Led Zeppelin / Copenhagen 1979 / 4CD

Led Zeppelin / Copenhagen 1979 / 4CD / Non Label

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Falkoner Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark 23rd & 24th July 1979


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This week our shop to decorate the last release of the angry waves of ZEP sound source to send the two-performances in Copenhagen in 1979. So, unnecessary name sound source description to mania. Live that have been made over the two days, “MELANCHOLY DANISH PAGEBOYS GET IT ON”, as starting with the “COPENHAGEN WARM-UPS” that masterpiece LP was released in each, only one type of sound source to both the two days up to the present non-existent thing. Either in Copenhagen by the same taper, is that of to have been recorded from the balcony seat of Falconer theater. Therefore, is not in the state, such as the sound image balance is called a “on”, that the audience recordings rather stunning clearness and stereo stand out, a reputation for high sound source even among enthusiasts for a long time.
That the sound quality was very good sound source, further from the fact that the critical items had been released early in the LP, still items that analog of the title and artwork listed above is also followed in the CD item release because that continues to be is, I would say that this is also the name sound source of testimony. It is no exaggeration to say that name sound source and sound source name of knobs in ZEP live initial “LIVE ON BLUEBERRY HILL” and the LP era in the same way the image was a good example, which is currently also taken over.

There is also that the United Kingdom Arc de live at Knebworth After this had declined, that the purpose of the two times of the show in Copenhagen had been positioned from the start as a warm-up. That is sometimes called ZEP late of live of the starting point, in contrast to the unwavering evaluation in terms of sound quality, the playing surface has not been underappreciated fact. But Copenhagen two days is now what, you have received a rating of best great performance that created the late ZEP. There about While the sound quality was excellent, and it is something ironic that evaluation of essential performance had resigned in the framework of the late ZEP. Still it might be lucky that it was a high reputation among the current mania. But rather will late ZEP was aimed originally, in terms of a new live sound has been aggregated into this two days, we will affirm the contents that it is very important sound source in historical as well.
After Robert by misfortune that occurred in the plant of 77 years ZEP who had to stop the activity from the summer is resulting in the active phase it has become the last of the album, “IN THROUGH THE OUT DOOR” to complete the next step of course return to the live stage. But rock flow in while they had suspended the activities had changed greatly. Always a great point the case for ZEP has created a music along the changes of the times. So they were not significantly change the sound style in the stage. So to speak, “speedy and compact”. Sharp nice sense of groove in a completely different tight from the previous ZEP. Then the aim was sound are you splendidly fruition in Copenhagen two days.

Certainly drifting atmosphere such Okkanabikkuri to the entire band is also a fact that the first day of the direction of 23 days. About Mattari atmosphere and from between the songs is felt. This is not wonder if you that it is a long time of the live stage. Compared with the next day, called up to the “last great performance” between the mania, certainly crude is noticeable. Cause of the bad the impression would be overtly botched play of Paige in “Stairway To Heaven”. It’s been evident in the intro, there is no dull even late in the guitar solo to be a climax would otherwise. When compared with this there is a thing pleasing to the phrase of the off condition, which played in the interlude of “Misty Mountain Hop”. Since momentum is full of performance, a good place is in this day do not appear on the upset even if there is a mistake. In other words, “Stairway To Heaven” There are things that lit hard regrettable, but such mistakes in the “Misty Mountain ~” was felt as if they laughed rather.
And while lacks unity, or not a good place for everyone hard to play when you try to like is clearly feeling is the point even 23 days. In particular, the plant is excellent, such as the ending of the play has become compact “No Quarter” is for us concluded in the shout of about be called a masterpiece. So, beyond the glimpses crude, entertain in sufficient momentum and full of vitality. Basically, warm-up, and even more in stage return to the stage was a mantra, big deal if give me and to listen to here.

The last great performance serving 24 days is finally great. As a result, late ZEP was really shines functioning perfectly live seemed this day. What is completely dispel is fumbling feeling also was in the day before to say, it is how everyone is dedicated to playing with hesitation rather than stage, would be a big attraction that comes through realistic there is also the goodness of its sound quality. It is drifting overwhelming momentum and from a few songs of the early, even from where repertoire than the previous day has been increased, will they were regaining live intuition and self-confidence, and even more of the warm-up unique the feeling that you enjoy a relaxed atmosphere will not appear.
But what about, playing, let alone this day unwind is suddenly hot. Speaking of hot Knebworth later, even just say that Paige is that begins to play the intro to mess began to play intro live in history the most carefully of ZEP of new song “Hot Dog” was a natural, performance of this day is not matter how good It is a scene that is glimpse of the Taka. Not limited to this song, “I play the” feel of Paige that comes through from this entire live what, has become a major factor in the big bottom-up a can of playing in the 24-day show.
Paige of guitar playing was likely to be weak in the late ZEP. Other three people also good itself in addition to it. To tell the truth Bonzo is a top form in both days, even Knebworth with respect to him, it was about was keeping the strong. And was suddenly politely performance than the previous day, “Stairway To Heaven”, and it should be called Knebworth arrangements, the way a unique development that switched to the odd time signatures for the first time showcase (disturbed Soredakeni little but) have been “Whole Lotta Love “and the like, how the ZEP that what was advanced to the next stage because I felt the response to the previous day, by the audience recordings boasts outstanding clearness, have been recorded in the realistic.

And high-quality sound is therefore but is a number of Copenhagen two days, which has created an item, this time in recent years appeared on the net, using the transfer version from the master tape to direct. Surprisingly, not that this version is released, the release of a press CD of this limit will be the first time. Of course, originally is the name sound source that boasts outstanding high-quality sound, there is no improvement of this dramatic sound quality. But unlike the past of items that had been subjected to equalize as I’ll further polish the high-quality sound, this time has been recorded to respect the clean natural state without such tricks. Such as bass that are not treble or excessively boost extending naturally, in the natural freshness preeminent state of the recorded unique from the master, please taste carefully the dynamism of the late ZEP should be called a miracle of Copenhagen!

今週当店がお送りするZEP音源の怒涛のリリースの最後の飾るのは1979年のコペンハーゲンにおける二公演。そう、マニアには説明不要な名音源。二日間に渡って行われたライブは「MELANCHOLY DANISH PAGEBOYS GET IT ON」、「COPENHAGEN WARM-UPS」という名作LPがそれぞれにリリースされたのを皮切りとして、現在に至るまで両日ともに一種類の音源しか存在しないもの。どちらに同一テーパーによってコペンハーゲン、ファルコナー劇場のバルコニー席から録音されたとのことです。よって音像バランスが「オン」と呼べるような状態でありませんが、むしろ見事なクリアネスとステレオ感が際立つオーディエンス録音ということで、古くからマニアの間でも定評の高い音源。
音質が非常に優れた音源であったこと、さらにLPで早くも決定的なアイテムがリリースされていたことから、未だにCDアイテムでも先に挙げたアナログのタイトルやアートワークが踏襲されたアイテムがリリースされ続けているというのが、これまた名音源の証と言えるでしょう。ZEPライブ初期における極めつけの名音源かつ名音源と言っても過言ではない「LIVE ON BLUEBERRY HILL」と同じようにLP時代のイメージが現在も引き継がれている好例でした。

ロバート・プラントに起きた不幸によって77年の夏から活動を停止していたZEPが結果的に活動期最後のアルバムとなってしまった「IN THROUGH THE OUT DOOR」を完成させた後、次のステップは当然ライブ・ステージへの復帰。しかし彼らが活動を休止していた間にロック界の流れは大きく変化していた。常に時代の変化に沿った音楽を作り上げてきたのがZEPの偉大な点。そこで彼らはステージにおけるサウンド・スタイルを大きく変化させました。言うなれば「スピーディ&コンパクト」。以前のZEPとはまったく違うタイトでキレのいいグルーブ感。そうして目指したサウンドがコペンハーゲン二日間において見事に結実しているのです。

確かに23日の方は初日ということもあってバンド全体におっかなびっくりといった雰囲気が漂っています。曲間からしてまったりとした雰囲気が感じられるほど。これが久々のライブ・ステージであることを思えば無理もありません。マニアの間で「最後の名演」とまで呼ばれる翌日と比べれば、確かに粗は目立ちます。その印象を悪くした原因は「Stairway To Heaven」におけるペイジのあからさまにおざなりなプレイでしょう。それはイントロからして歴然としているし、本来ならクライマックスとなるべき終盤のギター・ソロにも冴えがありません。これと比べたら「Misty Mountain Hop」の間奏で弾いたフレーズの外れ具合には微笑ましいものがあります。演奏に勢いが溢れているので、ミスがあっても動揺に映らないのがこの日のいいところ。つまり「Stairway To Heaven」はいかんともしがたいものがありますが、「Misty Mountain~」におけるミスなどはむしろ笑い飛ばしているかのように感じられました。
それにまとまりを欠きつつ、全員が懸命に演奏しようとする様がはっきり感じられる点も23日の良いところではありませんか。特にプラントは素晴らしく、演奏がコンパクトになった「No Quarter」のエンディングなどは圧巻と呼べるほどのシャウトで締めくくってくれます。そう、見え隠れした粗を超え、活力にあふれた勢いで十分に楽しませる。基本的にウォーミングアップ、さらにはステージへの復帰がお題目だったステージにおいて、ここまで聴かせてくれれば大したもの。

ところがどうでしょう、この日はくつろぐどころか演奏が俄然ホット。ホットと言えばネブワース以降、ペイジがぐちゃぐちゃにイントロを弾き始めるのが当たり前だった新曲「Hot Dog」のイントロをZEPのライブ史上もっとも丁寧に弾き始めたというだけでも、この日の演奏がいかに優れていたかを垣間見られる場面です。この曲に限らず、このライブ全体から伝わってくるペイジの「弾けてる」感じこそ、24日のショーにおいて演奏の出来を大きくボトムアップさせる大きな要因となっています。
後期ZEPにおいて低調になりがちだったペイジのギター・プレイ。それに加えて他の三人も好調そのもの。実を言うとボンゾは両日ともに絶好調であり、彼に関してはネブワースですら、その好調を保っていたくらいでした。そして前日よりも俄然丁寧に演奏された「Stairway To Heaven」、そしてネブワース・アレンジとも言うべき、途中で変拍子へと切り替わった独特の展開が初めて披露(それだけに少々乱れますが)された「Whole Lotta Love」など、前日に手応えを感じたからこそ次の段階へと進めたZEPの様子が、抜群のクリアネスを誇るオーディエンス録音によって、リアルに記録されています。


Falkoner Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark 23rd July 1979

Disc 1 (72:43)
1. Intro 2. The Song Remains The Same 3. Celebration Day 4. Out On The Tiles/Black Dog
5. Nobody’s Fault But Mine 6. Over The Hills And Far Away 7. Misty Mountain Hop
8. Since I’ve Been Loving You 9. No Quarter 10. Hot Dog 11. The Rain Song

Disc 2 (59:29)
1. White Summer/Black Mountain Side 2. Kashmir 3. Trampled Underfoot 4. Achilles Last Stand
5. Page Solo 6. In The Evening 7. Stairway To Heaven 8. Rock And Roll

Falkoner Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark 24th July 1979

Disc 3 (75:40)
1. Intro 2. The Song Remains The Same 3. Celebration Day 4. Out On The Tiles/Black Dog
5. Nobody’s Fault But Mine 6. Over The Hills And Far Away 7. Misty Mountain Hop
8. Since I’ve Been Loving You 9. No Quarter 10. Ten Years Gone 11. Hot Dog 12. The Rain Song

Disc 4 (67:19)
1. White Summer/Black Mountain Side 2. Kashmir 3. Trampled Underfoot 4. Sick Again
5. Achilles Last Stand 6. Page Solo 7. In The Evening 8. Stairway To Heaven 9. Whole Lotta Love

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