Led Zeppelin / Fort Worth 1973 / 2CD

Led Zeppelin / Fort Worth 1973 / 2CD / Non Label

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Live at Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX. USA 19th May 1973 SBD


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Soundboard recording from the PA Out The first leg of the 1973 American tour where the spilling outflow was realized. Strictly speaking, it may be said that the LP final term item “FRACTURED RIBS” containing the Dallas performance SBD that our shop released the best version may be the starting point for excavation, but for many maniacers in the CD era in 20 years I guess it can be said that the excavation has continued. Since it is such a privileged situation, a lot of items have been created from soba where the sound source is discovered to the present. Under such circumstances surprisingly items were not blessed, and indeed SBD sound source of the Fort Worth show that the brand new item ceased over more than 10 years is now released.
It was the next performance performed by Dallas mentioned above, and saw the eyes of the release from release from a nostalgic flying disc (a release released by two titles) that ruined generic cassette sound source. However, it was a big minus point that the incomplete show specific to SBD in this period was inevitable, and that the sound quality and hiss noise which is awkward throughout were more hurting than SBD of other performances.
Upon entering the 21st century finally the upgrade item suitable for the new era such as “I’M WITH THE BAND” appeared in “FORT WORTH EXPRESS”, but there was also the limitation of the technology at the time, because of the equalization It was a release in the state that the hiss noise was expanded, or the muffled sound could not be solved. Both items are released more than 10 years ago. Even if it was not possible to hope for any further upgrades, I was given up even among maniacs. Even if a copy of the rosene version finally appeared in 2009, it did not get much attention. This time it is based on the overlooked Rogane version.

This sound source was uploaded by a person who named Weedwacker in 2009. As a ZEP release based on his version, recently “LA FORUM 1977 2ND NIGHT 4 SOURCE MIX” is a new place to remember. Fort Worth SBD by him is surely the generation is definite, and the point that the original sound itself becomes clearly better than the previous release will be a point. However, at the “No Quarter” concert, when the Bonzo timpani stops ringing, the left channel turns off, and the state where it continues to the middle of the plant’s MC will not change this time as well. Even in the past items, this place was treated to make it as inconspicuous as possible (Recently, items which left this part left unexplored) It repairs to a more natural state this time. You should listen normally and you will not feel any discomfort.
A further problem in the Fort Worth SBD was the sound of the sound in the left channel that occurred in the latter half of the tape, or the recorded song corresponding to the back of the cassette. It is speculated that this has happened due to aging of the master cassette. “Stairway To Heaven” suffered this problem. Because of that, the dilemma of the fact that only the song of this tune is concerned about the difference of the sound quality occurred in the past item, but it solved the problem considerably by the equalization which we applied for this release. In addition to places where the features of the original sound source were better than past items, this upper feeling is considerable.
And more than anything above, the phenomenon of hiss noise as a whole has also been handled well by the original Weedwacker and we have further tackled with the latest mastering technology, so that the ease of listening has improved dramatically. Yet, while maintaining a feeling of muffling, I kept the balance of the whole without spoiling the state of strong natural feeling.

“Stairway To Heaven” of this day is a very nice performance, so far, it was regrettable that only one song was outstanding. However, this release will allow you to listen to the whole strange feeling, so you will be able to enjoy this hidden name performance for a long time. The secret was that the singing voice changed and the singing plants of the plants that had to change the singing style came here and began to change to an impressive atmosphere. “Stairway To ~” has become the largest standard in the history of ZEP, but on the other hand, “promised feeling” gradually begins to plant songs from around 75 years. In that respect, the plant here is carefully attentive to the appearance of singing songs carefully carefully because the voice has changed.
On the other hand, although page is momentum, there are scattered how to remove interesting sounds everywhere. Even in this “Stairway To ~”, if I thought that I repeated the riff different from usual on solo, my hand slipped extra on the fret on the guitar (it was about to start sweating) You can see. However, this is not a disturbance from a physical problem like him later but it is rather unfamiliar to the staging site staging that ZEP entered into the undeveloped land (I can not master the monitor), and everywhere It seems that PA trouble that had occurred was a problem. In fact, plants also appeared to complain of equipment malfunction.
The scene where Paige played extra sound at the beginning of “Since I’ve Been Loving You” is probably the best example. It is interesting to hear it because SBD understands these scenes clearly.
However, when it comes to “Dazed And Confused”, Paige picks up at a stroke and it shows us a thrilling bargaining unique to this song along with Bonzo. On the whole it is a usual fixed form development, but before this entry into the “San Francisco” part or before the return to the song at the end of the session, it is showing a slightly different development at this time, It is brilliant that it does not return in the first time.
At first glance it seems to be a classic sound source and items uniform 73 America first leg. Furthermore, although it is a southern schedule thought to be thought to be an SBD tournament, the upper version of Fort Worth SBD Hisashi who had been overlooked the most is released on a limited press CD. This is a splendid finish as you can understand it more. Besides, it came when there were many interesting scenes on the playing side. I will recommend with confidence that it was promoted to the classic of “first one piece” among the southern SBD in May. Please do listen to this!

PAアウトからのサウンドボード録音が溢れ返らんばかりな流出が実現した1973年アメリカ・ツアーのファースト・レグ。厳密には当店がベスト・バージョンをリリースしたダラス公演SBDを収録したLP最末期アイテム「FRACTURED RIBS」が発掘のスタート地点だと言えるかもしれませんが、多くのマニアにとってはCD時代の20年間で発掘が続いた時期だと呼べるのではないでしょうか。そうした恵まれた状況ですので、音源が発掘されるそばから現在までに数多くのアイテムが生み出されてきました。こうした状況の中で意外とアイテムが恵まれておらず、それどころか10年以上に渡ってブランニュー・アイテムが途絶えてしまったのが今回リリースとなるフォートワース公演のSBD音源。
21世紀に入ってようやく「FORT WORTH EXPRESS」に「I’M WITH THE BAND」といった新時代に相応しいアップグレード・アイテムが登場しましたが、当時のテクノロジーの限界もあってか、イコライズを施したが故にヒスノイズが拡大されてしまったり、あるいは音のこもりが解消し切れないといった状態でのリリースだったのです。それにどちらのアイテムも10年以上前のリリース。もはやこれ以上のアップグレードは望めないとマニア間でも諦められたのでしょうか、2009年になってようやくロージェネ・バージョンのコピーが登場しても、さしたる注目を浴びなかったほどでした。今回はその見過ごされていたロージェネ・バージョンを元にしています。

この音源は2009年にWeedwackerを名乗る人物がアップロードしていたもの。彼のバージョンを元にしたZEPリリースとしては、最近だと「LA FORUM 1977 2ND NIGHT 4 SOURCE MIX」が記憶に新しいところ。彼によるフォートワースSBDはさすがにジェネレーションが明確なこともあって、元の音自体がそれまでのリリースよりもはっきりと良くなっているのがポイントでしょう。とはいっても「No Quarter」終演時、ボンゾのティンパニが鳴り止んだ途端に左チャンネルがオフになってしまい、それがプラントのMCの途中まで続く状態は今回も変わりません。過去のアイテムにおいてもこの箇所は出来るだけ目立たなくすべく処理が施されていましたが(最近ではこの箇所を放置したままのアイテムも登場しています)今回はさらに自然な状態へとリペア。普通に聞いていて何ら違和感を覚えないはず。
フォートワースSBDにおいてそれ以上に問題だったのがテープ後半、あるいはカセット裏面に相当する収録曲で生じた左チャンネルにおける音のこもり。これはマスター・カセットの経年によって起きてしまったのもだと推測されます。この問題を被ってしまったのが「Stairway To Heaven」。そのせいで過去のアイテムではこの曲だけ音質の落差が気になってしまうというジレンマが起きていたのですが、今回のリリースに当たって施したイコライズによって、その問題を大幅に解消。元の音源の素性が過去のアイテムよりも良かった所に加えての処理ですので、このアッパー感は相当なもの。

何よりもこの日の「Stairway To Heaven」がとてもいい感じの演奏ですので、これまでは一曲だけ劣化の目立つ状態というのが惜しかった。しかし今回のリリースで全体を違和感なく聞き通せるのだから、なおさらこの隠れた名演ぶりが堪能できることでしょう。秘訣は歌声が変わってしまい、唱法を変えざるを得なかったプラントの歌いっぷりがここにきて堂々たる雰囲気へと変化し始めたから。「Stairway To~」がZEP史上最大のスタンダードと化し、その反面「お約束感」も75年辺りから徐々にプラントの歌に芽生えてしまう。その点ここでのプラントは声が変わってしまったからこそ丁寧に、曲を大事に歌おうとしてみせた姿に心を打たれます。
一方でペイジは勢いこそあるものの、随所で面白い音の外し方が散見されます。この「Stairway To~」においても、ソロではいつもと違ったリフを繰り返したかと思えば、ギターのフレット上を余計に手が滑ってしまった(そろそろ汗かき体質も始まったことだし)的なプレイが見受けられます。しかし、これは後の彼のような体調的な問題からの乱れというよりも、むしろZEPが未開の地に踏み入れた大会場ステージングに慣れていない(モニターを使いこなせていない)こと、さらには随所で生じていたPAトラブルが問題であったように感じられます。実際にプラントも機材の不調を訴える場面が見受けられました。
そのせいでペイジが「Since I’ve Been Loving You」の始まりで余計に音を弾いてしまった場面などは最たる例でしょう。SBDだとこうした場面もはっきりと解るから聞いていて面白い。
ところが「Dazed And Confused」になるとペイジも一気に持ち直し、ボンゾと共にこの曲ならではのスリリングな駆け引きを見せてくれるのがさすが。全体的にはいつもの定型展開といった感じなのですが、「San Francisco」パートに入る前、あるいは終盤で曲に戻る前といった場面でこの時期では少し違った展開を見せており、中でも後半の戻りそうで戻らないというじらしぶりがお見事。


Disc 1 (61:56)
1. Intro. 2. Rock and Roll 3. Celebration Day 4. Black Dog 5. Over the Hills and Far Away
6. Misty Mountain Hop 7. Since I’ve Been Loving You
8. No Quarter ★10:43 – 11:17 左チャンネルの極端な音落ちをなるべく改善しました。
9. The Song Remains the Same 10. The Rain Song

Disc 2 (43:49)
1. MC 2. Dazed and Confused (incl. San Francisco) 3. Stairway to Heaven


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