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Led Zeppelin / Unprocessed 109 / 2CD / Non Label

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Live at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 9th October 1972


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Thanks Following the “THE UNPROCESSED 929” from OG board “LIVE JAPAN” which became a Sold Out within the popular, Osaka Festival Hall performance of October 9, 1972 also linked planning from OG board “LIVE” “THE UNPROCESSED 109” will finally appeared is. Or immediately after release and Sold Out of OG board “LIVE” of 109 of THE UNPROCESSED board is not released? It has been asked many requests that.

Etc. if the difference in the audience recording and sound board, as a valuable source that will tell future generations both ZEP Japan tour, I am as unwavering position as a staple in classic until now. 109 stereo audience recording exists, which boasts the quality of exceptional other than OG board with regard, in particular a large number of items in the CD have been released. As among them is a “TAPES FROM THE DARK SIDE” and its reissue “LET ME GET BACK 1972” those who faithfully recorded the sound source from the master tape, has received a high reputation among enthusiasts today.

When you say the truth, this time of the sound source is something that also recording’s shop had been obtained from the previously state was recorded from the master tape to CD-R, but to release as the cause that it is too classic sound source It is the thing which has been hesitation. However, even though that was a very classic sound source, you enter the 2010s to obtain the best title has become difficult. Furthermore technique becomes popular that full inclusion in combination with multiple sources, I feel as had been overlooked existence value of the more 109 sound body.

Although this time of 109 sound source in such has been around for a file stage that was recorded from the master to such on the net, it is to hide them with clear distinction, before the sound source available through the current sound source still net is spread It is of such that it that from the record’s (of course without going through the net) is based on the master copy that was obtained in. Sun to release a sound source of such state we have done finally.

White OG board of sound source white to the current sound source, have in common is that they are recorded in high-quality incredible as audience recording of the 1972 level. Both’s a state of similar well as on a sound image with high quality but, OG board whereas give the impression of “boned”, here the sound source stood out the growth of treble want to express as “delicate” You. Yet it is attractive that unlike OG board sound source that has been beautifully catch the air feeling of the venue of Osaka Festival Hall. Sound quality with depth here with such realism and Bonzo of drum sound of cheers to be heard, just do not taste only in the Festival Hall U~omi. Immeasurable worth of sound source that could catch on real it up here at that time in 1972.

Can not be obtained legitimate evaluation from first visit to Japan performance and completely different atmosphere second time of Japan performances overseas of mania has been derided as “Japan Warm-Ups” is, it was that intense with respect to the playing surface It is also in the stomach tour. Certainly to excessive life of the plant of the tone of voice that I have overlapped with the timing of this visit to Japan, the scene that does not Kira out voice everywhere it is seen the fact. That was especially noticeable in such Budokan of early tour.

But in the meantime the US tour of the summer has been progress recording of the next album “HOUSES OF THE HOLLY”, I music itself of ZEP had been about to enter a dramatic change. ZEP to previous decline of the voice of the plant to molt from the upper hard rock sound from the debut beginning, the new essence is added rhythm-oriented to a wide variety of music that is promoted in the name board “VI” album production are we. Rather, hard sound, such as was seen in the first visit to Japan performance had came to an end at the time of 1971.

The changes of such sound was extrusion for the first time in front was the second time of the Japan tour, had come to fact is reviewed that, you might just recently things. If from ZEP side it was a change in the result, which was to explore the sound, but also no wonder that it has to remember the embarrassment if from the fan. Opening what is the upper of dawn is impressive of “Rock And Roll”, but then “Over the Hills and Far Away” and “Dancing Days,” such as pre-release new song is a large amount on, yet the atmosphere in which they were spacious It was a tune that plays an important role with respect to the change.

Further change has also appeared in the traditional repertoire. “Dazed And Confused” but tactics of improvisation of groove-oriented from ’71 of UK tour began to stand out, and I it has undergone a first stage of completion come here. Reply of intense rhythms and phrases by three persons other than the plant I welcome the further evolution and the heights after this, but I am already show a considerable degree of perfection at this point. charming pattern deployment of ’72 unique that also was a time of new song “The Crunge” is introduced.

In ’71 the Japan tour has changed to a medley structure with a focus on slow blues from was escalated to incorporate the rock ‘n’ roll and oldies “Whole Lotta Love” is also his second visit to Japan performance, but also 73 It is a moment that basic pattern greet the vertex in Europe of the year has been included. I was in ’72 Japan tour of more effectively deployed to act has been turned on for the first time to live in the live of such ’73. And yet while the voice of the plant bad sharp also, still youthful and gloss it would be attractive even that does not taste only this time because is maintained.

’72 Visit to Japan performances but was suddenly done in mysterious schedule that off of three days is provided between, where members nourished elan has let me hear the clearly voltage higher performance than tour the first half It would be a big attraction of the 109 live even terms. And it “Moby Dick” of Bonzo from being sealed for a while from the Japan tour, but only with strong performance of the group will hear about from where it showed off it this day. Rather surprised because to appear until rare scene that Bonzo is talk toward the audience when the members came back to Angkor.

And knobs cover of rainy day “Stand By Me”, which was played in the encore! Obituaries also is only the tip also 109 Osaka after the ZEP masterpieces of recent memory Ben · E · King was Mise playing. I am new and have been waiting to be familiar with this kind R & B cover (has served up yet back chorus) plant and Bonzo is his real ability, harmonious with the atmosphere is to further heat up the venue.

Variation of this time carrying UNPROCESSED version of the release was a drawback of this sound source up to “Rock And Roll” number of revolutions that occur partway (rush of would turn on the recorder of the switch is) perfectly adjust the. The finish to listen and calmly from the live start, limited the press CD release, of course, will deliver the name sound source UNPROCESSED and in excellent stability!

おかげさまで大好評の内にSold OutとなりましたOG盤「LIVE JAPAN」からの「THE UNPROCESSED 929」に続き、1972年10月9日の大阪フェスティバル・ホール公演もOG盤「LIVE」からの連動企画である「THE UNPROCESSED 109」が遂に登場します。OG盤「LIVE」のリリースとSold Out直後から109のTHE UNPROCESSED盤はリリースされないのか?というリクエストが多数寄せられていました。

オーディエンス録音とサウンドボードの違いはあれど、どちらもZEP来日公演を後世に伝えてくれる貴重音源として、現在まで定番中の定番という地位を揺るぎないものとしています。109に関してもOG盤以外にも別格のクオリティを誇るステレオ・オーディエンス録音が存在し、特にCDでは多数のアイテムがリリースされてきました。中でも「TAPES FROM THE DARK SIDE」とその再発盤である「LET ME GET BACK 1972」はこの音源をマスターテープから忠実に収録したものとして、現在でもマニアの間で高い評価を受けています。




演奏面に関しては海外のマニアなどが「Japan Warm-Ups」などと揶揄された二度目の来日公演は、あの強烈だった初来日公演とまったく違った雰囲気から正当な評価が得られないでいたツアーでもあります。確かにプラントの声の調子の過度期がこの来日のタイミングに重なってしまいましたし、随所で声が出切らない場面が見受けられたのは事実。それがツアー序盤の武道館などでは特に顕著でした。

しかし夏のアメリカ・ツアーの合間では次のアルバム「HOUSES OF THE HOLLY」のレコーディングが進行しており、ZEPの音楽性自体が劇的な変化を迎えようとしていたのです。プラントの声の衰え以前にZEPはデビュー当初からのアッパーなハードロック・サウンドから脱皮し、名盤「VI」で推し進めた多種多様な音楽性にリズム志向の新たなエッセンスが加えられてアルバムは制作されています。むしろ、初来日公演でみられたようなハードなサウンドは1971年の時点で終焉を迎えていました。

そうしたサウンドの変化を初めて前面に押し出したのが二度目の来日公演だった、という事実が見直されるようになってきたのは、つい最近のことかもしれません。ZEP側からすればサウンドを探求した果ての変化だったのですが、ファンからすれば戸惑いを覚えたことも無理はありません。オープニングこそ「Rock And Roll」のアッパーな幕開けが印象的ですが、その後は「Over the Hills and Far Away」や「Dancing Days」といったリリース前の新曲が大量投入され、しかもそれらがゆったりとした雰囲気の曲調だったことが変化に対して重要な役割を果たしています。

さらに変化は従来のレパートリーにも現れました。「Dazed And Confused」は71年のUKツアーからグルーブ志向のインプロビゼーションの駆け引きが目立ち始めましたが、それがここにきて第一段階の完成を遂げているのです。プラント以外の三人による激しいリズムやフレーズの応酬はこの後更なる進化と高みを迎えるのですが、既にこの時点でもかなりの完成度を見せています。やはり当時の新曲であった「The Crunge」が導入される展開は72年ならではの魅力的なパターン。

71年の来日公演ではロックンロールやオールディーズを盛り込んでエスカレートした「Whole Lotta Love」も二度目の来日公演からはスロー・ブルースを中心としたメドレー構成へと変わっていますが、これもまた73年のヨーロッパで頂点を迎えるパターンの基礎が盛り込まれた瞬間です。このような73年のライブでより効果的に作用する展開が初めてライブに投入されたのが72年来日公演だったのです。それでいてプラントの声はキレが悪いながらも、それでもなお若々しさや艶が保たれているというのもこの時期しか味わえない魅力でしょう。

72年の来日公演は間にいきなり三日間のオフが設けられるという不思議なスケジュールで行われましたが、そこで鋭気を養ったメンバーがツアー前半より明らかにボルテージの高い演奏を聴かせてくれたという点も109ライブの大きな魅力でしょう。しかもこの来日公演からボンゾの「Moby Dick」がしばらく封印されてしまうのですが、この日の限ってそれを披露したところからもグループの好調さが伺えます。それどころかメンバーがアンコールに戻ってきた際にはボンゾが観客に向かって話しかけるという珍しい場面まで登場するのだから驚き。

そして極めつけはアンコールで演奏されたまさかの「Stand By Me」のカバー!訃報も記憶に新しいベン・E・キングの名曲をZEPが演奏してみせたのは後にも先にも109大阪だけ。こういったR&Bカバーとなれば待ってましたとばかりにプラントやボンゾ(しかもバックコーラスまで務めてます)が本領発揮、和気あいあいとした雰囲気が会場をさらにヒートアップさせます。

今回UNPROCESSEDバージョンのリリースに当たっては本音源最大の欠点であった「Rock And Roll」途中までに起きる回転数の変動(慌ててレコーダーのスイッチをオンにしたのでしょう)を完璧にアジャスト。ライブ開始から落ち着いて聴けるように仕上げ、限定のプレスCDリリースはもちろん、名音源をUNPROCESSEDかつ抜群の安定感でお届けいたします!

Disc 1 (74:09)
1. Rock And Roll 2. Black Dog 3. Over The Hills And Far Away 4. Misty Mountain Hop
5. Since I’ve Been Loving You 6. Dancing Days 7. The Song Remains The Same
8. The Rain Song 9. Dazed And Confused

Disc 2 (68:43)
1. MC 2. Stairway To Heaven 3. Moby Dick 4. Whole Lotta Love 5. Stand By Me
6. Immigrant Song

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