Led Zeppelin / Listen To This Eddie Remaster Beauty And The Beast / 3CD

Led Zeppelin / Listen To This Eddie Remaster Beauty And The Beast / 3CD / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at the Forum, Inglewood, CA. USA 21st June 1977 Complete Remixed Upgrade.

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LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE REMASTER” BEAUTY AND THE BEAST “finished ZEP live tone generator Evergreen, Eddie in another dimension remaster. Though it daringly boldly equalized Mike · Mirard sound source whose natural orientation is overlooked, although the sophisticated finish unique to 2016 was wonderful, it was thought that what was done was a remarkable thing about what it was doing, It was a disappointing version that was done. The version of our shop has been highly popularly promoted to a gorgeous item which is unlikely to be a gift by adjusting this problem. “BEAUTY AND THE BEAST” (hereinafter referred to as BB) has been promoted further from its very sophisticated finish to finally this press release CD release.
What is great about the BB version is a modern and sharp finish as if it would overturn the image of the previous Mirrored sound source. There is only thing that was named after all “Complete Remixed Upgrade”. It is totally different in dimension from the fancy finish that emphasized only the treble that tends to be fans, remixes and remasters. Speaking of the Millard sound source, it is one of the charms that the natural elongation of treble that the person himself wanted to intend even though he strengthened hiss noise. That’s why hiss noise stands out, cassette-like texture with vintage in a good sense. It may be said that the sound quality that is more preferred now, now that the cassette tape has been restored, following the record.

However, the BB version daringly started a unique equalization sense from suppressing hiss noise. Especially in the first half of the show, the hiss noise peculiar to the Millard sound source is hiding, the sound image which was originally on was pushed out to the front in place instead, the state where the exceptional quality originally stands out was further raised. Still, the direction of equalization of the whole is delicate to the last. The good balance between treble and bass is enough for even ZEP expert who has been listening to Eddie a lot. What is the level of perfection?
As a result, it was all the more misunderstood that the unexpected increase in pitch was missed, but in this release we restored the original pitch with a precise adjustment that is more suitable than a gift, rather than a gift press release. As can be seen from the problem of this pitch, the BB version was named “Complete Remixed Upgrade” but rough was scattered (it was for gifts). Among them, from 27 minutes of “No Quarter”, periodic noise presumed to have been mixed in uploading was removed. This was promoted to a state suitable for press release CD. In addition, it also adjusts the disadvantage that the interval between the songs after the performance finished was shorter than the original tone generator.
Furthermore, regarding the cut of “Ten Years Gone” caused by the tape change, which is a chronic disease of Eddie sound source, it compensates for another familiar sound source. I wonder if this is suitable for calling “Complete Remixed Upgrade”.

Eddie which our shop has released has been the only item that puts emphasis on the naturalness and freshness of the tape to the last, but in a nice sense this item is in a different dimension from them, yet a brilliant equalization is given It is. The BB version, which had been showing an overwhelmingly refined finish even though it suppressed noise originally, by adding our hands to the height which our shop could not reach due to minus points such as pitch and abandoned play, Finally I finished it to “Eddie High Eddie”.
It is thought whether the version which our shop released in the past is better to the last to the natural oriented direction or to the Millard sound source freak. Rather, I’d like to recommend this version to not only maniacs but all rock fans as “edits that can be heard in total and with confidence”. Please beat down to a sophisticated finish that makes us feel the live sound of the metallic and heavy 77 years ZEP!
ZEPライブ音源のエバーグリーン、エディーを別次元のリマスターに仕上げたのが「LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE REMASTER “BEAUTY AND THE BEAST”」。ナチュラル指向が身上とされるマイク・ミラード音源を敢えて大胆にイコライズし、2016年ならではの洗練された仕上がりが素晴らしかったものの、どうしたことかピッチを上げて収録してしまった大きな欠点によってマニアからスルーされてしまった悲運のバージョンでした。この問題をアジャストしてギフトとは思えないほどゴージャスなアイテムに昇格して大好評を博したのが当店のバージョン。”BEAUTY AND THE BEAST”(以下BBと称します)はそのあまりに洗練された仕上がりから、遂に今回限定プレスCDリリースへと、さらなる昇格を遂げることになりました。
BBバージョンの何が素晴らしいかって、それまでのミラード音源のイメージを覆すかのようなモダンでシャープな仕上がり。何しろ「Complete Remixed Upgrade」と名打たれていただけのことはある。かと言ってファン・リミックスやリマスターにありがちな高音ばかりを強調した垢抜けない仕上がりとはまったく次元が違う。ミラード音源と言えば、ヒスノイズを強めてまでも本人が意図したかったという高音の自然な伸びというのが魅力の一つ。だからこそヒスノイズが目立つ、いい意味でのビンテージでカセットライクな質感。レコードに続いてカセットテープまでもが復権してしまった現在、なおさら好まれる音質だと言えるかもしれません。

それだけに、どうにも意図不明なピッチの上昇収録がなおさら惜しまれたのですが、今回のリリースに当たってはギフト以上、というよりも限定プレスCDリリースに相応しい、緻密なアジャストでオリジナルのピッチを復元。このピッチの問題からも解るように、BBバージョンは「Complete Remixed Upgrade」と名打っていた割には粗が散見された(それこそギフト向けだったのですが)もの。中でも「No Quarter」の27分台からは、アップロード時に混入してしまったと推測される周期的なノイズを削除。これこそプレスCDリリースに相応しい状態へと昇格したのです。おまけに演奏終了後の曲間が元の音源よりも短くなっていたという欠点までもアジャスト。
さらにエディ音源の持病である、テープ・チェンジによって起きた「Ten Years Gone」のカットに関しては、おなじみの別音源を補填。これこそ「Complete Remixed Upgrade」と呼ぶに相応しいものかと。

1. Intro 2. The Song Remains The Same 3. Sick Again 4. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
5. Over The Hills And Far Away 6. Since I’ve Been Loving You
7. No Quarter

Disc 2 (53:02)
1. MC 2. Ten Years Gone 3. The Battle Of Evermore 4. Going To California
5. Black Country Woman 6. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 7. White Summer / Black Mountain Side 8. Kashmir

Disc 3 (74:30)
1. MC 2. Over The Top 3. Heartbreaker 4. Guitar Solo 5. Achilles Last Stand
6. Stairway To Heaven 7. Whole Lotta Love 8. Rock And Roll

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