David Bowie / Copenhagen 1976 / 4CDR

David Bowie / Copenhagen 1976 / 4CDR / Uxbridge

Live At Falkoner Teatret, Copenhagen, Denmark 29th April 1976


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Bowie of 1976 who first dominated the European Continent. A masterpiece live set that conveys the scene appears.
Such a work is contained in 2 performances. ‘April 29, 1976 + 30 Copenhagen Performance’. It is the audience set which recorded the one piece of “ISOLAR 1976 TOUR” which the first European tour of Bowie realized. Until then Bowie traveled to major countries of rock such as England, America and Canada of his home country, and also visited Japan in 1973. However, unexpectedly the advance to the continent Europe was late, and the full tour was the first in 1976. First of all, let’s check the position of the show from the whole picture of “ISOLAR 1976 TOUR”.

“January 23” STATION TO STATION “Release”
· February 2 – March 26: North America (40 performances)
· April 7th – 17th: Europe # 1 (8 shows)
· April 24 – May 18: Europe # 2 (16 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
“September” LOW “production start”

This is an overview of the activities in 1976. The Copenhagen performance was a concert which was the fifth performance of “Europe # 2” / 6 performances at the end. This work is a 4-disc set that arranged the full recording for each 2 discs.
Such a work is a wonderful vintage audience. Although it is not a type that makes a mistake in listening with the sound board, it is not a recording that searches for the existence of a bowie on the other side of the covered noise, or a recording suffering from explosion or roar. Although the pillow of “in the 70’s” is necessary, it is sufficiently high sound quality and master freshness is fresh. Moreover, this work is also the best master of both performances. In our shop, we introduced a number of titles that were supervised by world-class Bowie researchers, but this one is also one of them. Mania is the master who presses “the best of the day” and the drumming.
Of course, even though it is the same venue, the personality is different in two performances. The first day “April 29 (Disc 1-2)” is so-called neat sound. Although the beauty of the ringing style stands out more than the strength of the core, although it can not deny the distance a little, the fine sound is comfortable anyway. This type makes sense of stability important, but it is satisfactory as well. It is a sound that you want to immerse forever in the singing voice of Bowie reaching straight.
On the second day “April 30 (Disk 3-4)” a powerful core attracts ears. The core that is on more than the first day is closer to Guigui and the eyes, with which detail is also clearly drawn. The important thing with this type is the sense of separation. If it is too powerful and all parts become lumps, it will lead to roaring, but this work will step on the next step. Although it is powerful, it does not explode …… It is a name recording that delightful such stop is.
Bowie just before going from the Seoul era to the Berlin era is drawn with such two sounds. Speaking of “Europe # 2”, the best soundboard album “ROTTERDAM 1976 (Wardour-186)” is the standard, but this work is about two weeks before that masterpiece. This tour is similar to the set because it was fixed, so it is the point that you can listen to “Queen Bitch” that was cut even on that sound board. As a matter of fact, I was playing in Rotterdam, but only this song was not recorded. A real fullshow including famous songs that were missing only in “ROTTERDAM 1976” can be listened to together in two performances.
And the Bowie who touched Nordic fans for the first time is also wonderful. Although it is not an explosion tension, its singing voice is really stretched and powerful, and not stagnant. Especially the second day (Disk 3-4) has a solid core, beautiful voice is beautiful voice. When saying the wonderfulness of singing songs of “Word On A Wing” … …. “Panic in Detroit” which is a listening place on this tour is also wonderful. Crispy scouts and powerful shouts are also cool, letting you listen to highlights that last for about 10 minutes.
Bowie who will seek relief for Berlin for the first time around Continental Europe. It is a 4-disc set that you can experience the singing of charisma standing on such a turning point with realistic vintage sound. It is for the professional who wants to listen to one performance at a time differently than the “ISOLAR 1976 TOUR” for beginners, but that is why different facial expressions are also delicious at the same venue. Northern European Bowie realized for the first time in 1976, please listen carefully and please listen carefully.

そんな本作に収められているのは2公演。「1976年4月29日+30日コペンハーゲン公演」。ボウイ初のヨーロッパ・ツアーが実現した“ISOLAR 1976 TOUR”の一幕を記録したオーディエンス・セットです。それまでもボウイは母国イギリス・アメリカ・カナダといったロックの主要国をツアー、日本にも1973年に訪れていました。しかし、意外なことに間近な大陸ヨーロッパへの進出は遅く、本格的なツアーは1976年が初でした。まずは、そんな“ISOLAR 1976 TOUR”の全体像からショウのポジションを確認してみましょう。
そんな2つのサウンドで描かれるのは、ソウル時代からベルリン時代へと進む直前のボウイ。「欧州#2」と言えば、極上サウンドボード・アルバム『ROTTERDAM 1976(Wardour-186)』が基準となるわけですが、本作はあの大傑作の約2週間前にあたる。このツアーはセットも固定気味だったので酷似していますが、あのサウンドボードでもカットされていた「Queen Bitch」が聴けるのがポイント。実のところ、ロッテルダム公演でも演奏はされていたのですが、この曲だけは録音されなかった。『ROTTERDAM 1976』で唯一欠けていた名曲も含む本当のフルショウが2公演まとめて聴けるわけです。
そして、初めて北欧のファンに触れたボウイも素晴らしい。爆テンションというわけでもないのですが、その歌声は実に伸びやかで力強く、そして淀みない。特に2日目(ディスク3-4)は芯もしっかりしているために綺麗に伸びる声が美しい。「Word On A Wing」の高らかな歌いっぷりの素晴らしさと言ったら……。このツアーでは聴きどころとなっている「Panic in Detroit」も素晴らしい。キレッキレなスキャットや力強いシャウトもカッコ良く、約10分に及ぶハイライトを聴かせてくれるのです。
 初めて大陸ヨーロッパを巡り、ベルリンに安住を求めることになるボウイ。そんなターニング・ポイントに立つカリスマの熱唱をリアルなヴィンテージ・サウンドで体験できる4枚組です。“ISOLAR 1976 TOUR”の入門用というよりは、1公演ずつ聴き込みたい玄人向けではありますが、だからこそ同会場でも異なる表情が美味しい。1976年に初めて実現した北欧のボウイ、どうぞ2公演まとめてじっくりとお楽しみください。
Live at Falkoner Teatret, Copenhagen, Denmark 29th April 1976
Disc 1 (39:20)
1. Station To Station 2. Suffragette City 3. Fame 4. Word On A Wing 5. Stay
6. Waiting For The Man 7. Queen Bitch
Disc 2 (43:53)
1. Life On Mars? 2. Five Years 3. Panic In Detroit 4. Band Introductions
5. Changes 6. TVC-15 7. Diamond Dogs 8. The Jean Genie 9. Rebel Rebel

Live at Falkoner Teatret, Copenhagen, Denmark 30th April 1976

Disc 3 (41:17)
1. Station To Station 2. Suffragette City 3. Fame 4. Word On A Wing 5. Stay
6. Waiting For The Man 7. Queen Bitch
Disc 4 (46:53)
1. Life On Mars? 2. Five Years 3. Panic In Detroit 4. Band Introductions
5. Changes 6. TVC-15 7. Diamond Dogs 8. Rebel Rebel 9. The Jean Genie
David Bowie – Vocals Carlos Alomar – Guitar Stacy Heydon – Guitar Dennis Davis – Drums
Tony Kaye – Keyboards George Murray – Bass


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