Led Zeppelin / Listen To This Eddie Definitive Edition Deluxe Edition / 3CD Wx Slipcase

Led Zeppelin / Listen To This Eddie Definitive Edition Deluxe Edition / 3CD Wx Slipcase / Wendy Records

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The Forum Inglewood  California, USA. 21st June 1977. Digitally Remastered


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LA6 than continuous performances in 1977 , New Version of the first day , ” Listen To This Eddie ” . Day of the Eddie -explanatory . Performance of the overwhelming presence of turbulence hitting drum Bonzo , acrobatic guitar of Jimmy entangled further from the awe inspiring intro of the first track ” The Song Remains The Same ” , that ‘s a ZEP score. Vertex of ZEP Korezo ! It is a super basic sound source not talk with not listen to this .

If you listen to the play of the day again , it will be overwhelmed by the power of the band on earth really . Roll of famous Bonzo is a very Kamigakari basis , show off drum transcendence over the whole book . None of the three Jimmy , Robert , of Johnsy is , has developed a unique good acting to other in order to further antagonize the Bonzo . For led to Jimmy in particular , and in trouble guitar becomes sounding for the intro of ” Sick Again ” , Miss tone can be seen everywhere , but momentum as if blown off such trivialities , and twist one’s arm in a high- tension power there . The concert of excitement and hot air will enter the 5 finger in all the carriers of Led Zeppelin . Happiness to be able to enjoy high-quality sound not much more to it . Performance of four flashy dazzling ranging too 3 hours and 20 minutes total . Really , it’s can be heard playing such , it is nothing but happiness .

Minimize the cut portion of the disk change other than a song cut ” Ten Years Gone “, it is complemented by another source another master + same day with different generation , it is now listen through in contents . Flow and ” Guitar Solo ” to ” Achilles Last Stand ” is a perfect complement to a separate master different generation as well. Since there is no missing sound manner , when I listen to through , You can listen to full-length at all.

Will it not became a title that combines the sound quality and content and say the final version finally in now . Mastering effective not excessive , even while taking advantage of the natural feel of the master material , I realize the best sound quality ever on the heels of the sound board . Past longest recorded until the end of the encore from the tuning of the opening . It is a decision of the board just Eddie . Press Release Athletic permanent preservation of the beautiful picture- disk specification . Slipcase in digipak of Patanpatan .

1977年LA6連続公演より、初日『Listen To This Eddie』のニュー・ヴァージョン。説明不要のエディの日。1曲目「The Song Remains The Same」の神々しいイントロからボンゾの乱れ打ちドラム、さらにジミーのアクロバット・ギターが絡み、これぞZEPなのだという圧倒的存在感のパフォーマンス。これぞZEPの頂点! これを聴かずして語れずの超定番音源です。

改めてこの日の演奏を聴くと、本当にバンド一体のパワーに圧倒されます。有名なボンゾの連打はまさに神がかり的で、全編に渡って超絶ドラムを披露。さらにボンゾに拮抗すべくジミー、ロバート、ジョンジーの3人のいずれもが、他に類を見ない名演を展開しています。特にジミーに至っては、「Sick Again」のイントロではギターが鳴らなくなるというトラブルに見舞われ、随所にミス・トーンが見られますが、そんな些事を吹き飛ばすかの如く、パワーとハイテンションでねじ伏せる勢いがあります。レッド・ツェッペリンの全キャリアでも5指に入るであろう熱気と興奮のコンサート。それをこれ以上ないくらい高音質で楽しめる幸福。 トータル3時間20分あまりに及ぶ眩い閃光のような4人の演奏。このような演奏を聴くことができるのは、本当に、ただただ幸福です。

内容的にはディスク・チェンジ以外のカット部分を最小に抑え、曲中カットのある「Ten Years Gone」は、ジェネレーションの異なる別マスター+同日別ソースにより補完し、通して聴けるようになっています。「Guitar Solo」と「Achilles Last Stand」への流れは、これもジェネレーションの異なる別マスターで完璧に補完。音的に欠落がないので、通して聴いていると、まるでノーカットのように聴けます。 


Disc One
01. The Song remains the same
02. Sick again, Nobody’s fault but mine
03. Over the Hills and far away
04. Since I’ve been loving you
05. No Quarter 

Disc Two
01. Ten Years gone
02. the Battle of Evermore
03. Going to California
04. Black Country Woman
05. Bron-Y-Aur-Stomp
06. White Summer
07. Black Mountain Side
08. Kashmir 

Disc Three
01. Out on the Tiles – Moby Dick
02. Heartbreaker
03. Guitar Solo
04. Achilles last Stand
05. Stairway to Heaven
06. Whole Lotta Love
07. Rock & Roll

Wendy Records. WECD-06/07/08

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