Metallica / Mcgovneys Garage 1982 / 1CDR

Metallica / Mcgovneys Garage 1982 / 1CDR / Non Label
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Demos recorded at Ron Mcgovney’s Garage, CA. March and April 1982


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Demo boot situation of initial METALLICA is very complex, I think not many people that I have no idea whether there is a heck how much take. First of all, let’s organize the demonstration information. Demonstration of initial METALLICA, I There are three big.

[Garage demo] such as Roku~tsu was practice and composers rehearsal in the garage (82 March? April)
[Studio demo “NO LIFE ‘TIL LEATHER (82 年 7 March)” and “MegaForce DEMO (March 年 83)”
[Live demo] “LIVE METAL UP YOUR ASS (82 年 11 March)” only

[Studio demo], all the main press CD “NO LIFE ‘TIL MEGAFORCE” are combined, [Live demo] is, OK with a single “LIVE METAL UP YOUR ASS” this week gift release. The The remaining [garage demo] was Sozarai is this work. Demo boot up to now, mostly those that do not reveal the origin of the sound source, even if there is a credit to deviation and generation differences of pitch or have been mistaken for another take, in terrible degradation version of the official take There even one that is recorded. However, this work (it seems to have to research the 100 take over) only the choice take that Demomania of overseas seems to be the best. Best version collection of I that was unified in a more correct pitch!
The first appearing second press-take of “METAL MASSACRE”. Unlike first take was recorded in the “NO LIFE ‘TIL MEGAFORCE”, here full-length Mustaine has taken the lead. This take has not been clear that the recorded data, in general (which also appeared in the second half of this work) it is said that take the “POWER METAL DEMO” but, besides mania often disagree. When I actually heard, clearly different from the still “POWER METAL DEMO”, it seems close to “NO LIFE ‘TIL LEATHER” take. Also to everyone, this mystery solved Itadakitaku enjoying, second press LP (MW 6363) (also this is the same take was officially on CD in 1994), which was the top recording is reprinted from.
From the second track time series, it is first “WHISKEY AUDITION TAPE”. James Hetfield, Lars, Mustaine, the METALLICA that solidified the lineup in four of Makugavu~ani, start the live activities in March 1982. They asked the undercard frame of SAXON, it is tape when touted the club “Whiskey A Go Go”. In NWOBHM band SWEET SAVAGE and SAVAGE of cover, their roots are not only felt in vivid, officially it has not been re-recorded classic “Let It Loose” is also very cool (prayer and re-recording!).
METALLICA of these days, will continue to explore their individuality while repeated practice in the garage of Makugavu~ani. 4 track later, captured the rehearsal rehearsal and demo. DIAMOND HEAD of cover and the first of the original “Hit The Lights”, “Jump In The Fire” is also very innocent version, still before dawn. James is dedicated to vocals, guitar is all Mustaine. Track order are also (perhaps recording order a possibly) according to the original cassette, you can enjoy plenty of growth process to go accustomed to the instrument itself.
10 track, 11 track is a composer session landscape, here from the sound will be much better. You can record a riff verbally to note, you can consult while playing the arpeggio. Raw figure going produced the historical masterpieces group has been recorded in the real.
Up to this point is a recording of March 1982, but four songs that remain in April recording. In the demo, known as known as “POWER METAL”, James has taken again hand the guitar. Will remain still groping feeling guitar solo, but progress to another person as in just one month. This ultra-fast Na growth is further accelerated through the live activities, in July after three months it is to bear fruit to the historic “NO LIFE ‘TIL LEATHER”.

Unlike “NO LIFE ‘TIL MEGAFORCE” of main press CD, this work of garage recording, not a really Demo seems sound for everyone (especially the first half). However, that’s why their roots, transmitted is in direct state at the time was an amateur, is progress for each one take, the song is conceived, also getting better go like also real sound. If those who are band experience, I think than bord is familiar to more METALLICA by memories and links. This romance flooding also (unlike many of the demo boot) are organized as chitin, this work unique to listen in chronological order. This work, “NO LIFE ‘TIL MEGAFORCE”, “KILL’ If you listen to the order of the EM ALL”, it is possible to escort the history of from the first step to debut. Then, Mustaine that will chase METALLICA, and their cause a number of revolution. The departure of the heroes music industry even alter, please check with your own ear by all means!


【スタジオ・デモ】「NO LIFE ‘TIL LEATHER(82年7月)」と「MEGAFORCE DEMO(83年3月)」
【ライヴ・デモ】「LIVE METAL UP YOUR ASS(82年11月)」のみ

【スタジオ・デモ】は、本編プレスCD「NO LIFE ‘TIL MEGAFORCE」に総てがまとめられ、【ライヴ・デモ】は、今週ギフト・リリースの「LIVE METAL UP YOUR ASS」1本でOK。残る【ガレージ・デモ】を総ざらいしたのが本作です。今までのデモ・ブートは、音源の出自を明らかにしていないものがほとんどで、クレジットがあってもピッチの狂いやジェネレーション違いまで別テイクと勘違いしていたり、酷いものではオフィシャルテイクの劣化版を収録しているものさえあります。しかし、本作は海外のデモマニアが最良と思われるテイクだけをチョイス(100テイク以上をリサーチしたそうです)。さらに正しいピッチで統一したベストバージョン集なのです!
まず登場するのは「METAL MASSACRE」のセカンドプレス・テイク。「NO LIFE ‘TIL MEGAFORCE」に収録されたファーストテイクと違い、こちらは全編ムステインがリードを執っています。このテイクは収録データが明らかにされておらず、一般には(本作後半にも登場する)「POWER METAL DEMO」のテイクと言われていますが、それに異を唱えるマニアも多い。実際に聴いてみると、やはり「POWER METAL DEMO」とは明らかに異なり、「NO LIFE ‘TIL LEATHER」テイクに近いようです。皆さまにも、この謎解きを楽しんでいただきたく、セカンドプレスLP(MW 6363)から復刻してトップ収録しました(1994年に公式CD化されたのも同じテイクです)。
2曲目からは時系列、まずは「WHISKEY AUDITION TAPE」です。ジェイムズ・ヘットフィールド、ラーズ、ムステイン、マクガヴァニーの4人でラインナップを固めたMETALLICAは、1982年3月にライヴ活動を開始。彼らがSAXONの前座枠を求め、クラブ“Whiskey A Go Go”に売り込んだ際のテープです。NWOBHMバンドSWEET SAVAGEとSAVAGEのカバーで、彼らのルーツがビビッドに感じられるだけでなく、公式には再録音されていない名曲「Let It Loose」も非常にカッコイイ(祈・再録音!)。
この頃のMETALLICAは、マクガヴァニーのガレージで練習を重ねながら自分たちの個性を模索していきます。4曲目以降は、そのリハーサル・練習風景を捉えたデモ。DIAMOND HEADのカバーや最初のオリジナル「Hit The Lights」「Jump In The Fire」も非常に初々しいバージョンで、まだまだ夜明け前。ジェイムズはヴォーカルに専念し、ギターは総てムステインです。曲順も(恐らく録音順であろう)オリジナル・カセットに準じており、楽器自体に慣れていく成長過程がたっぷり楽しめます。
ここまでは1982年3月の録音ですが、残る4曲は4月録音。通称「POWER METAL」として知られるデモで、ジェイムズが再びギターを手にとっています。まだギターソロに手探り感が残りますが、たった1ヶ月で別人のように上達。この超速な成長はライヴ活動を経てさらに加速し、3ヶ月後の7月には歴史的な「NO LIFE ‘TIL LEATHER」へと結実するのです。

本編プレスCDの「NO LIFE ‘TIL MEGAFORCE」と違い、ガレージ録音の本作は、いかにもデモらしいサウンドが万人向けとは言えません(特に前半)。しかし、だからこそ彼らのルーツ、素人だった当時の様子がダイレクトに伝わり、1テイクごとに上達し、曲が練られ、音も良くなっていく様もリアル。バンド経験のある方なら、思い出とリンクしてより一層METALLICAに親しみが湧くのではないでしょうか。こんなロマン溢れるのも(幾多のデモ・ブートとは違い)キチンと整理され、時系列で聴ける本作ならでは。本作、「NO LIFE ‘TIL MEGAFORCE」、「KILL ‘EM ALL」の順に聴けば、第一歩からデビューまでの歩みを伴走できる。その後、数々の革命を起こすMETALLICA、そして彼らを追撃することになるムステイン。音楽業界さえ変えてしまうヒーロー達の門出を、ぜひご自身の耳でお確かめください!

1. Hit The Lights

2. Killing Time 3. Let It Loose

4. Hit The Lights 5. Sucking My Love 6. The Prince 7. Jump In The Fire 8. Helpless 9. Am I Evil ? 10. Jam 11. Ron & James’ “Unfinished Song”

12. Hit The Lights 13. Jump In The Fire 14. The Mechanics 15. Motorbreath

James Hetfield – Rythm Guitar(on 1 & 10-15), Vocals Dave Mustaine – Lead Guitar Ronald McGovney – Bass Lars Ulrich – Drums

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