの形でリリースいたしましたが、その別格のクオリティゆえにプレスCDのアイテムがいくつかリリースされるほどでした。しかし「NET REMASTER」以降も当店からのプレスCDバージョンのリリースを求める声が絶えず、遂に今回のリリース実現へと相成りました。
この音源が登場したのと時期を同じくして当店がリリースし、瞬く間にSold Outとなってしまった「BUDOKAN 2003」にあったようなダイナミックで腰の据わった録音とはまた違った、この音源ならではのクリアネスの魅力を存分に味わってもらえることを保証します。
さて、2003年武道館と言えばどのアイテムも開演前のBGMやブザーの音まで収録するのが定番となっています。しかし今回の音源がそこを欠いていることから、別音源の補填を求められているのは既にみなさんご存知の通り。そこは当店らしく、この箇所に先の「BUDOKAN 2003」音源をつなげました。歴代のストーンズ日本公演においても開演前のBGMやブザー音の収録が必須となっているのは武道館公演だけであり、そこからもこの日がストーンズ日本公演史に残るスペシャルなライブであったかを物語っています。そのBGMを聴いているだけであの日の開演前の胸の高まりが蘇ってくる、それはこの日のライブを目撃できた人であれば誰もが感じることでしょう。
今回の音源におけるもう一つの問題点としては「Rock Off」の中盤におけるカットが挙げられます。そこの編集処理、そこを出来るだけ自然に補填することにも当店が今回のリリースに神経を注いだ点です。しかも当店は武道館公演の音源を複数リリースしていた過去の実績を活かし、ここには「BUDOKAN 2003」とは別の音源を使用しました。それは2003年当時に当店がリリースしたOUT OF CONTROLレーベルの「LICKS JAPAN TOUR 2003 COMPLETE BOX」懐かしの音源なのです。実際に聴いてもらえれば解りますが、この伏兵とも言える別の武道館音源を持ち出したことで、今回の音源における最大の欠点が見事なまでに解消しました。
客席に居た我々だけでなく、本来ならば1973年に武道館のステージに上がるはずだったストーンズにとってもこの日がスペシャルな日であったことは間違いなく、2003年の日本公演初日とは思えないほど力のこもった名演の連続です。これは「Rocks Off」に関しても例外ではなく、そうなればカット部分も自然な形で聴き通したいと思うのが当然です。そして終演後も再び「BUDOKAN 2003」を再登場させる形で編集しました。後発ゆえにこだわりの編集とマスタリングでまとめあげた武道館公演の新音源、プレスCDの限定リリースで遂に決定版が登場します!

Disc 1 (66:49)

1. Pre Show Music 2. Buzzer Intro / Pre Show Music 3. Jumping Jack Flash 4. You Got Me Rocking
5. Live With Me 6. Let It Bleed 7. No Expectations 8. Rocks Off
9. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love 10. Worried About You 11. Midnight Rambler

Disc 2 (70:42)
1. Band Introductions 2. Slipping Away 3. Before They Make Me Run 4. Start Me Up
5. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 6. Rock Me Baby 7. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking 8. Honky Tonk Women
9. Tumbling Dice 10. Brown Sugar 11. Satisfaction

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